Gate Of God Chapter 103

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A gust of cool wind blew across, and the initially calm atmosphere turned somewhat stressful due to Yan Xiu's sudden challenge. Everybody's faze was fixated on this Yan family youth who left home at sixteen.

Yan Xiu didn't speak, and instead quietly looked at Kang Xingping. Even his expression didn't change at all.

However, Kang Xingping's brows threaded together in a frown. He really didn't wish to make enemies with Yan Xiu at this moment, furthermore, he believed that there wasn't any deep animosity between him and Yan Xiu.

When he thought of this, Kang Xingping seemed to have more or less understood.

"Seems like this person is Young Master Yan Xiu's friend, sorry for that!" Kang Xingping smiled faintly, and finally decided to that taking a step back was the wisest choice.

From what he thought, no matter what, he was a reputable person in the Hidden Dragon Roll, as long as he took a step back, Yan Xiu wouldn't force anything.

However, his thinking seemed to be quite wrong. Because, once his words left his mouth...

Yan Xiu attacked!

His speed was blazing fast, in a flash, he appeared in front of Kang Xingping.

It had to be said that the dimension they resided in now was a world of gravity. In such a world, those who were weak wouldn't even be able to run a few steps without feeling tired.

However, Yan Xiu's actions seemed in one with nature, without any sense of slowing down. It felt as if he was very used to this world of gravity. Or, it could be said that Yan Xiu simply wasn't affected by the world of gravity at all.

Kang Xingping's expression instantly changed. No matter what, he would never that thought that Yan Xiu would act upon speaking, or, it could be said that Yan Xiu didn't even bother speaking.

"So quick?!" Kang Xingping instinctively wanted to leap backwards.

However, as he leapt, he felt the difficulty of leaping up in the world of gravity. Normally, he would be able to casually cover the distance of at least two to three meters.

However, this time, Kang Xingping couldn't even leap back half a meter. And at this moment, Yan Xiu had already appeared beside him...

Kang Xingping was indeed shocked by the speed Yan Xiu had revealed.

However, that was only shock. To be able to be in the Hidden Dragon Roll, number eighty among the youths of the Great Xia Dynasty, Kang Xingping had the ability of the Divine Seal advanced stage.

Towards the Dao of All Creations, he had a deep level of understanding and enlightenment. Compared to people like Meng Yushu who had to rely on the Dao Seal to borrow the powers of the Dao of All Creations, his level was completely different.

"Tornado!" Kang Xingping shouted out. The jade green fan in his hands flicked open, then, his body spun rapidly. "Dance!"

In an instant, Kang Xingping's body seemed to be concealed at the eye of the tornado. Around him, the sound of countless gusts of wind pierced the air.

Using the wind of the Dao of All Creations and merging wind with body, he turned into a powerful tornado. Any object that attempted to come close or attack would be spun around by the tornado. If one forcefully broke in, one would suffer the attacks of multiple gusts of wind. It could be said that this was a move of absolute defence.

Kang Xingping was apprehensive of Yan Xiu, hence, he didn't stubbornly fight directly with Yan Xiu, and instead used a defensive move to probe Yan Xiu's abilities.

This, was experience!

When the surrounding scholars saw Kang Xingping's "Tornado Dance", each of them were filled with admiration. Using a tornado as defence was indeed more powerful than using a few normal rocks to defend.

"I think Yan Xiu would first retreat?"

Everybody began to predict the direction of the battle using their individual experiences. Because, at this moment, the best choice was to retreat. After Kang Xingping's move had ended, then leverage on that opportunity to attack.


Yan Xiu's speed didn't decrease at all.

It felt as if Yan Xiu didn't even notice Kang Xingping's moves, and his entire body slammed towards the centre of Kang Xingping's tornado.

"What's this about? He actually didn't retreat!"

"Isn't that asking for trouble? Won't he be sliced and killed by the wind?"

"The Yan family leaves home at sixteen, and this should be Yan Xiu's first battle, his experiences… are indeed somewhat lacking!"

When the surrounding examinees saw Yan Xiu's actions, they each began to sigh in their hearts.

On the other hand, Kang Xingping was delighted. The defensive power of his "Tornado Dance" was extremely powerful, however, the wind would definitely be used up.

If he wasn't shocked by Yan Xiu's speed, he wouldn't even use such a defensive move.

After all, in a battle of two people, a defensive move would always only be a pa.s.sive move.

"He actually didn't retreat? Asking for death!" Kang Xingping laughed coldly inside. The speed of spinning increased, as if he had already seen the light of victory.

However, before the light managed to reach him, a hand reached him first.

A hand that was forcefully reached in from the outside. Most importantly, this hand was choking his neck...

Immediately after, he felt as if somebody had pushed him hard onto the ground.


A cloud of dirt rose.

Kang Xingping lay flat on the ground, his body deeply sunk into the earth. His eyes were round, and a trickle of blood flowed out from the edge of his mouth. Even till now, he didn't understand what had just transpired.

"W… Why?!" Kang Xingping wasn't satisfied. No matter what, he would never have thought that he would be eliminated in the first round, furthermore, he was eliminated by Yan Xiu.

"Your fan, it's too ugly!" Yan Xiu lightly fanned the Golden Bone Silver Thread Fan, his tone calm.

"F… Fan, too… too ugly?!" Kang Xingping stared at the jade green paper fan that had fallen not too far away. His chest rose, everything turned dark, and he fainted.

The surrounding examinees at this moment were all completely stunned, each of them stared with complete disbelief at the cold Yan Xiu standing in front of the dirt hole.

It seemed that a fan being too ugly was also a valid reason?

Of course, whatever reason Yan Xiu used to challenge Kang Xingping wasn't the main point. The main point was that the abilities that Yan Xiu had just demonstrated, that continuous movements, were really too strange, so strange that people were simply unable to believe it.

Just as everybody had expected, Yan Xiu indeed slammed into Kang Xingping's "Tornado Dance".

Furthermore, he had directly slammed into it without any form of dodging. However, the instant he slammed into the tornado dance, an exaggerated change occurred in Yan Xiu's movements.

If what Yan Xiu demonstrated before was speed, after the change, what he demonstrated was lightness. It was as if his entire body became weightless, and mysteriously started to spin around Kang Xingping.

From an outsider's point of view, it was as if he was blown up by the gust of wind and absorbed into it.


Was the scene that shocked everybody. Kang Xingping, that resided at the heart of the tornado, was lifted out with one hand by Yan Xiu from the tornado, like a little chick being picked up.

Then, with a crash, he was smashed into the ground by Yan Xiu.

The venue at this moment suddenly turned silent, leaving only the sound of the gentle wind. There was even a person who reached out his hands and rubbed his eyes. Staring at Yan Xiu, he didn't know how to believe this.

Gate Of God Chapter 103

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