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Within the pocket dimension, everybody was stunned by what was happening in front of them. Because, they simply couldn't understand what had just transpired.

Or, it could be said that it was not only them who couldn't understand, even Cai Yongfeng and the other four people couldn't completely come to their senses.

What was happening?

Why did the situation suddenly change...?

What happened to choosing somebody himself to test the water? Now that somebody had stood out and placed himself right in front, why did the person who had chosen him suddenly turn around and run?

This was too much for the chosen person to handle.

"He… ran towards the rockfall matrix!"

"Don't tell me he wishes to pa.s.s the matrix?!"

"I believe that he felt that something was wrong, and decided to use the method of forcing his way through the matrix to pa.s.s the first round?"

"Forcing his way through the matrix? Isn't this asking for death?! Furthermore, how would Cai Yongfeng let him go? Once he chased Fang Zhengzhi into the matrix, Fang Zhengzhi would face the of having a wolf in front, and a tiger behind!"

When the crowd saw clearly the direction Fang Zhengzhi was running towards, they all began to discuss incessantly, their eyes filled with spite.

On the other hand, the edges of Cai Yongfeng's mouth curved into a cold smile.

He didn't intend to block Fang Zhengzhi. Forcing a way through the matrix? Even in the outside world, the risk was huge. This was even more so for the world of gravity.

The power of the rockfall matrix was multiplied, while the movements of people were impeded.

How could pa.s.sing the rockfall matrix be considered easy?

Fang Zhengzhi had already reached the edge of the rockfall matrix. He just needed to take another step in front to face the attack of the rockfall. Then, he stopped, turned around and smiled faintly at Cai Yongfeng and the rest of the examinees.

Cai Yongfeng and the rest were instantly taken aback.

What was this guy trying to do? Are you going to enter or not?

"Aren't… you all coming in?" Fang Zhengzhi pointed at Cai Yongfeng with his finger, and asked very sincerely.

When the crowd heard this, they instantly received another shock from Fang Zhengzhi's actions. He is actually still taunting Cai Yongfeng? Does he really wish to "face enemies both in front and behind"?

At this moment, Cai Yongfeng was also slightly shocked. He laughed coldly inside, asking for death!

He instinctively moved forward, however, after taking one step, he quickly withdrew his leg. Then, a faintly discernible smile appeared on his lips.

Because, he suddenly recalled the incident in the Serene Ink Pond. At that time, he believed that he had seen through Fang Zhengzhi's plot, but in the end, he was still defeated by Fang Zhengzhi.

Now that he thought of it...

Cai Yongfeng had to admit that Fang Zhengzhi's intelligence wasn't below that of his.

The situation ahead wasn't clear, and he didn't know what wicked ideas Fang Zhengzhi had. Advancing so riskily might land him into another scheme.

"Ha ha… we are not coming in!" When Cai Yongfeng thought of this, he made up his mind. The art of war had advised using silence to deal with action. If he didn't act according to the other party's expectations, and instead calmly and silently deal with it, how bad could the results be?

"If you don't come, I'm going to enter?" Fang Zhengzhi a.s.sumed a posture of entering the matrix.

"Please enter!" Cai Yongfeng wasn't tempted to move at all.

The crowd instantly began to laugh. The more Fang Zhengzhi did this, the more it meant that he didn't dare to enter. Even though they didn't know what Fang Zhengzhi's true intention were, but he evidently wanted to trick and taunt Cai Yongfeng and the rest to go near him.

Enter the rockfall matrix? Does he dare to do that?

Just as they thought, their eyes instantly widened. Because, Fang Zhengzhi had really entered.

One step, two steps…

Fang Zhengzhi walked forward casually, as he walked, he even turned around and flashed a bright smile at Cai Yongfeng and the rest, then, occasionally leaping towards the left, and occasionally taking two steps to the right.

"Let a rock fall and smash him to death!"

"Quick, smash him to death!"

The crowd instantly began to pray inside their hearts.

Then, just as everybody had expected, pieces of gigantic rocks began to appear in the air one by one, and the sharp sound of them slicing the air began to sound out.

"Boom boom boom…" The dust on the ground began to move.

The crowd instantly began to smile, forcing one's way into the rockfall matrix? He deserves to be eliminated!

Just as the crowd waited for the voice exclaiming that Fang Zhengzhi was eliminated, the cloud of dust within the rockfall matrix quickly vanished.

Then, the smiles on everybody's faces became frozen.

Because, right at the heart of the rockfall matrix, a youth wearing a blue robe was casually humming a tune, and lightly patting off the dust on his body with his hands.

"A meteor shower is really very beautiful, especially if seen close-up, it's extremely thrilling!" Fang Zhengzhi smiled very brightly, and stood quietly at his position. Then, he beckoned a finger towards Cai Yongfeng.


"Come?!" Fang Zhengzhi's voice echoed about the pocket dimension.

Cai Yongfeng's expression finally turned extremely dark. He wanted to wait quietly, but he couldn't allow Fang Zhengzhi to really pa.s.s the stage just like that.

"He… he actually wasn't smashed by the falling rocks?!"

"How did he do that?"

"The rocks in this rockfall matrix is fast as lightning, it is simply unavoidable?"

The crowd was filled with bewilderment. Because, under such a condition, it was impossible to avoid the rocks of the rockfall matrix. Not mentioning the abilities of those partic.i.p.ating in the capital examination, even the scholars partic.i.p.ating in the imperial examination, or the great people in the Rising Dragon Roll, wouldn't be able to avoid the falling rocks as easily as Fang Zhengzhi under such conditions.

Outside the pocket dimension, the examiners stared at Fang Zhengzhi within the projection, and were similarly stunned.

"Why wasn't he smashed? Don't tell me he dodged them?" An examiner expressed his confusion.

"No, he didn't even dodge!" Within the room, the voice of the examiner in charge of controlling the rockfall matrix sounded out.

"He didn't dodge? Don't tell me he had already…"

When the other examiners heard this, they instantly frowned deeply.

"To be able to attain the theory examination roll champion in this capital examination, just a rockfall matrix… wouldn't be considered amazing. However, to be able to discover this within such a short span of time is indeed somewhat surprising!" An examiner looked at Imperial Messenger Qin who was not too far away and gave him a meaningful glance.

On the other hand, Imperial Messenger Qin at this moment was looking at Fang Zhengzhi who was within the projection, and a smile filled his face. "Maybe it is only a moment of luck? Ha ha…"

"This is luck?" Han Changfeng's gaze was fixated on Fang Zhengzhi in the projection. The expression on his face was somewhat complicated. Because, Fang Zhengzhi had used practical actions to reply Imperial Messenger Qin's question.

Within the pocket dimension, all the examinees were completely stunned by the scene unfolding before their eyes.

Because, Fang Zhengzhi, with his hands behind his back, was leisurely strolling about the rockfall matrix. The blue robe danced lightly from the wind generated by the falling rocks.

And as he walked within the rockfall matrix, in the sky, numerous rocks smashed towards the ground like raindrops.


For some strange reason, not a single one managed to smash onto him.

There were times when the crowd clearly saw a rock smas.h.i.+ng towards the position Fang Zhengzhi was moving towards, yet, Fang Zhengzhi stopped suddenly. Then, that piece of rock, very coincidentally, landed in front of him.

Most importantly, the entire time, Fang Zhengzhi had never lifted up his head and looked up.

"Are you coming? Young Master Cai!" As Fang Zhengzhi walked, he even smiled at Cai Yongfeng and beckoned his finger, not at all in a hurry to pa.s.s the rockfall matrix.

Gate Of God Chapter 105

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