Gate Of God Chapter 115

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It couldn't be dodged.

Hence, he could only use brute force. Lowering his body, he drew the white jade sword which turned into a sword barrier, blocking off the petals from his body with each sword.

However, even so, there were still quite a few petals landing on Fang Zhengzhi's body.

A blue glow flashed on the Jade Sea Armour, as if a curtain of water was covered onto it, struggling to resist the attack of the petals.

"My… Jade Sea Armour!" When Hua Kangan saw this scene, he instantly felt a strong heartache.

"Brother Hua, still can't move on from the past…" Sitting beside him, Zhang Hetong heard Hua Kangan's words and lightly shook his head.

On the judging panel.

Han Changfeng and the examinees saw Fang Zhengzhi's attempt at resistance that was filled with loopholes and frowned. They glanced at once another, unable to understand.

"Why isn't he attacking?"

"Seems as if, he doesn't know how…"

"Don't tell me we overestimated him?"

"Born in the village and never having entered a Hall of Dao, looks like… the result of this battle has already been determined!" An examiner looked at the two people on the arena and said confidently.

In reality, the examiners couldn't be blamed for their view of Fang Zhengzhi.

Even though there was the protection of the Jade Sea Armour, Fang Zhengzhi's situation still seemed difficult. At this moment, even he had felt his greatest weakness.

Fang Zhengzhi dodged and retreated continuously, but there were really too many petals, and he simply couldn't avoid them all.

This caused Fang Zhengzhi to sigh gloomily. Currently, it was as if he was guarding huge treasures, but, how were these treasures supposed to be used? He completely didn't know.

He had discovered everything by himself.

Such a situation might not be obvious when fighting with a weaker opponent, however, if the opponent's abilities were similar to that of his, the weakness became very obvious.


I need to remain calm!

What should I do if I can't use the treasures? What should I do? What should I do…

Fang Zhengzhi tried hard to recall the famous quotes from his past lives, he had even uncovered all the cla.s.sic quotations his teachers had taught him. This caused his thoughts to go from his university to his high school, then to secondary school, and finally to his primary school. Furthermore, his thoughts even ran from primary six all the way till primary three...

Wait a minute!

Primary three!

Wasn't that the stage when he was learning to write compositions? His current situation seemed to be a stage of discovery and learning. He didn't know about writing styles, he didn't know how to write introductions, how to write conclusions, what vocabulary to use, what adjectives, verbs, nouns, he completely didn't understand…

The famous quote from his primary three essay teacher was: If you don't know how to write, then copy!


Cough cough… the original quote was taking reference! He had to take reference! Teachers are all n.o.ble, I love all of you!

That's right, Yan Xiu seemed to have explained the sword technique of his Torrential Pear Blossom, it consisted of water, ice and pear blossoms, these three Dao of All Creations.

Water and ice, I have already mastered them.

But pear blossoms… I seem to not have mastered this!

What to do if I don't have pear blossoms?

Never mind, I have tree peonies, Chinese roses and roses…

Roses, roses with thorns!

Fang Zhengzhi's eyes suddenly lit up and felt as if he had suddenly been enlightened, as if the foggy road ahead had been cleared up, and his thinking had suddenly came into focus.

Hence, Fang Zhengzhi moved.

Even his actions mimicked that of Yan Xiu. Waving the white jade sword on his hand, a stream of crystal water beads appeared on the body of the white jade sword.

Then, swinging the white jade sword, the crystal water beads flew towards the sky, and a moment later, transformed into crystal, transparent roses in the sky, small thorns appearing on the stalks of the roses.

Under the glare of the sunlight, it glowed with an icy glint.

"Come on, Torrential Roses!" Fang Zhengzhi bellowed, and the thorns suddenly changed directions, colliding fiercely with the petals in the air, and some thorns even shot towards Yan Xiu.

This sudden change in situation instantly caused everybody to feel somewhat bewildered.

"He attacked?!"

"Torrential roses… is this a coincidence?"

"Why do I feel that something isn't quite right."

The spectating examinees saw the technique that was almost completely similar to Yan Xiu's, and felt somewhat confused.

On the other hand, at the judging panel, Han Changfeng frowned.

"Torrential Roses?" Yan Xiu's expression at this moment also had the slightest bit of change. Gazing at the Torrential Roses that collide with his Torrential Pear Blossoms in the air, then gazing at the thorns that flew towards him.

He had a very mysterious feeling, as if something had been stolen.

However, the thorns had already neared him, and Yan Xiu still made a move to dodge. It was different from Fang Zhengzhi's brute method of defence, instead, Yan Xiu's body instantly became blur.

Just like he was blown unsteadily by the wind. However, his expression was very calm, furthermore, every step seemed as if it was stepping on the surface of ice, with a slight glide.

Very quickly, he bypa.s.sed the thorns that shot towards him.

Fang Zhengzhi's eyes instantly lit up. What was that technique? His thorns were clearly so densely packed, he was actually able to pa.s.s through it?

As he thought, he also began to observe Yan Xiu's leg movements.

However, as he observed, he suffered the attack of a few pieces of petals on his body. It was quite painful, but there was no life-threatening danger.

I'll bear it for a while.

Fang Zhengzhi started to mimic Yan Xiu's technique.

Then, he fell down…

"Plop!" He fell onto the ground.

A battle between two people, and one of them fell?! This was definitely a huge opportunity, how would Yan Xiu give it up? Moving his body, the pear blossoms in the air instantly merged together as if they were commanded, and turned into five huge petals.

"Torrential Five Slas.h.!.+" Yan Xiu bellowed in his heart. He naturally didn't intend to hold back against Fang Zhengzhi, even though they were friends, during a battle, he had to give his all.

As Yan Xiu moved, beads of crystal water began to drip from above the stage, turning into a real torrential rain.

And within the torrential rain, the five flower petals turned into a stream of white line, and slashed towards Fang Zhengzhi.

Fang Zhengzhi felt very vividly that when the torrential rain landed on his body, a strong binding force also acted upon his body, as if he was stuck in mud.

On the other hand, the five flower petals pressed forward with indomitable vigour.

"This is wanting me to die when I'm sick!" Fang Zhengzhi had indeed fallen down just now, that was because when he was learning Yan Xiu's technique, the wind he controlled was a little too strong.

As a result, he blew himself down. However, in his mind, he constantly thought of Yan Xiu's technique.

Hence, at this critical moment, he wanted to dodge...

His footsteps, as usual, mimicked the path of Yan Xiu's footsteps and dodged.


The five flower petals slammed onto the arena, and deep cracks appeared at the same time.

And not too far away, Fang Zhengzhi was drifting unsteadily, as if he was stepping on a piece of ice. Even though his actions weren't very glamorous, but...

He still managed to dodge Yan Xiu's attack.

"Wind Shadow Technique! Why… why do you know my Yan family's Wind Shadow Technique?!" At this moment, Yan Xiu was finally, truly shocked. If Fang Zhengzhi's Torrential Roses just now was really a coincidence, then this Wind Shadow Technique definitely couldn't be a coincidence.

Gate Of God Chapter 115

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