Gate Of God Chapter 116

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 Even though Fang Zhengzhi's Wind Shadow Technique looked extremely out of practice, and could even be considered nondescript and neither fish nor fowl, but, Yan Xiu could confirm that this was indeed the Wind Shadow Technique.

How is this possible?

The Wind Shadow Technique had all along been a secret technique of the Yan Xiu, and had never flowed out of the family.

Yan Xiu didn't wish to believe it, the surrounding examinees and Han Changfeng and the rest at the judging panel also didn't dare to believe. What had they just seen?

Fang Zhengzhi seemed to have made the exact same movements as Yan Xiu?!

"Wind Shadow Technique?" Fang Zhengzhi made a mental note, then recalled the sensation he felt a moment ago.

A huge picture suddenly appeared in his mind. That was an ill.u.s.tration made up of nine squares, it was the Nine Palace Technique in The Art of Becoming Invisible.

Previously, he had to mimic Yan Xiu's footsteps in order to execute this technique.

But when he really began to execute it, that was when he knew what mystery lay behind this technique.

It had actually comprised of the Nine Palace positions. Without dozens of years of research, one simply wouldn't be able to understand it. However, to Fang Zhengzhi, the positions of the Nine Palace wasn't too difficult, because, it had already been clearly explained in the future world.

It had even been utilised in mathematics, becoming the three by three magic square used in magic tricks.

But, what was difficult was that he really wasn't used to this technique.


Even though he had understood the deep meaning behind the Wind Shadow Technique, but understanding was just understanding. What he grasped now was only the surface, if he wanted to perfectly imitate this technique, he wasn't able to achieve that for now.

But even so, Fang Zhengzhi was delighted.

"From now on, I am also someone who knows body techniques!" Fang Zhengzhi was delighted, and subconsciously began to smile.

"Why do you know my Yan family's Wind Shadow Technique?" Yan Xiu saw that Fang Zhengzhi was smiling, and had to ask again.

"Oh, this…" Fang Zhengzhi regained his senses, and looked at Yan Xiu. He thought about whether he should fabricate a reason, for example, my technique is called Ghost Shadow Technique, or Secret Technique.

But when the words reached his mouth, he swallowed them back. He really couldn't plot anything against Yan Xiu.

"If I said that I copied it after watching your technique… will you believe?" Fang Zhengzhi looked at Yan Xiu very seriously.

"He copied it?!"

"How is this possible? Who would be able to copy a technique during a battle?"

"Furthermore, it is the Yan family's Wind Shadow Technique. There is simply no possibility!"

Once Fang Zhengzhi's words landed, Yan Xiu hadn't even had the chance to reply before a wave of shocked voices exploded from around the arena. n.o.body believed what he had just said.

"I… believe!" Unexpectedly, Yan Xiu nodded.

Then, the surrounding examinees instantly turned speechless. Somebody even believed this?

"You really believe?" In reality, Fang Zhengzhi didn't really believe it himself.

"Yes, I don't believe in such things, but I believe the words you say! However, can you tell me, how did you perform it?" Yan Xiu asked calmly.

"Your technique consists of wind, ice and the Nine Palace Technique in the Dao of All Creations, hence, I copied it out based on the Nine Palace Technique. However, I couldn't copy too much…" Fang Zhengzhi replied.

"I see! Then, look carefully!" Yan Xiu nodded.

Then, he moved again. His body became blurred, and continuously stepped around on the arena, turning into a blur shadow.

It was too quick, and further adding the help of the ice, it quickly caused people's vision to blur.

However, Fang Zhengzhi watched very carefully. His eyes were tightly fixated on Yan Xiu's steps, not even leaving it for a second. He didn't understand why Yan Xiu did this, but he knew that Yan Xiu was teaching him.

The shadow disappeared, and Yan Xiu returned to his original position once again.

"Have you seen clearly?" Yan Xiu asked again.

Fang Zhengzhi thought for a while, and recalled the technique Yan Xiu had just demonstrated. Then, he linked it to the Nine Palace technique and pondered how to re-enact it. Gradually, his eyes became brighter and brighter.

"I can perform around half of it!" Fang Zhengzhi said confidently.


"He only watched once, yet he's able to perform half of it?"

"Is he lying? He really thinks he is some unprecedented genius? Ha ha ha…"

When the surrounding examinees heard Fang Zhengzhi's reply, then laughed coldly once again. Because, even they hadn't been able to comprehend what they had just seen, not even mentioning having to perform it.


When Han Changfeng, who was sitting at the judging table, heard this, he frowned even deeper. Only watching it once? He really can perform half of it? Suddenly, a sentence mysteriously appeared in his mind.

The Double Dragon Roll Champion would shock the world, and bring peace to the world!

Shock the world?!

No… this wasn't possible, such things were simply impossible. The Yan family's Wind Shadow Technique is profound and mysterious and contains deep meaning, without several years of learning and understanding, it was definitely impossible to master!

As Han Changfeng thought, Yan Xiu spoke again.

"Try it?'

"Alright!" Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

His body instantly turned into a shadow. At the start, his upper body was still rather unstable, but after Fang Zhengzhi walked one round, it slowly began to stabilise.

Then, his body became blur.

"He… really managed to learn it?!"

"He only watched once? And managed to learn it?!"

"Can he not be like this… it is very demoralising!"

The surrounding examinees at this moment were completely shocked by Fang Zhengzhi's actions on the arena. They weren't even able to think, why did this fight between the two suddenly became an exchange of techniques.

Because, in their hearts, they didn't dare to believe that this scene, was real!

Yan Xiu looked at Fang Zhengzhi's actions with shock in his eyes. But, after the shock, it mysteriously turned into happiness. Because, he could confirm that Fang Zhengzhi really didn't lie to him.

"Copying out the Wind Shadow Technique? Then… that Torrential Roses just now shouldn't be a coincidence?" When Yan Xiu thought of this, he instinctively gripped his Mountain and River, Heaven and Earth fan tighter.

His expression seemed somewhat hesitant.

"Fang Zhengzhi?! This…" Han Changfeng's expression had already completely changed at this moment. Because, regardless of whether this youth in front of him had reached the Heavenly Reflection State, just to be able to understand more than half of the essence of the Wind Shadow Technique after watching it once was already too monstrous.

Two years...

There were still two years to the time mentioned by the sacred message.

Then, two years later, what stage would he grow into?!

Han Changfeng didn't dare to imagine. These few years, he had always been the chief examiner of the imperial examination, and had examined countless scholars and talents in the world. However, this time, he was really shocked.

What should he do?

Han Changfeng struggled intensely in his heart.

"Elder Han! I heard that the Divine Constabulary has a special prize for this capital examination, do you think that I should announce later, or will you announce personally?"

At this moment, Imperial Messenger Qin, who was sitting beside Han Changfeng, spoke.

Han Chengfeng's body tremored slightly, then his expression instantly reverted to its original calm state. But, on his forehead, beads of sweat had appeared.

"Yumei's thoughts are detailed, this is indeed the blessing of the imperial government. Since this is the case, later, Yumei can announce it!" Han Changfeng turned his head and smiled gently towards Imperial Messenger Qin.

"Roger!" Imperial Messenger Qin Yumei instantly nodded.

Gate Of God Chapter 116

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