Gate Of God Chapter 122

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Everybody's gaze at this moment began to light up. Because, among them, many went through the trouble of rus.h.i.+ng to the River of Trust Capital from capitals all around just for this prize.

But, they didn't know the criteria for this prize.

"As long as one entered the first-cla.s.s roll of this capital examination, they would receive the Divine Constabulary's invitation to partic.i.p.ate in a great constabulary feast organised by the Divine Constabulary three months later!" When Qin Yumei finished this sentence, he paused.

Delighted looks instantly appeared on the faces of the examinees below when they heard this. The constabulary feast was a grand event, and it wasn't just the officials from the five capitals of the Northern Desert who would attend it.

The scholars discussed spiritedly, even the man from the imperial capital might appear.

"The opportunity to partic.i.p.ate in the constabulary feast is rare, however, the even rarer opportunity will be that the top three in the capital examination would be able to enter the "Heavenly Treasure Hall". As for other scholars, as long as their performance in the constabulary feast is outstanding, they would also have the same opportunity to do so!"

"What does the Heavenly Treasure Hall in the Divine Constabulary contain? I believe I don't need to introduce it further to you all? I wish to comment impolitely that even I wish to have such an opportunity…"

Qin Yumei looked at the surrounding examinees, and a smile that contained a trace of admiration appeared on his face.

When the examinees heard this, they also truly became excited. To be able to interact with officials from all around, that was an opportunity for interaction and displaying one's abilities. Naturally, it was something to be happy about.

However, the Heavenly Treasure Hall was a place that could really change a person's destiny.

"Incredible! I initially thought that only the top three would have the opportunity to enter the Heavenly Treasure Hall, I never thought that even the first-cla.s.s roll would have an opportunity!"

"Congratulations… With Young Master Li's results, you would definitely make it onto the first-cla.s.s roll!"

"Ha ha ha, Brother Wen, how are you not one among the first-cla.s.s roll as well? Honestly, if I was able to enter the Heavenly Treasure Hall, I would be satisfied for my entire life!"

"That's indeed true!"

The examinees who felt that they had an opportunity to enter the first-cla.s.s roll all began to discuss spiritedly. Because, they all understood how valuable the opportunity of entering the Heavenly Treasure Hall was.

However, Fang Zhengzhi's face was filled with bewilderment.

He had a strong urge to give Qin Yumei a beating. Why is he not introducing it? What is in the Heavenly Treasure Hall? I don't know!


Why must it be the prize set by the Divine Constabulary!

A tiny figure mysteriously flashed across Fang Zhengzhi's mind. His impression of that figure was too deep. Heard that Chi Guyan had been secluding herself in the Heaven Dao Pavilion for a year, I believe she wouldn't suddenly return back to the Divine Constabulary?

As he thought, he began to relax somewhat.

As long as he didn't encounter Chi Guyan, he should be able to preserve his life!

Next, Qin Yumei began to announce the capital examination top three, and also the names of scholars who made it to the first-cla.s.s roll. Every time he read out a name, an invigilator at the side would record it down

When the names of all those who had pa.s.sed the capital examination had been announced, everybody received a small metallic token with their names and also the seal of the Imperial Academy etched onto it.

"As long as you have this, you will be recognised by the Great Xia Dynasty. Similarly, you will also have the responsibility of fighting the demon race, do you understand?" Qin Yumei looked at the examinees who had pa.s.sed the capital examination below and asked.

"Understood!" The examinees instantly replied as one.

Fang Zhengzhi wasn't very interested in such a formal ceremony. He was more interested in how much money this metallic token could get him each month, unfortunately, n.o.body explained that to him.

Looking at Yan Xiu, he realised that Yan Xiu also wasn't too concerned.

Hence, Fang Zhengzhi expressed the curiosity in his heart.

"Will you go to the Heavenly Treasure Hall?"

"Of course, I will go." Yan Xiu didn't quite understand why Fang Zhengzhi would ask this.

"Are there treasures in the Heavenly Treasure Hall?" Fang Zhengzhi continued to ask.

"Treasures?" Yan Xiu looked at Fang Zhengzhi queerly, then, quickly understood. "You wish to ask me what the Heavenly Treasure Hall is… is that right?"

"Yes." Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

"After the Law of Dao entered the world, by Heaven's decree, it was split into three thousand volumes. These three thousand volumes represented three thousand parallel dimensions, each of these parallel dimensions containing millions of pocket dimensions. The human race accesses Dao through the pocket dimension and begins to practice, and gradually advances!"

When Yan Xiu said this, he paused slightly, and continued.

"As for the Heavenly Treasure Hall, it is one among the three thousand parallel dimensions! Most importantly, after countless years of operating by the Divine Constabulary, the Heavenly Treasure Hall has almost reached the peak of parallel dimensions."

"Parallel dimension?" Fang Zhengzhi was somewhat confused. He had more or less understood the concept of pocket dimensions now.

It was nothing more than human beings opening up a parallel s.p.a.ce and new world in their own bodies. As for how this world was constructed, and what method was used to construct it, this was determined by everybody's individual practicing methods.


Parallel dimension, what was this?!

"Yes." Yan Xiu nodded. He didn't explain to Fang Zhengzhi what a parallel dimension was. Because, every parallel dimension was completely different, and there was simply no way to describe it.

Fang Zhengzhi didn't ask further. He felt that no matter how much he asked, it wouldn't compare to him personally experiencing it himself.

The River of Trust Capital examination finally ended under the shock of everybody.

Just as Han Changfeng had expected, once the River of Trust Capital examination had ended, news of Fang Zhengzhi attaining double roll champion spread like a wild gust of wind across the entire Great Xia Dynasty.

n.o.body knew how this gust of wind would affect the Great Xia Dynasty.

But, at least when the county head of the Huai An County heard this news, he had rushed to the Northern Mountain Village overnight…

And at the same time, in the rear garden of the Heaven Dao Pavilion, Lady Yuer, with her face flushed slightly red and in an out-of-breath manner, was reporting this shocking news to a lady wearing a pink cotton skirt/

"Mi… Missus, Young Master Fang had attained the double roll champion again!"

Lady Yuer was shocked, but the expression of the lady wearing a pink cotton skirt didn't change much. Instead, she carefully gazed at the garden in front of her.

The lady's eyes were very bright, just like stars in the night sky. She looked, from the fence of the garden, to the pavilion, to each individual tree and each individual blade of gra.s.s…

She looked very carefully and seriously, just as if she was having a heart-to-heart talk with her loved ones.

"Yuer, pack up." After the lady finished looking, she spoke again. Her voice was as clear as a mountain spring.

"Alright… is Missus going to the 'Heaven Academic Altar' again?" Yuer nodded, and prepared to enter the room to retrieve her coat and shawl.

"No, I want to go down the mountain." The lady gently shook her head.

"Roger! Yuer will now go and prep… huh?! Missus… you… you want to go down the mountain?!" Right after Yuer had received the order, she suddenly became stunned.

"Yes." The lady nodded.

"Missus, didn't you say that you are going to stay in the Heaven Dao Pavilion for three years? Now, we have only stayed for a year, why are you going down the mountain?" Yuer was somewhat confused. She remembered the words that the lady spoke as they were about to go up to the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

Secluding herself from the world for three years…

Then, go down the mountain!

"Because, he had given me a real answer!" The lady looked in the direction of the Northern Desert, and with a deep feeling of homesickness in her expression.

"Missus, what answer is that?" Yuer instinctively asked.

"The Double Dragon Roll Champion would shock the world, and bring peace to the world!" The lady looked at Yuer, and didn't blame her.

"What, what kind of answer is that? Isn't the Double Dragon Roll Champion Missus yourself?" Yuer completely couldn't understand.

"Ha ha…" The lady laughed gently, just as if the most beautiful flower in spring had bloomed, causing the hundreds of flowers in the garden to lower their heads shamefully.

Without replying Yuer's question further, the lady looked into the sky.

In the sky, the white clouds continuously changed their shapes. Occasionally, it took the form of a gigantic, soaring bird, and occasionally, it took the form of a sharp sword out of its sheath.

"Nangong Hao!" The lady's mouth uttered a name, then, gradually went into deep thought.

Yuer, witnessing this scene, instantly held her breath and didn't dare to cause any disturbance. Because, she knew that her missus was reminiscing the scene of the battle a year ago.

After n.o.body knew how long, the lady shook her head, and her expression seemed somewhat desolate.

"That sword… I really couldn't avoid it!"

Gate Of God Chapter 122

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