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Along the way, all the places he pa.s.sed by were bursting with happiness.

The capital examination was being held at the same time within the five capitals of the Northern Desert, and at this time, was the time that the congratulatory team was travelling to the various counties and villages to announce the good news.

In any big county, there would always be a scholar who had pa.s.sed the capital examination.

Hence, at every city gate of the county cities, there would always be a team waiting for the return of a few scholars, furthermore, even were even other scheming people who took advantage of his time to organise a few special activities.

For example, the most popular folk game, lantern riddles, or some women who were not conceding to men set up an arena in the county city in a contest for marriage, both in the arts and in combat.

The entire way, Fang Zhengzhi walked and stopped, stopped and walked, and played very happily. Naturally, he guessed many lantern riddles, and under various kinds of envious gazes, breaking up affectionate couples.

Was guessing lantern riddles and breaking up affectionate couples related?

Naturally, it was. Because, Fang Zhengzhi's favourite riddle to guess was the kind when a guy and a girl were browsing the lanterns, and the girl screaming, "I want, I want…"

Then, when the guy completely racked his brains but still wasn't able to answer the lantern riddle which the girl wanted.

It was the time when Fang Zhengzhi would always appear on the scene.

After completing his grand deed, he would walk away, concealing his abilities and his name.

Within the morning mountain and forests, there was a faint mist, and the clear sound of birds singing rang out. Just like a girl who had just came out from a bathe, the sound of water from her body dripping onto the ground contained a hazy and natural beauty.

A row of officials with red silk hanging off them were walking along a mountain road.

They banged their gongs, shocking the small birds foraging for food on the trees, then leisurely pa.s.sing by the village entrance of the Southern Mountain Village and journeyed towards the Northern Mountain Village.

The previous Southern Mountain Village chief stood quietly at the village entrance and looked at the congratulatory team. The melancholy in his heart could be imagined, even though this was already the second time he saw such a team.

The pain in his heart didn't decrease a single bit, and instead, grew stronger and stronger.

"Village chief, we have to go!" Wearing a teacher attire, with a face as big as a bowl, w.a.n.g Anhua appeared behind Meng Bai at this moment.

And behind w.a.n.g Anhua followed another middle-aged man dressed in a teacher attire, and two horse carriages filled with books of all kinds.

"Must you go?" Meng Bai's trembling hands picked up his cigar, and inhaled deeply.

"The order has already arrived. The Hall of Dao will be moved to the Northern Mountain Village. It is only separated by a mountain, if village chief has any requests in the future, you can still get somebody to pa.s.s the message to me." w.a.n.g Anhua bowed lightly towards Meng Bai.

"Sigh…" Meng Bai sighed heavily, then turned around and walked back towards the centre of the village. His figure contained an unspeakable sense of loneliness.

Compared to the loneliness of the Southern Mountain Village, the Northern Mountain Village was undoubtedly bustling with happiness and activity.

The Huai An County head wore a black official robe and personally led Village Chief Zhang Yangping as well as Fang Houde and stood under a huge tree at the village entrance, waiting for the arrival of the congratulatory team.

Zhang Yangping and the crowd of villagers at this moment were still somewhat in disbelief.

"Fang Zhengzhi pa.s.sed the capital examination?!"

"And, he is the double roll champion?"

"The Hall of Dao from the Southern Mountain Village is going to be moved to the Northern Mountain Village!"

"The county head personally rushed to the Northern Mountain Village overnight to send his gratulations, and even order people to bring along all the necessary materials for building the Hall of Dao!"

Every single incident seemed to hammer onto the fragile hearts of the villagers.

To a remote and ordinary small mountain village, n.o.body would ever think that such things would happen, or, it could be said that every single thing aforementioned was something they had absolutely never thought of before.

"County head, are… you sure that you didn't get it wrong?" Zhang Yangping felt that such a thing was even more shocking than gold falling from the sky.

"Ha ha, Village Chief Zhang, what are you saying? This time's River of Trust Capital examination is one that everybody in the world paid attention to, and gathered the scholars and talents from the five capitals of the Northern Desert. The incident of Young Master Fang attaining the River of Trust Capital examination double roll champion is known to everybody, how can I be wrong?"

The county head didn't appear impatient at all, and instead smiled gently and explained.

The Northern Mountain Village belonged to the jurisdiction of the Huai An County. Within a county, a roll champion in the capital examination was always a happy occasion. Furthermore, this was a double roll champion.

Most importantly, everybody understood that this River of Trust Capital examination wasn't just any ordinary one.

Else, with his status, even he wouldn't rush overnight to the Northern Mountain Village.

Fang Houde's expression at this moment seemed both emotionally moved and worried. Even though the previous time, when Fang Zhengzhi had attained the county examination double roll champion, he had already been moved.

But this was different…

The capital examination!

An examination that truly allowed one to enter the books of history!

"Boom!" The sound of a gong rang faintly from a distance away.

Then, within the mist, a row of officials with red silk hanging off them gradually revealed themselves.

"They are here, they are here!"

"The congratulatory officials are really here!"

"Why do I keep feeling as if I'm dreaming?"

The villagers all began to grow excited. But, to them, such news was really too hard to imagine. Even if they had really seen the congratulatory officials, not everybody would be able to accept this immediately.

But, reality was reality.

Especially when the congratulatory officials neared them, then pa.s.sed a huge red banner respectively into the hands of the county head, followed by the county head pa.s.sing it into Fang Houde's hands.

Only then, all of the villagers finally understood…

Fang Zhengzhi had really pa.s.sed the capital examination, furthermore, he was the double roll champion!

Zhang Yangping was so moved that he knelt onto the ground and kowtowed to the skies, shouting, "Heaven has eyes!"

On the other hand, tears filled the eyes of the villagers. The Northern Mountain Village had produced a scholar, furthermore, a strong scholar that had attained the capital examination double roll champion…

Eight years ago, when Fang Zhengzhi and his family were invited by Zhang Yangping into the Northern Mountain Village.

Who would have thought that there would be such a day?

Within the mountain valley, a real dragon that shot into the clouds had appeared. How could people not be excited, how could they not tear.

Fang Houde's hand were trembling. He was a man over forty years of age, yet, the tears in his eyes fell like raindrops. His face, that had experienced the attack of the mountain wind, contained an unparalleled satisfaction.

Having a son like that, what else could he ask for?

"His mother is still waiting, I… I will go inform her!" Fang Houde gazed at the two huge golden words on the red banner, and his voice was somewhat choked.

"The previous time, after the county examination, Zhengzhi had returned for a while. I wonder will he return again after the capital examination?" Another villager looked at the mountain path and asked somewhat excitedly.

"Ha ha… young Master Fang had attained double roll champion, but he has to partic.i.p.ate in the feast of the Divine Constabulary. Furthermore, he has the opportunity to entire the Heavenly Treasure Hall! I believe that he is currently on the way to the Golden Scale City!" The county head heard the villager's words and replied, once again with a smile on his face.

"Partic.i.p.ating in the feast of the Divine Constabulary?!"

"Isn't that too amazing? The Divine Constabulary…"

"Then what is this Heavenly Treasure Hall?"

"If you don't know, don't ask. That is definitely somewhere with many treasures. How could there be anything inferior in the Divine Constabulary?"

"Then when can this child Zhengzhi return to the village again?"

"What would he come back for? Our village is small, and this child Zhengzhi has potential. He would definitely be achieving great things outside!"

When the villagers heard the county head's words, then began to discuss spiritedly once again. Even though they all wished that Fang Zhengzhi could return to the village for a while, but when they thought of Fang Zhengzhi soaring like a dragon after pa.s.sing the capital examination, they were all able to understand.

"Yes, I believe it would be hard for him to return in this short span of time. After partic.i.p.ating in the feast of the Divine Constabulary, the imperial examination would begin quickly after that. When that time comes, he would still have to rush to the imperial Yan capital!" The county head revealed all that he knew.

"Wow… entering the imperial capital!" A villager stared with his eyes wide open.

"I wonder whether Fang Zhengzhi has enough money on him to spend?" Zhang Yangping thought of Fang Zhengzhi leaving without much money, and had initially thought that he would return after the capital examination.

However, he had never thought that he actually pa.s.sed, and was about to rush to the Golden Scale City, then to the Imperial Yan Capital. Along the way, the amount of money he needed would definitely not be little…

As he thought, he began to feel rather guilty.

Just as they spoke, another wave of the sound of hooves sounded out from the small mountain path.

"Looks like the teachers from the Southern Mountain Village Hall of Dao had arrived, I never thought that they would be so fast!" A villager heard the sound and instantly laughed.

The Hall of Dao from the Southern Mountain Village had moved to the Northern Mountain Village.

This was definitely something that caused every villager in the Northern Mountain Village to be delighted about.

Initially, when the Southern Mountain Village had established the Hall of Dao, the Northern Mountain Village people were filled with envy. But now, the tides had turned, and this year, it was their turn.

Gate Of God Chapter 126

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