Gate Of God Chapter 133

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In reality, other than Housekeeper Wen feeling sick, Fang Zhengzhi sitting at the strange corner also didn't feel very well. Or, it could be said that he felt extremely sick.

Fang Zhengzhi didn't believe that with Chi Guyan's intelligence, she would suddenly choose such an unimportant matter to discuss in such an important setting.


There was only one possibility.

Chi Guyan did it on purpose!

What was her purpose? First, casually point him out, then, find an opportunity to attack him? Or, directly order him to be arrested?

This was the Divine Constabulary?

Where am I supposed to run to…?

Fang Zhengzhi thought about the winding road when he entered, and a sense of helplessness rose inside his heart. Not mentioning how well-guarded the Divine Constabulary was, even if he really was allowed to run, he probably wouldn't even be able to run out within an hour.

The entire atmosphere of the feast suddenly became strange, and everybody's gaze instinctively fell on Fang Zhengzhi who was in the strange corner.

They naturally saw Fang Zhengzhi.

But, they didn't understand, he was just a double roll champion of the capital examination, why did he deserve Chi Guyan's attention?

Beads of sweat had already formed on Housekeeper Wen's forehead at this moment, and he pondered quickly in his heart.

What was wrong?

Not serving him properly? That's not true, I had personally served him, furthermore, I had even specially instructed the people below to prevent any incident in which Fang Zhengzhi would be mocked because of this status.



Housekeeper Wen suddenly realised a huge problem, but this problem wasn't related to him. Because, the seating arrangement in the Divine Constabulary feast was personally ordered by Chi Hou to sit based on status.

Even though Fang Zhengzhi was the capital examination double roll champion, but his status was still a civilian, a civilian villager.

But, even though this was so, if there was really something that Chi Guyan was unsatisfied about, then he would definitely be the person who got into trouble.

Not Chi Hou.

"Missus, please forgive me. My arrangement was wrong, I am willing to pay for my mistake!" Housekeeper Wen knew that this moment that arguing would definitely result in a heavier punishment than confession.

"What mistake does Housekeeper Wen admit to?" Chi Guyan's voice rang out again. It was very calm.

"This… is… because of the seating arrangement…" Housekeeper Wen instinctively looked at Chi Hou, and beads of sweat dripped from his forehead like rain.

When Chi Hou saw the look Housekeeper Wen gave him, he had also more or less understood. However, this seating arrangement was personally ordered by him, if he had admitted this now, based on Chi Guyan's personality...

When he reached this thought, Chi Hou gave Housekeeper Wen a very motivating look, then, slowly turned his head to the side.

When Housekeeper Wen saw Chi Hou's actions, his heart instantly fell to the bottom of a valley.

He knew…

It was time for him to bear the consequences.

"As the saying goes: Meritocracy is key. My Divine Constabulary that protected the Northern Desert with our army, and defended against the Northern barbarians had never depended on judging people based on the family in which they were born. This mistake that Housekeeper Wen has committed today is no small crime!" Chi Guyan continued.

"I admit my mistake, and hope that Missus can take into account my years of service to remove my housekeeper appointment, then fine me three years of annual salary!" Housekeeper Wen knew that he had to bear the consequences, hence, naturally took the initiative to suggest his punishment.

"Yes, it's fine as long as you know you are in the wrong. Go and make further arrangements!" At this moment, Chi Hou finally spoke.

To have someone to bear the consequences was naturally a comfortable thing. Chi Hou definitely knew that Chi Guyan was just bringing up a topic, now, they could finally enter the main issue at hand.

"Roger!" When Housekeeper Wen heard this, he instantly felt as if he had been granted great amnesty, and instantly prepared to carry on.

"Wait a moment!" At this moment, Chi Guyan suddenly stood up.

"I'll go personally!"

Once the words left her mouth, all the officials and scholars in the feast were completely stunned.

The Divine Constabulary's feast invited the officials from the five capitals of the Northern Desert, and also the scholars from all around. Before the start of the feast, Chi Guyan leveraged on Fang Zhengzhi's incident to demonstrate the Divine Constabulary's resolve to value meritocracy.

This move was naturally intended to win the hearts of the people.

Perhaps, from the very beginning, the Divine Constabulary had already laid out this plan, hence, this wasn't something that caused people to feel too shocked.

But, Chi Guyan personally going over, the meaning behind this was now completely different.

Who was Chi Guyan? She was the Great Xia Dynasty's true number one talented girl, the Double Dragon Roll Champion that shocked the world, the future number one marshal of the Great Xia Dynasty. Having such a status, yet personally inviting a scholar who had only just pa.s.sed the capital examination?

No matter how they viewed the situation, it still didn't seem as simple as bringing up a topic.

A trace of shock also flashed across Chi Hou's face at this moment.

He was very fond of and loving towards Chi Guyan. Or, it could be said that without Chi Guyan, it was still reasonable to say that he might not even be in such a stable position of power today.

When he heard Chi Guyan's attempt to win the hearts of the people, he also understood very well Chi Guyan's intentions, but now…

He didn't quite understand.

From what he remembered, the Great Xia Dynasty didn't consist of much people whom Chi Guyan would personally invite. Does it matter if he was King Duan? The imperial prince had waited more than ten days in the Divine Constabulary, yet, Chi Guyan hadn't even met him once.

If one had to think of someone whom Chi Guyan would invite personally, that might only be Nangong Hao.

But who was Nangong Hao?

The true number one scholar in the Great Xia Dynasty, Heavenly Reflection Peak Stage, occupying the first place in the Hidden Dragon Roll the moment he came out, then, occupying the first place in the Rising Dragon Roll.

If it wasn't for Chi Guyan, perhaps, he would truly be the brightest star in the Great Xia Dynasty.

Compared to such a great genius like Nangong Hao, what abilities and character did Fang Zhengzhi have? He was just a double roll champion of a capital examination, and only had the ability of Star Conglomerate State, at most, he would be at the Star Conglomerate Peak Stage.

He might be able to be among the top ten of the Hidden Dragon Roll, but, on the Rising Dragon Roll, there were so many Heavenly Reflection States, who would even pay any attention to a youth who hadn't even reached the Heavenly Reflection State?

The meaning behind Hidden Dragon, meant that one just had some hidden potential.

That was all…

But, does having hidden potential mean that one would definitely become successful and achieve great things?

n.o.body would agree with that. Because, from the Star Conglomerate State to the Heavenly Reflection State, there was a huge and heavy door separating them. Who knew how many people, in their entire lifetime, hadn't been able to take the crucial step out of the Star Conglomerate State into the Heavenly Reflection State.

As Chi Hou and the crowd were filled with shock, Chi Guyan had already walked towards the direction of the last seat.

This scene.

Even caused Yan Xiu's eyes to reveal a glimmer of shock and confusion.

"You know each other?" Yan Xiu looked at Fang Zhengzhi.

"..." Fang Zhengzhi didn't reply. Because, he simply didn't know how to reply this question. Answer that he didn't know? Eight years ago, he had successfully kicked Chi Guyan into the river.

But if he answered that he knew.

Within these eight years, not even mentioning communicating through letters, he had never even met her once.

Do we know each other?

We don't know…

Don't know?

Alright, actually, we know each other.

No matter whether they knew each other or not, Fang Zhengzhi felt that he could start running now. Without meeting in eight years, yet you still recognise me? That was really like seeing a ghost.

No matter whether other believed it, Fang Zhengzhi definitely didn't believe.

Hence, Fang Zhengzhi ran.


Just as he left his seat, Chi Guyan had already blocked Fang Zhengzhi's path.

This caused Fang Zhengzhi to feel somewhat shocked. How is this possible? In front of so many people, how did she recognise himself in one glance? Don't tell me it is because of Yan Xiu sitting beside him?

"Young Master Fang, how are you these eight years?" Chi Guyan stood quietly in front of Fang Zhengzhi. She was very close, and her eyes were as bright as stars.

Fang Zhengzhi could even feel the faint heat emanated from Chi Guyan's body. It was very real, but, he didn't quite like this reality.

"Eight years? What eight years? What is princess saying? I absolutely don't understand…" Fang Zhengzhi felt that at this moment, if he acknowledged Chi Guyan's words, he would be so stupid that it would be cute.

Wasn't that just admitting that eight years ago, he had kicked her into the river?

Ha ha…

Even if he was beaten to death, he still wouldn't admit it.

"Is that true?" A trace of a smile flashed across Chi Guyan's eyes.

Then, gently lifting her feet, she took another step towards Fang Zhengzhi. The distance between the two people was already extremely close, but, Chi Guyan still took a step forward.

Fang Zhengzhi felt as if the distance between them was a little too close.

Not only Fang Zhengzhi, even the officials and scholars at the scene also felt that the distance between them was a little too close.

"Then, do you know what's 'too cold at the top'?" Chi Guyan's voice rang out again. It was very soft, as if she had forced her voice into a very thin line.

Furthermore, when she said this, she evidently seemed to be smiling faintly.

Fang Zhengzhi's eyes instantly widened.

He finally knew why Chi Guyan would take another step, because, she had to say this sentence, and this sentence mustn't be heard by others.

Too cold at the top...

The meaning of this actually wasn't complicated. It described a person who stood at a high position, yet being unable to handle the cold wind there.

But, Fang Zhengzhi didn't quite understand what was the reason Chi Guyan said that to him. Or, in other words, what was her intention?


How high was the top?

Before Fang Zhengzhi understood, Chi Guyan spoke again.

"Young Master Fang is powerful and talented, yet, you are neglected by the Divine Constabulary. I don't feel good about this, hence, hereby apologise to Young Master Fang. Young Master Fang is magnanimous, hence would definitely forgive me for my mistreatment. I wish to invite Young Master Fang to sit together with me!" As Chi Guyan spoke, she bowed gently towards Fang Zhengzhi.

In an instant.

The entire feast grew absolutely silent, not a single other voice rang out.

Everybody stared with their eyes wide open. n.o.body would have thought that Chi Guyan would actually invite Fang Zhengzhi to sit together with her.

That was the main seat...

The main seat of the Divine Constabulary!

Who would have thought that a youth who had just pa.s.sed the capital examination, and hadn't even donned an official rank, would be able to sit at the main seat of the feast in which the Divine Constabulary organised and gathered the officials and scholars from the five capitals of the Northern Desert.


He was personally invited by Chi Guyan.

Lu Yusheng's mouth at this moment was opened so wide that a fist could be stuffed into it, and his face flushed with red. He recalled that the previous moment, he was still mocking Fang Zhengzhi.

Fang Zhengzhi, invited to sit together with Chi Guyan?!

This was definitely an incident that trembled the five capitals of the Northern Desert, and even the entire Great Xia Dynasty.

Gate Of God Chapter 133

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