Gate Of God Chapter 161

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"How is this possible? What was the problem? Could it be that this jerk was not shamelessly dead set on marrying my Sister Yan? How could he tear the paper from Sister Yan?"

Lady Ping Yang did not understand. She really could not comprehend the reason behind Fang Zhengzhi's actions. Was she exposed? That could not be possible. How could she be exposed when he did not even open the letter?

Could it be that Fang Zhengzhi really did not want to marry Sister Yan?!

Her rejection of this thought came just as fast as the appearance of it. That woodlouse did not want to marry my Sister Yan? That was not possible.

"Oh right...He tore up Sister Yan's letter. I expose him!" Lady Ping Yang's eyes brightened immediately. She happily skipped towards the lone building with a loft at the side of the courtyard.

Chi Guyan dressed in a simple yet elegant garb. It was an easygoing dress with a purple sash tied around as a belt.

Currently, she was studying a piece of chart in the loft. On the chart, there were many varieties of soldiers and horses set up. There were also some thin lines and careful dots. It was clear that it was an ancient chart containing a war formation.

Beside the table was a huge plate of sand, with sand piling up like mountain ranges. There were tiny flags of different colours stabbed into the sand.

Lady Ping Yang barged in at this moment.

Compared to her previous energetic skipping, Lady Ping Yang became much more cautious when she entered the loft. She quietly walked towards Chi Guyan like a docile kitten.

"Sister Yan, are you researching on matrix set-ups again?"

"Mm, shouldn't you be swinging on the swing? What are you here for?" Chi Guyan nodded. Her eyes never left the paper chart in front of her.

"At first, I wanted to find someone to accompany you. Unfortunately, I wrote a letter to that someone using your name yet he tore it up. That was too audacious," Lady Ping Yang fired from her tiny mouth with a face of fury.

"Oh," Chi Guyan nodded once again.

"Doesn't Sister Yan want to know who tore your letter?"

"It was your letter!" Chi Guyan swiftly corrected Lady Ping Yang. Afterwards, she held up the chart in her hands and put it under the sun's rays, "Are you referring to Fang Zhengzhi?"

"Sister Yan is just too smart. There's nothing you can't guess. Then...Aren't you angry?" Lady Ping Yang's eyes shone with traces of honest hope.

"I'm not. Why would I be angry?" Chi Guyan shook her head.

"He tore your letter! Are you not mad? If it's me, I would divorce him! Er...I'm mean, call off the engagement. I will immediately call off the engagement unless he comes here on his knees and begs!

"Firstly, that was your letter. Secondly, it is expected that he will tear up my letters. It will be out of the norm if he did not tear it," Chi Guyan once again laid down the matrix paper chart that was in her hands.

"Ah?! Is it really that complicated between you two?"

"Indeed it is."

"But I want him to come to my birthday banquet. He did not reply to the invitation letter. He did not even budge when I use Sister Yan's name to write a letter to him. I can't just tie him up and drag him there, can I?" Lady Ping Yang was seemed slightly disappointed. Just the thought of her carefully thought-out plan going to waste was enough to break her heart.

"You really want him to attend your birthday banquet?" Chi Guyan finally turned her gaze towards Lady Ping Yang.


"After that, you are going to mess with him?"

"Why would you say that? I'm not someone who would do something like that. I will treat him like a VIP and let him have a time of his life…" Lady Ping Yang blinked innocently but the corners of her mouth curled revealing traces of her cunningness.

"If you want to invite him to your birthday banquet then it's simple."

"Sister Yan, you have a plan?"

"En, you shall send someone to deliver some silver notes over. Next, tell him those will be his as long as he comes to your banquet. Additionally, tell him there's no need for him to bring gifts. He will naturally come," Chi Guyan answered with barely a single thought.

"That simple?"

"Yes. Just that simple."

"That can't be," Lady Ping Yang found it hard to believe. However, this idea was from Chi Guyan herself, there was no way she would doubt Sister Yan.

Fang Zhengzhi was flabbergasted. There was actually someone offering him money to appear at a banquet. Furthermore, they specifically told him there was no need to bring gifts?

Wasn't this too outlandish?

Staring at the piece of 500 silver note, Fang Zhengzhi felt that returning this would be too hard on the person's heart.

So he turned his attention to middle age man in front of him.

"No gifts required?"

"Yes. Absolutely no gifts required!"

"Let me think about it. Depends on whether I have time," Fang Zhengzhi kept the 500 silver note into his s.h.i.+rt and waved, indicating that the middle age man could leave.

"This...Mister, how do you expect me to answer to my mistress?" the middle age man was stunned after hearing Fang Zhengzhi's answer and watching him pocket the money.

"Just say it's up to my mood," Fang Zhengzhi impatiently waved off the guy once again.

In the Three Kingdoms Era, to convince Zhu Geliang to come out of seclusion, Liu Bei went to find him three times; during the Song Dynasty, the gold medallion that beckoned Yue Fei to return back to the capital court was sent out in eighteen different directions. With just one visit, it would never be enough to invite him over too.

Fang Zhengzhi really had no idea who was the master that the person just mentioned. However, that person was persistently trying to invite him over to this birthday banquet must have his reasons.

In that case, he held power in this exchange. Yan Capital was filled with wealthy families. Wouldn't this be considered as the heroic act of stealing from the rich to give to the poor?

That's right…

He was the poor!

"Depends on his mood?!" Within the Ping Yang Residence, Lady Ping Yang was once again furious.

Afterwards, she immediately raced towards the loft beside the courtyard. This time, Ping Yang was obviously in a fit yet the instant she entered the loft, she reverted back to the demeanour of a kitten.

"That jerk said it depends on his mood, his mood… Sister Yan!" Lady Ping Yang tone was desperate but her volume was suppressed to the minimum.

"Hm?" Chi Guyan was puzzled. Logically speaking, he would not have rejected the offer. So what was the problem?

After a moment of thought, Chi Guyan came to a realisation.

"Looks like I underestimated his shamelessness. He is currently taking advantage of the situation, absolutely crossing the line…"

"Sister Yan, do you have any more ideas?"

Chi Guyan was silent. If she was not wrong, the best move to make was to ignore Fang Zhengzhi for now and utilise other methods to make Fang Zhengzhi bend.

However, with this, there was a one percent chance of failure. This was because Fang Zhengzhi might back out in a fit of rage, take the money without showing up at the banquet.

"Is it a must for him to go?" Chi Guyan decided it was better to clarify what Lady Ping Yang wanted.

"Yes! He must come at any cost!"

"Then, you have to send again."

"Send again?"

"Yes. Send them until he is satisfied."

Looking on as the middle-aged man went on his once again with the notes, Lady Ping Yang clenched her fist until her knuckles were white. Hn, I shall let you have your satisfaction for now. There will be h.e.l.l to pay once you enter the Ping Yang Residence!

In the coming days, Fang Zhengzhi lived a very cosy life. Every day, he had someone sending him money. Furthermore, to show their sincerity, the other party had s.h.i.+fted from notes to silver taels. Chest after chest was carried into this room.

The traffic into his room was not light…

This kind of life sure was comfortable for Fang Zhengzhi.

However, for Yan Capital, this was a stupefying occurrence.

Who was Ping Yang?

She was none other than the infamous demoness in Yan Capital. In the whole of Yan Capital, she had always been the one that was taking. Since when did she starting giving people money?

But now…

Everyone was faced with a puzzling sight. Every day at the exact same time, someone from the Ping Yang Residence would carry a chest of silver taels to the inn where Fang Zhengzhi was staying.

They would just drop the money there and leave.

A mere country b.u.mpkin. Firstly, in the Law of Dao Examinations, at the county level and provincial level, he became the Double Roll Champion. Secondly, within the Divine Constabulary, he managed to set a date for a showdown with Chi Guyan in two years' time and had the people from the Divine Constabulary publicly announcing his engagement to her.

Now, after coming to Yan Capital, he had the infamous tyrant of Jin Capital providing him with a stream of silver taels.

This was just too extraordinary…

Everyone felt that this was so inconceivable that a woman who claims that she is still a virgin after marrying and having a child would have been more believable.

In the tent of the Patrol Guards, King Duan, Lin Xingjue was so shocked by the news, his teeth almost dropped out.

However, his a.n.a.lysis of this news was expectedly more insightful than those bystanders within the capital. He felt that there was more than meets the eye on this issue.

Ping Yang badgering Fang Zhengzhi?!

That was ludicrous. However, he could not for the life of him think a reason as to why the arrogant and tyrannical Ping Yang was sending Fang Zhengzhi money.

"How do you view this issue?" King Duan turned his gaze towards Mister Hua and Elder Wen.

Elder Wen shook his head, his skills lied in the bigger scheme of things. Regarding these bizarre events, he was not well versed in their intricacies.

Mister Hua seemed to have some thoughts on this but the more he thought, the more it escaped him.

"I have sent people to investigate. Seemed like Ping Yang wanted Fang Zhengzhi to grace her birthday banquet, therefore she sent people to send him money non-stop," Mister Hua revealed the results of his investigations.

"Ping Yang inviting Fang Zhengzhi to her birthday banquet? The...The credibility of this information aside. Logically speaking, shouldn't it be Fang Zhengzhi giving to Ping Yang? Why are the roles reversed?" King Duan was even more mystified after listening to what Mister Hua had to say.

"That's why I can't wrap my head around this. Moreover, I remember that Fang Zhengzhi actually sold of Ping Yang's Snow Cloud Stallion. Shouldn't those two be enemies? Yet the act of sending money is symbolic to making friends. This is really a conundrum."

"Whatever the case is, Fang Zhengzhi is not allowed near Ping Yang under any circ.u.mstances! You should know the uniqueness of Ping Yang. This concerns the existence of that place… She is not just Princess Ping Yang. Also, she is adored by Father. If she was to be acquainted with Fang Zhengzhi…"

Gate Of God Chapter 161

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