Gate Of God Chapter 162

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"Rest a.s.sured, Your Highness. I will definitely get to the bottom of this!" Mister Hua nodded. With the approaching Imperial Examinations, they knew very well that they could not afford any more mistakes.

But just the thought of the peculiarity of this situation…

It gave Mister Hua a headache. If Ping Yang was continuously sending silver taels to Fang Zhengzhi, her aim was definitely to invite Fang Zhengzhi to her birthday banquet. But why…

"f.u.c.k...That's pain!" Fang Zhengzhi looked on as another chest of silver taels was carried in front of him. He stopped the middle age man that was about to leave, "How many more days to your mistress' birthday banquet?"

"To answer young master's question, there are still 3 days!" Once the middle-aged man heard this from Fang Zhengzhi, his heart soared. According to his mistress' wishes, he was supposed to send until he was satisfied. Could it be that the day had arrived?

"Understood. Once you send three chests tomorrow, I will naturally go your mistress' banquet. There's no need to disturb me in future." Fang Zhengzhi waved his hand, signalling that the man could leave.

"..." The middle-aged man jaw dropped, "Three chests at once?!"

The person in front of him was much more shameless that he could have imagined. However… For someone to reach this level of shamelessness, it was kind of impressive.

Three days later, with sun almost at its peak, brilliant warm light bathed Yan Capital.

As the residence closest to the palace, Ping Yang Residence architectural style was most similar to it. If not for a gigantic wall between them, such a residence within the palace would not look a single bit out of place.

Splendid golden buildings and white marble plated the corridors. Every corner exuded extravagance.

Just a simple residence yet it was built according to the palace's standard. From this, it was clear how important the Ping Yang Residence was to the current Sacred Lord.

In front of the cinnabar gates, one horse carriage after another stopped there. After a moment, they would once again take off in a flash.

At the side of the gates, a few armour clad soldiers guarded the entrance. From the design of those armour, it was not hard to discern that they were the exact same kind of armour used by the Imperial soldiers.

In fact, they were the Imperial Ranger Squad of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Fang Zhengzhi stared at the three words "Ping Yang Residence" that was hanged on residence gates. Unrestrained curiosity welled up in his heart. Although he had never stepped foot into the palace, he had strolled around the entrance of the palace before.

He just had an att.i.tude of a tourist as he strolled around the palace gates, wanting to admire the kind of palace this world had.

Therefore, he naturally knew the uniqueness of the soldiers standing outside of Ping Yang Residence.

"This person that invited me to this birthday banquet looks like a really big deal!" Fang Zhengzhi was slightly confused. Logically speaking, this kind of people did not have to give in to his whims.

Did he miss something?

Normally he would have asked Yan Xiu. However, these few days, Yan Xiu was enclosed in his room studying mirror projections. It seemed like he was at the most crucial part. He did not even take a single step out of the door and all his food was sent up by the people in the inn.

Fang Zhengzhi knew better than to ask him about such a trivial matter.

"Could this be a ruse to entrap me?" As Fang Zhengzhi thought of this, he felt that it was better to be safe than sorry. Therefore, after walking a couple of rounds about the gates, he got ready to stand the other party up.

Just as he was about to leave, a middle-aged man dashed out from within the residence. When he saw Fang Zhengzhi, he was so full of emotions it was as if he just saw his own father.

"Young Master Fang, you have finally arrived. Our mistress' has long awaited your arrival!"

"Are you sure your mistress lives here?" These few days, Fang Zhengzhi had been seeing this man's face every single day. There's no way he could have pretended not to know him.

"Yes!" The middle age man confirmed with a face of confidence.

"Alright." Fang Zhengzhi nodded his head. Since he was already outside to welcome him, walking out now would be quite distasteful. After all, he had accepted their silver taels.

The middle age man saw Fang Zhengzhi nod, immediately went in front to lead the way.

Fang Zhengzhi waved his hand instead to show that there's no need to rush. Then, he took out a letter.

"This is a gift list."

"Young Master Fang brought a gift?!" Middle age man studied the letter being handed. He was slightly taken aback. He clearly remembered that Fang Zhengzhi only reluctantly agreed to come after he said that there was no need for gifts.

However, now that he actually brought something, it was hard not to be shocked.

Did he previously misunderstand Fang Zhengzhi?

Could it be that he was down on hard times and rejected because he was unable to send a gift?

If that was the case, then these gifts on this gift list were probably not used with his own money but it was a courteous gesture nonetheless.

The middle-aged man knew that Fang Zhengzhi came from a mountain village, that's why this was his first thought. When he opened the list…

He realised that he was too naive.

The list was packed with words scrunched together, filling up the whole page.

What were these things?

" One piece of homemade bacon."

"One spiced hoof."


More importantly, what was this roll of rabbit fur for?

Was there anyone that still used rabbit fur to make coats here in Yan Capital?

"Just a little something from the mountains, there's no need for thanks," Fang Zhengzhi generously blinked at the middle-aged man.

"..." The middle age man felt that if this came from anyone else, he would whack him upside down without hesitation. However, he did not dare to do it to the Fang Zhengzhi in front of him. He still had to welcome him with a smile.

He then very respectfully accepted the gift, "On the behalf of my mistress, I would like to thank you for this fine gift!"

His voice was not considered loud but it was enough to be heard clearly by the other officials and lords that was alighting from the carriages.

"Fine gift?!"

"This person seems familiar? Who is it? Is he a wealthy lord from somewhere?"

"Blue long sleeved s.h.i.+rt… If I'm not wrong, he should be Fang Zhengzhi!"

"Fang Zhengzhi? Isn't he born from mountain villages? How does he have the money to send Princess Ping Yang a fine gift?!"

"Rumours has it that for the past few days, men from the Ping Yang Residence were sending him silver taels every day. Could it be…"

From the way this was put, the faces of those lords and officials instantly changed. Princess Ping Yang sent Fang Zhengzhi silver taels, and Fang Zhengzhi returned with a huge gift for the celebration of her birthday.

Was there an unspeakable secret between them?!

Fang Zhengzhi did not bother to correct these people. The middle age man heard the discussions around him and wanted to give an explanation. In the end, he did not dare to open his mouth.

After all, he might offend the VIP in front of him.

If he were to walk out on them, this problem would be on him… The paddles would be sure to follow. If they wanted to delve deeper, they might even ask him to cough out the silver taels wasted. Just these thoughts were enough to send a chill up his spine.

"Mister Fang, please!" The middle age man dare not speak more. His job was to fetch Fang Zhengzhi to the inside of Ping Yang Residence, no matter the cost.

Fang Zhengzhi nodded and followed behind. Since he already gave out the gift list, it would be his loss if he did not at least go in for a meal.

Seeing that Fang Zhengzhi finally stepped foot into the residence, the middle age man could finally sigh in relief.

A knowing glint flashed across his eyes as he glanced to the right of the gate after crossing it.

At this moment, there was an extremely unexpected sight in the Ping Yang Residence.

For not far from the right of the gates was a young lady that was almost looked like a fairy. She was called Ping Yang. The most adored princess by the current Sacred Lord.

The Ping Yang today wore a brilliant red dress with a peony sewn in the top using golden threads. On her head, a red sash gently floated in the breeze with her night hair cascading down to her waist.

Such a scene drew out admiration from the hearts of many of the lords but no one dared to approach her.


Everyone knew hidden under that n.o.ble appearance was a true monster.

Arson, robbery, there's nothing she won't do.

However, none dared to complain. She had a position as high as the dynasty's adviser to the Sacred Lord. The lowest she could be viewed as was a n.o.ble merchant family. There was no one that dared to complain to the face of the Sacred Lord.

Today's Ping Yang had glossy clear eyes with an absolutely stunning smile painted across her face.

Seeing this smile, people knew someone was going to get it today…

Ping Yang felt that her plan today was perfect. Unlike anything the world had ever seen, there was no chance of it failing.

To ensure the practicality of this plan, she had done countless of experiments.

The results were obvious…

Countless officials and lords would be unlucky. They were all the court palace's respected officials or the lords of high-ranking n.o.ble families. They all had something in common which was that they were all skilled masters that reached the Heavenly Reflection State or higher.

This operation by Ping Yang was given the name " Sure Hit One-shot Kill".

The inner workings of this plan were quite simple.

Speed. Blinding Speed. In a move faster than the other party could react, a pail of leftover water from was.h.i.+ng feet would pour down on his head.

Would the skilled masters that reached Heavenly Reflection State be caught in the area of effect?

Of course not…

Therefore, Ping Yang used a matrix spell. This originally was a matrix spell used in the Small Dimension. It can swiftly bind masters of the Heavenly Reflection State for a brief moment of eight seconds.

Of course, to move such a powerful matrix spell from the Small Dimension to here by hand, and set it up at the gates of the Ping Yang Residence required a ton of silver tales. However, this was not something Ping Yang was bothered with.

Only the results mattered.

Will the results only be a pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water on the head? Of course not!

The outcome Ping Yang wanted did not just simply stopped at a pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water. There was still a lot of follow-up work to do. She could already imagine Fang Zhengzhi's face when the pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water rain down on him as he walked through the gates of the banquet hall.

She was really looking forward to that expression of shock and confusion.

After that, as the host, she will generously apologise for b.u.mping him while he was still stunned. Then, order her housekeepers bring the putrid Fang Zhengzhi around and parade him in front of the esteemed guests.

After Fang Zhengzhi completely lost his face, she would then bring him to a bathtub she already prepared beforehand.

After that, something would emerge from that bathtub. That thing would be very slimy and slippery. Furthermore…

It definitely will bite!

Gate Of God Chapter 162

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