Gate Of God Chapter 163

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Ping Yang was not bestowed the t.i.tle of Yan Capital's demoness by being merciful and gentle. Therefore, she specially ordered people to bring in a live 'Scarlet Thread Cyclops Viper' that lived around volcanoes.

Except for its poor vision, this creature was a killer in every other aspect. Furthermore, it possessed a very convenient characteristic. It loved hot water. Once bitten by its needle-like fangs, there was little hope of getting it off…

However, its venom was not fatal.

After all, Ping Yang still had many other tricks that she wanted to try out.

How could she let him go just like that?


Ping Yang would not find something just for looks and no practical applications. Although the venom of this Scarlet Thread Cyclops Viper is non-lethal, it had an interesting effect on the body. It would instantly increase the sensitivity of the pain receptors.

In other words, a single bite would have you screaming for your mummy and daddy.

This was what caught Ping Yang's attention.

For the sake of ensuring that Fang Zhengzhi would jump out of the bath screaming, Ping Yang had invested a huge amount of effort. No fewer than ten people were involved in bringing this to fruition.

It was just a pity for the guinea pigs. Every one of them went out of Ping Yang Residence with tears in their eyes.

"You despicable lowlife. I will definitely have you walking in and carried out!" Just the thought of what was going to happen was enough to bring a smile to her face.


The middle age man that she ordered to be the lookout at the door had gone out.

That meant that Fang Zhengzhi had arrived and he was about to enter the grand gates of the Ping Yang Residence.

Ping Yang was getting excited. She bent down and stroked the silk-like snow white coat of her n.o.ble steed.

The king among horses, a jade in the snow.

Ping Yang's love for it was to the extreme. Previously, her Snow White was sold off by Fang Zhengzhi. This too had to be avenged. Furthermore, it would be avenged by both her and Snow White.

While riding on Snow White, she would aim to pour the pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water over Fang Zhengzhi's skull.

This was a consideration on the account of speed and the deep "friends.h.i.+p" between the master and the servant.

Fang Zhengzhi did not have any idea that he was about to walk into a trap made especially for him. Under the purposeful guidance of the middle age man, he arrived before the bright cinnabar gates to the hall.

"Mister Fang, please!" The middle age man walked to the side of the gates with a face of utmost courtesy.

Such courtesy was common with some high-cla.s.s residences. The servants that fetched guests would always let the guests step into the gates first.

Although Fang Zhengzhi did not feel a need to follow such traditions.

This did not arouse his suspicions.

Therefore, he tried to humbly give way too.

When the middle age man saw this, his face changed. He immediately welcomed him in again.

Fang Zhengzhi could not beat his stubbornness. He nodded and took his first steps through the gates.

The eyes of Ping Yang who was riding on Snow White's back burned with brilliance. She saw the blue long sleeve that she wanted to rip to shreds even in her dreams.

That's right.

That was indeed Fang Zhengzhi!

The man behind all those nights spent grinding her teeth.

"Go, my Snow White!" Ping Yang gave an order and forcefully kicked both her feet back. The hand holding the pail of dirty water could wait no longer.

Snow White moved. It recognised the order given by its master. Moreover, it had been repeatedly practising this for quite some time.

Its four hooves began to move into a gallop.

Fang Zhengzhi did not notice anything amiss at the moment. After entering the Ping Yang Residence, looking around in admiration was all he could do.

After that, he heard the faint sound of clopping hooves.

Was it possible to ride horses in the residence?

Fang Zhengzhi looked towards that direction in bemus.e.m.e.nt. Then, he saw Snow White.

Naturally, Snow White also saw Fang Zhengzhi.

The two pairs of eyes met.

Mild curiosity blossomed in Fang Zhengzhi's eyes. He felt like he had seen this horse somewhere before. It almost looked like the horse that he sold off not too long ago.

On the other hand, Snow White's eyes betrayed fear. Pure, unadulterated fear.

As the king of horses, Snow White was meticulously cared for and treated with the utmost respect from the moment it was born. All it ever ate was the freshest of gra.s.s and lived in a separate court just for it.

No human had ever abused it or shouted at it.

The human in front of him was different.

He was the first who beat and shouted. Furthermore, he used all his might and did not hold back. He left several lines of blood along its backside with no trace of compa.s.sion.

This kind of pain…

It was called its first time.

This kind of pain was engraved into its bones and left a deep impression. It could be even said that this pain in certain situations could become a darkness that plagues its heart.

It was obvious.

Fang Zhengzhi was that darkness in Snow White's heart.

In addition, this darkness was immense. More importantly, this darkness was formed not too long ago. In fact, it was so recent that it could not forget even if it wanted to.


A drawn-out hiss came out.

Snow white raised its two front hooves. It was spooked.

Ping Yang was a lover of horses, naturally, she would be adept at riding. However, at this moment with her eyes focused on Fang Zhengzhi, she had one hand on the reins and the other one holding on to the pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water.

At this point, she would have never thought that her beloved Snow White would raise its legs.

Something like a spooked horse?

Who would have expected this?

Fortunately, Ping Yang was calm. When Snow White suddenly raised its hooves, she instinctively held out her hands to hold the reins steady.


She forgot about the pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water in her other hand

As a result, the feet was.h.i.+ng water slipped out of her hand and travelled unceremoniously up into the air.

Ping Yang's hands tightly gripped on to the reins. She took pride in her elegant riding skill.

Even when the horse was spooked, she was able to stabilise and hold on.

However, her proud moment was quickly doused by the falling pail of water.

The pail of feet was.h.i.+ng spun two and a half rounds in the air and dropped squarely on her head. Expectedly, all the feet was.h.i.+ng water that she saved for a week drenched her.

Sharp chills…

A soaring heart!

Ping Yang's heart was soaring. She had an earning to fly but unable to due to a lack of wings. Then, she landed. There was no way she could have held on after being hit on the head with the pail and getting drenched with the foul-smelling water that was enough to knock her out.

Hence, the n.o.ble horsewoman Ping Yang fell off her ride.

Her b.u.t.t made contact with the ground.


It was a dull sound but a sound that brought about a world of pain.

"Ouch!" A distinct sniffle came of Ping Yang's mouth. The pair of glossy eyes were filled with water. It was uncertain whether it was feet was.h.i.+ng water or tears…

In that brief moment, everyone in Ping Yang Residence was stunned.

They were not able to comprehend why Ping Yang's calm and composed Snow White would be spooked. What confounded them more was how did such an excellent rider like Ping Yang would fall off her horse?

Everything happened too fast, they did not even have any time to react.

The middle age man was confused.

According to the schedule, by now, Princess Ping Yang would have flipped the pail of feet was.h.i.+ng water over Fang Zhengzhi's cranium.

But why is it that there was no movement?

Or was it…

There was movement. It just did not happen in front of his eyes but to the right of the residence.

Therefore, the middle age man stepped forward and turned his head to the right of the residence. Right away his face froze.

"Princess Ping Yang fell?!"

Was there anything more absurd than this?

He could clearly see that Fang Zhengzhi was still in his original position. He had not moved a single step or twitch even a single muscle.

Then, why would Princess Ping Yang fall?

Princess Ping Yang and Snow White went through countless of simulations to build that seamless cooperative action. Where did it all go wrong?

The middle age man was stumped. Fang Zhengzhi was in a similar state of confusion. With a just quick glance, he was not able to recognise the woman in front of him. After all, she was decked in a different set of clothes and accessories today.

Furthermore, last time Fang Zhengzhi could only see her back for the majority of the time.

"Is the lady an acrobat?"

Fang Zhengzhi thought it was better not to laugh at an acrobat that fell while performing. That was too disrespectful to their profession.

Then again, such a standard was enough to get hired in such an established residence?

Such a pity for that exceptional horse that looked just like the one he sold. That creature was worth anywhere between sixty to seventy thousand taels.

Gate Of God Chapter 163

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