Gate Of God Chapter 166

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Ping Yang was very unwilling to admit that she was in a bit of a tight spot. As Fang Zhengzhi moved towards her step by step, she was forced to acknowledge that if they were to have a martial arts showdown, she would not stand a chance.

However, she was Ping Yang, the Sacred Lord's most adored princess. She possessed in-born n.o.bility and arrogance. Even in such a scenario, she would never lower her head.

She did not say anything nonsensical. For instance, "What are you doing?" or " Don't come near me! I will scream and I will have you die a horrible death."

Those eyes suddenly reflected an uncharacteristic calmness.

Ping Yang looked at Fang Zhengzhi. She did not believe that this village c.o.c.kroach was capable of doing anything outrageous here within the residence.

If he really was going to do such things, how would she run?

Fang Zhengzhi also looked at Ping Yang, his eyes scanned her pair of orbs, scrutinised her face and every part of her body. Finally, he was able to ascertain that this lady was indeed that stubborn lady in front of the inn that day.

He did not know what was the point of the lady's actions that day. Once again, he was unsure what this stubborn lady was up to just now at the gates.

What he did know was the reason she was so willing to send him silver taels non-stop to invite him to this banquet in the Ping Yang Residence.

"The soldiers outside are after my life. If you do not want them to barge in and see this sight, what should you do?" Fang Zhengzhi calmed down too after discerning Ping Yang's ident.i.ty.

Since there was already resentment between them, then using his time to explain the misunderstandings was wasteful. Get straight to the point and negotiate.

Ping Yang was slightly taken aback by Fang Zhengzhi's sudden change in att.i.tude. What appalled her more after he made eye contact was how his eyes roamed from her head to toe then back up again.

Furthermore, he was so focused and thorough.

Most importantly, after looking, he did not even show a tinge of red on his face and calmly tried to discuss terms with her?

So a person's level of shamelessness could reach such an extent.

Ping Yang sighed. Just as Fang Zhengzhi had mentioned, she had to settle what was in front of him. Therefore, she gave the lifeless handmaidens a glance.

These two personal handmaidens were carefully hand-picked by Ping Yang from all the handmaidens in the residence.

Although they lost their composure due to shock, they quickly recovered after given a glance by Ping Yang.

"Princess has ordered, no one is allowed to enter!" One of them swiftly sent out the order.

While the other one promptly took off her outer clothing and covered it with Ping Yang's body.

Outside the courtyard, after watching Fang Zhengzhi shoot back into the living quarters, the soldiers marched orderly to the gates but they did not enter.

Instead, they patiently waited for their orders.

This orders could come in many forms such as unusual silence, piercing screams or a disparaging voice…

If anyone of those was present, they would bust down the door without hesitation and heroically capture the bold and audacious Fang Zhengzhi.

If the sound was the current one they were hearing.

The answer was obvious.

They could only obediently wait at the door.

This was because their princess highness was taken hostage by the psychotic Fang Zhengzhi. The moment they force open, they might risk the life of the princess highness.

The officials and the n.o.bles could also hear the orders by the handmaidens from outside the courtyard.

Every one of their eyes held shock and terror.

They did not know how Fang Zhengzhi offended the princess but if they were Fang Zhengzhi, they would have immediately surrendered just now.

Only by offering yourself for capture and then beg for mercy to Ping Yang, would he have a chance to escape with his life.

Moreover, Fang Zhengzhi had a dubious engagement. Whether Chi Guyan would save him would be anyone's guess but there was a slight possibility that Ping Yang would let him live a couple more years on account of this engagement.

However, Fang Zhengzhi's current methods…

It was equivalent to destroying his last string of hope.

King Duan, Lin Xingjue's eyes held a refined glimmer. He held up his cup, discovered it was tea and poured it out. Without waiting for the servants, he poured himself a cup of wine instead.

Such a delightful event, how could he just enjoy it with tea?

Han Changfeng did not reveal his thoughts like King Duan. He silently took a sip of his tea, while slightly reminiscing.

Within the room, Fang Zhengzhi was right in front of Ping Yang. The distance between them was less than one meter.

Ping Yang did not back down, allowing Fang Zhengzhi to come near her. Although she was only covered by a single piece of clothing from the handmaiden, some areas had a tantalising beauty about them.

However, the thought of retreating never appeared in her mind.

"Well, let's negotiate," Fang Zhengzhi started.

"You think you have the right to negotiate with me?" Ping Yang calmly stared at Fang Zhengzhi, her pupils revealed a trace of arrogance.

"I think I do," Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

"Even if you could walk out of Ping Yang Residence today, you will not be able to exit Yan Capital!" Ping Yang's tone was impa.s.sive.

"Hm, you are right. What if I don't escape from here?"

"Don't escape? Won't you be…" Ping Yang wanted to say he would be waiting for his own death but she knew Fang Zhengzhi was smarter than that.

"To be more specific, what if I don't go out of this room?"

"You…" Ping Yang heart froze. In that instant, it seemed like she figured out something.

"If I lived here for a year or two, by then we could have made an irreversible connection. After that, maybe a flower would bloom and we would bear some fruits or what not…"

"Despicable!" Ping Yang finally lost her cool.

Even if she was the high and mighty princess highness; even if the Scared Lord adored her the most. Whenever she was in front of Fang Zhengzhi, she always could not find a grab hold to wield her authority in front of him.

"Alright, shall we talk about the terms?" Fang Zhengzhi once again opened his mouth and asked the same exact question. However, now the arrogance on Ping Yang's face had vanished.

The living quarters had been quiet for a while now.

The soldiers in the courtyard and the officials and n.o.bles outside the courtyard were all anxiously waiting. They all knew what was going on inside.

But they were not expecting him to successfully negotiate.

This was because the person inside the room was Ping Yang - demoness of Yan Capital. Even if it was not Ping Yang, the most Fang Zhengzhi could achieve was walking out of the living quarters.

Zooming out, there's Ping Yang Residence, the Yan Capital and even the whole of the Great Xia Dynasty. Where could Fang Zhengzhi possibly run?

Once he relinquished Ping Yang as his bargaining chip, that would be the moment when he loses his life.

Without question.

In the eyes of everyone, Fang Zhengzhi was a dead man walking.

Seconds turned to minutes, Fang Zhengzhi had been in the room for fifteen minutes.

At this point, a figure appeared from a distance.

It was such an exquisite and refined figure. Covered by a pink dress with snow white petals imprinted on it. Silky crow-black hair cascade down to the waist.

The figure seemed to be walking leisurely. However, after close scrutiny, the figure's feet were actually walking on a light green glow.

That was not the Wind of the Dao of All Creation…

It was Lightsword.

With a path of Lightsword under the feet, the figure possessed incredible speeds.

The figure arrived in the middle of the banquet in an instant.

The Lightsword disappeared, revealing an incomparably gorgeous face. The pride of the dynasty; the guardian of all life. She was Chi Guyan, the Great Xia Dynasty's most splendid representative.

Those starry eyes looked at the officials and n.o.bles present, then moved towards those soldiers holding their bows taut at the courtyard.

Chi Guyan did not greet anyone, including King Duan who was seated down.

This was an extraordinary air of arrogance.

However, among all those present, no one dared to criticize her for the lack of courtesy because she was Chi Guyan. She was a Double Dragon Roll Champion. She was chosen. She did not even need to kneel for the Sacred Lord.

Gate Of God Chapter 166

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