Gate Of God Chapter 208

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Chapter 208: Face Head-On

Going from advance to retreat was something that was extremely hard to achieve. However, Ying Shan’s movements were as smooth and natural as the moving clouds and flowing water. It was as if everything he had done before was in preparation for this strike.

Darkness covered the ground, and the blade in Ying Shan’s hand had already disappeared.

This was Shadowless.


Disappearing alongside Ying Shan’s blade was also Fang Zhengzhi, as well as Yan Xiu and Ping Yang.

This seemed to not make any sense at all.

However, it was for a fact that when Ying Shan drew his blade and counter-attacked, Fang Zhengzhi disappeared. Or, it could be said that all along, Fang Zhengzhi had never appeared behind Ying Shan.

Ying Shan’s expression of unparalleled self-confidence froze.

He couldn’t understand. Where did Fang Zhengzhi go? Why would Fang Zhengzhi suddenly disappear?

"Are you looking for me?" Fang Zhengzhi’s voice sounded out from behind Ying Shan’s body.

Ying Shan turned around and was even more shocked to see Fang Zhengzhi standing below the rock. Holding a Blazing Qilin Spear in his hands, a similarly shocked expression appeared on his face.

Of course, Fang Zhengzhi never expected Ying Shan to turn around suddenly.

He was indeed pursuing Ying Shan from behind, and his objective was naturally also to delay Ying Shan from going up the rock.

However, he didn’t chase closely behind Ying Shan. Or, it could be said that all along, he maintained a misalignment behind Ying Shan’s body. This wasn’t because he could guess Ying Shan’s intentions.

Instead, it was a habit.

To someone who was well-versed with sneak attacks, it was only natural for him to instinctively avoid a few possibilities of falling for a sneak attack as well.

This was similar to a general on the battlefield who was well-versed in cutting off people’s supplies. He would definitely guard the back of his own battlefield very heavily.

Fang Zhengzhi was such a person. He was used to unleas.h.i.+ng sudden attacks, and used to sudden counter-attacks. Hence, he would definitely not allow himself to follow so closely behind the enemy’s back, and instead, pursue at a misaligned angle.

Ying Shan’s counter-attack was incredibly beautiful.

However, there was one greatest flaw in this counter-attack. That was before one’s blade turned, one mustn't turn his head, not even reveal the slightest bit of intention to do so.

Hence, it would naturally be impossible for Ying Shan to know Fang Zhengzhi’s position.

Hence, Ying Shan counter-attacked.

On the other hand, Fang Zhengzhi didn’t have time to react, charging in front of Ying Shan. In an instant, both of them entered each other’s visual blind spot. This was a golden opportunity.

If Fang Zhengzhi took advantage of this, he would definitely be able to inflict serious damage upon Ying Shan.

However, Fang Zhengzhi had no way of knowing that Ying Shan would turn around. Hence, he maintained his blazing speed and charged in front. He wanted to stop Ying Shan from the side, thus, he naturally didn’t take advantage of this opportunity.

This was a coincidence that left people speechless.

However, this coincidence caused Ying Shan’s heart to once again be unable to reach a state of calm. Such a perfect plan was foiled? What hint did he reveal?

How could this not harm him?

A list of doubts rose up within Ying Shan’s head.

These questions similarly filled the minds of the surrounding examinees.They already couldn’t understand the reason why Ying Shan turned around.

Now, they were still unable to understand the reason.

The scene that unfolded a moment ago.

Ying Shan very evidently unleashed a powerful killing blow. The power of that blade likened one that aimed to slice off a mountain peak.

However, all along, Fang Zhengzhi wasn’t following behind Ying Shan.

This was something they had seen very clearly.

Then, what is Ying Shan trying to slash with this blade? The air? Or, was it to vent his rage?

n.o.body could understand. However, there was one point which they understood very well.

Fang Zhengzhi had successfully blocked the way between Ying Shan and Nangong Mu. Yan Xiu and Ping Yang stood in the same row beside Fang Zhengzhi.

Standing below the rock.

Ying Shan’s blade was as ink-black as before. However, this ink-black blade seemed somewhat heavy in his hands. The Shadow Blade Technique emphasized slyness and being traceless. If it was used during a sneak attack, it would be even more unexpected. That was the most important reason he was sent for this task.

Now that tracelessness had turned into traceable, the power of this blade technique had been reduced by at least seventy percent.

"How… did you see through it?" Ying Shan had to ask this in the end. This stemmed from his pride and self-respect.

Fang Zhengzhi knew very well what Ying Shan was asking.

Answer with the truth?

That was just because his luck was a little bit good…

Fang Zhengzhi wasn’t so stupid. If he wasn’t able to win based on abilities, then, he had to defeat the opponent with his temperament, at least causing the opponent to feel afraid.

"Because, your move contains a life-threatening weakness. Or, it could be said that every single one of your moves contained a life-threatening weakness. This is a habit you cannot change. And it is this very habit that lets me know whatever you are going to do." Fang Zhengzhi’s expression was very serious. It was like an elder pointing out the flaws of a younger person’s techniques.

Ying Shan frowned slightly. Everyone had a weakness. He was no exception. However, he didn’t know whether Fang Zhengzhi was speaking about the same weakness which he knew of.

He was more inclined to believe that Fang Zhengzhi was spouting nonsense.

However, Fang Zhengzhi had indeed previously proved this with his actions. Each of his actions were indeed expected and foreseen by Fang Zhengzhi. That was a rather bad feeling, it was even somewhat scary.

Being able to determine an opponent’s weakness with one look?

Has Fang Zhengzhi’s talents already reached such a level?

"He really saw through Ying Shan’s moves?"

"Isn’t that… not very possible?"

"So it seems that Ying Shan previously wanted to deliver a killing blow to Fang Zhengzhi? But, it has been foreseen by Fang Zhengzhi, allowing him to dodge it? No wonder…"

When the examinees heard the conversation between Ying Shan and Fang Zhengzhi, they began to guess.

"Clang!" A gentle sound snapped Ying Shan and the examinees from their thoughts.

On the rock, two chains had already been broken. The golden sword let out a low cry, as if it could break out from the stone any moment.

At this moment, success took another step forward.

From the moment Fang Zhengzhi stood out until now, he hadn’t even fought once with Ying Shan face-to-face. However, he injured Ying Shan badly on his back, and most of all, delayed at least two minutes worth of time.

Most importantly, up till now, Ying Shan hadn’t even taken a single step up the rock.

There was no other way to describe this other than being a miracle.

Just like how Fang Zhengzhi used two hours to complete six examination papers in the theory examination of the Imperial Examination, becoming the theory examination roll champion with his full marks.

n.o.body would have thought of such an outcome, much less that such a thing would occur.

But these were the facts. Facts that cannot be argued against.

"Will you be able to stop me even if you are able to see through my techniques?" This time, Ying Shan didn’t rush to ascend the rock immediately. Because, he had already viewed Fang Zhengzhi as a true enemy.

At least, it was an enemy that allowed him to take seriously.

"There is a saying. When you meet with a problem, you must face it head-on!" Fang Zhengzhi stood his spear on the ground with a proud and unyielding expression on his face.

However, this aura appearing from Fang Zhengzhi’s body.

In addition to everything Fang Zhengzhi did previously, truly caused people to feel slightly unwell.

Ying Shan had this exact feeling.

Face head-on?

Then, what did you just do? Sneaking an attack on me from behind, relentless sly and cunning tactics, since when did you ever face head-on?

The surrounding examinees also had this same thought. However, at this moment, they stood in the same camp as Fang Zhengzhi. Hence, they could get used to this indisposed feeling.

At this moment, Yan Xiu had opened the Mountain and River, Heaven and Earth Fan in his hands and stood quietly beside Fang Zhengzhi. He didn’t feel indisposed. Instead, he only chose to fight alongside Fang Zhengzhi at this time that Fang Zhengzhi decided to face this battle head-on.

Ping Yang similarly stood shoulder-to-shoulder beside Fang Zhengzhi. By right, Ping Yang should have walked away at this moment. Because, she already had no more strength to fight. More importantly, she had already given her Blazing Qilin Spear to Fang Zhengzhi. Then, how could she fight with Ying Shan of the Supernatural State?

However, Ping Yang didn’t walk away.

She stood beside Fang Zhengzhi and waved her fists, preparing for the fight.

"Can you take a rest at the side?" Fang Zhengzhi’s words harshly cracked down on Ping Yang’s determination for the battle.

Ping Yang’s tiny mouth instantly pouted, seeming as if she was very angry. As the great Princess Ping Yang, she had pride and arrogance that ran through her bones. Furthermore, she had another reason to be arrogant, one that came with her birth.

That was a reason that everybody within the Yan Capital knew.

She didn’t believe that Fang Zhengzhi didn’t know this. However, all along, Fang Zhengzhi gave her the feeling that either he didn’t know, or he didn’t care.

"I am very strong!" Ping Yang insisted.

"Strong? Can you defeat me?" Fang Zhengzhi looked at Ping Ying with a look of despise.

"I can defeat you!" Ping Yang’s clear eyes looked towards Fang Zhengzhi as her tiny lips curled into an arrogant look. Her expression was very serious, as if she was reciting a fact.

"Will you die… if you don’t boast?" Fang Zhengzhi casually shot a middle finger towards Ping Yang.

Ping Yang’s face instantly flushed red. She stared hatefully at Fang Zhengzhi, then looked at Ying Shan, then finally gritted her teeth and "gloomily" went to one side.

"You will definitely regret this!"

"I wont!" Fang Zhengzhi replied Ping Yang’s words very directly.

Then, he looked towards Ying Shan. There were some things that he could not avoid forever. When facing Ying Shan, he might be able to temporarily suppress Ying Shan based on intellect. However, the huge difference in enlightenment state meant that he wouldn’t be able to deliver a life-threatening blow.

The Supernatural State…

That, was the enlightenment state of a truly powerful man.

Ying Shan’s eyes narrowed. He didn’t expect Fang Zhengzhi to fight him face-to-face. However, Fang Zhengzhi stood right in front of him, holding the Blazing Qilin Spear, giving him no choice but to believe it.

"Then, show me your true powers!" There was no light on Ying Shan’s blade. It was like a shadow that danced in the darkness. However, the tip of the blade pointed towards Fang Zhengzhi.

The Blazing Qilin Spear on Fang Zhengzhi’s hand similarly pointed towards Ying Shan. The Blazing Qilin Spear glowed with a red light, and a tiny golden light glowed quietly at the tip of the spear. That, was the Blazing Qilin True Blood.

He knew that it was difficult to avoid this battle further. However, he suddenly realised a problem.

It seems like I don’t know any spear techniques?

What should I do?

This seemed to be a problem. However, Fang Zhengzhi didn’t have too much time to think through this. Because, Ying Shan’s blade had already moved.

Within the pitch-black darkness, Ying Shan’s blade stabbed directly towards him.

At this moment, Yan Xiu also moved. He flipped over the Mountain and River, Heaven and Earth Fan in his hands almost at the exact instant Ying Shan’s blade moved.

"Heaven and Earth Reversal!"

To be considered among the Yan Five Treasures, the power of the Mountain and River, Heaven and Earth Fan was no ordinary matter. In the Star Conglomerate State, it could turn into a Mountain River Territory. Now, Yan Xiu had entered the Heavenly Reflection State.

His own territory and the Mountain River Territory complemented and gave life to one another. It was actually able to forcefully tear a gap within the boundless, infinite darkness. A huge mountain range extended towards the sky, just like the lone peak in the black darkness.

A powerful yet sad pressure pressed down upon Ying Shan.

Ying Shan’s figure slowed down slightly, then, he began to accelerate once again. However, the footprints he left on the mud became evidently deeper than before.

"Rise of the Eastern Red Sun!"

Yan Xiu let out a low bellow as a bright red sun appeared on top of his head. Following which, a powerful red crescent slashed towards Ying Shan.

Fang Zhengzhi naturally couldn’t let Yan Xiu face Ying Shan all by himself.

When Yan Xiu’s Mountain River Territory appeared, he had also moved. Even though he wasn’t familiar with spear techniques, did it matter? Nevermind that.

He held a spear in his hand, however, why can’t a spear be used as a sword?

For example…

"Mountain Waterfall Cascade!"

At the moment Yan Xiu employed the Asura Cut, Fang Zhengzhi also leapt upwards. Using the tip of the spear as the tip of a sword, he plunged the Blazing Qilin Spear down from top to bottom.

This blow.

Fang Zhengzhi had no idea what power it would have.

However, there was one thing he knew for sure. The slas.h.i.+ng of a blade downwards and the plunging of a spear downwards were indeed different in their powers.

Most importantly, the Mountain Waterfall Cascade could concentrate all the powers on one single point.

This was a technique used for stabbing.

"I’ll stab you to death!" Fang Zhengzhi didn’t bother about which sword techniques couldn’t be used with spears. He only lived by one value. Any spear technique that could kill people was a good spear technique.

Ying Shan could feel an immense pressure on his body.

As he gazed at the killing intent from Yan Xiu’s sword, there wasn’t much change in his expression.

However, when Fang Zhengzhi leapt up and directed the tip of the spear towards the ground, plunging down towards his head, he was truly shocked by this strange technique.

The wielder of a spear.

King of the weapons. Pole for a month, blade for a year, spear for a lifetime.

Among the eighteen weapons, the spear was the hardest to use. However, once it was mastered, a spear could become one’s second life. A spear was like a dragon in the water.

Usually, there were three basic fighting techniques for the spear. Left head-off, right head-off and thrust.

However, no matter how much Ying Shan grinded his brain, he never would have thought that somebody would raise his spear and plunge it down from above.

"He doesn’t know how to use a spear?" This thought instantly flashed across Ying Shan’s mind. However, after this thought flashed, another thought arose.

"There is trickery involved!"

Such a great talent who attained the Double Roll Champion in the county and capital examination not knowing how to use a spear? That probability was too low. Even if he might not be proficient at it, he should at least be well-versed with its basics.

However, at this moment, Fang Zhengzhi was completely portraying a layman who used the spear as a stick.

Very evidently, he was definitely trying to employ some sort of trick.

Ying Shan couldn’t see through the trick, hence he didn’t bother. He lightly waved the blade in his hand, turning it into two blade intents, one of them real, and the other an illusion. The illusion led the attack, while the real one followed behind. This was experience, using an illusion to test one’s real power.

However, splitting one into two meant that the blade didn’t embody Ying Shan’s full power.

This caused the surrounding examinees to feel somewhat stunned.

When Fang Zhengzhi leapt up high in the air and plunged his Blazing Qilin Spear downwards, an icy feeling gripped their hearts. Because, n.o.body in history would ever use the Blazing Qilin Spear in this manner.

What caused them even more shock was that when Fang Zhengzhi plunged down with the spear, Ying Shan didn’t take the opportunity to advance. Instead, he held back and used blade intents.

Ying Shan didn’t have sufficient combat experience? Couldn’t he see the weakness in Fang Zhengzhi’s technique?

This was evidently something that wasn’t quite possible.

Then, could the truth be that Fang Zhengzhi’s strange spear technique contained a profound secret that they couldn’t understand? But, where in the world is the profound secret in this plunge?

Gate Of God Chapter 208

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