Gate Of God Chapter 221

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"Even though the sword was obtained by Fang Zhengzhi, he obtained it from the World of the Sage. The World of the Sage belongs to the Imperial Government. Hence, the owner of the sword would definitely be the government!" An official instantly stood out after receiving a visual prompt.

"Mr Wan is right, I agree!"

"I agree too!"

"Even though Fang Zhengzhi does have some talent, he is ultimately still of the Heavenly Reflection State. It is indeed a fearful possibility that the demon race would attempt to steal such a powerful sword. When that time comes, not only would both the sword and a life be lost, the consequences are also dire. I hope Your Majesty can give the order for Fang Zhengzhi to return the sword to the government for protection as soon as possible!"

"Mr Li's a.n.a.lysis is very wise. It is said that the ordinary man is innocent; however, a man with great treasures and ambitions would be in great danger. News of Fang Zhengzhi obtaining the sword from the World of the Sage had already spread to public. If he doesn't surrender it, his life might be in danger!"

"I agree! In order to protect the great treasure of the dynasty and spare Fang Zhengzhi from this danger, I hope Your Majesty can pa.s.s the order!"

Very quickly, officials began to stand out one by one. Each of them wore an expression of absolute selflessness, righteousness and empathy for others.

However, in their hearts, Fang Zhengzhi was just an ordinary citizen who hadn't entered the government. Combined with his low birth status, how could they allow Fang Zhengzhi to obtain that sword?

Furthermore, even if Fang Zhengzhi had pa.s.sed the Imperial Examination, his official rank would only start from Rank Seven. And even if the Emperor was being very generous and kind, the highest rank obtained in history after pa.s.sing the Imperial Examination was only Rank Five.

On the other hand…

These officials who were able to discuss in this Throne Room, even those standing at the furthest corners, were at least Rank Four Officials. In a government filled with Rank One, Two, Three and Four Officials, who would care about one Fang Zhengzhi?

"Father Emperor, may I express my opinion!" At this moment, King Duan Lin Xinjue finally stood out from the crowd. The officials had begun discussing the matter at hand and the time had come. Naturally, he had to speak before Crown Prince Lin Tianrong did.

This was the first-move advantage.

When Crown Prince Lin Tianrong saw King Duan Lin Xinjue stand out, he retracted his feet that was in the middle of stepping out. However, there wasn't much change in his expression.

"Yes." Emperor Lin Mubai nodded his head with a calm expression.

He naturally knew what conflicts were going on in the Imperial Government and had already made a decision in his heart about this matter. However, as the Emperor, there were some things that had to be said by the high ranked officials.

"Sagely Battle G.o.d Meng Tian is the military hero of our Great Xia Dynasty and represents the heart and soul of our dynasty's army. Now, Sagely Battle G.o.d Meng Tian's sword had been found again. This is the perfect time to boost our military power. I request for the sword to be handed to me temporarily for protection and boost the morale and power of our army!" When King Duan Lin Xinjue saw Emperor Lin Mubai nod his head, he instantly bowed and spoke.

"His Highness King Duan is right. The sword represents the heart and soul of our army. With this sword, the army of the Great Xia Dynasty would definitely feel blessed by the Emperor and protected by the Sagely Battle G.o.d Meng Tian. When they face the demon race, they would definitely be able to do so with determination and spirit!"

"I also agree that the sword be handed to the military for protection!"

After King Duan Lin Xinjue finished his speech, two middle-aged men wearing armours stood out. Both of them were military generals leading their respective armies with respectable positions in the Imperial Government.

"Sixth Brother's words are logical, however… his views are a little superficial. Sagely Battle G.o.d Meng Tian indeed came from the military. However, he represents the entire Great Xia Dynasty. He is the hero of our Great Xia Dynasty. Riding alone for a thousand miles to kill Demon Lord Si Kong in the Blood Shadow City, how impressive is that! The determination within his bones is something everybody in the dynasty respects. I request for Father Emperor to hand the sword to me, using it as a means for the government to impart values. During the Law of Dao Examination, it could be displayed prominently at the door to send a message to the people!"

After Crown Prince Lin Tianrong heard this, he stood out and spoke loudly, looking towards King Duan Lin Xinjue's direction.

"His Highness Crown Prince is indeed wise and able to look at the situation as a whole. Using the sword to send a message to the people would be just like spreading the spirit of Sagely Battle G.o.d Meng Tian to the people. As the Crown Prince, if he is able to employ this spirit to constantly improve himself, it would be a blessing to the dynasty and a blessing to the entire world!"

"I agree that this sword should be guarded by the Crown Prince as well to send a message to the people!"

"Me too!"

"Me too!"

"Me t…"


Once Crown Prince Lin Tianrong's words landed, a huge group of officials rushed out and bowed down on the ground.

In the Imperial Government, Crown Prince Lin Tianrong controlled the political matters. Hence, his power naturally exceeded that of King Duan Lin Tianrong. This was clearly reflected in the current situation.

"Ever since I have been following the Emperor and received Emperor's kindness, a.s.sisting in running the government, prioritising the stability of the society, I believe that the Crown Prince guarding the sword is a blessing for the people!" After everybody had expressed their opinions, Left Prime Minister Yu Yiping stood out, slowly walked in front of the officials and knelt down with both his arms raised.

"Left Prime Minister is right, I hope that Your Majesty can value His Highness Crown Prince's sincerity!" The Law Official also stood out at this moment.

King Duan Lin Xinjue looked around at the officials that knelt down all over the floor and tightened his fists and bit his lips. Just as he prepared to speak again, he saw Emperor Lin Mubai lightly shaking his head on the dragon throne.

This caused King Duan Lin Xinjue to instantly swallow back the words that reached his mouth.

"Crown Prince and King Duan both have good points. Let's put aside this matter for now, tomorrow, order Fang Zhengzhi into the palace to continue the discussion. We will end for today!" Emperor Lin Mubai waved his hands, stood up and left.

"Long live the Emperor!"

In the Ping Yang Residence, Ping Yang wore a red robe and sat in her chair and played mindlessly with a jade toy. Then, she heard the knocking coming from outside the door.

"Princess Your Highness, Young Master Fang wishes to meet you."

"Young Master Fang? Which Young Master Fang? It can't be Fang Zhengzhi, right?" Ping Yang was filled with doubt. She didn't believe that Fang Zhengzhi would come to the Ping Yang Residence to visit her.

"It is."

"Huh? That shameless guy really came? I bet he wants something from me. That's right… that guy had obtained the sword of Sagely Battle G.o.d Meng Tian, I bet he wants to request for me to help him plea in front of my Emperor father."

Ping Yang's clear eyes glinted with light, instantly guessing Fang Zhengzhi's intentions. Then, a smile formed on the edges of her mouth.

"Let him in!"


Not too long later, Fang Zhengzhi was brought to an apartment by the Ping Yang Residence's housekeeper. A gust of wind blew, causing his blue robe to dance lightly in the wind.

"Young Master Fang, please enter!"

"Oh, thank you. This is for you!" Fang Zhengzhi casually tossed a bronze coin into the housekeeper's hands, then entered the room with a smile on his face.

Leaving the housekeeper standing rooted to the ground in the wind.

"One cent?!"

Fang Zhengzhi initially thought that Ping Yang would have more or less recovered from her injury. However, when he entered the room, he realised that Ping Yang was lying on the bed with a thick blanket over her.

Most importantly, there was still a slight trembling within the blanket. The injury seemed very serious.

"Do… do you have… have… something for me?" Ping Yang lay in her bed. Her voice seemed extremely pained. Beads of sweat even formed on her forehead.

When Fang Zhengzhi heard this, a suspicious expression filled his face.

Ping Yang had indeed blocked an attack for him. However, she wore the Red Flame Flower Armor on her body. He didn't believe that she would be injured so severely.

Furthermore, with Ping Yang's status, if she was really injured as badly, why would there not be any servants or housekeepers caring for her in the room?

Fang Zhengzhi took one glance around the bed and immediately realised that there weren't any articles of clothing, and the pair of golden threaded shoes on the floor seemed somewhat messy.

You want to trick me with such an obvious acting?

Fang Zhengzhi smiled faintly to himself. However, the expression on his face was filled with care and concern, hastily walking towards Ping Yang's bed.

"Which part of your body is injured? Is it still very bad? Let me see!"

As Fang Zhengzhi spoke, he quickly tore off the blanket covering Ping Yang's body. He decided to use his own actions to tell Ping Yang, your acting is really bad.

In an instant, the blanket was pulled off and danced in mid-air.

Ping Yang's eyes instantly turned round. Her face turned deathly pale and looked at Fang Zhengzhi, as well as the blanket dancing in the air, with absolute disbelief.

On the other hand, Fang Zhengzhi was completely taken aback.

He had correctly guessed the beginning of the story. Ping Yang was acting. However, he hadn't correctly guessed the ending of the story. Ping Yang was indeed acting, however, at this moment, Ping Yang wasn't wearing clothes.

Or, it could be said that Ping Yang only wore one layer. That was a bright red bellyband with a golden peony sewn onto it.

Of course, on her small white leg, there was a skirt that she didn't have time to remove completely. Beside it, there was a red robe.

"Ah!" Ping Yang screamed.

Her voice instantly reverberated around the entire Ping Yang Residence. Even the air of the palace beside the Ping Yang Residence echoed with this piercing scream.

Fang Zhengzhi knew very clearly how many archers stood guard around the Ping Yang Residence, and knew even more clearly what a huge crime he had committed on this day.

Disrespecting the princess!

If it was said that the previous time was unintentional, then what was this?

If it was also claimed to be unintentional…

Even Fang Zhengzhi himself couldn't completely believe this explanation. Hence, he ran. He charged out of the room with the fastest possible speed and ran outside without even turning back his head.

Ping Yang's eyes burned with a raging flame. Grabbing the red robe beside her and wearing it over her body, she instantly gave chase. She had already decided that no matter what kind of betrayal of friends.h.i.+p this represented.

Today, she must kill this shameless guy.

However, once she reached the door, she suddenly stopped. Because, a jade-green coloured gold hairpin lay on the ground at the entrance of her room.

Ping Yang was sure that this jade-green gold hairpin didn't belong to her. Because, she simply had never worn goods of such trash quality.

"Could it be?" Ping Yang was in somewhat of a disbelief.

However, she still continued to advance forward. Because, Fang Zhengzhi had already stopped. He was completely surrounded by a group of soldiers armed with bows and arrows.

Wis.h.i.+ng to escape from the Ping Yang Residence?

This was simply a huge joke. The importance of Ping Yang to the Great Xia Dynasty meant that Emperor Lin Mubai would naturally place the best soldiers here.

Not mentioning Fang Zhengzhi, even someone as powerful as Ying Shan, or even Xing Hou Xing Yuanguo of the Stabilisation Constabulary wouldn't dare claim that they would be able to walk out of the main gate of the Ping Yang Residence.

"Arrival of the Divine Order!" Just as Ping Yang prepared to order for Fang Zhengzhi to be captured, a voice suddenly sounded out. Then, a small eunuch in official clothes quickly walked towards Ping Yang and Fang Zhengzhi.

Gate Of God Chapter 221

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