Gate Of God Chapter 244

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Chapter 244: Red Demon Eye

Fang Zhengzhi decided to try his luck. He did not expect that someone else was even more tempted to try it out than him.

Naturally, that person was Ping Yang.

Before Fang Zhengzhi could run, Ping Yang took off.

In an instant, she was headed straight for the for the half opened stone door. She did not even say anything to Fang Zhengzhi as she bounded towards the door like a lamb in an open pasture.

"Hahaha, off I go..." As she ran, Ping Yang laughed maniacally.

This made Fang Zhengzhi slightly suspicious.

Ping Yang is a princess! Does she need to be in this much of a rush? Isn't it just the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet? Hasn't she seen it before?

Can't she show a little more cla.s.s?

Fang Zhengzhi looked to Chi Guyan.

Chi Guyan seemed to understand Fang Zhengzhi's doubts from his look, "Actually, Ping Yang has never seen the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet before."

"And you?"

"I have." Chi Guyan nodded.

Fang Zhengzhi had questions again.

Ping Yang was the most loved and pampered princess to date. If Chi Guyan had seen it before, Ping Yang definitely had a chance to see it.

Is there something going on here?

Hang on...

Chi Guyan has seen the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet before? Then why isn't she a sage?

"You've already become..."


"You didn't understand it?"

"..." Chi Guyan was silent for a moment. Then, she shook her head, "The Heaven Dao Sage Tablet is not what you think it is. It is not really a tablet. If you're lucky enough to see it, you will understand what I mean."


"The Heaven Dao Sage Tablet is not a tablet?" Fang Zhengzhi wanted to accuse Chi Guyan of lying to him.

However, it was more important that he chase up to Ping Yang. Ping Yang was already at the entrance.

Fang Zhengzhi and Chi Guyan rushed towards the stone door without hesitation.

The moment they stepped through the doors, Fang Zhengzhi felt like he was detached from the world. It did not feel like he had stepped through the door, it felt like he was sucked in by an unknown force.

The scene that unfolded before his eyes was even stranger.

The golden stone pillar was only ten meters wide at most. However, there was a huge magnificent throne room in front of him. The pillars were intricately carved.

In the middle of the throne room was a huge black cauldron.

Flames burned strongly inside the cauldron.

Underneath the cauldron were many soldiers dressed in glowing armor. There were thousands of them.

Ping Yang was standing in front of Fang Zhengzhi, her gaze sweeping over all of the soldiers. She seemed to be slightly excited, her mouth opening slightly in awe.

"Uncle Xing!"

"Yes... princess, your highness. Your highness, what... what are you doing here?!" A purple armored male in his forties with phoenix like eyes was shocked when he saw Ping Yang.

Then, the middle aged man noticed Fang Zhengzhi and frowned. Just as he was about to speak, his gaze froze.

Chi Guyan walked over.


"Uncle Xing, Guyan is honored to see you." Chi Guyan calmly bowed towards the middle aged man.

"Your highness, Guyan, why... why are you here?!" The middle aged man appeared next to them in an instant.

Fang Zhengzhi was shocked when he saw the man in front of him.

If Chi Guyan's speed was stunning to him, then this middle aged man's speed was supernatural.

He is Ping Yang's father's younger brother? And Chi Guyan's father's elder brother?

Fang Zhengzhi's heart fluttered. Is this man Xing Yuanguo? The leader of the 13 Constabularies and Xing Qingsui's dad?

Fang Zhengzhi had a good impression of the Stabilisation Constabulary.

He admired them for their determination and nerver. Furthermore, Xing Qingsui had helped him in the throne room.

However, Xing Yuanguo only had eyes for Chi Guyan and Ping Yang.

Fang Zhengzhi decided not to interrupt them and greet Xing Yuanguo, potentially drawing his ire in the process.

"It's a long story about how we got here. Is Uncle Xing trapped?" Chi Guyan glanced at the thousands of soldiers behind him.

"Nothing escapes Guyan's eyes. I shall not hide it from you any longer. This battle is the hardest that I've ever fought in decades. However, I will not let the demons continue unchecked, even if I will die in the process!" Xing Yuanguo exuded an aura of determination and battle spirit.

Fang Zhengzhi had felt a similar battle spirit from Xing Qingsui. However, if Xing Qingsui's was a creek, Xing Yuanguo's was a vast ocean.

An endless ocean.

The hardest thing for any general was to maintain his spirit after a setback. However, despite a devastating loss, Xing Yuanguo still had great battle spirit.

Perhaps this was what made the Stabilisation Constabulary the leader of the 13, and the pillar of the Great Xia Dynasty.

"Uncle Xing, what happened in the army camp?" Chi Guyan pressed.

"You've been there?"


"Mm, it was a ma.s.sacre, but... it was a battle between the Red Pinion Squad and the Mountain Breaking Army!" Xing Yuanguo's eyes glowed the color of blood as he spoke.

Chi Guyan frowned when she heard this, but she did not interrupt.

Ping Yang also fell silent at this point.

After a brief hesitation, Xing Yuanguo spoke again.

"An hour ago, the Mountain Breaking Army and the Red Pinion Squad realized that there was an attack on us. As such, they quickly came together to build the defences."

"Your father had given me command of the Red Pinion Squad for this battle. I considered the tactics and strengths of each army. I gave the east and south gates to the Mountain Breaking Army and the west and north gates to the Red Pinion Squad."

Xing Yuanguo paused for a moment.


Chi Guyan nodded lightly. If she was in command, she would have done the same thing. The Mountain Breaking Army were skilled in the spear and great at offence, whilst the Red Pinion Squad were mostly cavalry.

This was largely due to where the armies were situated.

The Red Pinion Squad was generally used to suppress and defend against the barbarians. As such, they needed to be quick and agile if they were to match up against the barbarians.

They would beat the barbarians at their own game.

As for the Mountain Breaking Army, they were mainly used to conquer other cities. As such, offence was the main focus of their training.

Since they had different philosophies, putting them together would greatly lower their effectiveness.

Xing Yuanguo had been a general for decades. He knew this and arranged his troops in the most logical fas.h.i.+on.

"However, I never expected that this... would cause the internal ma.s.sacre!" Xing Yuanguo grit his teeth and clenched his fists, his knuckles whitening.

"Internal ma.s.sacre?!"

"Yes, the Mountain Breaking Army killed members of the Red Pinion Squad, and the Red Pinion Squad killed members of the Mountain Breaking Army. When I finally reacted, it was too late..."

"The intruders were the Mountain Breaking Army and the Red Pinion Squad. They... may have forcefully changed the entire layout to cause chaos?" CHi Guyan guessed.

"I think that this is only one of the reasons. When the attack happened, the Mountain Breaking Army did not see the Red Pinion Squad. They saw black robed, masked men. It was the same for the Red Pinion Squad." Xing Yuanguo shook his head.

"Black robed masked men... Uncle Xing, are you saying that these men don't exist?" Chi Guyan frowned.

"According to my preliminary a.n.a.lysis, these black robed masked men should be members of the Mountain Breaking Army and the Red Pinion Squad. However, their appearances have been changed. When a Red Pinion Squad member pierces the hallucination, he is actually stabbing a Mountain Breaking Army member." Xing Yuanguo continued.

"If that was the case, why didn't you call off the attack?"

"I did give the order, however, when the attack was stopped, those black robed masked men..." Xing Yuanguo's expression was pained. "When I gave the order to stop the attack, the ma.s.sacre was just beginning!"

Chi Guyan could guess what had happened.

The mountain of bodies in the army camp explained everything. The trap had been near perfect, and the armies had fallen right into it.

"Has Uncle Xing heard of The Vast World?" Chi Guyan asked suddenly.

"The Vast World?! Of course... what you're saying is... we are trapped in The Vast World?" Xing Yuanguo's expression changed immediately.

"This is just my guess, but, when the incident happened at the camp, I was still quite some distance away. Only The Vast World is capable of turning the entire Cang Ling Mountain into a trap!"

"The entire Cang Ling Mountain! What a trap... I never expected the demons to be able to find the destroyed 'The Vast World'. Furthermore, they managed to restore it? There are only three people in this world who are able to restore The Vast World... but, why would someone go and serve the demons?" Fire danced in Xing Yuanguo's eyes.

"That is a very good question, it's a pity you will never know the answer in this life." Just as they were speaking, a voice rang out from the stone door.

Then, a black robed figure appeared at the door. He wore a hat on his head, and his body was completely covered by a black cloak.

There were nine other black robed men around him.

Each one of the nine had a jade green pearl like object on their forehead.

That was the demon eye.

Furthermore, a green one represented a demon in the Supernatural State.

"Demons, Supernatural State Demons! Nine of them?"

Xing Yuanguo was slightly surprised to see the cloaked figures, but he quickly recovered.

"I thought that you would surprise me, but it is always the same few people. I am disappointed!" Xing Yuanguo shook his head as he looked at the cloaked man.

"You have battled with us for so many years. Now that you are about to die, it is only right that you are sent off by an old friend! Furthermore, I, Bai Xing, am the only one in the 10 domains who can match up to you!" The cloaked man took off his har deliberately.

Then, a picturesque face could be seen. He looked to be in his thirties, his face white and clean.

He looked like an academic who had never experienced battle.

However, anyone who looked at this man would suppress any such thoughts. His eyes were like daggers.

More importantly.

His demon eye was blood red!

"As the leader of the demon's Star Domain, you have only brought along nine followers... isn't that insufficient?" Xing Yuanguo clenched his fists tightly when he saw the red demon eye.

"Of course it isn't, so I wanted to give you a surprise! However, I didn't expect you to have an even bigger surprise for me. The top talent of the Great Xia Dynasty Chi Guyan, Princess Ping Yang, and if my guess is correct, the newly appointed Sword Envoy?" Bai Xing smiled as he looked towards Fang Zhengzhi.

"Sword Envoy?!" All of the soldiers looked to Fang Zhengzhi when they heard what Bai Xing said.

Some of them recognized Fang Zhengzhi.

But why did Bai Xing call him the Sword Envoy?

"Normally, when humans talk about newly appointed, they would give... some precious gifts and pair it with congratulations. I wonder if the leader of the demon Star Domain knows his manners?" Fang Zhengzhi spoke, emphasizing the word 'precious."

"Haha, the Sword Envoy is right. This is the first time we are meeting, and it is your first promotion. I should do the above two things. However, humans are also known for reciprocating. If I give you a gift today, will you reciprocate?" Bai Xing mocked.

"Of course I will. We are men of our word, and we will do what we say. I will make sure I give you a gift if you give me one!" Fang Zhengzhi replied sincerely.

"How interesting!" Bai Xing's smile became more radiant as he looked at Fang Zhengzhi's innocent expression.

Gate Of God Chapter 244

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