Gate Of God Chapter 308

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Chapter 308: Unexpected Question

Emperor Lin Mubai scanned the group of candidates affectionately.

He was a young Emperor. If not for the fact that he was on the throne, he would have looked like a candidate himself.

"Governing the country, maintaining peace in the va.s.sal states, ruling the world. These are the goals of the emperor. Even though I am powerful, I need capable people to help me achieve these goals. I have scoured for talent from all corners of the empire. Because talents are scarce, I have used this biannual court examinations to find the top talents!"

Emperor Lin Mubai paused, his expression pained. His 'depression' stemmed from the lack of talent.

Fang Zhengzhi was stunned. What a good actor!

Life was all an act.

All of the Oscar winners and famous actors from his previous world could not hold a candle to Emperor Lin Mubai. His acting was impeccable.

Even describing it as perfection would be an understatement.

However, Fang Zhengzhi could understand it.

After all, as the chief examiner and Emperor, he had to forge a connection with the candidates.

All of the candidates who were partic.i.p.ating in the court examination would have went through all of the prerequisite Dao Examinations.

Even though they were at the final examination and had much to say, but the Emperor may not be willing to listen. Whether what they said was of any use, or if the question was sincere or not was not the concern of the candidates.

After all...

This was the final barrier. Once they were in, they would not have to worry for the rest of their lives. If they failed, they may not have a second chance.

As the Emperor, Lin Mubai had to break down the barriers in the hearts of the candidates. He wanted them to approach the examinations calmly.

After Emperor Lin Mubai paused, all of the expressions of the candidates changed. Their wariness was replaced with excitement.

The court lacks talent?

That's great, we are all talents!

All of the candidates rubbed their palms in excitement. They were all at the edge of their seats, waiting for Emperor Lin Mubai to reveal the question so they could prepare their response.

Emperor Lin Mubai nodded slightly, then continued. "I have said enough. You have all been studying diligently for many years. You are all very well read and intelligent. It is time for you to show us all your abilities!"

Fang Zhengzhi also understood what the Emperor was doing.

This was encouragement and praise.

He first said that he had a lack of talents, then praised the candidates for being well read and intelligent. He was telling them that this was their opportunity to show him what they got.

All of the candidates grew restless in their seats. It was almost as if they had just been given a jab of steroids. If not for the fact that the Emperor was in front of them, they would probably shout at the top of their lungs.

"I will not hold back!"

Fang Zhengzhi was not like them. The Emperor always had other concerns. He would never take the words of inexperienced talents blindly.

He was just engaging in pleasantries.

However, all of these talents were fired up. They were all looking for affirmation and easily riled up. Furthermore, the one riling them up was Emperor Lin Mubai.

He was a man of power with great acting skills.

Fang Zhengzhi knew that Emperor Lin Mumbai's act was coming to an end. The question was about to be revealed.

Emperor Lin Mubai looked at the expressions of the candidates. He nodded in satisfaction before turning to look to the south.

"It is said that we should bury the hatchet. To our north we have the barbarians. We have vast mountain ranges to our south and vast seas to out west. We are vulnerable to sudden sneak attacks. Even so, the one that worries me the most is the demonic race. They cause me insomnia and ill appet.i.te. It is said that the most powerful do not need to a battlefield attain victory. Those who are great tacticians do not need a battle to secure their victory. Those who are great warriors never lose and those who learn from their mistakes never die."

"As the Emperor, the welfare of my citizens is the most important. I must ensure that they lead peaceful and prosperous lives."

"The best commanders win without lifting a sword. The next best alternative is diplomacy. After that comes battle in the open. The worst strategy is to siege a city. I hope that you will all be able to provide me a strategy which can quell dissent in the outskirts and benefit the nation!"

Tears welled up in Emperor Lin Mubai's eyes. They dropped down like beads of crystals, the depression clear on his face.

It pained people just looking at it.

However, all of the candidates were stunned.

In that moment, all of the candidates felt like crying. However, their sadness was different from that of the Emperor's. They really wanted to cry.

Two years!

In the past two years, they had devoted all their time to researching the history and geography of the empire. They focused all their attention on how they would develop infrastructure to ensure water security.

Some of the candidates even went to the affected areas to understand the pain of the commoners.

They had done everything they could to prepare for this day.

More importantly, they had studied about infrastructure. They learnt about engineering, how to divert rivers into lakes...

But now?

This was clearly a question on military strategy. Furthermore, the Emperor had made it very clear that he did not want an attack strategy.

More importantly, he wanted a policy that would soothe the outskirts and benefit the empire!

Wasn't this going to be about how to divert seas into rivers? How to build reservoirs? Your highness, did you not witness the droughts in the past two years? Why did you ask us about how to guard our borders? Where are we going to find our answers?!

All of the candidates were on the verge of tears.

Two years of preparation had been completely decimated by a single statement from the Emperor. The policy papers that they had spent so much time preparing were virtually useless.

None of them had the mood to take the exam...

Mother, I want to go home!

All of the candidates' hearts sank. They prayed that the Emperor would test them more, that he would give them another question on water security.

Emperor Lin Mubai looked at the tearful candidates in shock. He wondered if his speech previously was really that emotional.

Why did they all look like they were about to break down in tears?

The effect was rather unexpected.

He was surprised that there were so many talents fired up to rush into the battlefield for the empire.

Emperor Lin Mubai was happy with such an effect. He began to set up the finale.

"Everyone, this policy question requires much thought and knowledge. Take great care in crystallizing your thoughts and pen them down!" The Emperor continued.

Fang Zhengzhi knew that Emperor Lin Mubai was setting the rules.

He wanted the candidates to a.n.a.lyze the problem carefully and conscientiously. He wanted them to draw on examples from history. The viewpoints laid out in the paper must be based on facts.

The Emperor had already set the stage for the theory examinations.

Since the Emperor had already set out his requirements, it meant that there was no second or third question.

All of the candidates were about to break down.

They all wanted to beg the Emperor to give them another examination question!

It was a pity.


Was of no use!

The Emperor had no intention of giving them another question. He sat back on the throne without a second word. He picked up his teacup, motioning to the candidates to begin writing.

It was deep autumn and maple leaves filled the lake.

A broken boat rocked on the lake. There were clear sword marks on it. Each mark was deep. If not for the strength in the construction of this boat, any of those strikes would have split it in half.

On the boat were two ladies in green dresses. There was also an instrument on the boat.

At this point, two figures appeared from at the edge of the lake.

The one in front was skinny wore a black cloak. The breeze blew the hoodie off his head, revealing a white face.

If Fang Zhengzhi was here, he would have recognized this man as Bai Xing.

"Where is the master?" Bai

master?" Bai Xing's eyes glimmered as he looked at the boat.

"Domain Chief, the master is fine. She is resting in the city. However, the master has already ordered your immediate return to the Southern Mountain Range!"

"What is this about, bring me to the master!"

"I'm afraid not!"

"Do you want to die?"

"If you want to kill me, please do so in a more secluded area."

"You... is the master injured?"

"I already said that she is not in danger. I humbly request that you return the the Southern Mountain Range. The master has said that she will meet you there."

"The master will go to the Southern Mountain Range?"


"I understand. Where is Nangong Hao now?"

"Yan Capital!"

"Yan Capital?"

"That's right. Nangong Hao is partic.i.p.ating in the court examinations as well. I have intel that tells me that the candidates will be having their combat examinations in the Southern Mountain Range. You can wait for him there."

"Nangong Hao will go to the Southern Mountain Range? Good! Very good! I will fight it out with this talent!" Bai Xing turned and left without hesitation.

Inside the palace.

After taking a sip of his tea, the Emperor looked at Nangong Hao, who was sitting silently at his desk.

"Nangong Hao, your gift to me is rather significant..." Emperor Lin Mubai's eyes glimmered as he placed the teacup on the table beside him.

He looked at the maple leaves at the edges of Nangong Hao's clothes. His expression changed slightly but he did not speak. He simply sighed.

The other candidates did not notice the Emperor's expression. They were too busy trying to rack their brains for an answer.

Emperor Lin Mubai had talked about governing the country, stabilizing the va.s.sals and ruling the world.

Then, he had came up with a question on how to stabilize the va.s.sals. This was completely different from what they had expected.

Therein lay the problem.

They had no policy for stabilizing the va.s.sal states. What were they to do now?

These candidates all understood some military tactics. However, the policy paper required opinion and clarity of thought.

The most important thing in the paper was not how beautifully it was written.

What was valued was the opinions and views raised.

The Emperor wanted to stabilize the va.s.sal states. There were many ways to do this. He could marry a princess to the leaders there. He could give them gifts and tokens of friends.h.i.+ps. He could give land and official positions, or he could declare war...

But now...

Was the Empire going to war?

Clearly not.

Without any actual wars, there was no evidence to go on. Without evidence and examples, the policy would be impossible to write.

A policy about the Northern Barbarians would have certain specifics about that race and location. The same applied to the Southern Mountain Range and the demons.

Without any specifics, how did the Emperor expect them to write the paper?

All of the candidates frowned deeply, their pens shaking in their hands. Many could not bring themselves to begin writing.

However, there was a minority who seemed well prepared.

Wu Feng was one of them. His expression was filled with confidence.

Many things in life were not without clues. However, one needed a keen sense of observation to spot these clues. Wu Feng always thought of himself as an observant person.

Most people did not notice the Emperor looking towards the south before he asked his question.

But, Wu Feng noticed it.


Wu Feng had intelligence that the combat examinations would be held in the Southern Mountain Range.

For the court examinations to be held there...

The implications did not need to be elaborated upon.

"I think that there are problems in the Southern Mountain Range!" Wu Feng's eyes glimmered as he began writing.

The Southern Mountain Range had always been a natural defence for the empire.

It was a great defence against the demons. Because of its presence, the demons had been unable to launch a large scale attack.

The policy would need to keep the Southern Mountain Range on the empire's side!

Wu Feng's eyes glimmered as he raised his pen. He contemplated for a moment before beginning to write.

He was completely absorbed in his writing...

Just at that moment, a voice rang out.

"Don't give up, just do it!"

Wu Feng jumped in his seat. His hand shook and a huge blob of ink fell onto his paper...

Gate Of God Chapter 308

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