Gate Of God Chapter 325

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Then, there was a column of bright red light at the entrance to the Imperial Decree Hall. It was bright as blood, a strange aura circling around it.

"Yan Xiu!"

"Young Master Yan, what are you doing? This is the Imperial Decree Hall!"

"This is the resting place of all the past Emperors of the Great Xia Dynasty, don't be ras.h.!.+"

All of the officials were completely taken aback by this voice. All of their gazes focused on Yan Xiu.

Yan Xiu's eyes glowed red, his entire body surrounded by a red aura. There were two bright red whirlpools beneath his feet as well.

"Dao of Asura!"

"He has managed to progress so much in the past few days?!"

"That Dao of Asura combines good and evil. Even though it is a good Dao, it stems from rage. Yan Xiu must have been triggered by Fang Zhengzhi's death. He managed to progress as a result, but..."

"But what?"

"Yan Xiu has too little experience with the Dao of Asura. If he did not have a good foundation, then he may become controlled by the Dao of Asura. Then, the Evil Asura would take over... that would be unfortunate!"

"He is a rare talent! He managed to understand and wield the Dao of Asura at 16! We can't let him ruin himself like that, we must help him!"

All of the officials were worried when they looked at Yan Xiu.

All of the other talents were also shocked when they saw this.

"Is this the Dao of Asura?"

"16 years old... top three in the court theory examinations... able to wield the Dao of Asura... how ridiculous!"

"I think even if three of us go up against him, we would not be his match..."

"Powerful indeed."

Wu Feng's expression turned extremely ugly when he saw this. He was standing right next to Yan Xiu and could feel the power Yan Xiu was exuding.

The aura felt like it had come straight out of h.e.l.l. It was icy and sharp. He had no other choice but to retreat to the side.

"Yan Xiu!"

All of the other talents ranked fifth to tenth also retreated together with Wu Feng.

Only one person did not retreat.

Nangong Hao.

Nangong Hao was also beside Yan Xiu. In fact, he was closer to Yan Xiu than Wu Feng was. However, he allowed the red aura to continue swirling around him.

His white s.h.i.+rt flapped in the wind.

However, Nangong Hao's expression was not calm. In fact, there were glimmers of excitement in his eyes.

"Yan Xiu?"

Emperor Lin Mubai waved his hand lightly.

A ray of golden light immediately shot into Yan Xiu's forehead. In that instant, the redness disappeared from Yan Xiu's eyes, the aura around him dissipating.

"n.o.bleman Yan. If you are truly concerned, you can come with me to the Intellectual Loft!"

Yan Xiu's body s.h.i.+vered slightly, the remaining aura absorbed by his body. He looked at Emperor Lin Mubai and the surrounding officials and candidates.

He nodded.

"Your highness, according to the rules, after the results are released, we should announce the rules for the combat examination... Do you want to go to the Intellectual Loft now?" The Minister of Rites asked when he saw Yan Xiu nod.

"Rules are dead, but we can be flexible. I will go to the Intellectual Loft first."


The Intellectual Loft had been in operation for many decades. It had become quite the landmark in the capital. Countless talents had many unforgettable memories here.

Apart from the memories forged here, it contained the writing of many talents. That knowledge and art was the true value of the loft.

Now, all of that was nothing more than a pile of ashes.

All that was left of the once exquisite Intellectual Loft were a few tattered stone pillars. All of the wood was burnt to a cinder.

Other than that, there were many charred bodies in the ashes. It was impossible to tell their ident.i.ties. Most of them were ladies, but there were a few males as well.

Countless guards and soldiers surrounded the remains. They held their spears in their hands, preventing the public from entering.

In the middle of the guards.

Emperor Lin Mubai stood in the middle of the wreckage, his expression solemn. He kept looking at the rubble.

All of the officials stood behind Emperor Lin Mubai. They stared at what remained of one of the most popular places in the entire capital.

"How did this happen?"

"It would be impossible to rebuild."

"Aish... what a pity."

All of the officials sighed as they looked at the rubble in front of them. Many of them frequented this place.

"Father!" At this moment, a figure in bright red rushed over. She immediately went through the guards at the perimeter and appeared next to the Emperor.

"Ping Yang is here." Emperor Lin Mubai nodded as he ruffled her hair.

"Where is Fang Zhengzhi? Where did he go?" Ping Yang asked anxiously as she stared at Emperor Lin Mubai with clear blue eyes.

Emperor Lin Mubai did not reply.

Yan Xiu's expression was similar. It was icy, incredibly icy, almost as if it was covered by aeons of snow and ice.

Before long, a golden armored guard appeared in front of Emperor Lin Mubai.

"Your highness, we found a total of 36 bodies. Everyone one was charred beyond recognition. We were able to determine their gender, but there is no way of knowing their ident.i.ties."

"We can't identify them? What about the cause of the fire?" Emperor Lin Mubai frowned.

"We were only able to determine that the fire originated from within. This was not a fire set from the outside." The golden armored guard surmised.

"Okay, you may take your leave."

"Yes, your highness!" The golden armored guard disappeared from view.

"Father, I heard that Fang Zhengzhi was absent today. Is it true?" Ping Yang asked as she watch the golden armored guard disappear.

"Yes, he was absent." Emperor Lin Mubai nodded.

"That's impossible... he would never be audacious enough to absent himself... Yan Xiu, is Fang Zhengzhi still sleeping in the hotel? Answer me! Yan Xiu, why aren't you speaking?"

"Get someone here!"

"Yes your highness!"

"I have an order for you. I want you to search every household in the capital for Fang Zhengzhi. You will not stop until you have found him!"

"About... yes your highness!"

The air was cold and drizzling. The raindrops pattered on the streets of the capital.

A few figures walked the streets. They were either holding umbrellas or wearing jackets. Pedestrians tried to find shelter in shops or restaurants.

Everyone was discussing the fate of one man.

That man was Fang Zhengzhi.

It was a great honor to top the theory examination and tie with Nangong Hao. However, he had died in a sea of fire.

King Duan's residence was much more lively than it had been for the past few days.

Inside the library, King Duan was dressed exquisitely. He smirked as he sipped some superior tea.

"I only drank the tea previously because it was good. However, today, it tastes extraordinary!"

"The tea tastes much better because you're particularly happy today." One of the officials commented.

"You are all too superficial. I am not just happy about what you are thinking. I am happy because the Emperor has ordered for the military exercise to be held at the Southern Mountain Range! And the Crown Prince will be the one supervising it!"

"Congratulations my lord, congratulations!"

"I would like to see how the Crown Prince will pull this one off! Hahaha..."

The Crown Prince's residence was also equally lively. There were even more officials there. They all had a pot of plants of various species for the Crown Prince.

Countless officials were in the Crown Prince's meeting room.

Left Prime MInister Yu Yiping stood right in front. He was calm as he squinted, a glint in his eyes.

"Crown Prince, you have been tasked to lead the army this time. You can use this opportunity to get control of the army!"

"It is not appropriate. There are many in the army who are loyal to King Duan. Any attempt to control the army now may result in rebellion. Furthermore, whether the Crown Prince is in control of the army or not has little impact in the grand scheme of things."

"Official Liu is correct. However, this is a golden opportunity that we should not miss. I think that the Crown Prince can try to turn some of those officers and make them loyal to you!"

"Official w.a.n.g is right!"

Just as the discussions were heating up, a figure walked in through the door.

"Do you think that King Duan did not think of all the things you have discussed? I am sure that King Duan has already made arrangements. Your highness, you may be in danger during this expedition!" The figure's voice rang out.

He was in black official robes. He was Su Qing.

"Danger? Su Qing, what do you mean by that? Are you saying that King Duan will make an attempt on the Crown Prince's life?"

"Official w.a.n.g, this is a battle for the position of the highest in the land. Do you think that the fact that the Crown Prince's brother will stop him?" Su Qing replied expressionlessly.

"Then... based on what you just said, should the expedition to the Southern Mountain Range continue?"

"Of course. However, the Crown Prince must prepare in advance for this expedition. Else, any problems could result in catastrophic consequences."

"Official Su, what do you suggest?" Crown Prince Lin Tianrong put down the pot of flowers in his hand as he turned.

"Make concessions for future gains!"

There were figures das.h.i.+ng about on the streets of the capital even whilst the residences of King Duan and the Crown Prince were packed with people.

They were as quick as phantoms.

Inside Ping Yang's residence, a sharp screech could be heard. A snow white, eagle-like bird shot into the sky. It flew through the rain and into the distance.

Inside a hotel in the capital, Yan Xiu stood by the window, watching the rain fall onto the streets below.

"Young Master, everyone has been sent out and the letter to Western Liang is on its way. However, the return trip would take at least 10 days."

"Mm." Yan Xiu nodded.

"Young Master... the combat examinations begin in five days."

"I know."

"Young Master... Master had said that you are to finish the examination regardless of what happens."

"I will, rest a.s.sured."

"Young Master..."

"Uncle Tie, I want to watch the rain alone."

"I will take my leave!"

The rain in the capital was not heavy but it lasted for a long time. It rained non stop for five days, causing ponding in the streets of the capital.

Everyone waited in antic.i.p.ation for the combat examinations to start.

However, everyone was concerned about the absence of one man. This person had vanished into thin air ever since the Intellectual Loft was burnt down.

The army stood in the rain at the gates to the capital. They were all dressed in black armor. They remained disciplined and still despite the onslaught of the rain.

They formed a rectangle on the plain.

The army comprised 29 small rectangular units and one large rectangular unit

The small rectangles were formed by 2000 soldiers. Each one was led by an officer on a horse.

They were the top 30 candidates from the court examination.

Of course, only 29 of them arrived today. One was missing.

Each of them led an army of 2000. Behind them was an army of 42,000.

Emperor Lin Mubai looked on at the soldiers and candidates in the rain, his expression solemn.

"Your highness, it is almost time!" Eunuch Wei whispered a reminder.

"Mm..." Emperor Lin Mubai nodded, then looked at the darkening sky. He murmured to himself, "What an audacious fellow. He is still absent?"

"Are you thinking of Official Fang?"

"Yes, I don't think that he will die that easily. He did not die in the World of the Sage. He did not die despite the dangers in the Vast World. Yet, he died in the Intellectual Loft?"

Gate Of God Chapter 325

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