Gate Of God Chapter 345

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The Thunder Light Settlement.

It wasn't an especially impressive settlement. As a small settlement under the Thunderous Lion Main Settlement, it contained the most primitive of living conditions.

Tentages built by wood became the most iconic building of the Thunder Light Settlement. Other than that, the area surrounding the Thunder Light Settlement were densely packed with pieces of green mountain rocks stacked highly atop one another.

Living in a location like the Southern Mountain Range filled with fearsome beasts, defence was naturally a necessity.

Initially, there were defensive orders in the Thunder Light Settlement. Each day, twenty over youths armed with spears would patrol around the green mountain rocks.


In this period of time, the Thunder Light Settlement didn't continue with this.

Because, somebody else had taken over them to undergo this task. They were the soldiers from the Great Xia. Two thousand soldiers occupied the Thunder Light Settlement, taking over their defences.

On the other hand, what the Thunder Light Settlement had to do was to live a happy and peaceful life.

Of course, enthusiastic and hospitable citizens would occasionally roast a few mountain beasts and bring out homemade alcohol to give to these soldiers helping to protect the settlement, fulfilling their responsibilities as hosts.

Chen Hao, thirty-three years old.

A scholar who wasn't very extraordinary, ranked twenty-three in the Court Theory Examination. It wasn't very high, but it wasn't too low either.

As for his powers, it was average.

However, this didn't cause him too much worry. Because, he believed that he had a very smart brain. And most importantly, he knew how to adhere.

This adherence wasn't a blind adherence. Instead, it was an adherence that changed with the wind.

Ever since the start of the combat examination, he had adhered to many scholars. Facts proved that all his decisions were extremely wise.

In this combat examination, there were three hot topics.

First, Nangong Hao. Second, Wu Feng. Third, Yan Xiu.

This was something almost everybody knew. Nangong Hao was naturally the best pick among them. Chen Hao also thought this way. However, Nangong Hao had indeed rejected the companions.h.i.+p of everybody.

Ever since he entered the Southern Mountain Range, he had decisively hurried off to the Icy Monkey Main Settlement. Then, he pinned himself there like a nail, not even straying an inch away from it.

This caused most of the people to give up Nangong Hao, crossing over and surrendering to the second hot topic, Wu Feng.

Chen Hao didn't make such a decision. Because, there were too many people adhering to Wu Feng, so much so that there almost wasn't any more s.p.a.ce. With his abilities, it was naturally impossible for him to receive any good treatment there.

Hence, he gave up Wu Feng.

As for Yan Xiu...

He was too cold, hence, also not his choice.

Giving up the three hot topics seemed somewhat overly dumb. However, Chen Hao didn't think so. Because, he knew very clearly that the powerful people in the ancient times had to survive when caught between gaps, suffer patiently but with a firm resolve in order to achieve success.

All he had to do was to separate himself far away from the battlefield, hiding somewhere that other people wouldn't be able to find, then wait until the combat examination was about to end before jumping out.

That way, his ranking would naturally be above those who were eliminated earlier.

That was enough.

A perfect plan, combined with Chen Hao's survival policy of betraying friends for glory, caused him to finally be able to find a quiet area within the gaps.

The Thunder Light Settlement was a small settlement at the very edge of the four main settlements.

The scenery was beautiful, and the beasts plentiful.

In the early morning.

The bright beautiful sunlight shone on the green gra.s.s, gradually melting the frosted dew. Wearing a black armour, Chen Hao walked out of the military tent and stretched.

"Today is a good weather, suitable for hunting in the morning!" Chen Hao was somebody who knew how to enjoy life. Coming from a n.o.ble family, he wasn't used to eating the wild tree barks and military rations.

As for the small beasts farmed in the Thunder Light Settlement.

He couldn't kill and roast them everyday. After all, it was a military law that if other people didn't give it to him, he couldn't s.n.a.t.c.h them by himself. Else, if this was caught, he would be charged.

However, this didn't trouble him. He was self-sufficient.

He had soldiers, arrows, and power skills. Hunting and satisfying his taste buds were extremely relaxed and joyful activities for him.

"Come!" Chen Hao shouted.

"General Chen, what do you want?" An armoured middle-aged man who looked like a military commander instantly ran to Chen Hao's side and asked respectfully.

"Make some preparations, I want to go hunting!"

"I understand." The middle-aged man instantly understood when he heard. Casually waving his hand, almost a hundred soldiers instantly left the morning training squad and ran over.

All of these people were experts at hunting. Following Chen Hao the entire way, they could coordinate well with his hunting techniques.

Of course…

Chen Hao camped at the Thunder Light Settlement, hence naturally had made some preparations. For example, digging a few traps at areas where mountain beasts often appeared, or placing a few animals traps along paths where animals walked.

This way, he had a strong group of soldiers and sufficient arrows in addition to the occasional animal that fell into the trap. Almost every single time he went hunting, he would have a fruitful harvest.

When the hundred soldiers saw that Chen Hao called them to go hunting, they were all excited. Because, this meant that there would be another bonfire celebration tonight.

Every time there was a bonfire celebration night, young women from the Thunder Light Settlement would run to the side of the bonfire and dance around. Their dancing hola skirts had stunned the fiery hearts of many soldiers.

Not only did they have things to eat, they also had things to watch. What a great life!

Chen Hao looked towards the excited soldiers and nodded his head in satisfaction. These pa.s.sionate soldiers were what he wanted.

Only by feeding them during normal times would they have the strength to battle when the fighting truly started!

"Let's go!"

Barking out an order, Chen Hao rode on the famous stallion he brought from the Great Xia. He carried a jet-black long bow on his back and two daggers at his waist. His style was filled with elegance.

When the young women of the Thunder Light Settlement who were laboring in the morning saw the style which Chen Hao rode his horse, they covered their mouths and giggled softly, boldly shooting meaningful glances towards Chen Hao.

In certain areas, the practices of the Southern Mountain Range were much more open compared to that of the Great Xia.

As the soldiers looked at the flushed faces of the young women in the Southern Mountain Range, they all began to grow even more excited. Puffing out their chests and raising their head up high, they charged out on their battle horses behind Chen Hao.


Half an hour later, Chen Hao gazed at the sky. Two rows of tears fell from the corners of his eyes. The black armour on his body was already badly battered, while the long bow on his back was broken into two.

The two daggers on his waist were even worse off, turning into a pile broken pieces.

"Why?" Chen Hao couldn't accept this.

He really couldn't understand why the trap he had set up below the tree had been s.h.i.+fted into the middle of the road. This caused him to fall into it directly without even being able to struggle at all.

Of course…

This wasn't the most important thing. The most important thing was, where did all these monsters come from!

Chen Hao looked tearfully at the huge fearsome beast on top of his head, whose mouth was salivating with white foam. It was two meters high, covered in green and black fur and had a silver horn that flashed with light.

"Awoo!" The Silver Horned Wolf let out a low howl.

Chen Hao's powers had already reached that of Heavenly Reflection Peak. Hence, he naturally didn't fear one Silver Horned Wolf. However, it was impossible for him not to fear a few hundred Silver Horned Wolves.

Furthermore, what he feared even more was those armoured dark-skinned soldiers riding on the bodies of the Silver Horned Wolves, holding black spears in their hands.

"You are caught!" A Silver Horned Wolf Cavalry soldier looked down arrogant at Chen Hao, who was in a dishevelled state inside the pitfall, with a disdainful cold smile on his face.

"I don't accept this. This is the territory of the four main territories. I am here to partic.i.p.ate in the combat examination. Furthermore, I didn't cross the territory. Your Southern Mountain Range soldiers cannot attack me, this is going against the alliance of the two countries!" Chen Hao attempted to argue strongly on basis of reason.

Of course, he couldn't accept this. These soldiers in front of him were clearly elite forces of the Southern Mountain Range. Being defeated by soldiers from the Southern Mountain Range evidently wasn't part of his plan.

"You are a partic.i.p.ant of the combat examination?" When the Silver Horned Wolf Cavalry soldier heard Chen Hao's words, he blinked a few times.

"That's right, I am an examinee! Based on the agreement between our two countries…"

"Leader… This guy is an examinee!" After confirming Chen Hao's ident.i.ty, the Silver Horned Wolf Cavalry soldier didn't bother waiting for Chen Hao to continue speaking, and instead immediately turned around and shouted out.

Very quickly, a Silver Horned Wolf which was even bigger in size compared to the rest appeared in front of Chen Hao. On the Silver Horned Wolf sat a dark-skinned man with extremely well-defined muscles.

"What is your name?" Teng s.h.i.+sheng looked at Chen Hao.

"I am Chen Hao, a partic.i.p.ant in this combat examination. I believe that you had made a mistake and attacked the wrong person, is that right? Quick, free me." Chen Hao instantly explained.

"Chen Hao?" Teng s.h.i.+sheng nodded. Then, he flipped open a small leather notebook, glanced at it, then recited. "Theory examination number twenty-three, with the power of Heavenly Reflection Peak."

"That's right, that's right. That is me!" Chen Hao hurriedly nodded like a chicken pecking on grains.

"Alright, congratulations, you are eliminated!" When Teng s.h.i.+sheng heard Chen Hao's validation, he nodded once again and spoke with a serious expression.

"Eliminated?!" Chen Hao was completely stunned. After a moment, he regained his senses. "What rights do you have to eliminate me? You aren't examinees from the Great Xia, this is against the rules!"

Chen Hao was outraged. If these people really dared to do so, he didn't mind making a complaint against the barbarism of the Southern Mountain Range for destroying his young and great future.

"Hi, Young Master Chen, how are you!"

Just as Chen Hao began to raise his objections once again, another sound rang out from on top of the trap. Immediately after, a figure dressed in leopard print clothes appeared in front of his eyes.

Of course, other than that rather extreme leopard print attire, the other party also gave him an extremely bright smile.

Chen Hao was instantly stunned.

His entire body stood completely rooted to the ground, his eyes completely widened. His jaws dropped so low that a big steamed bun could be stuffed into it. His face was a deathly shade of pale.

Naturally, he recognised this face in front of him.

Or, it could be said that any person who had partic.i.p.ated in the court examination wouldn't be able to forget this face.

However, he didn't believe it. He didn't believe that he would see this face in this place. This was simply as terrifying as seeing a ghost in the broad daylight.

He was so terrified that he was left speechless for a long time.

Chen Hao's throat quivered slightly and instinctively wanted to move backwards. He wanted to open his mouth and shout, 'Ghost!'. But, when he felt the sunny rays of sunlight, he stopped himself from shouting this in the end.

"As the saying goes, if one ran across an old friend in a distant land, one must host a good celebration. Young Master Chen, is that right?" The youth dressed in leopard print nodded towards Teng s.h.i.+sheng as he spoke.

Teng s.h.i.+sheng understood and instantly pa.s.sed a bottle of wine into the hand of the youth in leopard print.

The youth casually tossed the wine bottle into the trap.

"Come, Young Master Chen, congratulations on your elimination!"

"..." Chen Hao stared speechlessly at the wine bottle that was about to smash into his face.

"Young Master Chen, can you not be like this? Why the bitter face? Smile, that's right, look at my expression. You must smile like this. Running across an old friend in a distant land, what a moment to cheris.h.!.+"

"You… I am going to kill you!" Chen Hao was finally enraged. His face turned from white to red. s.n.a.t.c.hing up half of his long bow, he prepared to charge out of the trap and fight with his life.

"Huh? Young Master Chen doesn't seem to be too convinced. Call me after you have made him convinced!" The youth was evidently taken aback by Chen Hao's sudden movement, his entire body leaping back.

Then, he felt his hand to his chest and spoke towards Teng s.h.i.+sheng.

"Roger!" Teng s.h.i.+sheng nodded. Then, he glanced towards a few of the surrounding Silver Horned Wolf Cavalry soldiers.

Instantly, five or six Silver Horned Wolf Cavalries let out a howl and leapt one following another into the pitfall.

"Ah! It's too squeezy here! Don't jump down all at one go! Ahh, my hand… I surrender, I surrender. Quick, let go of your mouth. I really surrender!"

The night of the Thunder Light Settlement was a lively night.

The bonfire celebration night was being held in a grand manner. Five or six beasts were being roasted on the bonfire, giving off sizzling sounds oil dripped into the flame. A group of young women wearing in holas danced around the bonfire, swaying their waists.

Inciting waves of happy laughter.

Yet, in other times, the person who laughed the happiest was Chen Hao. Today, he s.h.i.+vered uncontrollably with a bitter expression. His face was very green. That was a shade of green left by punches to the face.

His arm was badly injured.

That was the teeth mark left by the bites of the Silver Horned Wolf.

If he hadn't begged for mercy at the most critical moment, this arm wouldn't belong to him anymore. It wouldn't belong to him now, and it wouldn't belong to him in the future.

Chen Hao's injury was truly very serious.

However, his heart was the most severely injured.


When he was held hanging back to the Thunder Light Settlement, the remaining one thousand nine hundred soldiers were stupefied. Even those commanding soldiers who usually treated him with great respect were stupefied.

All the soldiers that he had been feeding made a very coordinated move.


Just like the way he betrayed those scholars on the way without the slightest bit of hesitation, they didn't even take a second glance at him before welcoming their new general.

Even till now, Chen Hao still hadn't understood why this person would appear in this place.

"Didn't this person miss the combat examination? Why would he appear here? Furthermore, what are those faithful and loyal Silver Horned Wolf Cavalries behind him all about? Don't tell me… he had betrayed the country?!" Chen Hao's eyes were tightly fixed upon the youth in leopard print not too far away, lying among the crowd with a leisurely look on his face.

Because, that youth had a name that caused him great anger…

Fang Zhengzhi!

Gate Of God Chapter 345

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