Gate Of God Chapter 369

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This sudden change in situation evidently caused the military commanders to be somewhat taken aback. After all, the power displayed by the four demons were horrifying.

In that case…

The commanders didn't know if there was any mistake in their way of dealing with this issue.

However, in reality, they all knew that the relations.h.i.+p between Fang Zhengzhi and the scholars weren't as close as what they imagined. Hence, under such circ.u.mstances, it was naturally extremely unlikely that they would use their bodies to defend Fang Zhengzhi.

However, at this moment, the two scholars clearly blocked in front of Fang Zhengzhi. Furthermore, they did so without the slightest bit of hesitation.

Hence, it was impossible to say that they weren't even the slightest bit shocked.

Of course, this was all just guesswork. From certain points of view, it wasn't completely impossible that the scholars were amazed and convinced by the talent Fang Zhengzhi had displayed and suddenly decided to see the big picture instead.

It was precisely because of this probability that led to the commanders not stopping the two scholars immediately in their moment of shock, and instead deciding to watch on silently.

However, this slight hesitation also allowed them to see a scene that left them astounded.

After the two scholars blocked in front of the four demons, they had also arrived in front of Fang Zhengzhi. They held a sword in each of their hands.

There wasn't any problem in this. However, the problem was that the swords in their hands didn't stab towards the four demons in front of them, instead, they turned around and stabbed towards Fang Zhengzhi.

This also meant that as they were crying out to protect scholars and people of the Great Xia, the swords in their hands were carrying out a completely opposite action.


Fresh blood spurted out and sprayed into the air.

An icy glint flashed in the eyes of the two scholars as the edges of their lips instinctively curved up into a delighted smile. However, this smile didn't last for long.

Very quickly, the two scholars lowered their head.

In their eyes, there was an evident disbelief. Because, they realised that the blood that spurted out like a fountain actually originated from their chests.


The two scholars were shocked. The four demons were just as shocked.

The other commanders standing behind Fang Zhengzhi were also stunned, rooted to the ground. Because, this scene truly occurred too quickly.

"When… when did you rea… realise?!" The two scholars uttered softly, their eyes unmovingly fixated upon Fang Zhengzhi.

They truly didn't quite understand.

Why could Fang Zhengzhi easily see through their plans over and over again.

"From the moment you followed behind the four of them, I have already known." A faint smile appeared on Fang Zhengzhi's lips.

Making peace?

Who, in this situation, would even bother to try to make peace at this moment?

Fang Zhengzhi would never believe that the examinees in this Court Examination would have such childish hobbies. Of course, just based on this point alone, it wasn't possible to confirm this absolutely.

The truth was inferred from one sentence.

Ever since the ancient past, regardless of whether it was the past world or this world, there was one well-known saying.

That was that spectators saw the game better than players.

Previously, everytime Fang Zhengzhi evaluated a problem, this was the kind of thinking he employed. However, when the two scholars stood out with righteousness filling their faces.

He understood another word of wisdom…

That was that under certain special circ.u.mstances, only the real players in the game would be able to understand things best!

Would these two scholars in front of him be selfless enough to do what was best in this situation? Others weren't too sure. However, Fang Zhengzhi was almost absolutely certain that it was impossible!

"Within the sword, there is another hidden…'sword'!" When Fang Zhengzhi saw the two scholars make their way past the four demons, he was already certain about this situation.

What was the meaning of a sneak attack?

It was naturally one that was impossible to defend against!

Fang Zhengzhi was an expert at sneak attacks. Hence, he knew very clearly what was impossible to defend against. The previous time he saw Bai Xing was within The Vast World.

Right from that moment, Fang Zhengzhi knew that Bai Xing wasn't dumb.

Of course…

There was another person who was definitely not dumb either. That was Yun Qingwu.

Due to that, having wasted time and energy on planning a sneak attack plan, how could it only have one stage?

There was a plot within the plot, a sneak attack within the sneak attack, a sword within the sword.

That was a real deadly strike.

Fang Zhengzhi knew all of these extremely well. Hence, all he could do was to helplessly look on with disdain as these people attempted to showcase their skills in front of the real expert, himself.

Since you like to hide a sneak attack within this attack, then, I will fulfill your plan.

At the instant the two scholars jumped past the four demons, Fang Zhengzhi's sword had already lashed out.

There was a very wise saying.

Never leave your back facing the enemy.

Because, that was an extremely… stupid action!

"You knew ever since we ran over? W… Why?! We… we want to know the reason!" The expressions of the two scholars were clearly filled with disbelief as an emotional tone filled their voices.


Just as Fang Zhengzhi prepared to reply the questions of these two scholars.

A somewhat urgent voice rang out beside his ear. He was somewhat familiar with this voice. If his guess was correct, it was Teng s.h.i.+sheng.

However, what did 'beware' mean?

Fang Zhengzhi didn't manage to understand immediately. However, he instinctively took a step backwards. During this step backwards, he saw two swords.

Two swords that stabbed towards his throat like a dragon.

These two swords naturally came from the hands of the two scholars. However, due to the close distance between Fang Zhengzhi and the two scholars, he seemed to have neglected these two swords which were in his blind spot.

Fang Zhengzhi rarely had cold sweat.

However, this time, when he saw those two swords, his back was immediately soaked with cold sweat. He had seen through the real ident.i.ties of the two scholars.


He hadn't seen through their determination!

This wasn't very related to Fang Zhengzhi's judgement. Instead, it was a form of thinking. Fang Zhengzhi was a person who was rather afraid of pain and death. Hence, when he thought about a problem, he would naturally leave this point out.

On the other hand, the two "scholars" in front of him had taken advantage of this point.

On purpose!

Ever since the start, the other party's slightly "exaggerated" performance, that silly and logically flawed act, was actually all planned out for this final attack.

In other words, the other party wanted Fang Zhengzhi to understand, or, wanted Fang Zhengzhi to think he understood that everything was within his control.

It was during such moments in which a person would let down his guard.

In reality…

These moments were when the other party would value the most. The real deadly blow of the other party was actually the most boring and normal stab with the sword in close distance after being stabbed!

It was extremely dangerous. This danger that brought Fang Zhengzhi extremely close to the G.o.d of Death, despite the fact that Fang Zhengzhi was really soaked in cold sweat, if it wasn't for the fact that Teng s.h.i.+sheng was just as close to Fang Zhengzhi, if it wasn't for the fact that Teng s.h.i.+sheng gave the warning.

He would really have delightfully felt that the other party was showcasing their skills in front of a real expert!

The demon race!

Yun Qingwu!

Only at this moment did Fang Zhengzhi understand what the demon race was made of, what Yun Qingwu was made of. Only now did he truly understand how lucky he was to have succeeded during his previous time in The Vast World.

"Fang Zhengzhi, Domain Chief Bai asked us to bring you this sentence. How can an ant compete with huge beast that fills the sky? You are a smart man, you can naturally understand the meaning behind these words!" The attacks of the two scholars missed.

This caused a glimmer of disappointment to flash across their eyes.

However, after this glimmer of disappointment appeared, the two scholars didn't reveal any form of repent or misery. Instead, they stood silently on the spot.

Calm. That was a form of calm that would never budge even if they stood among thousands of soldiers.

Their had failed.

The two scholars didn't intend to continue their attacks any further. Because, they knew very clearly that opportunities when missed, were truly missed.

"Leave!" The two scholars turned around and gazed towards the four demons.

At the same time, the wounds on their chests slowly began to heal. Even though the blood that spurted out didn't stop flowing, they simply weren't bothered at all. They didn't even take a second glance towards it.

"Roger!" When the four demons heard the words of the two scholars, they bowed slightly and leapt in four different directions towards the two walls of the wind valley.

The two scholars didn't hesitate either. They immediately followed and leapt up, pressing down with one foot on the body of a Silver Horned Wolf, borrowing its strength and very quickly, reaching the two walls of the wind valley.

They arrived quickly.

And left just as quickly.

Furthermore, the way they did it was with such uniqueness and without the slightest bit of care and hesitation.

"Want to run? Stop them!"

"Quickly, start shooting the arrows!"

"Don't let them escape!"

The commanders managed to regain their senses at this moment. Of course, if they still didn't understand up till now, then they were truly stupid.

The demon race. Among twenty scholars, there was actually a total of seven hidden demons. Six launched a sneak attack on Fang Zhengzhi, while one was killed by Fang Zhengzhi's Million Sword Ill.u.s.tration.

Such an incident was simply astounding to the ear.

Furthermore, most important, if these seven scholars were demons in disguise, then, where were the seven scholars who partic.i.p.ated in the Court Examination?

n.o.body knew.

However, this didn't seem to affect the arrows of those soldiers who had already drawn back their bows. At the instant the order was given, hundreds of white-feathered arrows soared into the sky.

Shooting towards the six demons on the two walls of the wind valley.

At the same time, the melodious and high pitched sound of a flute sounded out again, drifting among those white-feathered arrows towards the six demons.

Fang Zhengzhi obviously didn't give chase.

It wasn't because he didn't want to. Instead, it was because he knew very clearly that every single demon among them was of the Supernatural State. If his guess wasn't wrong, even that "Young Master Li" who had fallen on the ground was of the Supernatural State.

However, in order for the plan to succeed smoothly and lead Fang Zhengzhi to think that everything was within his control, that "Young Master Li" actually took the blow of his Million Sword Ill.u.s.tration twice.

After suffering fatal injuries to the organs, even someone of the Supernatural State would have to lie down for a while.

Hence, the reason why Fang Zhengzhi didn't give chase was too simple. With his powers, how could he defend against the counterattacks of six people of the Supernatural State?

Give chase?

The outcome could be predicted accurately. The other party would definitely be willing to sacrifice one or two of themselves to kill off Fang Zhengzhi, then, use his head to report back with their orders completed.

Fang Zhengzhi didn't quite understand why would the demon race sacrifice a strong person of the Supernatural State just for his head. However, in reality, that was exactly what they did.

At the same time the white-feathered arrows were shot out, black spears similarly flew out.

However, they weren't of much use.

The movements of the six demons were extremely fast. The walls of the wind valley was filled with white frost. However, when they stepped onto the frost, it was just like stepping on flat ground.

Dull blue light glowed under their feets, causing their speed to become blazing fast. In only a short moment of time, they had reached the top of the two walls of the wind valley.

"Looks like they are really going to escape?" Fang Zhengzhi had never felt that power was important. He felt that at many times, intelligence was more important than power.

However, at this moment, in front of the six Supernatural State demons, he suddenly felt that he couldn't do anything despite all the power he had.

He had five hundred Silver Horned Wolves around him and also forty over thousand soldiers of the Great Xia. This was initially supposed to be a time filled with honour and glory to make a clean sweep of the Southern Mountain Range.

However, what actually happened was that he had to helplessly watch the demons run away after they attempted to him. Frankly, if it was said that he was completely fine with that, it would be rather impossible.

He didn't know whether it was because of this slight bit of unhappiness.

Or because Fang Zhengzhi held a sword in his hand. Right at this moment, an evident purple glow flashed across Fang Zhengzhi's eyes.

At the same time, Fang Zhengzhi raised the sword in his hand.

The name of the sword was Traceless!

However, at the tip of the sword, there was an extremely abnormal purple mark that was as clear as blood, flas.h.i.+ng with an icy and mysterious glow and carrying with it a killing intent that was as vast as the sea.

"Mountain… Waterfall Cascade!"

Fang Zhengzhi shouted in a low voice and slowly raised his sword and brought it down slowly.

In the sky, a bright silver moon appeared. That was a bright and clear shade of silver. However, for some reason, within that silver glow, there was a faint sense of purple.

A waterfall fell from the silver moon.

Then, with a terrifying speed, it became six silver rays. Each ray was like a thin string filled with a cold and chilling aura, landing towards the six demons that had climbed onto the wind valley.

At this moment, the eyes of the six demons lit up with a glow.

Their gazes turned towards the six silver rays that fell from the sky. At this moment, there seemed to be a slight change in their expressions. It was very complicated, and also somewhat relieved.

When they received the order from Bai Xing.

Take Fang Zhengzhi or Nangong Hao's life at all costs, they had also asked themselves one question. Why would the order be to do so at all costs?

However, now, they seemed to understand.

When those six silver rays came down upon them, they somewhat understood.


It should be done at all costs!

Gate Of God Chapter 369

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