Gate Of God Chapter 641

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Chapter 641

The Heaven Dao Pavilion selection test was indeed famous for being very strict . However, it shouldn't be that strict till all the carefully selected elites from the four nations were eliminated .

That was just the first segment . . . .

In other words, all these might not even be considered as a "segment" .

According to the previous batches of the Heaven Dao Pavilion selection test, they would only eliminate a few contestants so as to quash the arrogant vibes of the contestants . Or ask a few questions to identify the pretentious people .

The most number of contestants they had eliminated was only three .

However, this time round, miraculously, 14 contestants were eliminated in a go .

And more contestants were being eliminated continuously .

Third Elder and Fifth Elder scanned around the remaining 17 contestants, and looked at the excited Fang Zhengzhi . They were having mixed feelings about the situation now .

They had prepared themselves mentally before coming down from the Heaven Dao Pavilion . But they did not expect these shocking incidents to happen!

The eliminated contestants leaving the place feeling extremely accomplished . . .

What was going on?

Grat.i.tude? Appreciative for being eliminated?

They felt that all these were too unbelievable . None of them in the Heaven Dao Pavilion would believe if they had not witnessed all these with their bare eyes .

But all these were the reality .

More importantly, while the remaining 17 contestants seemed eager to be examined by Fang Zhengzhi, Third Elder and Fifth Elder had a very strange feeling .

If they were to forcefully remove "Kong Qing's" responsibility of being the examiner, they might be criticised by the rest of them for bullying the younger one, or even forcefully s.n.a.t.c.hing the credit away from him?


Were they really going to allow "Kong Qing" to continue eliminating?

Third Elder and Fifth Elder hesitated, as they were the ones who granted "Kong Qing" the authority to host this segment of the test . But they had not expected such an outcome .


They had the intention to call out "Kong Qing" to pinpoint him, although the problem now was that "Kong Qing" had his own different perspectives . They had also failed to think of reb.u.t.tals, in fact they felt a little "enlightened" too .

That would be extremely embarra.s.sing .

They wanted to make all these stop, but couldn't manage to find a reason to stop the situation . If such a situation were to continue, they predicted that there would only be left with three contestants at the end of this first segment .

One must know, that the Heaven Dao Pavilion had many emperors and Sages from all four countries, waiting patiently for the results of the selection test .

However . . . .

What if they were only three of them left?

Where would they bury their faces in the Heaven Dao Pavilion?

Third Elder and Fifth Elder were contemplating over this matter . As they had initially thought that the lamb in front of them was able to be sacrificed and slaughtered anytime they want . They had not expected for it to go out of control .

"No, this can no longer continue!" Third Elder clenched his fist as a light shone out from his eyes .

Just as he was prepared to lose his composure and take the appropriate measure to stop the situation, he heard a voice speaking out .

"Well said, that was really very well-said! From now onwards, you are one of the disciples of the Heaven Dao Pavilion!"

"Disciple?!" The Third Elder's eyes opened widely, he knew that he had heard it from Fang Zhengzhi . But he did not understand Fang Zhengzhi's meaning of saying the word "disciple" .


The two contestants who were expecting to hear the word "eliminated" were also trembling from shock upon hearing that .

"Another one pa.s.sing this segment?!"

"Hold on, not just pa.s.sing it, but he became a disciple straightaway?!"

"So this segment is the final segment? No, how could Nangong Mu be a disciple when Qian Wu have to wait to enter the next segment?!"

n.o.body seemed to understand the situation .

Even Nangong Mu was shocked as he stayed put on the ground, staring into Fang Zhengzhi .

There was so little time for him to react over this .

"Disciple? Does this mean that I'm able to enter the Heaven Dao Pavilion?" Nangong Mu was bewildered by Fang Zhengzhi's actions, as he began recalling the procedures in his head, "Shouldn't there be three segments for this Heaven Dao Pavilion Selection Test?"

"Senior Kong Qing, this is just the first round!" The three disciples stood there staring silently at Fang Zhengzhi and looked at Third Elder's and Fifth Elder's black faces . They couldn't help but shouted a reminder to the Fang Zhengzhi .

"First segment? Oh… . right, that's just me . I couldn't control my excitement when I see good talented people around . Nangong Mu, don't you worry, judging by your skills, you will be able to pa.s.s the Heaven Dao Pavilion selection test with no sweat at all . Trust me, our elders are very reasonable and generous, they will be understanding!" Fang Zhengzhi reacted as soon as he heard the reminder from the three disciples .

"Eyes just like a bright mirror?"

"Definitely not blind?"

Third Elder and Fifth Elder made eye contact with each other before letting out a bitter smile . With their level of intelligence, how could they not understand Fang Zhengzhi's meaning behind the words .

Obviously . . .

Being the "elders" of Fang Zhengzhi, if they were to reject Nangong Mu in the end, they would naturally be referred to as blinded and corrupt men!

"This lad, interesting!" Fifth Elder's chubby face vibrated a bit before he turned towards Third Elder and coughed .

"Cough, Cough!" Third Elder also coughed at the same time .

That seemed like . . . . .

Nothing was helping in the situation!

Fang Zhengzhi did not seemed to hear their coughing sound, as he immediately pointed at the calm looking Yan Xiu .

"Are you Yan Xiu?"

"Yes . " Yan Xiu nodded his head as he walked out of the crowd immediately and bowed at Fang Zhengzhi . "Yan Xiu from the Western Liang of the Great Xia Dynasty, please give me the questions . "

"There's no need for me to give you the questions . I have heard that you have a great character and are full of experience . You had even mastered one of the Six Rebirth Dao Techniques, the Dao of Asura . You're a person with great talents, we people from the Heaven Dao Pavilion most welcome these talented people like you!" Fang Zhengzhi waved his hands casually, as he turned towards the embarra.s.sed Third Elder and said, "Third Elder, Fifth Elder, what are you views on this?"

"Cough!" Third Elder obviously did not expect Fang Zhengzhi to rush the test so rapidly . But at that moment, he coughed and said, "Umm, yes, you're right!"

"Great, Yan Xiu, you have pa.s.sed this segment . Prepare for your next round!" Fang Zhengzhi nodded his head as he waved his hand at Yan Xiu . But he almost immediately realised something and asked, "Third Elder, do you have something in mind?"

"Oh, I suddenly remembered that I have some important matters to deal with in the Heaven Dao Pavilion . I bet you are tired from trying to host this selection test . Why don't you join me as we go up together? Let's just leave the rest of the segment to the rest of them . " Third Elder finished his sentence and pointed at the three disciples .

"We will abide by your command, Third Elder . We will be fully responsible for this whole segment . Please do not worry, Third Elder and Fifth elder, as well as senior Kong Qing!" The three disciples froze for awhile before standing up quickly .

Being the elites from the Heaven Dao Pavilion, how could they not figure out the meaning of Third Elder? They did not think much and nodded their heads instantly, without asking for Fang Zhengzhi's permission .

"Kong Qing senior is leaving too?!"

"This… . . . I wanted to hear more of his teachings!"

"Such a pity . "

The rest of the contestants who were waiting for Fang Zhengzhi to enlighten them, felt disappointed when they heard that Fang Zhengzhi was leaving . Nevertheless, since this was the Heaven Dao Pavilion, they did not dare protest about senior Kong Qing leaving .

After all, that was just the same as death .

"Kong Qing, just follow me!" Third Elder scanned around the disappointed looks on the contestants' faces and let out a bitter smile . He had no intention of staying any longer as he shouted for Fang Zhengzhi .

"Go up to the Heaven Dao Pavilion?" Fang Zhengzhi hesitated .

He had thought of going up the Heaven Dao Pavilion . But he certainly did not expect to enter it in this way . Normally, shouldn't Third Elder and Fifth Elder be enraged by him?

Fang Zhengzhi felt a tinge of exhilaration .

Not only did he eliminate four to five contestants in a breath, he even tried to make Third and Fifth Elder look embarra.s.sed .

Why was there no anger?

What happened to all the imprisoning and facing the wall to reflect? Where were all the fantasies of getting hit by a big board or whip, and being chased out of the Heaven Dao Pavilion? Where were they just so patient?

And why did the old man Heavenly Oasis Saint had such a bad temper?

Fang Zhengzhi knew that everything was strange, although he had no idea as to where the problem lied at . Should he enter the Heaven Dao Pavilion or not?

"Forget it . I'll enter it sooner or later!" Fang Zhengzhi paused for a bit before making that decision and he couldn't help but like how he was so decisive at that moment .

He felt fortunate for being so decisive, as he had actually managed to let Nangong Mu and Yan Xiu off before Third Elder stopped all these .

At least Nangong Mu and Yan Xiu had pa.s.sed the first segment .

Just as Fang Zhengzhi was praising himself for being so great . . .

"Hong!" The beasts began howling in the horizon and interrupted Fang Zhengzhi's thought process . Then the two black gigantic beasts came flying down from the sky .

The moment the two beasts landed on the ground, the wind blew strongly and wildly at them .

"Our pleasure to send Third Elder, Fifth Elder and senior Kong Qing off!" The three disciples said politely as they saw the beasts landing down .

"Okay . " The elder nodded their heads as they climbed on the back of the beasts .

And Fang Zhengzhi was left standing in his position .

"Where is your Green Flame Beast, senior Kong Qing? Quick summon it to come down!" The three disciples reminded Fang Zhengzhi once again .

"Right, where is my Green Flame Beast?" Fang Zhengzhi looked up into the empty and clear blue sky and thought of that question .

Gate Of God Chapter 641

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