Gate Of God Chapter 642

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Chapter 642

Who said that if one were to put on a face mask, the wild beast must recognise its owner? n.o.body had said that before, hence it was a very awkward question, and a question that Fang Zhengzhi had never expected before .

Green Flame Beast?

Of course it was existent .

Furthermore, it can be confirmed that the Green Flame Beast was waiting at some place on the Sword Peak .

However, the Green Flame Beast was owned by Kong Qing, and not Fang Zhengzhi . He was able to dupe human beings, but it was not easy to do so to beasts .

So, how could he arouse the attention of the waiting Green Flame Beast?

Not only did Fang Zhengzhi not know the method of calling for the Green Flame Beast . Even if he were to manage to call for the beast, it may not recognise the impersonator of its owner .

Was he going to be exposed like this?

Impossible .

This small problem was not an issue for Fang Zhengzhi .

"Hai… . . I had thought that the first segment required quite some time, so I had allowed the Green Flame Beast to rest at some other place . Brothers, why not you lend me yours to ride on?" Fang Zhengzhi coughed softly, before looking hopefully at the three Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples .

"Oh no wonder, Brother give me a while . I will call for it now!" One of the disciples heard him, and thereafter, whistled towards the horizon .

"Indeed, intelligence is a good thing . " Fang Zhengzhi's praised his own quick-wittedness, before waiting patiently for the animal .

A deafening howling sound echoed from the horizon .

Only that… .

There were not one beast, but two of them .

"Eh? Brother Kong Qing, your Green Flame Beast came too!" The other two disciples saw the two diving beasts, and seemed astonished .

" . . . . . " Fang Zhengzhi did not answer the two disciples' questions .

Because, his current mood can only be described by unfortunate . How was it possible that the beast was called down too? Beasts have the same level of intelligence as human beings?

Fang Zhengzhi felt like ripping the Green Flame Beast to shreds . However, fortunately, the three disciples did not say much, and they merely felt surprised and astonished .

As for Third and Fifth Elder, they did not notice the small incident, and they only looked at each other in the eye, before gently patting the two beasts respectively .

"Hu!" The two beasts immediately flew towards the sky and then towards the Heaven Dao Pavilion .

While the Green Flame Beast and the other wild beast had just landed on the ground and kept their wings . Their red eyes were wide open as they looked at Fang Zhengzhi and the three Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples .

"Brother Kong Qing, take care . " The disciples said to Fang Zhengzhi .

"Ok . " Fang Zhengzhi nodded his head, and had no intention of staying . He did not wait for the Green Flame Beast to stand firmly on the ground, and leapt onto it lightly, landing on its back .

"Roar!" There was a tinge of fierceness in the eyes of the Green Flame Beast, following which it let out a beastly growl . With both wings flapping once, it shot up onto the horizon momentarily .

It was as swift as lightning .

"Eh? What happened to the Green Flame Beast?" The three disciples saw that the beast had immediately rushed up the sky, and had a tinge of bewilderment in their eyes .

Because, normally, the Green Flame Beast should have stood firmly on the ground before flying . But, it had seemed to have been behaving abnormally in front of them .

However, the responsibility of hosting the selection test was of utmost importance to them . The three disciples did not think too much, and quickly retracted their gaze .

Afterall… . .

They had become the "examiner" for the first segment .

This was an honour that they have never expected to be able to receive, as they were merely new disciples of the Heaven Dao Pavilion, and had only been here for a short period of time . To be able to a.s.sume such an important responsibility, was considered to be a rare opportunity .

"Alright, Brother Kong Qing has left, we will continue with the examination!" The three disciples looked at the contestants, straightened their faces, and put on a strict look .

The remaining contestants, upon hearing them, showed symptoms of preparedness on their expressions .

… . .

In the small wooden house .

The real Kong Qing had awoken earlier .

Being a disciple who was in the peak of the Rebirth State, naturally he would not have remained unconscious for that many hours . His brain was able to handle a hit to the head from the Stifling Rod .

However, his mouth was gagged buy a thick and tough piece of cloth, and his body was tied tightly . More importantly, he did not have any energy left to exert, and felt as though his body was hollow in the inside .

He was unable to even move, let alone free himself from the binding .

However, his hearing capability was not affected .

Upon waking up, he was able to hear Fang Zhengzhi asking the examination questions, as well as the sounds of the contestants being eliminated .

He even heard Third and Fifth Elders'"decision" of entering the small wooden house .

In that instant, his heart was filled with excitement .

It was just like he had seen the light of victory in the darkness, and he had thought that he had seen hope . However, reality was indeed harsh . The hope disappeared as quickly as it had arrived .

Third Elder and Fifth Elder ultimately stopped in front of the door of the small wooden house .

At that moment, Kong Qing felt like biting the door into many pieces . However, he was unable to do so, as he was tied up . Moreover, he was thrown underneath the bed casually .

It was very dark, without a tinge of light .

What seemed to be darker was the fact that… . .

Fifth Elder and Third Elder seemed to have left?! They have called for their fierce beasts, and brought the so called "Kong Qing" impersonator up to the Heaven Dao Pavilion .

Even his Green Flame Beast, was forcefully owned by the "Kong Qing" impersonator .

"Ah!!!" Kong Qing was screaming hopelessly in his heart, as hopelessness and loneliness enveloped his interior . "What was it like this? Third Elder, Fifth Elder, why did you believe that guy's lies! Someone… . . save me, let me out, I want to kill this shameless brat who poisoned me, and used the Stifling Rod on me!"

… . .

As the wind blows against the cold water, a strong warrior will not return after leaving .

Fang Zhengzhi was feeling mighty, and the Green Flame Beast seemed to have similar feelings as him, as it showcased its flying abilities .

It tumbled in the air for a while, before diving down, and soared up high again .

And it seemed very satisfied playing around in the air .

"Small thing, just based on your strength, you dare to perform a somersault?" Fang Zhengzhi finally couldn't tolerate its stunts after waiting a while .

Looking at the distant Third and Fifth Elder, he extended his palm backwards casually . Six different colours and symbols lighted up his palm . Next, rays and trials of light connected the six symbols together .

To deal with the fierce beast .

Fang Zhengzhi had no choice but to choose the most appropriate method, to use the Near-Life Dao .

He did not try to waste it, and only used it when the time called for it . To be kind towards one's "enemy", is to be cruel against oneself . After the six symbols had formed a picture, Fang Zhengzhi directed his palm towards the head of the Green Flame Beast . Momentarily, it emitted a loud screeching sound .

"Ao Wu!" The Green Flame Beast's body sank, as his red eyes turned from that of fierce and brutal to that of confused . After awhile, it brightened up once again .

"Still dare to perform somersault?" Fang Zhengzhi smiled .

"Howl… . . Wu Wu… . . " The Green Flame Beast seemed to have understood Fang Zhengzhi, and responded by emitting a few howling sounds . At the same time, its enormous head shook as intensely as the waves .

"Right, you're obedient like that . " Fang Zhengzhi patted the scales of the Green Flame Beast, before pointing to the Heaven Dao Pavilion . "Bring me to the Heaven Dao Pavilion!"

"Roar!" The Green Flame Beast let out a howl again, and extended its wings vigorously, before charging swiftly towards the horizon . It stopped performing its aerobic skills .

"Indeed, even the most cultured and educated person, occasionally requires a set of martial arts skills . Culture and martial arts, both skills must be grasped, and both must be stable . " Fang Zhengzhi nodded his head lightly as he gazed at the horizon with a bright smile on his face .

… . .

The Green Flame Beast seemed to have been tamed .

Fang Zhengzhi did not require much time to reach the Heaven Dao Pavilion . With the hard work from the Green Flame Beast, they have reached the Sword Peak in front of the Heaven Dao Pavilion .

And Third Elder and Fifth Elder were already waiting by the cliff side, smiling at Fang Zhengzhi who slowly leapt from the back of the Green Flame Beast .

"Hong!" THe beast let out a low growling sound, as its head nudged softly against Fang Zhengzhi's thighs . It seemed to be pleasing Fang Zhengzhi .

Next, it obediently crouched at the side .

After observing the situation, Third Elder's and Fifth Elder's smile seemed to have solidified . They looked each other in the eye, feeling a little suspicious .

Fang Zhengzhi naturally noticed the two Elders' expression . As for the Green Flame Beast's abnormal actions, it was obvious that it was his intention .

Near-Life Dao .

The Dao Seal .

Similarly it was a Dao that the wild beasts were afraid of . After applying his power, even if the Green Flame Beast were to feel wronged, it did not dare express its worries .

"Third Elder, Fifth Elder, Kong Qing will leave first!" Fang Zhengzhi prepared to escape while they were still feeling bewildered over the scenario .

"Wait!" Third Elder did not wait for Fang Zhengzhi to leave, and immediately halted him .

"Not sure what other instructions do Third Elder and Fifth Elder have?" Fang Zhengzhi's heart shuddered a bit, but his facial expression remained the same .

"Instructions? Hehe… . . Kong Qing, do you know why we called you back?" Fifth Elder saw Fang Zhengzhi's expression and smiled .

"It's because Third and Fifth Elder felt that I was fatigued?" Fang Zhengzhi probed .

"Absurd, Kong Qing . You don't know that you have committed grave mistakes today?" Third Elder had a cold look in his eyes . At the same time, his body naturally radiated an imposing vibe .

The white long robe blew against the cold wind at the top of the peak, emitting a soft sound .

And Fifth Elder, who was standing beside Third Elder, upon hearing his words, immediately appeared at the edge of the cliff peak .

One at the front while the other at the back .

Surrounding Fang Zhengzhi who was in the middle .

Gate Of God Chapter 642

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