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As Fang Zhengzhi sighed about becoming a legend, the surrounding examinees sighed at Fang Zhengzhi. Two hundred silver pieces ending up in the hands of others just like that. This was something that couldn't even be described by the word 'stupid'.

"A faker thinking of entering the top three? He must be dreaming!"

"He must have been living in a dream all along?"

"Ha ha ha… that's right, a person who hadn't even entered the Hall of Dao making it into the top three? There really isn't a joke funnier than this."

The examinees began to discuss one by one. Their voices were so loud that even Meng Yushu, sitting in the restaurant opposite the Qingfeng Academy, could hear them clearly.

"Top three in the theory examination? Ha ha ha… this country b.u.mpkin can dream!" Meng Yushu laughed so hard that his face almost cramped. Naturally, he knew how hard it was to make it into the top three of the theory examination.

Even he himself, having Accessed Dao, couldn't have hundred percent confidence that he would have the fortune to make it into the top three.

Accessing Dao was true strength, but the theory examination emphasized one's understanding of the Law of Dao. Such things were related to one's innate learning talents, and also depended on one's luck of getting the right questions.

n.o.body dared to say that they would definitely make it into the top three of the theory examination.

Else, why would Meng Yushu put in so much effort in order to make it into the top three of the county examinations, and even top the roll. Because, the top three and the roll champion represented real glory.

Even among the great people who made huge contributions to the dynasty afterwards, not everybody had the glory of attaining top three in the Law of Dao examination.

The Law of Dao examination was where the dynasty picked its future leaders, hence it was extremely important. Even if it was only the county examination, the Great Xia Dynasty would still send an Imperial Messenger to become the chief examiner.

The doors of the Qingfeng Academy opened once again.

A middle-aged man wearing an official robe with the word "Imperial" down onto it gradually made his way out, accompanied by a few invigilators, with a red roll on his hand.

The initially bustling crowd instantly grew silent.

The arrival of the Imperial Messenger represented the grace of the King, furthermore, his hands held the top three names in this Law of Dao theory examination.

"Welcome Imperial Messenger, Lord Qin!" The result official instantly walked forward and welcomed the middle-aged man respectfully.

Imperial Messenger Qin nodded, and proceeded to sweep his gaze across the crowd. Striding towards the front of the First-Cla.s.s Roll, he didn't speak any further and instantly opened up the red roll in his hand.

"I have discussed with the rest of the examination officials and decided on the top three of this theory examination."

"Third: Huai An County Qingfeng Academy Li Bowei. Comments: Careful thought process, and considered all aspects!"

Imperial Messenger Qin paused after he said this, then, the result official instantly walked to the front of the roll stone and pressed lightly with his hand. The two words, Li Bowei, along with a brief biography and the comments appeared.

"Congratulations Young Master Li for attaining third place in the theory examination!"

"Young Master Li is indeed well-known for his talent, and the pride of our generation!"

Among the crowd, people instantly began to congratulate a scholar dressed in a white brocade robe.

But, very quickly, it became quiet again. Because, Imperial Messenger Qin continued to announce.

"Second: Huai An County Qingfeng Academy Zheng Xinzhao, comments: Thoughts were deep and enlightening!"

"Zheng Xinzhao came in second?! That means only the champion is left?"

"Do you think Fang Zhengzhi will be the roll champion?"

"Can you don't make such a joke? Roll champion? A person who didn't even entered a Hall of Dao attaining roll champion? Ha ha ha…"

"Ha ha ha… I just thought the atmosphere was a little too serious and decided to make a joke."

Just as Imperial Messenger Qin finished his sentence, a wave of discussion erupted below, including laughter from a few examinees without a care for the world.

"In first place, roll champion for the theory examination, Fang Zhengzhi!" Using his voice, Imperial Messenger Qin successfully suppressed the laughter in the area.

In an instant, the examinees who were mocking daringly felt as if they had swallowed a fly, choking till their necks were flushed red.

"Roll… roll champion?! Fang Zhengzhi is the roll champion?!"

"How is this possible?"

Each of the examinees didn't dare to believe their ears. They had never thought that a person who filled a vacancy in the First-Cla.s.s Roll during the first round of theory examination would be able to attain Roll Champion in the overall results.

"Everybody seems to be in disbelief? Actually, personally, I didn't really believe it. But, I can tell everyone that if the first round of theory examination was ranked, Fang Zhengzhi would also be the Roll Champion!"

"Because, out of all the years I chaired the examinations, this is the first time I saw full marks in the theory examination!"

"Full marks!"

"Full marks!"

Imperial Messenger Qin's words were like a bowl of cold water poured into a bucket of hot oil, instantly causing an explosion within the crowd. Full marks? First full marks in a theory examination?!

Who could believe it, and who would want to believe it?

Shock filled the eyes of everybody at the venue.

But, would Imperial Messenger Qin lie? Naturally, that was impossible.


This was reality?!

Only now did people finally start to understand.

Why Fang Zhengzhi would report Meng Yushu? For a person who would attain full marks, why would he need to take Meng Yushu's examination paper?

That was beneath him!

Completely and absolutely beneath him!

Meng Yushu, sitting at the restaurant opposite, was completely stunned at this moment.

"First full marks in a theory examination? He… he attained full marks that round?!" Meng Yushu's heart felt as if a huge stone had fallen on it. Because, for the first round of theory examination, even he couldn't complete it fully.

And furthermore, for those questions he did, he was only confident of answering eighty percent of them.

Just as filled with disbelief as Meng Yushu were Li Zhuangs.h.i.+, Li Huer and the rest of the gang.

"Full marks?!" Li Zhuangs.h.i.+ and the rest exchanged glances at one another, their faces completely filled with shock. Because, they knew very clearly that Fang Zhengzhi had really never entered the Hall of Dao even for a single day in his life.

"How is this possible?!"

Imperial Messenger Qin gazed at the shocked expressions below, and he could somewhat resonate with them. Because, when he saw Fang Zhengzhi's examination paper the first round, his expression was the same as theirs.

As for the second round...

It could only be described as horror!

"Fang Zhengzhi's second round of examination paper comments: Simple words, astonis.h.i.+ng meaning, every word a treasure!" When Imperial Messenger Qin announced this, he almost couldn't hide the emotions in his voice.

In reality, there was something even more shocking that he could announce.

That was that overnight, he had sent Fang Zhengzhi's second round's examination paper to the Imperial Academy, requesting in the letter to recommend using Fang Zhengzhi's answer as the official interpretation of the Law of Dao!

But, he didn't dare to say this.

Because for matters that concerned the Law of Dao, even with his status, he could only make suggestions.

But this also reflected Imperial Messenger Qin's emotions when he saw Fang Zhengzhi's examination paper. Excitement, confusion, horror, and even feeling slightly uneasy and alarmed.

Because, that answer was simply too brilliant.

Every single word made insights about the subject at hand, causing people to wish there was more. It felt as if that it was specially summarised for those questions.

Even Imperial Messenger Qin himself didn't dare to say that he could think of a better answer.

"Simple words, astonis.h.i.+ng meaning, every word a treasure!"

Hence, even though Imperial Messenger Qin didn't announce the full extent of the situation, the entire crowd grew silent upon hearing Fang Zhengzhi's comments. Because, everybody knew what these eight words meant…

How extraordinary it was!

Gate Of God Chapter 69

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