Gate Of God Chapter 70

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"Simple words, astonis.h.i.+ng meaning, every word a treasure!"

"Roll champion, Fang Zhengzhi is really the theory examination Roll Champion!"

At this moment, the faces of the two examinees who previously made the bet with Fang Zhengzhi turned a deathly shade of white. They understood clearly that after today, they would never have the face to appear in the Huai An County again…

Fang Zhengzhi's name quickly appeared on the most eye-catching position of the First-Cla.s.s Roll.

That position represented true glory!

Li Huer and Li Zhuangs.h.i.+ finally glanced at one another. They knew very clearly that once Fang Zhengzhi successfully pa.s.sed the theory examination, that meant they couldn't stop the rest of the situation from unfolding.

Looking back to eight years ago…

The scenes of the past appeared one by one, yet n.o.body could bear to look back!

Because, Fang Zhengzhi's combat abilities could only be described with one word, and that was…


A monster who was able to barge deep into the Cang Ling Mountain yet being able to return with his clothes in perfect condition! n.o.body knew how he did it, but eight years ago, that was reality.

"You are Fang Zhengzhi?" When Imperial Messenger Qin finished his announcement, he finally noticed Fang Zhengzhi within the crowd. A flash of shock appeared in his eyes. "I heard that you were young, but I never knew you were so young!"

"Thank you, Lord Imperial Messenger, for your praise!" Fang Zhengzhi bowed. To have the to identify pearls, this meant that at least this Imperial Messenger Qin had some insight.

"When I praised you just now on top, you didn't even smile once. It is very pleasing to me to know that a youth can have such a personality, I hope that you don't fall too early in the combat examinations!"

Imperial Messenger Qin nodded, then, didn't speak further, turned around, and left.

After years of chairing the examinations, he had seen too many talents. Even though Fang Zhengzhi was the brightest of them all, but, it was ultimately only a county theory examination.

The roll champion of the theory examination was always of different level compared to the combat examination.

He still had to observe further Fang Zhengzhi's abilities and potential.

Sitting at the restaurant opposite, Meng Yushu's expression at this moment was frightfully dark. Staring at Fang Zhengzhi within the crowd below, he finally couldn't hold back anymore. Leaping up, he actually directly jumped down from the second floor of the restaurant.

"Hmph! So what if you are the theory examination roll champion? How can the light from a grain of rice compete for splendour with the grand moon!"

With a cold cry, a line faint green shadow flashed across his body. In mid-air, when the shadow disappeared, Meng Yushu's body followed the shadow's path and quickly changed into a few different postures.

Then, the strange thing occurred.

Meng Yushu's body suddenly slowed down mid-air, and his falling speed suddenly decreased. It felt like a piece of leaf floating in the air, falling slowly to the ground.

Giving off a slight sound.

"It's Meng Yushu!"

"That just now should be Dao Seal?"

"I never thought that having only Accessed Dao for a year, Meng Yushu would be able to mimic the Dao Seal. I fear he has already reached the threshold for the 'Divine Seal State'?"

"If the theory examination roll champion is Fang Zhengzhi… then this time's combat examination's roll champion would no doubt be Meng Yushu!" When the crowd witnessed this scene, one followed by another, they began to shower praises.

Culture could bring peace and stability to a country, while a military could establish a country.

Compared to the roll champion of the theory examination, the combat examination roll champion was definitely more valuable!

"Fang Zhengzhi, in the combat examination, I will show you what is true power!" Meng Yushu took one look at Fang Zhengzhi, turned around, and left. He didn't bother concealing the anger in his tone at all.

To a grand young master of the Meng Residence, he indeed didn't have to conceal.

"He had declared war!"

"There will be a good show to watch now, I believe Fang Zhengzhi wouldn't even be able to pa.s.s the first stage!"

"The roll champion of the theory examination being eliminated in the first round of the combat examination? I can't wait!"

When a group of examinees heard Meng Yushu's words, they instantly grew excited. Evidently, even though Fang Zhengzhi attained the theory examination roll champion, but they remained unhappy with him in their hearts.


That was the foundation of establis.h.i.+ng a country!

"Hey, those two over there, what are you waiting for? Shouldn't you be stripping now?" Fang Zhengzhi didn't pay any attention to Meng Yushu at all, neither did he bother about the discussion around him. Instead, he gazed at the two examinees preparing to escape not too far away…


One sentence caused everybody's attention to completely s.h.i.+ft back to those two examinees. At the same time, the crowd silently heaved a sigh of relief that Fang Zhengzhi didn't bet with them.

The roll champion of the theory examination? A person who didn't even enter a Hall of Dao before?

No matter how one put it, Fang Zhengzhi attaining the roll champion was a fact. That meant that naturally, there was no way to argue over this any further. As the saying goes, if one didn't ask to die, one won't die!

The faces of the two examinees alternated between red and white. But, they couldn't argue against what was written in black and white. The swarming crowd seemed to be finding an avenue for them to vent their frustrations, and a moment later, on the great streets and small alleys of the Huai An County, a beautiful scenery appeared…

At night, in the inn, Fang Zhengzhi sat in front of the window and read silently, feeling the gradual changes in his body. In the span of eight years, he seemed to have walked in front of a door.

That was a door that separated his body from the outside world.

Within the door, all creations were stars that brightly lit up the entire sky.

Outside the door, was an empty void, quiet and dark.

These two entirely different feelings were like two completely different worlds.

The Dao of All Creation originated from Man, controlling All Creations!

These eight years, Fang Zhengzhi had always followed these words. But now, he felt a strong sensation, and felt that these words needed some modifications…

But, how to modify? And what should it become?

That was the confusion Fang Zhengzhi felt in his heart.

"Crack!" An extremely soft sound came from somewhere on top of him. The sound was too soft, even the occasional footsteps outside the room was louder than that.

But, the edges of Fang Zhengzhi's mouth curved into a faint smile.

Then, pressing his foot lightly on the ground, his entire body leapt onto the roof like a streak of meteor.

He didn't make any weird movements like Meng Yushu did, and not a single hint of light radiated from his body. But, the speed was insanely fast, as if he was propelled up by a whirlwind.

Insanely fast, yet landing on the ground so lightly that it caused people to become fl.u.s.tered.

There wasn't a single bit of sound, as if he had been standing there all along.

On the roof, a black figure stared at the Fang Zhengzhi's sudden appearance, and was stunned for exactly three seconds. Then, turning into a stream of light, it quickly fled into the distance.

"A bright moon s.h.i.+ning overhead, what a beautiful scenery!"

Fang Zhengzhi didn't give chase, and only raised his head to look at the huge silver moon hanging in the night sky. Then, finding an arch in the roof, he lay down.

Just like that, quietly, the moonlight landed onto his body.

The second day, a piece of news spread across the Huai An County. One of the top three in the theory examination, Li Bowei, mysteriously disappeared.

The third day, Li Bowei was found in a small dilapidated alley, completely unconscious! Based on what he said after he awoken, he had accidentally fallen down after his celebratory drink, hence took a nap in the small alley.

But why would he go to the small alley?

He didn't explain.

The fifth day, the Law of Dao combat examination had officially begun.

Gate Of God Chapter 70

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