Gate Of God Chapter 709 - The Realisation Of A Servant

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Chapter 709: The Realisation of a Servant

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“Seventh Heaven!” The majestic voice continued to reverberate around Yan Qing's ears, and his eyes were round in disbelief once again, as he was no longer calm.

Pa.s.sing by?

The Seventh Heaven…..

At this moment, if Yan Qing were to still not understand Fang Zhengzhi's meaning, he really deserved to knock his head against the wall.

However, understanding was just one part of it. In light of the incomprehensible situation, he hesitated to accept such a situation.

Momentarily after, Yan Qing's expression restored back to normal.

His vision s.h.i.+fted gradually to the fluctuating picture, as his mouth involuntarily murmured a voice, “How did he manage to do it?”

The atmosphere outside the Divine Rain Pond was a joyous one.

However, in the midst of the joyous occasion, an unfitting figure, who was sweating profusely, came running from afar.

“Sixth Elder…..Sixth Elder, it's not good this time…..” Only the people from the Observance Chamber would be able to understand Heaven Dao Pavilion disciple w.a.n.g's current feelings.

Initially, his face contained joy too.

However, upon seeing the situation in front of him, he was unable to continue staying happy. Due to his shock, he had inadvertently forgotten to state the word “reporting”.

“What happened?” Sixth Elder waved his hands and motioned for the disciple w.a.n.g to calm down, before calmly drinking from his cup of tea.

“Fang….Fang Zhengzhi has entered the Sixth Heaven!” The disciple w.a.n.g wanted to remain calm, but he was unable to do so.

“Pu!” Sixth Elder immediately spurted out the tea that was in his mouth, splas.h.i.+ng onto the face of the disciple w.a.n.g. Next, he began coughing vigorously, as it was obvious that the smile on his face was replaced with shock. “Cough, cough….. You…..what did you say?!”

“Fang Zhengzhi has already entered the Sixth Heaven, and this is true, he…..he only spent less than a minute, then…..then he pa.s.sed the Fifth Heaven!” The disciple w.a.n.g did not bother to wipe the tea off from his face, and proceeded to report to Sixth Elder.

“Sixth Heaven? Only used less than half a minute…..How is this possible?” Sixth Elder rambled to himself, as he did not believe the news.

So did the surrounding Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples.

However, they had clearly understood what the disciple w.a.n.g had said, and they knew that he would never ever crack such a joke.

“The Sixth Heaven?! Isn't that only one Heaven away from Senior Chi Guyan?”

“How did that happen? When he was in the Fourth Heaven, he took around an hour to solve it? As for the Fifth Heaven how is it possible…..”

“I don't believe, how can such a thing happen!”

All the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples were in shock, as afterall, n.o.body else would be able to accept such news.

How can such a peculiar situation happen?

Just when everyone was expressing their disbeliefs at the situation, a figure came running from afar. He was disciple Liu, who had similarly been at the Observance Chamber.

“Sixth Elder, Sixth Elder!” Disciple Liu was as anxious as disciples w.a.n.g, but the former seemed to have difficulty walking steadily.

Before reaching Sixth Elder's side, he staggered around before collapsing on the ground, “Pu tong!” However, this did not affect his command.

Upon collapsing, he crawled up again. When he was limping and staggering towards Sixth Elder, his body was already completed drenched.

“What has happened now?!” Sixth Elder was still in the state of shock, but looking at disciple Liu's pathetic situation, he reacted quickly over it.

“Reply….. Replying Sixth Elder, it's…'s Fang Zhengzhi, he…..he has entered the Seventh Heaven!” After disciple Liu had finished his last word, everyone seemed to have collapsed on the ground.

The entire Divine Rain Pond quietened down instantly.

A weird kind of quietness.

It seemed as though time had momentarily stopped for a while, as everyone's expression were as stiff and sluggish as ever.

How long ago was the news of Fang Zhengzhi entering the Sixth Heaven?

Merely a few sentences worth of time.

Seventh Heaven?

How was such a phenomenon possible…..

“Pa!” The sound of a cup shattering on the floor rang in the air. It was not loud, but amidst the eerie quietness, it sounded sharp and deafening.

“What did you say?! Repeat it!” Sixth Elder's body started palpitating. Without bothering the shattered cup on the floor, he grabbed disciple Liu in front of him.

“It's…'s Fang Zhengzhi who has entered the Seventh Heaven, it's definitely true!” Disciple Liu's face was blushed red.

“This, this…..” Sixth Elder's lips moved slightly, as his body continued trembling, and it seemed as though he would collapse any time soon.

And the surrounding Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples were staring at one another, with each one of them understanding the other's expression.


It was a similar situation outside the Divine Rain Pond.

As well as in the Fifth Heaven, in the Fourth Heaven and in the Third Heaven.

n.o.body wished to believe the piece of news.

However, the majestic voice in the air informed everyone that it was in fact the reality, that Fang Zhengzhi had wholly entered the Seventh Heaven, and was in the same Heaven as Chi Guyan.

“Seventh Heaven?! Seventh Heaven…..” He Congming's looked towards Li Xuejin, as his body collapsed on the floor.

“How did this happen? Why!” Li Xuejin's throat moved, and his face was similarly pale in color.

As the fine rain droplets dripped down onto the s.h.i.+rts of the disciples, the wind blew against the corner of their outerwear. The rain was not heavy, but it felt incredibly cold.

A chilling cold in their hearts.

In the Seventh Heaven.

Similarly there was fine rain pouring down from the horizon, landing on the white jade stones.

It was different from the middle three Heavens, as there were no wars nor battles, or blood. It was different from the first three Heavens too, as there were no gra.s.s or trees.

The white jade stones were the main element here.

Pillars made up of white jade stones were erected in the middle. There were seven of them, and each one of them had lively engravings of animals and birds carved on them.

And in front of the seven white jade stone pillars, there was a solo figure. She added a tint of stunning pink color amidst the white.

She was different from the rest of the disciples, as her expression did not reveal much shock. She merely turned her head slowly, as her bright eyes gazed towards another approaching figure.

It was a blue figure, a figure clothed in a blue gown which had seemed to be tattered from the branches of the trees.

Such a figure would normally be described as pathetic. However, there were numerous golden symbols s.h.i.+mmering on its body, covering the flaws on its outerwear.

Not only did it not seem pathetic, it even felt glorious.

However, the sense of glory did not last very long. Very quickly, the golden symbols started disappearing, just like a pa.s.sing flying star in the horizon, which disappeared in an instant.

“As a leader of the servants in charge of warming the beds, shouldn't you have a similar realisation?” Fang Zhengzhi's voice rang in the air.

“Leader of the servants in charge of warming the beds?” Chi Guyan's expression finally had some sort of movements, however small they may be. The corner of her mouth revealed a smile, just like a blossoming flower amidst the snow. “Then, may I ask this servant of lowly status, as a leader of the servants, what kind of realisation should I have?”

“Seems like you have yet to give up?” Fang Zhengzhi shuddered a bit upon hearing it, but he felt that since they were already exchanging words, he should try to be more imposing.

“Why would I want to give up?” Chi Guyan asked him back.

“You should know that since young, I'm better than you at solving the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation!” Fang Zhengzhi gave the suspending picture a look, before revealing a smile on his face.

By this time, Fang Zhengzhi seemed to have naturally understood the secret of the middle three Heavens.

Battle Ill.u.s.tration?

That was just a mere facade. The suspending pictures from the Fourth Heaven to the Sixth Heaven were no Battle Ill.u.s.trations, but the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation!

Of course, the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation here, in contrast to the one he had seen in the Southern Mountain Village as a child, cannot be compared.

Indeed Fang Zhengzhi had yet to think about this point since the start. All he thought about was how to prevent himself from being distracted, how to overcome the murderous intent in his heart, so as to find the hidden meaning inside the picture.

After a while, he realised he was wrong…..

The picture by itself was useless. It all depended on the person looking at the picture, or so to say, it was a reflection of the onlookers' heart.

Such a concept…..

Seemed to be very complex, but to simplify it, when Fang Zhengzhi was looking at it as a child, it had already implanted the Heart Dao inside of him.

After understanding such a point, he decided to look at the Battle Ill.u.s.tration in the Fourth Heaven again. It was a familiar feeling, and a very strong one.

The Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation was derived from the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet.

This was something that Fang Zhengzhi had known since young.

However, the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation circulating in the Great Xia Dynasty was just a mere replica of the original. Rather, it was only a picture which was carved onto the Stone Tablet.

Gate Of God Chapter 709 - The Realisation Of A Servant

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