Gate Of God Chapter 710 - A Miraculous Counterattack

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Chapter 710: A Miraculous Counterattack

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Previously Fang Zhengzhi had not been able to understand the phenomenon. Since the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet was neither a rock nor a physical item, was it then a permanently evolving matter?

How was such an item…..

Carved into the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation?

This question had bothered him for several years. Even after he had obtained the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet, he still had yet to answer the question.

However, now, he understood it.

The genuine Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation and the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet were both always constantly evolving and changing, depending on the surrounding viewers' internal thoughts and intentions.

And naturally it was impossible for such fluctuations to be recorded on the Stone Tablet.

As such, mankind, being an intelligent species, devised an idea to use the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation to express those concepts through the pictures.

It was a simple concept. The different species and animals were stored as one point, and so were the different other types of patterns and shapes, such as circles, triangles, rectangles, etc. A line was then used to highlight that evolution.

Next, the points and paintings were recorded in sequential order on a black Stone Tablet, so as to let onlookers view them.

This was how the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation was formed.

Of course, the pictures from the Fourth Heaven to the Sixth Heaven naturally were not replicas, but the authentic Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation from the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet.

Upon understanding this concept, Fang Zhengzhi was able to do so for many other problems quickly.

To solve the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation?

He was an expert at doing that!

He just had to think slightly out of the box, and rearrange the fluctuating pictures in his mind to form a different image. The pictures were then no longer complicated.

That was Fang Zhengzhi's plan. However, after solving the authentic Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation, he discovered an accidental surprise.

The evolution of the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation, was the meaning of Dao!

Every evolution referred to a form of Dao, and in the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation contained several forms of Dao.

“…..” In that instant, Fang Zhengzhi almost slapped himself relentlessly in the face. Because he had suddenly discovered that he was in fact a wealthy landlord, one who did not how to capitalise on his fortunes and treasures.

While he did not have the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation, he had the Heaven Dao Sage Tablet!

And he had 14 of them!

At Cang Ling Mountain, he had manage to obtain one. Thereafter, Yun Qingwu gave him 13 more.

In the entire world, there were only a total of 36 Heaven Dao Sage Tablets, and he owned 14 of them himself. Refraining from sounding too arrogant, who had more Heaven Dao Sage Tablet than him?

Initially, Fang Zhengzhi wanted to throw them away into The Vast World, but he thought that since they were still treasures, they should not be thrown away.

But now…..

Upon closer consideration, if he were to use the concept of the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation on the Heaven Dao Sage Tablets, then, the evolving tablets would then be able to be morphed into pictures.

Fang Zhengzhi felt as though he was able to fly.

Of course, he could indeed fly, as he flew from the Fourth Heaven to the Seventh Heaven. In just a moment, he had reached the front of Chi Guyan.

As such, he had decided to first question Chi Guyan why she did not provide him with such valuable information.

However, he was very clear of Chi Guyan's character, and that she would not admit it. The only method was to destroy her internal line of defense.

For example, the sentence “You should know that since young, I'm better than you at solving the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation!”, as well as the nickname “leader of the servants in charge of warming the beds”, were to directly inform Chi Guyan that she had lost, and that it would be better for her to accept her fate now.

In fact…..

It seemed like Fang Zhengzhi's method was effective.

When Chi Guyan heard them, her face had a change in expression, and she looked as if she had received a shock to her heart.

Looking at Chi Guyan's face, Fang Zhengzhi felt a little surprised. He felt that their fight should have been more intense and exciting.

Such as, a few vigorous and intensive skirmishes, or even blackmailing and uncovering each other's weaknesses…..

But Chi Guyan did not do any of these.

She did not even refute Fang Zhengzhi's provocating words immediately, and seemed to be considering if she would accept her loss.

“Could it be that this girl's line of defense really crumbled just from my words?” Fang Zhengzhi looked at Chi Guyan's silent expressions. While he did not believe it, the reality seemed to be telling him that Chi Guyan was indeed seriously contemplating on his words.

Furthermore, she did not even open her mouth.

Next, Fang Zhengzhi saw that her vision slowly s.h.i.+fted to the suspending picture in the sky, and her bright eyes started alternating, with various golden symbols seemed to be s.h.i.+mmering within.

“Eh? Golden symbols? This girl….. What is she doing?” Fang Zhengzhi was a little curious, but just then, the majestic voice suddenly resounded in the air.

“Chi Guyan has entered the Eighth Heaven!”

Chi Guyan has entered…..”


Fang Zhengzhi, who had been patiently waiting for Chi Guyan to give up and admit her fate, found his body trembling as the smile on his face instantly disappeared.

Entered the Eighth Heaven?!

What…..does this mean?!

The plot doesn't seem right?

Normally, after Chi Guyan's line of defense had been broken down, she would have kneeled down on the floor, and begged for her forgiveness with a face full of tears.

Or even, she should have struggled for a bit, before mocking him: you finally uncovered the secret?

Just like this she flew up to the Eighth Heaven…..

What did this mean?

At this moment, Fang Zhengzhi felt that the wind in the Seventh Heaven felt a little cold. It blewed against his back, and he felt a slight chill in his heart.

“Wow…..c.r.a.p! Did I not just help Chi Guyan?!” After a slight cough, Fang Zhengzhi seemed to have woken up from his thought process.

Suddenly, he seemed to have understood everything.

He finally understood why Chi Guyan did not refute his words when she heard his sentences, but chose to stay silent.

This girl Chi Guyan…..

Actually did not know the pictures in the nine Heavens were merely just forms of the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation?

“…..” Fang Zhengzhi felt as though his understanding of the whole world had changed completely. He had always thought that Chi Guyan's knowledge was as deep as the ocean.

To describe her, it would be that there was nothing that she did not know, and nothing that she could not comprehend.

As such, he thought that since he had already understood the concept, Chi Guyan would have then done so too before reaching the Ninth Heaven.

Naturally he did not proceed to discuss the concept with Chi Guyan.

However, never would he ever expect that Chi Guyan actually did not know that it was in fact the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation, and that he had unintentionally told her about it.

Where was the logic?!

Furthermore, more importantly, the girl Chi Guyan, upon realising the situation, had actually put up an act in front of him.


Then she just flew up to the Eighth Heaven?

Leaving him in the Seventh Heaven to enjoy the view.

Fang Zhengzhi felt like asking Chi Guyan where her moral values were. Was the trust between mankind worth less than one Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation?

They could no longer have fun with one another in the future!

Of course, there was no way for him to ask the question, as Chi Guyan had already left, and went up to the Eighth Heaven. More importantly, he was the one who told her about the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation.

This was awkward.

“Not good, Chi Guyan is already in the Eighth Heaven!” Fang Zhengzhi instantly realised the grave importance of the issue in front of him.

Telling her about the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation was not the key factor. The key factor was the possibility that Chi Guyan may use his method to solve the pictures, and that would be troubling for him.

Having such a thought, Fang Zhengzhi realised that time was of utmost importance.

He did not continue to think about that issue.

Calm, he must be calm in such a situation.

And look at the picture properly!

Then, he would catch up to her in the Eighth Heaven, and properly give her a beating before covering her eyes, so that she would be unable to see anything.

At such a key moment, he had no choice but to use this extreme tactic.

Fang Zhengzhi did not mind exerting a little violence, especially when he recalled that Chi Guyan had referred to him as a servant of lowly status.

How was he able to tolerate it?

As he raised his head, he looked at the picture suspending above his forehead.


Fang Zhengzhi froze on the spot.

“Eh? Why is this picture……different from that in the middle three Heavens?!” Fang Zhengzhi had yet to look at the picture after reaching the Seventh Heaven.

The reason was simple, because he had full confidence in winning.

He had felt as though he was an, one that had never lost, standing on the peak of a mountain, looking at the tiny endless valleys and hills below him.

Loneliness, with a tinge of arrogance.

Then, he would not have bothered about the tiny valleys and hills in front of him, because in just a move of his hands, he would be able to flatten everything.

Furthermore, more importantly…..

It was obvious that Chi Guyan had managed to understand the logic in the Seventh Heaven only after being reminded by him.

What was the problem?

There could not have been any problem!

But, why was the picture in the Seventh Heaven different from the Sixth Heaven?

Fang Zhengzhi's expression was extremely stiff. There was no smiles or frowns on his face, and it was just a blankless expression. To use a word to describe his feelings…..

It would be foolish.

“So, now having dugged a well for others to drink, in the end, not only did I not receive any water, I was in fact poisoned?” Fang Zhengzhi looked at the suspending picture, feeling bitter.

Gate Of God Chapter 710 - A Miraculous Counterattack

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