Gate Of God Chapter 721 - No Way Out Alive

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Chapter 721: No Way Out Alive

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None of the Heaven Dao Pavilion's disciples was dumb. It was clear as day that they were chasing after Fang Zhengzhi.

In that case, how could the disciple known as ‘Brother Li' be deceived by Fang Zhengzhi?

Brother Li didn't believe Fang Zhengzhi at first, but he was still taken aback when he heard ‘Nangong Mu' and ‘Heaven-Receiving Door'.

After all, the Heaven-Receiving Door was too important. Furthermore, what happened that day was still etched into his mind, sending a chill down his spine.

Hence, although he didn't believe Fang Zhengzhi, he still subconsciously looked toward his right.

“There's nothing?!” Brother Li unsheathed his sword immediately when he realized that he was deceived, but it was too late.

This was because a fist was already nearing his face.

“Boom!” There was a m.u.f.fled bang.

Brother Li felt a sharp pain in his nose, causing him to take a step back. However, as a disciple of Heaven Dao Pavilion, how could he concede defeat so easily?

Moreover, he was boiling with rage after he was deceived, so he endured the tremendous impact and pain, and stopped himself from stepping back.

However, just as he regained his footing, a sharp pain that made him despair came from his crotch. The pain was intense enough to make him collapse.

“…” Brother Li's eyes opened wide as he stared at the heel that attacked his nether region, before he collapsed onto the ground unwillingly.

The disciples who were chasing after Fang Zhengzhi all empathized deeply with Brother Li's misfortunate experience.

He was so miserable!

Of course, they were also enraged by Fang Zhengzhi's shameless and cunning tactic.

“Don't worry, Brother Li, we'll avenge you!”

“Fang Zhengzhi, don't think that you can get away with this!”

“You can't escape the Heaven Dao Pavilion, just give up!”

As the disciples comforted Brother Li, they didn't forget to give Fang Zhengzhi a stern warning.

Of course…Fang Zhengzhi was not going to listen to them.

To be honest, he had no other choice. He used Nangong Mu and Heaven-Receiving Door as a diversion so that he could launch a sneak attack.

Since Fang Zhengzhi had the opportunity, how could he go easy on him?

That was impossible!

If he showed any mercy, G.o.d knows what awaited him if Brother Li was able to stop him from escaping.


“I have to run away!”

Meanwhile, at the Divine Rain Pond, the five-colored pond water had spilled everywhere. The pond itself, which was built from white-jade, was now completely broken.

The Sixth Elder was dumbfounded.

He didn't know how to react as he stared at the Divine Rain Pond. In fact, he was still unable to comprehend the situation.

“What the h.e.l.l happened in the Divine Rain Pond?” He was hoping that someone could tell him what was going on. He hoped that another person could come out of the pond.

While he was thinking about that, the pond water started seething again.

One after another, people came out of the Divine Rain Pond. Everyone looked emotional that they got out alive.

That was right, the Ninth Heaven was destroyed, and along with it, the entire Divine Rain Pond.

No one knew what happened, they only knew that the inner world of Divine Rain Pond had completely collapsed, if the exit hadn't opened in time, they might have died inside.

“The Divine Rain Pond is ruined!”

“Who did this?”

“What in the world is going on?”

The disciples that got out stared at each other, trying to figure out what had happened in the Divine Rain Pond.

The Sixth Elder frowned to see this, and he had to stop himself from asking the same question. He could tell that these disciples were equally clueless as him.

However…he heard what they said.

“The Divine Rain Pond is ruined!”

“Who?! Who ruined the Divine Rain Pond!”

“It's Fang Zhengzhi!” A calm and angelic voice was heard, as a figure wearing a pink long dress appeared before the Sixth Elder and said, “Chi Guyan pays her respect to the Sixth Elder!”

“Quick, tell me what has happened?” The Sixth Elder's eyes lit up when he heard Chi Guyan.

“Fang Zhengzhi and I entered the Ninth Heaven together, which was supposed to be great news. However, he was eyeing the treasure in the Ninth Heaven, so he attacked me without any warning. I didn't notice his intentions beforehand, and it was too late when I did. Afterward, he was afraid that his crime would be exposed, so he forcefully destroyed the Divine Rain Pond. If the exit didn't open in time, I might have died inside!” Chi Guyan sounded desolate, and there was a hint of sadness in her expression.

“d.a.m.n it!”

“That b.a.s.t.a.r.d is truly shameless!”

“That's right! Sister Chi Guyan was so nice to him, even begging the Master to let him enter the Divine Rain Pond. How could he be so ungrateful!”

The disciples started fuming with rage before Chi Guyan could even get into the details.

“I was the one who begged Master to let him enter the Divine Rain Pond. Now that it's ruined…”

“Guyan, you don't have to say another word. This has nothing to do with you!” The Sixth Elder was similarly enraged and interrupted Chi Guyan before she could finish speaking. “Fang Zhengzhi is now escaping toward the Sword Peak. Guyan, you should get some rest since you're injured. Everyone else will follow me to catch Fang Zhengzhi!” said the Sixth Elder with a flash in his eyes.

“Understood!” The disciples replied in unison.

“We swear that we'll catch this b.a.s.t.a.r.d and avenge Sister Guyan!”

“Catch him!”

“Tear him to pieces!”

Their angry roars echoed around the Divine Rain Pond.

On the way toward the Sword Peak, Fang Zhengzhi was running as fast as he could, not daring to stop for a single moment. The disciples on his tail were relentless as well.

In fact, Fang Zhengzhi was already mentally prepared that Chi Guyan would sell him out. However, when he heard the Sixth Elder's deafening roar, he couldn't help but be curious about what Chi Guyan had told the Sixth Elder Elder.

“Nangong Mu is here and he wants to destroy the Heaven-Receiving Door. Stop him now!” Fang Zhengzhi subconsciously sold Nangong Mu out again when he saw the six disciples who were standing between him and the Sword Peak.

However…It obviously didn't work again.

This was because the disciples chasing after him already reminded them as soon as possible, “There's no Nangong Mu at all. Hurry up and catch Fang Zhengzhi!”

“Don't let Fang Zhengzhi get away!”

“Brothers, stop him now!”

“…” Fang Zhengzhi was speechless when he heard them. He wanted to curse and say, “Is this really necessary? Do you guys hate me so much? Why do you have to be so merciless?”

Of course, he didn't actually ask them about it. Instead, he unsheathed his sword with a purple radiance.

Fang Zhengzhi was not holding back. Since he was already a few steps away from the edge of the Sword Peak, he had to force his way through.

“How dare he draw his sword?”

“Does he really think he can go against six of them?”

“He's so full of himself!”

The six disciples guarding the Sword Peak also drew their swords when they saw Fang Zhengzhi's Traceless Sword, but they were showering him with condescending looks.

After all, the fact that they were tasked with guarding Heaven Dao Pavilion while the Divine Rain Pond was opened, meant that they weren't weak.

All of them were at Rebirth State.

Nevertheless, they were aware that none of them could defeat Fang Zhengzhi individually.

However, they were ganging up on him, not to mention that there were hundreds of disciples chasing after him.

To put it bluntly, they didn't have to do much. All they needed to do was to either stop his attack or slow him down.

If Fang Zhengzhi could still escape from their hands given the current circ.u.mstances, they would give up on their status as the elite disciples of Heaven Dao Pavilion.

“Get into the formation!”


The six disciples who were standing in a horizontal line moved instantly at the command, changing their positions after a flash of dazzling light.

Three of them stood in the front while the other three were at the back.

Additionally, the swords in their hands were all pointed at Fang Zhengzhi, seemingly connected by a stream of light.

From far, it looked like a gigantic net.

“The six of them are all at Rebirth State, and they still had the audacity to get into a formation?!” Fang Zhengzhi almost fell to the ground.

How could they bully him like this?

More importantly, they got into a defensive formation.

Fang Zhengzhi felt bitter. Although he wasn't sure what the formation was, he could tell that apart from the ‘net', the formation seemed to be a defensive formation that forced him into fighting three people simultaneously and continuously.

To put it simply…If they fought against Fang Zhengzhi, only the three people at the front would engage in the battle, while the other three would take over them when they became exhausted.

In other words, this was the perfect defensive formation that would take him at least five minutes to break through.

Was there really no way out alive?

Gate Of God Chapter 721 - No Way Out Alive

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