Gate Of God Chapter 743 - Rebirth Plate, Opening The Fourth Dao!

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Chapter 743: Rebirth Plate, Opening the Fourth Dao!

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Would he really be crushed to death?

Right when Fang Zhengzhi was thinking about that, two figures appeared swiftly in front of him. Then, they lifted Yan Xiu and him up.

Coa.r.s.ely but extremely quickly.

They were Yan Qing and Yan Qianli.

The moment the mountain came cras.h.i.+ng down, Yan Qing, who carried Fang Zhengzhi, somersaulted in the air and left the area of the huge shadow. Then, Fang Zhengzhi's body touched the ground once more.

It was agonizing.

However, this was no time for such consideration because the huge mountain had already come cras.h.i.+ng down. It hit the ground in a hugely-exaggerated fas.h.i.+on.

“Kaboom!” A huge sound rang out and dust and debris flew everywhere.

It was a wild scene. The moment the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples and the Shadow Sect disciples escaped from the landing site of the mountain, they turned to look at it.

The dust settled.

After the dust settled, the completely-black mountain slowly started to appear before the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples and the Shadow Sect disciples.

Underneath the huge mountain, the ground on which it had landed had been completely cracked open. When they looked at it, they noticed that it was almost 20 to 30 meters high. It was not too big and its bottom was made entirely from black rock. However, its top seemed slightly ridiculous.

This was because, on top of the mountain, there were four broken pillars. In the center of the pillars, there was a half-opened stone door. Images of beasts could be seen carved onto the door.

It exuded an ancient and timeless aura.

“What is this?!”

“It's not a mountain, but a palace?!”

“A ruined palace? How can a palace come cras.h.i.+ng down? Furthermore, this is a palace made entirely from black rocks?!”

The Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples and the Shadow Sect disciples were totally shocked. After all, this was both peculiar and ridiculous.

This was ultimately the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

Even without the countless disciples who monitored the land from within the pavilion, there was no way this palace made out of black rock could have appeared on top of the Sword Peak. This was because the buildings of the Heaven Dao Pavilion were normally made from white jade. There was no building made from black rock.

However, if this ruined black palace did not come from the Sword Peak, where could it come from? It could not actually have fallen from the sky, right?

As they thought about this matter, they all felt that it was incredulous.

The Heaven Dao pavilion disciples did not understand what was going on. Sixth Elder was clueless too. If it were just an ordinary mountain, they could still comprehend. However, the presence of the black palace stumped them.

“This palace… is ancient. Where did it come from?” Yan Qianli frowned and asked. He carried Yan Xiu close to his chest.

“Palace? A ruined palace?” Fang Zhengzhi was stunned too because he had personally seen how did this ruined black rock palace come.

A ray of starlight which turned into a palace of black rock?

What the h.e.l.l!

Fang Zhengzhi felt that he had been trying to absorb the knowledge of the world in this past one month. However, he still had no explanation for this.

However, the fact remained that this palace appeared out of thin air and then came cras.h.i.+ng down onto them. It stood there mysteriously in front of them and was so real that no one disbelieved its existence.

As for Wu Yuer, who was across the lake, she opened her eyes wide in shock too. Her beautiful eyes revealed a look of surprise too.

To Wu Yuer, this battle was so inappropriate…

Hence, she had been standing opposite the lake without even approaching the battle. Not only did she not approach the battle, but she also did not even say anything.

“Old man Yan, stop caring this ruined old palace! Let's go!” The Heavenly Oasis Sage was finally able to extricate himself from his fight with Sixth Elder when the palace came cras.h.i.+ng down. Naturally, he was the most anxious to leave.

“Heavenly Oasis, you hurt my disciples. Do you think you can just go like this?” At this moment, a sound came from the sky. It seemed to have come from afar but in fact, it was rapidly approaching.

When the Heavenly Oasis Saint heard this voice, his anxious face changed instantly. At the same time, he looked at the sky above his head.

He was not alone.

All of the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples lifted their heads. However, unlike the Heavenly Oasis Saint, a rare look of hope crossed their faces.

“Young friend, let's go!” When Yan Qianli heard this sound, he was even more determined to leave compared to the Heavenly Oasis Saint.

He did not even lift his head as he turned and prepared to leave.

“Prince Yan Qianli traveled thousands of miles to my Heaven Dao Pavilion as a guest. Are you going to leave without even saying ‘hi'?” The voice rang out once more. At the same time, the ground started to crack open. A ray of pure white light shot out from the ground and blocked Yan Qianli.

When they saw this white light screen, Yan Qianli smiled bitterly. He naturally knew who was the speaker.

Since he knew who it was…

He knew that he had no chance of escape.

Even as the former lord of Western Liang, his position was naturally lower than Mu Qingfeng, the Pavilion Leader of the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

A white figure descended from the sky. Snow-white robes fluttered in the wind. However, this figure did not land on the ground directly.

Instead, the figure landed on top of one of the stone pillars of the black rock palace.

He landed very gently and soundlessly. Of course, behind him stood a ferocious beast. On the beast, there was a woman.

She wore a pink dress and was stunningly beautiful. Her eyes were like the stars in the night sky. She was regally elegant.


“Senior Chi Guyan!”

When the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples saw Mu Qingfeng and Chi Guyan, they were no longer as depressed as before. They instantly regained their confidence.

Fang Zhengzhi was strong!

However, was he stronger than Chi Guyan?

As for Yan Qianli and the Heavenly Oasis Saint, they were of even less concern. Ten Yan Qianlis and Heavenly Oasis Saint could not match Mu Qingfeng.

“What's going on?” Mu Qingfeng looked at scene beneath him and at the black rock palace he stepped on. Then, when he saw the corpses nearby, he could not help but frown.

Among the corpses, there was a familiar face: s.h.i.+ Fan of the Yin Yang Hall. Furthermore, other than him, there were a few heads next to him too, some of which belonged to the three Sages of the Black Moon Island.

Who killed so many Sages right underneath the Heaven Dao Pavilion?

Could it be the Heaven Dao Pavilion?

Mu Qingfeng naturally did not think that it was possible. This was because even if there was a conflict between the Heaven Dao Pavilion and the Yin Yang Hall, they would not be so vicious.

If it was not the Heaven Dao Pavilion, could it be the Shadow Sect?

However, with just the Heavenly Oasis Saint and Yan Qianli, could they really kill so many Sages? Alright, if that was possible, what about s.h.i.+ Fan?

With s.h.i.+ Fan's power, how could Yan Qianli and the Heavenly Oasis Saint kill him?

More importantly, Fourth Elder lay unconscious on the ground and Second Elder's face was pale. He also had a huge b.l.o.o.d.y wound on his chest.

What happened to them?

Mu Qingfeng could not even begin to imagine because from the moment he left his closed-door cultivation to his arrival at the Heaven Academic Altar and to his descent from the pavilion, it only took a very short while.

Hence, he naturally did not know what had happened. However, this scene was bloodier than what he had expected.

Were they not pursuing Fang Zhengzhi?

Was this necessary?

Mu Qingfeng knew why Second Elder and Fourth Elder chased him. He destroyed the Divine Rain Pond. However, the scene right now did not seem to have been caused just by chasing Fang Zhengzhi.

Could it be that…

It was because of this black palace?

Mu Qingfeng looked at the black palace underneath his feet as well as the half-opened door. It was utterly dark inside. He furrowed his brows intensely.

Of course, these were all Mu Qingfeng's guesses.

Sixth Elder flew in front of him and quickly explained to him what had happened. After Mu Qingfeng heard that, his face changed completely.

“He killed five Sages? Fang Zhengzhi?!” What Mu Qingfeng was feeling right now as the epitome of the word ‘incredulous'. Even after Sixth Elder told him this personally, he still could not believe it because it was this impossible.

He was not alone.

After Chi Guyan heard Sixth Elder's words, her eyes revealed a look of shock as she said, “Shameless thief, did you master the h.e.l.l Dao too?”


After a while, the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples all walked forward. They gripped their swords tightly and they all wore looks of humiliation on their faces.

“Master,” Chi Guyan's voice rang out. Her beautiful face did not betray many emotions but when she said that one word, her voice revealed a faint worry.

“Ayy….” Mu Qingfeng sighed. He looked at the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples underneath him as well as Second Elder, who was supported by the disciples.

“Pavilion Leader, Keke… I'm responsible for today's event and I'm willing to accept any punishment. However…” Second Elder took in two deep breaths as he was anxious to show his determination. However, after he saw Mu Qingfeng's hand gesture, he quickly swallowed his words.

“Fang Zhengzhi, let me ask you a few questions!” Mu Qingfeng looked at Fang Zhengzhi. His eyes glittered as if he could stare into his soul.

“Rascal, answer him properly!” After the Heavenly Oasis Saint heard Mu Qinfeng's words, he instructed Fang Zhengzhi seriously. He was afraid that Fang Zhengzhi would do something careless at this moment.

“As for that…. before I answer you, can you heal Yan Xiu and me?” Fang Zhengzhi looked at Mu Qingfeng and then at Yan Xiu, who was in Yan Qianli's arms.

Mu Qingfeng was stunned. He never expected Fang Zhengzhi to raise such a request. After all, he had just fought fiercely against the Heaven Dao Pavilion. Then, he straightaway asked the Pavilion Leader of the Heaven Dao Pavilion for treatment. Very few people were like him in this world.

However, after a momentary pause, Mu Qingfeng did not reveal any sign of shock or anger. The reason was simple: he was used to it.

“I'm afraid that's not possible,” replied Mu Qingfeng simply.

“Then… ask ahead,” Fang Zhengzhi said. He wanted to add a few more lines but when he saw the Heavenly Oasis Saint's frantic expression, he ultimately nodded his head.

“Did you destroy the Divine Rain Pond of my Heaven Dao Pavilion?” Mu Qingfeng asked after he saw Fang Zhengzhi nod.

“Yes,” replied Fang Zhengzhi with a nod.

After all, this was undeniable. Even though Chi Guyan pushed all her responsibility for its destruction to him, he was still the main culprit.

“Alright. Did you kill s.h.i.+ Fan of the Yin Yang Hall, Yuan Rong, and the rest by yourself?” Mu Qingfeng's expression did not change by much as he continued questioning him.

“Yes,” replied Fang Zhengzhi straightway.

“Did you injure Fourth Elder and Second Elder?”


“Very good. Since you have admitted to all these, I'll retract my order to treat you like a disciple of a Heaven Dao Pavilion. Furthermore, I'll issue a bounty for you in the Holy Region. Do you have any objection?” Mu Qingfeng said plainly.

“Bounty?” When Sixth Elder heard this, he was evidently shocked. This was because Fang Zhengzhi stood in front of them, so why did he need to issue a bounty for him?


“Pavilion Leader, don't… let him go. Today, the Heaven Dao Pavilion and Fang Zhengzhi are sworn enemies. If we let him go now, I fear that…” Second Elder was visibly anxious.

“Bring Second Elder somewhere to rest,” interrupted Mu Qingfeng.

“Yes!” The Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples instantly obeyed his order.

Then, Mu Qingfeng looked at Fang Zhengzhi and said, “Fang Zhengzhi, not only did you destroy my Divine Rain Pond, but you also injured two elders of the Heaven Dao Pavilion. I have every right to kill you right now!”

“So why don't you kill me?” Fang Zhengzhi asked.

“I'm not killing you today in light of your former friends.h.i.+p with Chi Guyan. She pleaded for mercy for you. Of course, since I'm not killing you today, I have one request!” Mu Qingfeng looked at Chi Guyan, who was on top of a beast. At the same time, he lamented to himself, “Double Dragon Roll Champion, what a prodigy…”

“Guyan, I thought you were asking for mercy for him. However, his potential is really limitless!”

“Killing five Sages alone?!”

“I hope you're right!”

Mu Qingfeng shook his head and did not continue thinking. After all, he had already made his decision. There was no point in second-guessing himself.

“What request do you have?” Fang Zhengzhi naturally did not know what Mu Qingfeng was thinking. However, if he was going to let him go, he would not refuse it.

“I want you to vow that you will never seek revenge against anyone from the Heaven Dao Pavilion because of today's incident. Also, without my permission, you're not allowed to step into our territory!”

“What if a Heaven Dao Pavilion disciple comes after me?” Fang Zhengzhi asked.

“You can kill him!”

“After I make this vow, you'll let me go?”

“Of course.”

“What about them?” Fang Zhengzhi pointed to the Heavenly Oasis Saint and Yan Qianli, as well as Yan Xiu who was in Yan Qianli's arms.

“I'm already willing to let you go. Naturally, I won't keep them!”

“Alright, I promise you. However, I have a request too!” When Fang Zhengzhi heard this, he gritted his teeth and replied.

“What request?”

“Save Yan Xiu!”

“I can't save him.”

“You can't?”

“Indeed, I really can't save him. Yan Xiu has fallen into an Evil Asura. He had lost his original personality. Coupled with his severe injuries, he had been completely dominated by the power of Asura. Right now, he is someone who must die!” Mu Qingfeng said as he nodded his head.

“Someone who must die… someone who must die!?” Fang Zhengzhi's expression changed instantly. He stared intently at Mu Qingfeng as if he could not believe what he had heard.

“Fang Zhengzhi, you should be clear that Yan Xiu's death has nothing to do with the Heaven Dao Pavilion. Even if Second Elder did not hurt him, the result will be the same,” added Mu Qingfeng.

“No…. it's not the same! If something happens to Yan Xiu, even if I die today, I must make Second Elder pay!” Fang Zhengzhi clenched his fists. At the same time, a vast killing intent surged from his body. The golden swords which had skewered him were sent flying by this killing intent.

“Kaboom!” The entire ground sank. A vast killing aura pulsated in all directions like a tidal wave.

“So powerful… is this guy a demon? How can he be so strong?!”

“Such a heavy killing intent, is this guy crazy? Master has already freed him. Do… do you really want to kill Second Elder?”

“How can it be possible? With just him alone?”

The Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples were all shocked. Naturally, they did not believe that Fang Zhengzhi could kill Second Elder in front of Mu Qingfeng to avenge Yan Xiu.

“Rascal, Pavilion Leader decides to free you today because of your friends.h.i.+p with Chi Guyan. This is magnanimity. If you continue like this and refuse to leave, don't blame me for showing no mercy to you!” When Sixth Elder saw this scene, he was stunned too. A murderous look flashed across his eyes.

“Magnanimity? Hahaha….” When Fang Zhengzhi heard this, he started to laugh. Then, he looked at Yan Xiu, whose eyes were closed. His body started to shake. “I did not protect you… if not for me, s.h.i.+ Fan could not have released your seal. Yan Xiu, wait for me. I'll avenge you. I'll kill everyone who has anything to do with this fight. I'll kill Second Elder, then the Yin Yang Hall, and then the Nine Pinnacles Mountain… I'll kill them all!”

“The Dao of Asura!!”

“Is this the Dao of Asura of the Six Rebirth Daos!”

“This guy… has mastered the Dao of Asura?!”

None of the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples believed that Fang Zhengzhi was still capable of fighting. However, when a blood-red light rushed out from his body, they finally realized that…

They were wrong!

Gate Of God Chapter 743 - Rebirth Plate, Opening The Fourth Dao!

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