Gate Of God Chapter 745 - Hundreds Of Monsters

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Chapter 745: Hundreds of Monsters

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While all five sects were established in the Holy Region, they each dominated a particular corner of it. Also, they each had their take on the Great Dao.

The Heaven Dao Pavilion relied on swordsmans.h.i.+p, the Yin Yang Hall taught alchemy, the Nine Pinnacles Mountain researched formations…

The name ‘Dao Hun' was not only the name of the Hallmaster of the Yin Yang Hall. It was synonymous with the pinnacle of alchemy.

However, to Fang Zhengzhi, the Yin Yang Hall was a no-go zone for him. Mu Qingfeng did not have to wait for Fang Zhengzhi to reply as he had known the answer.

Even if Fang Zhengzhi, against all odds, dared to go and did not die from this journey, why would Dao Hun save Yan Xiu?

Wan Lei, the First Disciple of the Yin Yang Hall, died at the hands of Fang Zhengzhi and Chi Guyan. Now, s.h.i.+ Fan, the Ninth Elder of the Yin Yang Hall, died at Fang Zhengzhi's hands too.

Under these circ.u.mstances, how could Dao Hun be willing to save Yan Xiu…

If he did so, the Yin Yang Hall would no longer call itself the Yin Yang Hall.

By threat?

Even more impossible!

This was because Dao Hun was even more powerful than Tian Xing. Hence, this method was nearly impossible.

Fang Zhengzhi did not say anything. He clenched his fists and his body trembled.

However, when the Heavenly Oasis Saint saw this scene, he quickly spoke, “Actually, Dao Hun's alchemy skills are only slightly better than mine. I'm not bragging. If Dao Hun can do it, so can I!”

“Only slightly better?”

“You can do it too?”

“He's really boastful?”

When the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples heard the Heavenly Oasis Saint's words, they were stunned speechless. For an independent cultivator who practiced alchemy to claim that he was only slightly worse than the top alchemist of the Holy Region, he was extremely shameless. The rest were stunned speechless.

Not only were the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples speechless, but even Mu Qingfeng also shot a look at the Heavenly Oasis Saint after he heard his words.

Of course, Mu Qingfeng knew what the Heavenly Oasis Saint was thinking.

He wanted to trick Fang Zhengzhi into leaving first and avert this crisis. This would preserve the strength of the Shadow Sect. On this note, the two of them had the same objective.

Hence, after giving it some thought, Mu Qingfeng slowly nodded his head.

“Yes, Heavenly Oasis' alchemy skills are excellent indeed. You can give it a try. After all, I'm only a.s.sessing Yan Xiu's wounds based on a superficial a.n.a.lysis. I have not taken a closer look. It may not be completely impossible to save him!” After Mu Qingfeng said this, he looked at Chi Guyan.

Chi Guyan naturally knew what Mu Qingfeng was thinking. However, she too knew that with Mu Qingfeng's strength, he could tell whether someone was going to live or die. Why would he need to take a closer look?

She was between a rock and a hard place.

Chi Guyan could not lie to Fang Zhengzhi. However, she knew the situation she was in. There was no way he could be allowed to continue his killing streak.

If Second Elder really died today at Fang Zhengzhi's hands…

No matter how much Mu Qingfeng wanted to spare Fang Zhengzhi, there was no way he could convince the Heaven Dao Pavilion disciples. The result would be unimaginable.

“30 days. Yan Xiu still has 30 days of life!” After a moment of silence, Chi Guyan finally spoke directly to Fang Zhengzhi.

“Enough, trust me, I'm definitely right! In 30 days, I'll come up with a pill that can save Yan Xiu's life. Even if it's impossible, we can always think of other methods, right?” After the Heavenly Oasis Saint heard Chi Guyan's words, he quickly spoke to Fang Zhengzhi.

Fang Zhengzhi said nothing. He stood where he was and the powerful killing intent on his body continued to pulsate. He was highly unstable.

When the Heavenly Oasis Saint saw this, he became more panicky. He knew that it was too difficult to trick Fang Zhengzhi. Hence, he shot a helpless look at Yan Qianli.

“Life and death are determined by the Heaven. If Fate favors Yan Xiu, he'll make it through this. If not… We can only blame him for being too unstable during his cultivation, allowing the evil power of Asura to enter him. We can't blame anyone else!” Yan Qianli said as he clenched his fists tightly. He only said that after he looked around him.

“If you're scared of encountering problems on your way back or of wasting time, I can give you a room in the Heaven Dao Pavilion. Fang Zhengzhi, you can live in the Heaven Dao Pavilion for a month too. The condition is that you cannot cause any more trouble up there for us,” said Mu Qingfeng once more.

“Go up to the Heaven Dao Pavilion?” The Heavenly Oasis Saint was stunned.

He never expected Mu Qingfeng to be so ‘generous'. Evidently, this was abnormal.

What did Chi Guyan say to Mu Qingfeng?

Furthermore, what did Mu Qingfeng want from Fang Zhengzhi?

“There's no need!” Fang Zhengzhi finally spoke. After he spoke, he did not even look at Second Elder but instead, he turned and walked toward Yan Qianli.

He took Yan Xiu over from Yan Qianli and did not walk. He carried Yan Xiu, circled past the lake, and walked into the distance…

Mu Qingfeng did not try to stop him.

This was because he knew that he had done what he could. What he could now was to listen to the will of the Heaven. More importantly, he had another pressing matter.

“A ruined palace made out of black rocks?” Mu Qingfeng looked at the palace and frowned.

Seven days later, in a hidden valley in the Holy Region.

The Heavenly Oasis Saint walked out from the foliage. He looked at the darkening sky and sighed heavily.

He had already made his wild claim.

Hence, he had to bear the consequences. Although to be fair, he believed that his alchemy skills were highly-ranked in the Holy Region.

However, like what Mu Qingfeng had said, the evil power of Asura had already entered Yan Xiu's blood. The only one who could save him in this world was really just Dao Hun.

“Master, pack up!” At this moment, a voice rang out next to the Heavenly Oasis Saint's ears. Then, a figure wearing black, smoky robes appeared in front of him.

“What happened?” The Heavenly Oasis Saint found this to be strange. After all, Wu Yuer was not someone who would panic easily, unless the matter was big.

“Fang Zhengzhi had disappeared!” Wu Yuer said in a panicky voice.

“Disappeared?! Could… he… have… Wait, where's Yan Xiu? Is Yan Xiu still around?”

“He had disappeared too!”

“Oh no, Fang Zhengzhi brought him to the Yin Yang Hall!” When the Heavenly Oasis Saint heard this, he finally understood why Wu Yuer had told him to pack up quickly.

“That's right, we have to stop him!” Wu Yuer naturally knew this.

“It's too late. This rascal is already much more powerful than before. If he really made up his mind, neither you or I can stop him!”

“But I can't watch him die just like this!”

“That's right, but with our strength, even if all of us head over, we're helpless in front of the Yin Yang Hall…”




“Alright, we'll try and get to the Yin Yang Hall overnight!” The Heavenly Oasis Saint gritted his teeth. Then, he walked toward another wooden house and said, “Old man Yan, Fang Zhengzhi took your grandson away!”

“Boom!” A huge explosion.

The wooden house in the distance shattered. Then, a figure appeared in front of the Heavenly Oasis Saint. A pair of eyes turned blood-red.

“I'll go first. Come after me after you are done packing up!” After Yan Qianli said that, he leaped into the air and flew into the distance.

Half a month later. Night. Stars glittered in the sky.

In the vast Holy Region, there were countless mountains and thick jungles. There were beasts of every possible type. It was a dangerous and rewarding place.

However, very few people dared to approach the center of the Holy Region.

There was a huge swamp there. At the same time, it was populated with many ferocious beasts. Thick smoke enveloped this place and white bones could be seen littered all over the ground. Shadows and figures would appear occasionally in the gray fog.

The roars of beasts could be heard. They were startling to behold.

At the same time, one could see a group of human figures standing in front of the great swamp. Their wide, black hoods completely covered their figures.

“Roar!” A terrifying beastly roar rang out, shaking the entire swamp. Then, a figure which was as big as a small mountain walked out from the fog of the swamp.

It was a ferocious beast with a pair of bull horns. Its body was clad with black scales and its eyes shone with an inky-green spectral light. Four b.a.l.l.s of fire burned around its legs.

The moment it appeared, it charged toward the group. It was extremely fast as its four hooves stomped on the ground, making the earth shake.

At this moment, a figure emerged from the group. In his hands, he wielded a knife, which was stained red with blood.

He sliced with the knife.

The knife glinted like fangs at night. It was vicious, cold, and there was no way to dodge it. Fearlessly, this knife sliced the hard head of the beast.

“Ka!” A huge tear appeared on the ferocious beast's head. Its inky-green eyes revealed an expression of shock. Then, its two front hooves collapsed on the ground.

Afterward, fog, which looked black shadows, seeped out from the beast's head. It gently descended and then took a solid shape in front of the beast.

After a while, a solid-looking shadow slowly stood up.

This was a human shadow, but it had a single horn on its forehead. Furthermore, this ‘human' had a pair of abnormally icy blue eyes.

Under the moonlight, one could see that this figure wore black robes. Underneath his robes, one could see the faint blue glow of his scales.

A monster!

If one could see his shadow, one was sure that this was a demon, a demon which could take a human form.

“Before you die, you can state your name, or you can choose to keep silent!” The demon spoke. His voice was sharp and his icy-cold eyes looked at the black shadow wielding the knife.

“Domain Chief of the 10 Devilish Domains, Ying Dao!” The black shadow said after he heard the demon spoke. Then, he slowly took off his hood to reveal a plain face.

Of course, on his forehead, he had an eye which was blood-red.

“Domain Chief of the 10 Devilish Domains? Hurhur… so what? Anyone who dares enter the Great Swamp shall die. Furthermore, you killed my steed!” The monster looked at the red eye on Ying Dao's forehead and smiled coldly and sardonically.

“Does the Monster Race want to hide in the Great Swamp forever?” Ying Dao was not surprised by the monster's att.i.tude. Likewise, he did not answer his question but asked.

“Do you want to die?” The monster's gaze turned icy.

“You don't get to determine if I die or not. Lead the way, we want to see Emperor Bai!” Ying Dao did not waste any words as he said that straightaway.

“Who do you think you are? You are a mere Domain Chief of the 10 Devilish Domains. Even if the elders of the 10 Devilish Domains, or even Emperor Yun, come, it'll still be a joke!” The monster looked at Ying Dao once more. Of course, ten more figures stood behind Ying Dao. If not for them, Ying Dao would have long been dead.

“A mere door-monster like you dares to insult the Emperor of the Demons?” Ying Dao said coldly.

“Hurhur… if not for the fact that you're a demon, do you think I'll let you talk so much? Right now, I'll give you ten seconds to get out of my sight. If not, all of you will die!” The moment the monster said that, pairs of eyes appeared in the gray fog. Some were red, some were white, some were green. They were of different colors but they were all icy-cold.

“How dare you! Do you know that by asking me to get out of your sight, I can kill you!”

“You have five more seconds!”

“How dare you!”

“Ying Dao, step down!” At this moment, a woman's voice rang out from behind Ying Dao. Then, a hooded figure walked out from the group.

“Two seconds!” The monster continued without even looking at the woman.

“My surname is Yun,” said the woman.

“Hurhur… your surname is Yun? I just said that even if Emperor Yun himself come, it's useless. Now, your time is up. Don't blame us for being merciless!” The monster paused momentarily before he started to laugh evilly.

At the same time, huge shadows appeared around them. Beasts, which were as big as mountains, appeared. On each beast, one could see a human figure.

Numbers-wise, there were a few hundreds of them.


They were the rarest race in the world. However, in this Great Swamp, there were hundreds of them. It was a shocking scene.

“I'm 20 years old,” said the woman without even looking at the hundreds of monsters. She looked at the Great Swamp as if she was talking to herself.

“A 20 years old demon? You're really young for a demon… but you will still die!” The monster's face was murderous. However, his face changed suddenly. “Wait a minute, you said that your surname is Yun? You're 20 years old now?!”

Gate Of God Chapter 745 - Hundreds Of Monsters

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