Gate Of God Chapter 771 - Go Forth, Heavenly God

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Chapter 771: Go Forth, Heavenly G.o.d

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The first time, Great Elder Ying Yu had an uneasy feeling in his heart. Normally, Fang Zhengzhi should have taken this chance to escape.

However, reality proved that Fang Zhengzhi did not escape. Instead, as he descended from the sky, he landed right in front of him and was only one step away.

This was akin to giving him and Sixth Elder a good opportunity for an ambush. However, for some unknown reason, the moment Fang Zhengzhi landed, he did not attack. Instead of attacking, he took half a step back.

However, he only took half a step back…

This was enough to reflect what Ying Yu was thinking.

Fang Zhengzhi came down too quickly!

He was so fast to the point whereby Ying Yu could not even react to him. From his descent to the moment he appeared in front of him, he seemed to have teleported. However, he knew that this was not teleportation but instead, a speed which was as fast as that.

“How can he be so fast!?” Beads of cold sweat trickled down Ying Yu's forehead.

He was not the only worried one. Sixth Elder, who stood next to him, was frozen solid. He stared straight at Fang Zhengzhi and he took two steps back quickly to steady himself.

When Sixth Elder looked at the two cracks underneath Fang Zhengzhi's feet, his expression changed even more. His lips trembled and he wanted to say something. Yet, he remained silent.

“I remember when you chucked me into the Middle Stream Cauldron. You once said that if I didn't die, the two of you would die!” Fang Zhengzhi was not worried about being ambushed by Ying Yu and Sixth Elder. He stood quietly in front of the two of them without moving.

However, as Fang Zhengzhi stood there alone, facing off against ten Sages and hundreds of Nine Pinnacles Mountain disciples, he was like a sword which had just been unsheathed.

“Do you want us to die?! You can go and die first!” Sixth Elder could take it no more. He could feel the terrifying aura off Fang Zhengzhi's body. However, as the Sixth Elder of the Yin Yang Hall, how could he be terrified of someone who had just become a Sage?

Furthermore, he had Great Elder Ying Yu of the Nine Pinnacles Mountain next to him, as well as four elders of the Nine Pinnacles Mountain and hundreds of other disciples.

How powerful was Fang Zhengzhi?

He did not know!

However, he could be sure that no matter how strong Fang Zhengzhi was, there was no way he could beat the whole Nine Pinnacles Mountain.

Sixth Elder attacked. The moment he said that, a few streams of fiery cloud patterns appeared on his hand. On his sword, rays of purple lightning appeared.

Thunder boomed and lightning flashed.

From the moment he unsheathed his sword until when he pointed it at Fang Zhengzhi's throat, it only took a single blink. This was because the two of them were very close and there was no way he could escape the distance of this sword.

This sword was not an ambush…

However, he still took advantage of Fang Zhengzhi's unpreparedness.

Fang Zhengzhi continued to stand quietly in front of Sixth Elder. In other words, Fang Zhengzhi did not even react as he stood there and looked at the sword coming for his throat.

“Did I succeed?” Sixth Elder was slightly confused. However, a cold look crossed his face because he knew that this was the result of Fang Zhengzhi's arrogance. Had he not been so self-confident, he would not have been able to increase the speed of this move by so much.

A sharp clang of the sword rang out as if it was snuffing a soul to death. However, this sound did not persist for long.

This was because when the sword was almost two fingers away from Fang Zhengzhi's throat, it stopped. A palm stopped it.

A hand which grabbed the blade of the sword.

“Slow, really slow,” said Fang Zhengzhi as he shook his head. As he grabbed the sword, his mouth twitched and he looked slightly disappointed.

“Slow?! Fang Zhengzhi, are you asking to die!” Sixth Elder looked at the hand on his sword and his originally cold smile turned even colder.

He roared and flames appeared on his blade. At the same time, rays of purple thunder light rose with the flames, completely ensnaring Fang Zhengzhi's hand.

“Sizzle!” A huge explosion.

Thunder burst it apart.

Then, the cold smile on Sixth Elder's face became even wider. He used his right hand to smash vigorously because, normally, the moment Fang Zhengzhi's hand had been burned by the thunder fire, he would not be able to hold his sword. Furthermore, thunder could help paralyze him.

Shocked by electricity, Fang Zhengzhi would naturally be unable to move.

This was a chance!

Furthermore, this was a chance to kill him!

Hence, Sixth Elder could not let it go. However, just as he tried to force the sword from his hand, he realized that Fang Zhengzhi was still gripping onto it very tightly.

“Eh?!” Sixth Elder was shocked. Then, a sense of danger rose in his heart. This was from his many years of battling experience.

Right now, he evidently had the initiative. However, before he could pull the sword out from his hands, a voice in his heart told him to leave immediately!

However, it was too late.

This was because the moment he tried to pull the sword, a crackling sound rang out next to his ear.

This was the sound of a sword breaking!

The moment this sword broke, its broken sword blade came flying at him. It was wielded by the same hand.

“No! That's impossible!” Sixth Elder could not believe it. He became a Sage through the Thunder and Fire Dao. Hence, his strongest Dao was naturally this.

Never had his Thunder and Fire Dao become so weak to the point where it was almost useless. It could not even stop Fang Zhengzhi.

However, the fact remained that…

The blade of the sword was already in front of his eyes.

Furthermore, because the two of them were too close, he could not dodge in time. The reason was simple. They were less than a sword length apart.

“Slicck!” The blade entered his flesh and pierced his chest.

However, what shocked Sixth Elder was that the blade did not penetrate his left chest but instead, it pierced his right chest.

“When I was in the Yin Yang Hall, you stabbed me in my right chest. This is retribution,” a calm voice rang out from next to Sixth Elder's ears. It was very close and he could feel every single breath.

“What?” Sixth Elder's body froze. He naturally knew that he could not block that sword. However, he did not expect Fang Zhengzhi to land it so deliberately.

This was a fearsome foe!

In front of ten Sages and hundreds of Nine Pinnacles Mountain disciples, Fang Zhengzhi was still able to strike him back.

What kind of humiliation was this!

In other words, how arrogant must a person be to dare to play tricks with a Sage State Great Elder?

Humiliation and anger.

From Sixth Elder's eyes, two b.a.l.l.s of purple thunder fire rose.

At this moment, a silvery-white ray of light flashed past his eyes. This was a ray of light attacked him from his side and was like a shooting star in the night sky.

It was extremely fast!

No sharp sound could be heard as this was an ambush. However, this ray of silver brimmed with an icy-cold aura that seemed capable of tearing s.p.a.ce apart.

Sixth Elder did not look because he knew that Great Elder Ying Yu had attacked.

The moment Fang Zhengzhi stuck a sword in his right chest, it was enough to give Ying Yu a chance for an ambush.

“Die!” Sixth Elder did not take a step back because he knew that he had to drag Fang Zhengzhi down.

The moment he said that, countless rays of purple thunder fire appeared from his body. Every single one of them was like an open palm as they extended in all four directions.

“Crrrack!” A gentle sound.

Sixth Elder's eyes lit up because he knew that Fang Zhengzhi had been ensnared by this thunder fire. Hence, all he could do was to await death!

At this moment, another shocking scene unfolded in front of his eyes.

This was because the ray of silvery white light that came from the side appeared to have been batted away.

Batted away?!

What could anger him more, at this crucial moment of life and death, for his ally to miss such an important shot?

Sixth Elder was deeply unhappy.

This was because he had already caught Fang Zhengzhi. Hence, by right, Fang Zhengzhi was dead. However, he did not want to die alongside him.

“Oh, did it miss?” As despair filled Sixth Elder's heart, the calm voice rang out next to his ear once more.

Then, he saw a hand grabbing the ray of silver light in front of him. This feeling was akin to grabbing a toy.

“What? Fang Zhengzhi… saved me?!” Sixth Elder could not believe it. However, it was true that Fang Zhengzhi grabbed the ray of silver light rus.h.i.+ng toward him.

Shock and disbelief.

He did not understand what was going on. Then, he saw a smiling face appear in front of him.

The face smiled widely, br.i.m.m.i.n.g with confidence and calm.

Then, he felt that his breathing becoming more difficult. His throat seemed to have been throttled by a force which he could not resist.

“Cough!” Mad coughing.

The entire s.p.a.ce appeared to have collapsed at this moment. It was a terrifyingly powerful aura. It was as if countless swords were tearing this s.p.a.ce apart.

At the same time, Sixth Elder felt a pressure, which was as heavy as a mountain, crus.h.i.+ng down on his throat.

“Boom!” A huge explosion.

Sixth Elder's body crashed heavily against the ground. At this moment, he felt as if every single bone in his body was broken. All over his body, countless cracks started to appear.

He felt an intense pain.

This. .h.i.t almost knocked him out. However, he was still able to survive it. With the last bit of strength that he had, he stared at a pair of eyes which brimmed with a faint purplish thunder fire.

Then, a terrifying scene appeared.

The smiling face in front of him was gone. Instead, there stood a huge figure which was about 30 meters tall. It was like a solid black shadow.

Golden clouds and a thick black armor covered its body. Black flames danced all over it.

Its two eyes stared intently at his face.

At this moment…

Sixth Elder felt as if he had been struck by a bolt of lightning.

This was because the moment he saw this black figure, he also saw a body that was sent flying by it. Evidently, that was Great Elder Ying Yu.

As a Great Elder of the Nine Pinnacles Mountain, who was just one step away from reaching the peak Sage state, how could Ying Yu be sent flying just like this?!

What a shocking scene!

“Boom!” A huge explosion rang out and Great Elder Ying Yu's body landed heavily on the ground, making a crater among the Nine Pinnacles Mountain disciples.

Sixth Elder's eyes were wide in shock.

He did not know what attack did Fang Zhengzhi use or how was he able to achieve this. What he did know was that the only other time he had seen this manifestation of the ‘bloodline of the Heavenly G.o.d' was on Tian Xing, the former leader of the Nine Pinnacles Mountain.

At that time, when Tian Xing unleashed his manifestation, all it had was a layer of black armor. It was definitely not as big as a mountain.

“Don't thank me. I just want to kill you personally.” Fang Zhengzhi's voice rang out from this colossal body. Then, he looked away from Sixth Elder, who was underneath his palm, and stared down at Great Elder Ying Yu and the hundreds of Nine Pinnacles Mountain disciples.

“Great Elder”

“What is this?!”

“Why is this bloodline even stronger than Leader Tian!”

“Did he really just become a Sage?”

The Nine Pinnacles Mountain disciples looked at the sky above their heads. When they saw this gigantic black figure, their faces paled.

At this moment, Fang Zhengzhi spoke, “Great Elder is calculative indeed. Just now, you wanted to take advantage of the chaos to kill Sixth Elder of the Yin Yang Hall. Not a bad idea… haha! Today, if I die, you can blame it on me. At the same time, you can eliminate an elder of the Yin Yang Hall. If I escape, the Yin Yang Hall will come after me for vengeance. Isn't this good for the Nine Pinnacles Mountain? However, I think you have miscalculated, Great Elder. What if I never wanted to flee in the first place?”

Gate Of God Chapter 771 - Go Forth, Heavenly God

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