Gate Of God Chapter 778 - How Strong Are You Exactly!

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Chapter 778: How Strong Are You Exactly!

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“How dare you, slave, to escape the cold pond without receiving any order from the Tower Master and enter the Ling Yun Tower!” One of the Ling Yun Tower disciples finally opened his mouth and pointed her sword forward.

“Hurhur… I've won again. The first person they scold is you. However, why did I say ‘again'?” When Fang Zhengzhi heard the words from the Ling Yun Tower disciple, a smile crept across his face as he turned to look at Ping Yang.

The five disciples were completely ignored.

“Hmph!” Ping Yang said softly. Her powdery lips curled into a look of unhappiness as she tilted her head to the side. She was evidently not pleased.

When she turned her gaze over, she naturally saw the man who was standing close to the five other disciples of the Ling Yun Tower.

From his back, his gray and white robes seemed extremely simple. However, even though she could not see his face, Ping Yang's expression changed and her body trembled.

“Your Majesty, father!” Instantly, Ping Yang called out. At the same time, she rushed as fast as she could over to the man.

This sound and action finally made him turn around. With that, color returned to his originally-worried face. His gaze shone with light as his body started to shake.

“Ping Yang!”


The two figures clashed against each other and the man in grey and white was evidently very emotional. As he looked at Ping Yang, who stood in front of him, his face revealed a look of disbelief.

Ping Yang too looked at the man in gray and white. Her eyes started to turn watery and she grabbed his hands tightly.

“Eh!?” The five Ling Yun Tower disciples were shocked by the actions of the man and Ping Yang. After all, they did not know who the two of them were.

All they knew was that this man arrived seven days ago here and he came with a parcel from the Ling Yun Tower.

However, after they submitted the item, the instructions they received was to deny him an audience. Hence, this man stood here for seven days and seven nights.

Of course, their superiors did not ask them to chase the man out of the Ling Yun Tower but allowed him to remain where he was.

Your Majesty?


One of the four emperors!?

Ping Yang!

Could it be…

It's him!

The five Ling Yun Tower disciples exchange looks and from that one simple shout, they were able to figure out the ident.i.ty of their slave.

Then, their faces turned. Finally, they realized that this was something that everyone in the Ling Yun Tower knew about, but no one dared to speak of.

“Your Majesty?” When Fang Zhengzhi looked at the man's face, it was impossible for him to not be at least a bit shocked.

Lin Mubai.

The Emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty.

Why was he in the Ling Yun Tower?

Furthermore, Lin Mubai wore gray and white robes and looked like a pillar in the Ling Yun Tower. More importantly, looking at Ping Yang and Lin Mubai, it seemed as if neither side knew that the other was coming.

“Father… why are you here?”

“I'm… here to take you away!”

“Take me away?”

“Yes! The world outside is quite different. I'm worried… Furthermore, it has already been half a year and I heard that in the Nine Pinnacles Mountain, Fang Zhengzhi… Eh? Fang Zhengzhi! You're still alive!” Just when Lin Mubai was about to continue, he suddenly noticed Fang Zhengzhi.

“Yes, Your Majesty, I'm not dead,” said Fang Zhengzhi in a slightly speechless fas.h.i.+on. However, when he saw the look of suspicion on Lin Mubai's face, he replied earnestly as he nodded his head.

“…” Lin Mubai paused for a while and then, he reacted quickly, “It's good that you're still alive. Haha… it's good that you're not dead!”

Lin Mubai seemed content.

However, right when the five disciples heard the words ‘Fang Zhengzhi', their faces changed and they all had ugly expressions on their faces.

“Fang Zhengzhi? You're Fang Zhengzhi!” The five Ling Yun Tower disciples exchanged a look and their expressions changed completely. After all, in the Holy Region now, Fang Zhengzhi was more terrifying than any emperor. “Stop!”

Just when the first Ling Yun Tower disciple said that, an intense-green light shone from her body and turned into a long green stick which was like an emerald-green bamboo.

This was the power of someone in the Rebirth State.

In the Holy Region, someone in the peak Rebirth State was not considered strong. However, they could be said to be the top disciples within a sect. It was not uncommon for such power to appear on a disciple of the Ling Yun Tower.

However, what was shocking was that the moment this green light appeared on this Ling Yun Tower disciple, the other four disciples also started to s.h.i.+ne with green light.

Quickly, in the small garden, bamboos made from green light could be seen everywhere. Crystalline green leaves shone with a cold light.

“This is their Jade Bamboo Domain! Fang Zhengzhi, bring Ping Yang away. The Ling Yun Tower is unlike the other four sects!” When Lin Mubai saw the emerald-green bamboos, he became visibly panicky.

“Right, among the five sects in the Holy Region, the Heaven Dao Pavilion cultivated the way of the sword. The Yin Yang Hall cultivated pills. The Nine Pinnacles Mountain forged weapons. The Fu Xi Valley studied formations. And the Ling Yun Tower studied the ‘Dao'. Indeed, they're slightly different!” Fang Zhengzhi's footsteps stopped as he looked at the swaying jade bamboos in front of him and his smile widened.

While Fang Zhengzhi did not fear the Ling Yun Tower disciples opposite him, his words were not meant to mock them.

In contrast, he seemed to admire them.

After all, his understanding of the Dao was decent and hence, he knew how difficult it could be to understand the many creations in the universe.

In other words, different people could interpret the same thing in many different ways. Like attacks, different people would use them differently according to their respective strength.

The five Ling Yun Tower disciples in front evidently went against this principle. Not only were they perfectly coordinated, but they were also all using the same ‘Dao'.

What was going on?

Fang Zhengzhi did not understand.

However, he did not hesitate because of this. It was the same principle. If he did not understand something, he should let it go for now. After all, his fist was the only principle he needed.

“Ping Yang, go with Fang Zhengzhi. I'll block them!” When Lin Mubai heard the difference in Fang Zhengzhi's tone, he clearly misunderstood him.

His body moved and he landed in front of Ping Yang and the five disciples of the Ling Yun Tower. At the same time, his body shone with a golden light.

“Father, we won't go!” Ping Yang's voice rang out. Then, she skirted past Lin Mubai and a completely-red spear appeared. The tip of the spear shone with a golden light. This was one of the Great Xia Dynasty's top ten treasure, the Blazing Qilin Spear.

“Ping Yang, this is the Ling Yun Tower, we can't…”

“Kaboom!” A red ray of light shot into the sky, interrupting Lin Mubai. At the same time, Ping Yang tilted her head upward and from her forehead, a stream of fire started to rise. Then, the flames disappeared and an extremely-complicated fiery-red rune appeared on her forehead.

“Sage State?”

“She's in her Sage State!”

The five Ling Yun Tower disciples were all shocked when they saw the red symbol on Ping Yang's forehead. They underestimated her strength.

Lin Mubai stood where he was, frozen. As the Emperor of the Great Xia Dynasty, he was calmer than a normal person.

However, Ping Yang became a Sage…

In just half a year!

In a short half a year!

Lin Mubai looked at Ping Yang, who stood in front of him, as well as the fiery-red flames rising around her. Her aura had changed and he was incredibly shocked.

“Father, you've protected me for 15 years. It's my turn to protect you now!” Ping Yang turned around and looked at Lin Mubai. Her eyes, which were as clear as water, were determined.

“Protect me… My daughter wants to protect me… Hahaha… Yu Er, did you hear this?! Our daughter has grown up. She can protect me!” Lin Mubai's body shook and he started to laugh. His laughter was mad and completely unlike that of an emperor.

This was something which had never appeared in the Great Xia Dynasty before. Right now, Lin Mubai was slightly crazy. Furthermore, his face turned redder and redder.

Perhaps it was because Ping Yang had really grown up. Perhaps it was because he had stood here for seven days. Perhaps he had been waiting for this day for far too long.

“How dare you!” When the five Ling Yun Tower disciples heard Lin Mubai say ‘Yu Er' and ‘our daughter', their faces turned dark.

They did not hesitate anymore and they immediately reached other their hands. The jade bamboos around them started twist crazily. Each blade of bamboo leaf was like a sword, which filled up the entire sky, and shot toward Ping Yang like lightning bolts.

“Shameless fellow. Let me show you how powerful I am!” Ping Yang looked at the oncoming leaves but she did not retreat. Instead, her clear eyes burned with two b.a.l.l.s of fire and at the same time, she rushed forward.

“Boom, boom, boom…”

Countless bamboo leaves bombarded the ground.

However, they did not stop Ping Yang. Ping Yang's body was like a ray of red light as she broke through these dense bamboo leaves.

“Eh? Not bad!” When Fang Zhengzhi saw this odd attack, he was stunned. In his heart, he thought even if Ping Yang did become a Sage, she would be the type that just bashed forward. She would not undergo so many changes.

However, the scene in front of him was shocking.

After half a year, not only did she become a Sage, she was also able to come up with new attacks.

“Aoo!” A ferocious beastly roar could be heard.

Ping Yang's Fire Qilin Spear was finally in front of a Ling Yun Tower disciple. At that moment, a shadow could be seen on the pure-red Fire Qilin Spear.

“Defend!” Even though she was the spear coming, the disciple did not panic. Instead, she moved to the left by one step and shouted.

At the same time, the bamboos around her came alive. Each stalk of bamboo started to twist and knocked against Ping Yang's Fire Qilin Spear in a special motion.

“Boom boom boom!” Three sounds.

The Fire Qilin Spear, which was aimed at the disciple, was knocked to the side by one inch and by-pa.s.sed her.

“Not only did the five of them have the same Dao, but they could all control the Jade Bamboo Domain?” When Fang Zhengzhi saw this scene, a look of doubt crossed his heart.

After all, this was already abnormal. If not for this reason, it would not be difficult for Ping Yang, with her current strength, to defeat these five disciples.

Five Rebirth State disciples…

Together, they could actually resist a Sage?

This was different!

“Kaboom!” At this moment, the battleground started to change. Ping Yang, who had missed with her spear, seemed slightly enraged. She made a sweeping motion with her Fire Qilin Spear and after she broke all five ‘jade bamboos', she hit one of the disciples.

“Bleurgh!” She spat out a mouthful of blood and instantly, the Jade Bamboo Domain dimmed and a few stalks of bamboo disappeared.

However, Ping Yang did not much attention to that.

There was a fundamental difference between someone in the Sage State and someone in the Rebirth State. Even though the five Rebirth State disciples were able to achieve parity with her via their Jade Bamboo Domain, they could not hold her off indefinitely, especially a Sage who was willing to use all her powers.

“Aoo!” Another beastly roar and Ping Yang's spear shone with a golden light once more. Huge fiery shadows rushed out.

“Kaboom!” The ground cracked apart.

One of the Ling Yun Tower disciples was sent flying. Her face was as pale as paper and her sword was broken into two. She spat a mouthful of blood out too.

“So I'm this powerful?” Ping Yang looked at the Ling Yun Tower disciple, who had been sent flying, and a look of shock crossed her eyes. However, this shock turned to delight as she said, “Hahaha, I've become stronger. Shameless fellow, father, did you see? I can protect you now!”

“That's right. Ping Yang had grown stronger and can protect me now!” Lin Mubai nodded his head and he looked delightedly at Ping Yang. His eyes were wet.

Gate Of God Chapter 778 - How Strong Are You Exactly!

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