Gate Of God 805 Dying Without Regrets And Removing The Seal

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Ling Yun Tower's disciples were surprised to witness this scene because they had never seen Cang Yue disobeying Qian Ye's order before, much less questioning her in such a tone.

However, despite their confusion and surprise, no one said a word. Some of the disciples even seemed to be looking forward to the confrontation, but they concealed their emotions well.

"Cang Yue, you've asked me the same question three times consecutively already." Qian Ye squinted her eyes which were glowing.

"That's right, I've asked the same question three times, but I still don't have the answer…" Cang Yue suddenly turned lonely and sad, losing her fierceness from before. It felt like she had lost all her tenseness and became a completely different person.

This was a sudden and rapid change.

Furthermore, Cang Yue didn't seem like she wanted to keep on asking. She just raised her head a little and glanced at the golden radiance in the sky.

Ling Yun Realm!

Ling Yun Tower's ultimate treasure was dazzling as usual, but for some reason, Cang Yue felt miserable when she looked at Ling Yun Realm.

Qian Ye frowned again, but she kept quiet because Cang Yue didn't ask another question again. However, her expression seemed a little complicated when she noticed Cang Yue's countenance changing.

It didn't seem like she was very angry or worried. In fact, she appeared to be calm, but there seemed to be a storm brewing under her calmness.

However, her calmness was soon replaced by surprise. This was an expression that hardly appeared on Qian Ye's face. Nevertheless, at this moment, Qian Ye was definitely surprised, and she wasn't hiding it at all.

Qian Ye wasn't the only one. The disciples of Ling Yun Tower, and even Lin Mubai, were all taken aback too. They couldn't believe what they were seeing.

This was because a pitch-black knife had appeared in Cang Yue's hand without anyone noticing. The knife was s.h.i.+ning with a chilling light.

Of course, the most important fact was that the knife was already pointing towards her chest. Although it hadn't completely gone in, a stream of blood was already flowing down from the knife.

"Cang Yue, what are you doing?!" Qian Ye's eyes went wide open. The golden radiance exuded by her eyes were as bright as the sun at this instance. If she wasn't holding the gigantic water ball, she would probably have rushed to Cang Yue and stopped her already.

"Senior sister Cang Yue!"

"Senior sister, don't do it!"

"Don't do anything stupid, Senior sister Cang Yue! You can explain any misunderstandings you have, I believe that the leader wouldn't blame you!"

Ling Yun Tower's disciples started yelling after they realized what Cang Yue was doing. She had clearly left them astounded.


Who'd have thought that Cang Yue would commit suicide at this moment!

Qian Ye and Ling Yun Tower's disciples weren't the only ones who were caught off-guard. Even Lin Mubai didn't see it coming, and he still couldn't believe it even after he witnessed it with his own eyes.

"Actually, I don't believe Fang Zhengzhi!" Cang Yue was still staring at the golden radiance in the sky as she continued, "Because I don't want to believe him. Furthermore, he doesn't know anything at all. His unsupported guesses are full of errors too!"

"Cang Yue, you can say anything you want, just put down the knife first!" Qian Ye was obviously anxious, so much so that the corner of her mouth was slightly twitching.

"I don't believe him, I really don't believe him!" Cang Yue kept going on as if she didn't hear anything that Qian Ye said. "However, I must admit that he got one thing right, which is the fact that I'm the only person apart from Ping Yang, who is related to my master by blood!'

"Senior sister Cang Yue!"

"Is senior sister thinking of…"

"That's impossible. Something like that is completely impossible. Fang Zhengzhi was just spouting nonsense, you cannot believe him!"

Ling Yun Tower's disciples roughly figured out what Cang Yue was trying to say. However, that only made them more astonished.

Did Qian Ye kill Leader Lan?

Did she seal Yu Er too?

That seemed impossible, because Qian Ye would never do that.

No one believed that Qian Ye was the culprit.

However, the knife in Cang Yue's hand pierced deeper into her chest. A ma.s.sive amount of blood flowed out, wetting her purple dress which was already stained with blood.

"Master, Cang Yue is your servant. Without you… How could I possibly have survived till today. However, you have been sealed away for over a decade already…"


Cang Yue suddenly bit her lips tightly and pushed the knife all the way into her chest without hesitation. Her blood spilled out into the air like an arrow.

"Senior sister, no!"

"Senior sister Cang Yue, please stop it now!"

"Junior sister, why are you doing this?!"

All the disciples' expressions changed completely. They were dumbfounded when they saw the stream of blood that shot out like an arrow.

From Cang Yue's tone, they could obviously tell that she didn't believe Fang Zhengzhi. However, why would she do this if she didn't believe him?

No one knew what Cang Yue was thinking, much less why did she was doing this or the rationale behind it.

"Cang Yue, stop, stop it now. I will answer your question now, I'm not afraid of Yu Er escaping from the seal. Don't do anything stupid!" Qian Ye's countenance changed too.

"Yeah… Of course you aren't afraid. I also believe that you wouldn't hurt my master. However, since Leader Lan was the one who sealed my master, even you couldn't let my master out!" Cang Yue nodded. Then, she lost her strength and knelt down on the ground and spurted out a mouthful of blood.

"However, as my master's servant, I'd treat her as my master for the rest of my life. Master was the one who saved my life anyway. I'm just taking a gamble with my life now!"

"A gamble?"

"What gamble?"

Ling Yun Tower's disciples stared at each other as they didn't understand Cang Yue's words.

Cang Yue obviously lacked the strength to be concerned about the disciples. Her tears started flowing onto the ground as she clenched the knife tightly.

"Cang Yue was useless. I couldn't be by your side when you were sealed away take care of you and serve you. I couldn't even find a way to save you. It's been a dozen years already… Cang Yue misses her master every single second. I just hope to see you again, or maybe listen to your voice again. I'd be satisfied to hear you say even a single word."

"Master, Cang Yue's talent is limited, so I couldn't find a way to unlock the bloodline sealing technique and rescue you. You've suffered too much because of my inability…"

"However, I couldn't kill Ping Yang! She is your child, your biological child. Cang Yue knows how much you love her, and I know your wish even better… In that case, how could I go against your wish and do something that you wouldn't want to do?"

"It's been a dozen years, the only thing I could do is wait, wait for Ping Yang's death so that you can be released from the seal…"

Cang Yue took a break and at this moment and her miserable expression disappeared. She looked extremely determined and focused all of a sudden.

"Now, Cang Yue doesn't have to wait any longer! Cang Yue's body also contains master's blood, and it's even possible that I was the seal that put you away. Even if that possibility is really, really small… So what? There are only two people in this world with master's blood. Even if there is only a 1% chance, even if it's only 0.5%, I'm willing to take the gamble, with my life!"

Just as Cang Yue said that, the knife went through her body completely. So much blood gushed out through the knife and formed a tiny stream beneath her body.

All the disciples were stunned to hear her, because they finally understood what Cang Yue was thinking.

That was right!

Just as Cang Yue had stated, she didn't believe Fang Zhengzhi at all.

So what if she didn't?

It wouldn't change the fact that Yu Er's blood was flowing in her body.

That blood was capable of removing the seal.

In that case, there was a chance that she could remove the seal, even if the chance was so small that it was almost negligible.

"Master, Cang Yue would take my leave first. You… You must get out….Pfttt!" Cang Yue spurted out a mouthful of blood and it formed a beautiful crimson flower in the air.

The golden radiance shone on the flower of blood, creating a glitter just like the stars at night. It was warm, but cold.

That was contradicting, but it was the truth.


Cang Yue collapsed onto the ground, her face pale as a sheet. However, there was a smile on her face which seemed to mean that she was finally free.

The disciples of Ling Yun Tower went silent. They weren't particularly fond or appreciative of Cang Yue, because she was unsociable for the past dozen years.

They thought that she was spoiled and too arrogant.

However, they now finally understood the kind of life Cang Yue had been leading over the past dozen years. She was suffering from a mental torture all alone.

Cang Yue was dead now.

Even though it seemed like she died in vain, it was a lesson for all for them. One could die without any regrets if he or she was as loyal as Cang Yue.

"Cang Yue…" Lin Mubai also bit his lips tightly as this instance. He glanced at Cang Yue's lifeless body, then at the golden radiance from the sky and the gigantic water ball that contained the Mountain River World. He looked helpless just like how Cang Yue felt for the past dozen years.

He wanted to see Yu Er again, and he waited year after year for it. He had his hopes up again and again, only for him to lose them each and every single time. This process had repeated itself for over a decade already.

He wanted to protect Ping Yang, but the Demon Race and the three other dynasties had been eyeing them all these times. He didn't even dare to let Ping Yang out of his sight, so he had to do everything he could to lock Ping Yang in Flame Capital City.

Now… He was standing in front of Ling Yun Tower.

Even though he was so close to Yu Er, he still couldn't meet her. He could only watch helplessly while Qian Ye captured Fang Zhengzhi and Ping Yang and destroyed his hopes again.

This helplessness hurt more than a knife wound!

While Lin Mubai's fell into a daze as he looked at Cang Yue, he heard Qian Ye's voice.

For some reason, Qian Ye's voice was trembling. In fact, she even seemed to be panicking.

"Died, she died… She… Really died! How could this happen… Impossible, this is impossible. How could she die just like that!" Qian Ye was so agitated that her hand which was holding the gigantic water ball started shaking.


"Leader, please be calm. Cang Yue's death has nothing to do with you…"

The disciples soon spoke up after they saw Qian Ye's expression. Several disciples in red and blue dresses even came to her side.

However, Qian Ye didn't seem to have heard them nor saw them coming towards her. She just stared at Cang Yue's body intently with a flickering golden radiance in her eyes. She seemed to be in an extremely unstable state.

"Why did this happen?"

"What did I do wrong? For the past dozen years, Ling Yun Tower had improved every single year. The disciples lived carefreely and our strength is superior to all the other four sects. Have I done anything wrong as the leader?"

"Leader, haha… I treated you so nicely, but you betrayed me because of an insignificant man, a piece of c.r.a.p like Fang Zhengzhi! You betrayed me even though it cost you your life!"

"You don't believe him? Why did you kill yourself if you don't believe him?"

"Die… All of you shall die. Fang Zhengzhi, Ping Yang, and you… Lin Mubai, the emperor of Great Xia Dynasty. All of you shall go to h.e.l.l!"

Qian Ye's face turned red as she said that, but it wasn't because she was calm. She seemed like she was about to unleash all her emotions.

The disciples of Ling Yun Tower couldn't help but be surprised when they saw Qian Ye in such a state. They didn't know why Qian Ye would say something like that even though she had always kept her cool regardless of the situation, until they heard someone's voice.

"Big sister, it's been a while!"

Gate Of God 805 Dying Without Regrets And Removing The Seal

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