Gate Of God Chapter 809 - Let's Sell A Teammate Out

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Chapter 809: Let's Sell a Teammate Out

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As the saying went, “Dreams are beautiful, but the reality is cruel.”

Fang Zhengzhi's plan of staying out of the conflict didn't go smoothly, because the nine rays of sunlight were falling rapidly. It seemed like Qian Ye didn't want to give him a break.

However, since he already knew what he wanted, he had to work hard for it. Even though the road ahead seemed grueling, how could he quit without even trying?

Fang Zhengzhi felt that he needed to try.

Hence, he decided to ‘move' a little. As the nine rays of sunlight fell, he hugged Ping Yang and s.h.i.+fted to the side again.

However, he didn't take Lin Mubai with him.


Lin Mubai was dumbfounded. After all, he was Great Xia Dynasty's emperor, and he even awarded Fang Zhengzhi the t.i.tle of ‘Prince Cang'. In that case, Fang Zhengzhi, who was once his citizen, should be obliged to protect him, but now, what happened was…

He ran away?

What the h.e.l.l?

Lin Mubai didn't understand what was going on, because he didn't think that Qian Ye's attack could harm Fang Zhengzhi.

Nine rays of sunlight…

It should be fine, right?

While Lin Mubai was engrossed in his thoughts, he heard a loud and clear voice.

“Your Highness, take two steps to your left now to dodge the attack!”

“Left?!” Lin Mubai recognized that it was Fang Zhengzhi's voice, so he subconsciously took a step to the left.

However, his face pale as soon as did that, because he realized that there was a problem.

Fang Zhengzhi seemed to be standing on his left just now, which meant that… The nine rays of sunlight were falling towards his left.

“Did he just ask me to move towards the sunlight?”

“Is he rebelling against me!”

Lin Mubai didn't know how to describe his feelings at the moment. If this had happened half a year ago, he would have sentenced Fang Zhengzhi and his family to nine generations of capital punishment without any hesitation.

However, could he do that now?

He wanted to, but he couldn't.

“Fang Zhengzhi, I'd never forgive you even if I died!” Lin Mubai screamed at the top of his lungs, unwilling to resign his fate as he watched the nine rays of sunlight got closer.

However, before he even finished his sentence, a silvery white figure already appeared above his head. Her dress which was as beautiful as the moon was swaying in the wind, and her long, black hair was dancing behind her back.

It was Qian Yu.

The woman who had appeared in his dream countless times, whom he was willing to keep waiting for even after a dozen years, finally appeared before him again.


A silver radiance bloomed as if the moon was hanging in the air. Its cold aura froze the surrounding air and produced many ice crystals.

This breath-taking scene combined with Qian Yu's dignified aura and exquisite facial features, looked just like a Moonlight Dance Ill.u.s.tration.

Lin Mubai seemed to be drunk off the beauty of this scene.

As he gazed at the figure that appeared above his head, he seemed to have forgotten about the nine rays of sunlight that were falling down, as well as Fang Zhengzhi's crime of ‘desertion'.

“Yu Er…”


The ground cracked, sending mud and rocks into the air. A golden radiance and a silver radiance were clas.h.i.+ng against each other in the air, as if the sun was fighting against the moon.

Lin Mubai was pressed against the ground, but he gritted his teeth and tried his hardest to resist the enormous aura.

This was an intense scene.

“Your Highness, are you excited? Do you feel your heart beating? Aren't you thankful that I helped you find out if Yu Er still loves you? You're welcome! However, if you really want to express your grat.i.tude, you can just award me a few more acres of land!”


Lin Mubai, drunk off love and pain, was suddenly pulled back to the reality when he heard that voice.

He was truly speechless.


Should he be thankful that Fang Zhengzhi left him for dead?

How could a person be so shameless?

Lin Mubai felt a strong urge to grab Fang Zhengzhi by his ear and shout at him, “Why don't you try it for yourself and find out if it's as ecstatic as you said?”

However, regardless of how felt, he had to admit to himself that if he was given a choice, he would have wanted Fang Zhengzhi to abandon him again.

Could this be… The legendary ‘s.l.u.ttiness'?

“Everyone wants to feel alive and feel their heart beating.” Fang Zhengzhi put one arm around Ping Yang's waist and the other behind his back while he watched the battle between Qian Ye and Qian Yu. He kept his head high, as if to say, “It feels lonely at the top”.

Who said that “Dreams are beautiful, but the reality is harsh?”

As long as a person was willing to challenge himself and chase after his dreams, he could overcome even the toughest obstacles. Taking 10,000 steps back, even if he couldn't solve the problem, he could sell his teammate out.

‘In spite of oneself' was used to describe a situation where a person couldn't get out because the situation was out of his control.

Qian Ye was in such a situation. Since Qian Yu was standing in her way, she couldn't possibly go after Fang Zhengzhi.

Fang Zhengzhi finally got to enjoy the peacefulness that he wanted.

“Shameless one, how could you risk my father's life just so that you could escape from the battle!” Although Ping Yang was a little naïve, she was definitely smart enough to tell what Fang Zhengzhi was trying to do.

“I am doing it for the sake of your family reunion! Can't you tell that although your mother is happy to see you, she isn't willing to reunite with His Highness?” Fang Zhengzhi sounded righteous.

“So, should I thank you for that as well?” Ping Yang pouted.

“Don't even think of using that as an excuse to ‘gift' yourself to me, unless you could learn how to cook a dish within a year!” Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

“A dish? What dish?” Ping Yang wanted scold Fang Zhengzhi for being shameless, but her curiosity got the better of her when she heard about the dish.

“The dish is called… Super Ma La Hotpot!”

“Super Ma La Hotpot? What's that?”

“It's a tasty dish.”

“Well… Is it difficult to learn how to cook this dish?”

“It's not too difficult. The key point is putting effort into the choice of ingredients. Do you want to learn to cook it?” Fang Zhengzhi waved his hand and said.

“Yup, I… do!” Ping Yang eventually nodded her head and some hesitation.

“As a girl, can't you show a little more self-restraint? Even a little bit is fine!” Fang Zhengzhi looked at her with a weird expression.

“What do you mean… Ah, you shameless fellow, how dare you take advantage of me! I… I'm going to tell sister Yan and ask her to deal with you!” Ping Yang quickly reacted after her mind went blank for a brief moment.

“Chi Guyan?” Fang Zhengzhi's heart skipped a beat as he recalled the time when he last saw Chi Guyan.

Although her departing words didn't sound like anything special initially, they kept him alive when he was crucified by the Middle Stream Cauldron.

Three months had past…

“I'd become a Sage, but I wonder how much progress she made?”

“She has Nüwa's bloodline!”

“If she had become a Sage, I wonder if I could beat her? If I can't, does that mean I'd be bullied just like what Ping Yang said?”


“As a real man, I must be brave enough to stand up to the challenge!”

While Fang Zhengzhi was engrossed in these ridiculous and completely unrelated thoughts, the battle between Qian Yu and Qian Ye had grown fiercer.

The golden sunlight descended from the sky while the silvery moonlight rose from the ground.

The two radiances clashed against each other. The hot and cold auras drew a clear line of distinction in the air.

“The moon's radiance came from the sun. Sister, how could your moonlight be brighter than my sunlight?!” At this instance, Qian Ye's voice came from the sky, and at the same time, the golden radiance grew brighter and seemed to be overpowering the silvery radiance.

“The sun sets and the moon eclipses. Sister, stop being so obsessed with the sun and moon's light. Does it matter if your radiance is brighter than mine?” Qian Yu replied.

Qian Yu was obviously having a hard time, but she kept hanging on like a tiny boat in the ocean.

“Rubbis.h.!.+ The strongest people rule this world. Since I'm more powerful than you, you should surrender to me and obey my orders!” Qian Ye sounded like she was looking down on Qian Yu.

“The strongest people? That might be true in the short run, but do you know that even the brightest light will eventually burn out instead of lasting for eternity. We have to unite as one, make consistent breakthroughs, and nurture more and more younger talents so that Ling Yun Tower could stand tall forever!”

“United? Hahaha, do you think that Ling Yun Tower is not united as one at this moment?”

“This isn't true unity, and it will fade away just like the brightest radiance. Sister… If you rule with an iron fist, you'll ultimately face rebellion!”

“Shut up! When you were at Great Xia Dynasty, you took it upon yourself to stop the war between the four dynasties by joining the war and killing three generals. Weren't you abusing your power too? Furthermore, after you had the chance to see the Heaven Dao Tablets, you forgot about the mission that master had a.s.signed to you and failed to bring the Heaven Dao Tablets back to Ling Yun Tower immediately. Didn't that mean that you were preparing to rule with an iron fist?”

“…” Qian Yu didn't say anything.

However, Lin Mubai trembled when he heard that word. He looked at Qian Yu, then at Qian Ye, with a confused expression on his face.


“Hahaha, Lin Mubai, did she keep you in the dark until now? Do you know why my sister agreed to be your empress and stay by your side for three years?” Qian Ye was laughing in the air.

“Are you saying… That everything was…”

“That's right. Everything was part of our master's plan, including the promise to accompany you for three years. All of them was only for the sake of obtaining the Heaven Dao Tablets. Do you finally realize how stupid you are now? My sister had never loved you. In fact, that woman that you saw during the first encounter was me, not my sister!”

“The person that I saw, was you?!” Lin Mubai couldn't believe what he had just heard.

“It wasn't easy to track down an emperor. In order to speed things up, our master ordered us to wait for you at two locations and pretend that the encounter was a coincidence. Unfortunately, you met me, but you married my sister. Isn't that hilarious? Hahahaha…” Qian Ye continued laughing.

“Why… Did you guys do that?”

“As a high and mighty Sage, how could I marry a piece of c.r.a.p like you? Only Yu Er followed the order obediently. Apart from that, I can tell you something else that you might be more interested in!”

“What's that?”

“Why don't you take a guess? Why do you think that the entire world knew about the Heaven Dao Tablets right after you showed them to Yu Er?”

“It… It was you!?!”

“It was obviously me. Yu Er only told me about it, and she even wanted to disguise myself as her and sneak into the palace to study the Heaven Dao Tablets together. Isn't she generous? It's a pity that I didn't need her generosity. If I wanted the Heaven Dao Tablets, I could get them by myself. Isn't that right, sister?”

“Big sister, you are too naïve if you thought that you could affect my emotional stability with these stories.” Qian Yu's eyes turned completely silver at this point, and her entire body was surrounded by a silvery radiance which exuded a terrifying and chilling aura.

“Emotional stability? That's right, emotional stability! Yu Er still loves me, she definitely loves me. None of these is true… Qian Ye, do you really think that I'd believe you?” Lin Mubai quickly regained his composure and he looked more determined than ever.

“No, my sister was right. I only agreed to marry you because of my master's order. However, I didn't expect things to turn out like that.” Qian Yu shook her head and interrupted Lin Mubai.

Just then, a faint golden shadow appeared behind her back. It was barely visible, especially since it blended into the golden radiance from the sky.

However, the shadow crashed into Qian Yu's back as soon as it appeared. It moved so quickly that it felt the shadow had teleported.


Qian Yu's expression changed as she got knocked forward and spurted a mouthful of blood into the air.

Everything happened so quickly that no one could react in time.

“Yu Er!” Lin Mubai's eyes turned red when the silvery figure in the air was stained by blood. Golden radiance surged out of his body as he activated the Green Dragon Eye recklessly and charged towards Qian Yu's back as a golden dragon.

Gate Of God Chapter 809 - Let's Sell A Teammate Out

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