Gate Of God Chapter 817 - Ling Yun Realm And Fang Zhengzhi's Decision

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Chapter 817: Ling Yun Realm and Fang Zhengzhi's Decision

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However, none of these could stop the ma.s.sive group of people gathered at the foot of the mountain. Tens of thousands of soldiers from the four great dynasties had formed up in all four directions. They wore thick armors of different colors and each held a chilly and deadly spear.

There were many elderlies and young men wearing different clothes amongst the soldiers. Each group of them was holding a flag that had a different inscription.

Heaven Alliance Meeting.

Although it was organized by Heaven Dao Pavilion, one of Holy Region's five sects, all the sects and forces in the world were invited, including the emperors of the four great dynasties.

Shadow Sect was obviously invited too.

Great Xia Dynasty's troops were located on the east side of Heaven Zen Mountain.

‘Xian King Ling Yun', who wore a silvery-white armor, was rus.h.i.+ng towards the entrance of the army camp. His light-blue cape was touching the ground.

“Prince Yan!” Xian King Lin Yun quickly paid his respect when he saw the group of people at the camp's entrance. His entire body was almost completely bent.

“Xian King, you don't have to be so formal. I'm no longer Prince Yan, so you can't call me that anymore.” It was a hoa.r.s.e voice. Then, he lifted Xian King's body and glanced around the camp, before asking, “Isn't His Highness here?”

“Well… Father went to…”

“Ling Yun Tower?”

“Yup, he hasn't returned yet.”

“It's alright. Although Ling Yun Tower forbids outsiders from entering, Qian Ye wouldn't kill His Highness just because of that. By the way, how is the situation in Great Xia Dynasty?” After a short silence, Yan Qianli nodded.

“It isn't looking too good. There are changes everywhere. Any abnormal occurrence would lead to a commotion. Luckily, things are still within control. However, Cang Ling Mountain…” Xian King Ling Yun shook his head.

“Yeah, Cang Ling Mountain is at the border between our dynasty and the demon race. Furthermore, there are many ferocious beasts in the mountains, making it tough to control. What's your plan?”

“I originally intended to transfer all the villagers in Cang Ling Mountain to Huai An County, but the villagers said that all their ancestral shrines are in the village, so they would never leave. Considering the fact that they couldn't make a living outside the villages, I had no choice but to seal Cang Ling Mountain up with the troops. I also ordered a team of Dragon Protection Squad to protect Prince Cang's parents in my father's name in order to ensure their safety.”

“With Xian King's thoughtfulness, Fang Zhengzhi could die without any worries…”

“Die?! Fang Zhengzhi…”

“Ai…” Qian Yianli let out a heavy sigh with a sad expression.

“Fang Zhengzhi wouldn't die!” They heard a woman's firm voice at this moment.

“Yeah yeah yeah, of course that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d wouldn't die.” They heard another person's voice. Then, a person stood out, glanced at Yan Qianli and said, “Old man Yan, can't you say something nice? For example, that boy was turned into a ‘human elixir', but he suddenly burst out of the ‘human elixir', and he even broke through.”

“…” Yan Qianli's lips moved. Then, he shook his head and replied, “I'd be d.a.m.ned if I didn't hope that that would happen, but do you really think that's possible? We haven't heard anything after so long. It's already been half a year…”

“No, I believe that he didn't die! He wouldn't die!” The woman interrupted Yan Qianli firmly.

“Fine, let's put that aside. What's the situation at Heaven Zen Mountain like?” Yan Qianli stopped arguing and looked at Xian King Ling Yun.

“Heaven Zen Mountain is nothing like what it used to be. I could only command Great Xia Dynasty's troops, and I couldn't control any of the other sects. Over a dozen sects had already gone up the mountain before Prince Yan arrived. However, since Heaven Dao Pavilion has already gone into action, I believe that they could soon clear a path toward Heaven's Peak.” Xian King Ling Yun also looked sad, but he still replied fairly quickly.

“Alright, seems like we will be staying at the foot of the mountain for a while.”

“Prince Yan, please rest in the army camp. I've already set up army tents for 3000 people. I've also moved out of the king's tent, so Prince Yan could…”

“I'm not used to staying in the king's tent, so I will stay in a random tent. If it's convenient for you, you could put me and Yu Er and Old man Heavenly Oasis in three adjacent tents.”

“Understood, I'll make the arrangements now!” Xian King Ling Yun immediately pa.s.sed down the order and personally led Yan Qianli, Yu Er, and Heaven Oasis Saint into the army camp.

After that, the Shadow Sect's disciples wearing bamboo hats and black clothing also quickly entered the camp.

Holy Region, Ling Yun Tower.

The interior of Ling Yun Tower wasn't decorated too luxuriously, but it was extraordinarily exquisite. Furthermore, each story was decorated differently. It was filled with all kinds of Mountain River Ill.u.s.trations and ancient scrolls.

Sunlight shone on Lin Mubai's lonely figure. However, he was treated much more nicely than before.

At the very least, there was a newly-built pavilion. Lots of food were also delivered on time. Although the food was much simpler compared to the food in the palace, Lin Mubai obviously didn't mind.

He was still sticking around even after Qian Yu had asked him to leave. Therefore, he was in fact quite satisfied with the treatment that he received.

Most importantly, Ling Yun Tower's disciples' att.i.tude towards him had obviously changed. They were treating him courteously instead of ignoring him like before.

This had lit up his hopes.

Persevere, persevere, and persevere!

Lin Mubai felt that his sincerity could even move the heaven, because he stayed here despite his injuries. However, it didn't seem like it was working after he stuck around for two days.

Ping Yang was the only person that would frequently come out to talk to him. On the other hand, Qian Yu didn't even leave Ling Yun Tower once in the past two days.

“Her Majesty, His Highness is…”

“Yang Er, didn't I tell you to stop calling me that? I am no longer the empress of Great Xia Dynasty since a long time ago. Furthermore, there are many misunderstandings between your father and I. We aren't fated to be together anymore, so there's no point in trying.” Qian Yu waved her hand and interrupted Ping Yang. Then, she hugged Ping Yang tightly and gently stroke her silky hair.

“What about father's injuries…”

“Don't worry. I've ordered the disciples to add healing elixirs into his food, so he should recover soon. What you should be worried about is your marriage.”

“But, I don't want to get married so soon!” Ping Yang blushed and shook her head softly.

“Is time really the issue? Is it because you don't want to get married?” Qian Yu smiled gently. She interpreted Ping Yang's expression accurately.

“That shameless fellow… I don't want to marry him!” Ping Yang curled her lips with a stubborn expression.

“Don't worry, I'm the one forcing him to do it, not you, so what are you worried about?” Qian Yu obviously knew what Ping Yang was thinking.

“Mom, is it dangerous inside Ling Yun Realm?”

“Of course, it is.”

“Then why did you…”

“As long as I don't control it, it wouldn't hurt him. It could only entrap him,” Qian Yu patted Ping Yang lovingly.

“How long are you going to keep him in?”

“Obviously until he agrees to my suggestion.”

“Is that really possible? That shameless fellow is exceptionally amazing. If he managed to get out by himself, that would…”

“Relax, he can't get out. Even the leaders of the other sects of Holy Region couldn't get out of Ling Yun Realm if they were trapped, not to mention Fang Zhengzhi. Do you know that Ling Yun Realm is the biggest reason that Ling Yun Tower could become one of the five sects of Holy Region!” Qian Yu smiled and said confidently.

“Why don't I…” Ping Yang wanted to say something, but Qian Yu already stood up and walked towards the windows slowly and looked towards the rising sun.

“The world changed too suddenly. Heaven Dao Pavilion has gathered the five sects of Holy Region and organized the Heaven Alliance Meeting, so something huge may be happening. Yang Er, why don't you accompany me there?” Qian Yu frowned as she said that. She was obviously plagued by her thoughts.

“To Heaven Zen Mountain? What about father and Fang Zhengzhi…” Ping Yang stopped mid-sentence even though she wanted to continue.

“Your father is Great Xia Dynasty's emperor, so he is naturally invited too. If we make our way there, he would definitely follow us. As for Fang Zhengzhi… The trip to Heaven Zen Mountain would rake roughly a month. After that's over, it's time to start preparing for the wedding ceremony.”

“Mom, I think I should stay in Ling Yun Tower. After all, I'm not strong enough, so I'd like to improve myself in Ling Yun Tower…”

“Do you really think that I don't know what you are thinking about? There is no information regarding Ling Yun Realm in Ling Yun Tower. Everything about Ling Yun Tower is pa.s.sed down from the previous leader to the new leader. You can't save Fang Zhengzhi. Furthermore, since you're already a Sage, you need make a name for yourself in the Holy Region.”

“Make a name for myself?”

“Of course, how could my daughter be unrecognized!”

“…” Ping Yang blinked with a complicated expression. She was excited in one moment, and worried in the next.

Most importantly, Qian Yu's stance about Fang Zhengzhi was so firm that she couldn't do anything to help him.

Inside Ling Yun Realm.

Fang Zhengzhi was furious. As the only victim from the victorious side during this trip to Ling Yun Tower, he was obviously upset.

“I'm actually imprisoned?!”

“Could this get any worse?”

More importantly, he could hear the conversation between Qian Yu and Ping Yang clearly. Apart from that, he could even hear the conversations between Ling Yun Tower's disciples.

For example, things like ‘Where did I put my bath towel?', ‘Ah, there's a red spot on my chest!', and ‘This lily is really pretty, why don't we go out and pick a few more?'

What the h.e.l.l?

Fang Zhengzhi didn't mind listening to women's private conversations occasionally. However, after two days of listening to these rubbishes non-stop, he couldn't take it much longer.

However, the conversations between Qian Yu and Ping Yang were obviously the most important ones.

“Is she really going to keep me here until I agree to her suggestion!” Fang Zhengzhi didn't know why he could hear every single conversation in Ling Yun Tower clearly, but he definitely knew Qian Yu's stance.

He suspected that Qian Yu was intentionally allowing him to hear her conversations, but in order to hide her motive, she allowed him to eavesdrop on all the conversations in Ling Yun Tower.

She was really devious.

Anyways, it was always extremely troublesome to deal with devious woman like Qian Yu. It would be over with just one misstep.

Taking the current situation for example, Fang Zhengzhi had thought that he would be awarded with a few treasures from Ling Yun Tower's treasury.

However, he didn't expect fate to play a trick on him.

Qian Yu had actually forced him to marry Ping Yang!

Furthermore, she completely lacked finesse. She didn't even give him time to shower and eat before imprisoning him.

That was wrong!

Fang Zhengzhi was feeling hopeless. He had traveled everywhere in the past two days, but to his surprise, it seemed the like the world in Ling Yun Realm had no boundaries. No matter how far he walked, it is always full of sceneries. Furthermore, the sceneries have never repeated.

Most importantly… Ling Yun Realm wasn't attacking him. That made things more difficult, because he couldn't find its weakness if it didn't attack him. It was just like a woman wearing too much clothes and standing in front him. He couldn't possible tell what she was wearing inside!

Fang Zhengzhi didn't know what to do.

Did he really have to play dirty and suffer the humiliation of agreeing to her suggestion and then escaping after he got out of Ling Yun Realm?

Fang Zhengzhi had actually thought of doing that.

However, he quickly rejected that idea because he didn't want to joke about marriage, especially if Ping Yang was involved.

“Yang Er, let's go.”


While Fang Zhengzhi was engrossed in his thoughts, he suddenly heard Qian Yu and Ping Yang's voices, and he couldn't help but tremble when he heard what they said.

“Are you kidding me? Are you really leaving?” Fang Zhengzhi's expression changed. After all, he had clearly heard that this trip would take almost a month.

“Do you really have to take it so far?”

“At the very least, give me some food before you go.”

While that thought crossed his mind, a ma.s.sive shadow appeared in the sky and crashed into the ground before him.

“…” Fang Zhengzhi's lips moved when he saw that it was a pile of fruits, vegetables, and two gigantic drumsticks.

For a moment, he was actually speechless.

Gate Of God Chapter 817 - Ling Yun Realm And Fang Zhengzhi's Decision

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