Gate Of God Chapter 826 - Ping Yang Makes Me Scared

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Chapter 826: Ping Yang Makes Me Scared

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“16 years old?!” The Valley Master of Fu Xi Valley Mo Shans.h.i.+ was just about to sit down when he heard Ping Yang's self-introduction and almost fell to the floor. Likewise, the elders and disciples of Fu Xi Valley were stunned. A 16-year-old la.s.s partic.i.p.ating in a tournament of the Heaven Alliance Meeting?What the heck!If Ping Yang had not emerged from the Ling Yun Tower camp in plain view, no one would believe that this was happening. “Master, Ling Yun Tower is being arrogant. Let me take them on!” A disciple of Fu Xi Valley who had just turned 20 stepped forward.”Are you trying to be funny? Go back!” The Fu Xi Valley Elder Gu Yuan hardened his gaze and slapped the disciple across the cheek. “Smack!”The crisp sound echoed around the peak of the mountain. In the next moment, Gu Yuan bowed towards Mo Shans.h.i.+.”Valley Master, my grandson is ignorant. Please forgive him if he has offended you in any way!””No worries.” Mo Shans.h.i.+ shook his head and looked at Ping Yang wistfully.”Qian Yu had disappeared after the great war 10 years ago. I've heard that she had left a daughter behind in the Great Xia, who should be 16 years old by now. If I'm not wrong, this Ping Yang is Qian Yu's daughter!””You make sense, Valley Master!” Gu Yuan nodded quickly. “If she is Qian Yu's daughter, then she must be here to gain experience. 16 years old… has Gu Zhen's cultivation reached the later stages of the Rebirth State?””Yes, my grandson's abilities are average and I have spoilt him. It was only last month when he had reached the final stages of the Rebirth State.”Gu Yuan nodded and turned to give his grandson a displeased stare.”You are too humble, Elder Gu. Gu Zhen is rather skilful to begin with and he will definitely become one of the top disciples in his generation with your guidance. If Gu Zhen wants to step up for this battle, then let him!””Are you really going to let Gu Zhen fight this battle, Valley Master?” Gu Yuan looked at Mo Shans.h.i.+ in surprise.”It's time for Gu Zhen to gain more experience. However, take note that he must win this battle and not inflict any serious injuries on Ping Yang. Otherwise, he'll be punished!””What do you mean, Valley Master?””Ling Yun Tower has always detached themselves from the affairs of the Five Sects. If we can obtain their support in this Heaven Alliance Meeting, it'll be easier to deal with Yin Yang Hall in the future.” Mo Shans.h.i.+ said with a solemn look on his face. “You are wise, Valley Master!” Gu Yuan quickly understood Mo Shans.h.i.+'s intentions. “Go forth, Gu Zhen, remember my words.” Mo Shans.h.i.+ waved a hand and fell silent. “Thank you, Master. Gu Zhen won't let you and Grandfather down.” Gu Zhen received Mo Shans.h.i.+'s orders eagerly, the pain from Gu Yuan's slap already forgotten. Gu Yuan suddenly pulled Gu Zhen close to him and pa.s.sed him an ice-blue sword. Remember, ice counters fire!” Gu Yuan said to Gu Zhen while looking at Ping Yuan's Flower Armour and Blazing Qilin Spear. “The Clear Ice Sword?! Thank you, Grandfather!” Gu Zhen looked at the ice-blue sword in Gu Yuan's hand with his eyes flas.h.i.+ng. The Clear Ice Sword was one of the three swords that Gu Yuan always carried with him. Not even Gu Zhen's father got to use it on a regular basis. Gu Zhen received the sword and waved it about experimentally. A chill aura emanated from the sword and frosted the surrounding air. “I'll head over now!” Gu Zhen said confidently. “Mm.” Gu Yuan nodded. Gu Zhen turned and focused his gaze on Ping Yang, who was standing in the fighting arena in her crimson armour.Gu Zhen leapt into the fighting arena and landed right in front of Ping Yang.”Little Sister Ping Yang, I am Gu Zhen. My grandfather is Fu Xi Valley's Third Elder Gu Yuan. I'm 23 this year. As for my Enlightenment State… the final stages of the Rebirth State. What is your Enlightenment State, Little Sister Ping Yang?” Gu Zhen blinked as he finished introducing himself. It was clear that Gu Zhen was proceeding with this cautiously. He wanted to test the waters before making his move. “Enlightenment State?” Ping Yang blinked. She had noticed the ice-blue sword in Gu Zhen's hand and broke out into a smile. “I'd advanced from the Star Conglomerate State to the Heavenly Reflection State half a year ago!””Heavenly Reflection State?!” Gu Zhen was stunned. He had not prepared himself for Ping Yang's answer and tried his best to suppress a laugh. What was this place?The altar on the Heaven's Peak atop the Heaven Zen Mountain, where they were organising a Heaven Alliance Meeting!What were they doing? The Five Sects were in the midst of showcasing their respective strength and yet, a young girl at the Heavenly Reflection State was going to take part in the tournament!If he had not seen this for himself, Gu Zhen never would have believed it.After all, what was the Heavenly Reflection State?One had to at least be at the Supernatural State before they could even join the Five Sects of the Holy Region. The Heavenly Reflection State… was too far off. Was there even a need for them to fight?”Pfft!” Just as Gu Zhen was trying hard to maintain his composure, there was the sound of laughter from His Majesty Lin Mu Bai coming from the direction of the Great Xia Empire camp. Still, Lin Mubai quickly recovered himself and exhaled in a bid to suppress his laughter.Ping Yang had been hanging too much with that person. His att.i.tude was rubbing off on her.Still… Ping Yang was not lying. She had broken through to the Heavenly Reflection State half a year ago and she had been so proud of it. Of course, this was Lin Mubai's opinion. The disciples of the various sects viewed this as a joke!”Since when were people who were merely at the Heavenly Reflection State able to take part in a tournament like this?!””It has been said that she is a princess… and she is from Ling Yun Tower. My guess is that she is Princess Ping Yang from the Great Xia Empire!””Mm, that must be it. This Princess Ping Yang is said to be spoilt and stubborn. Her abilities are ordinary to a fault and she must have gotten to the Heavenly Reflection State with some external help!””Well, she's a princess.”The disciples of the various sects shook their heads as they talked with each other. They were no longer interested in the upcoming round. Gu Zhen could no longer hold in his contempt for Ping Yang. “Hahaha, Little Sister Ping Yang, I don't want to bully you. Tell you what, I'll fight you with only one hand, what do you think?” Gu Zhen told Ping Yang as he placed a hand behind his back while holding up the Clear Ice Sword with his other hand. “One hand?””Gu Zhen is quite the shameless fellow. How can holding a sword in one hand and holding the other hand behind his back be considered a disadvantage for him? If it was up to me, I wouldn't use either of my hands at all!””Be it as it may, there's nothing wrong with Gu Zhen being more careful.”The disciples of the various sects were laughing as they discussed the upcoming round. “So… will you give me a headstart of three moves?” Ping Yang gripped onto her Blazing Qilin Spear and stared at Gu Zhen's Clear Ice Sword hesitantly.”Three moves?” Gu Zhen was about to agree readily when he suddenly felt that something was amiss. He turned around to look at Gu Yuan, who was staring back at him sternly. “No, three moves is too many. I'll give you a headstart of one move!””Since you're so powerful, how about two moves?” Ping Yuan looked slightly disappointed as she fluttered her eyelashes.”Two moves? Alright… two moves it shall be. I'll make my move on your third move!” Gu Zhen acceded to her request without consulting Gu Yuan. “Alright, thank you. I'll begin.””Go ahead!””But I'm a little… afraid. What if you lie to me?” Ping Yang put a leg forward before retracting it back quickly. She had a terrified expression on her face.”Don't be afraid. My grandfather told me to avoid hurting you. Be rest a.s.sured that I won't exchange blows with you until you make your two moves!” Gu Zhen thumped himself on the chest to show Ping Yang that he was trustworthy.”If that's the case… then I'll make my move.” Ping Yang nodded gently and her lips curled up into a small smile. “No problem. You may begin!” Gu Zhen did not take note of Ping Yang's facial expressions.”Attack!” Ping Yuan raised the Blazing Qilin Spear and rushed towards Gu Zhen. Suddenly, she fell forward as if she had tripped on something.”Aiya, you… you tricked me!” As Ping Yang fell to the floor, she let out a pained shriek.”Trick you?! I did not!” Gu Zhen was caught by surprise.The disciples from the various sects began to react.”How despicable of him to trick a young girl who is still at the Heavenly Reflection State of cultivation!””What a loser!””This jerk deserves to be condemned!”The disciples from the various sects began to rebuke Gu Zhen. For a martial artist at the Rebirth State to trick another at the Heavenly Reflection State was too much. “I did not? I have not even made my move. What's happened to you, Little Sister Ping Yang? Did you sprain your ankle…” Gu Zhen broke out into a cold sweat. He had been sheltered under the wings of his grandfather ever since he was a boy and his childhood had been a boring one.Gu Yuan was known for being a disciplinarian and Gu Zhen had basically been training his whole life before turning 20.Although he had read the military cla.s.sics and strategy books, he had not yet managed to absorb the essence of these volumes. Gu Zhen was panicking at the sight of Ping Yang on the ground and ran towards her without hesitation. “Zhen, be careful!” Gu Yuan's voice rang outbut it was too late. Gu Zhen's body had already flown up into the air. The Clear Ice Sword formed a beautiful trajectory in the air as it fell.”Ding!” The Clear Ice Sword fell to the ground with a deafening sound. At the same time, Gu Zhen landed headfirst on the ground with a heavy thud. He did not make a sound and his eyes were tightly shut as if he had already gone unconscious when he was up in the air.No one had seen it happen clearly.One thing was for sure. Gu Zhen had apparently lost. The large gash on his chest was indicative of his defeat even though it was very much questionable.”What happened?””She seemed to have used something on him at close range?””Mm, that must be it. Ping Yang is the favourite princess of the Xia Emperor. Now that she is in Ling Yun Tower, she must have received quite a few special items!” “A pity that this Gu Zhen had been too naive.”The disciples of the various sects looked at the unconscious Gu Zhen and then at Ping Yang, who was slowly getting to her feet. They shook their heads speechlessly. “Zhen, Zhen, are you alright?” Gu Yuan had rushed over to Gu Zhen and placed a hand on his chest. He heaved a sigh of relief when he realised that Gu Zhen was still alive. Still, Gu Yuan was infuriated. “Ling Yun Tower has won this round through underhand tactics. Is this anything to be proud of?” “All's fair in war. You must be getting old and foolish, Gu Yuan.” Qian Yu's calm voice wafted over to him. “You…””Elder Gu!” Mo Shans.h.i.+ interrupted Gu Yuan and frowned.”We, Fu Xi Valley, will admit defeat for this round. Tower Master Qian's daughter is cunning indeed and we respect that. However, I suggest that you subst.i.tute your daughter for the next round!””Why?” Qian Yu asked. “I'm saying this for your daughter's sake. How would she able to pull off the same trick the second time around?” Mo Shans.h.i.+ said with a cold smile. “Hmm, makes sense. Yang, do you want to come back now?” Qian Yu nodded her head in response to Mo Shans.h.i.+ and turned to Ping Yang. “Now? Mother, I still want to play on a little longer.” Ping Yang shook her head unhappily.”Alright, one more round then.” Qian Yu smiled at Ping Yang. She had already thrown Mo Shans.h.i.+'s suggestion to the back of her mind.

Gate Of God Chapter 826 - Ping Yang Makes Me Scared

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