Gate Of God Chapter 830 - Challenging Heaven Dao Pavilion

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Chapter 830: Challenging Heaven Dao Pavilion

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It was a plump middle-aged man. His clothes appeared to be thin, but he was wearing a hide around his neck.

The man wasn't descending too quickly. He gradually landed without a sound like a snowflake that fell from the sky.

However, a dim light flashed across Mu Qingfeng's, Mo Shans.h.i.+'s, Dao Hun's, and Dao Xin's eyes almost simultaneously as soon as they saw the middle-aged man.

“Nangong Tian?!” Mu Qingfeng's palms tensed up a little. However, he quickly smiled and said, “I didn't expect the head of Nangong Family to personally attend the Heaven Alliance Meeting. It was my negligence that Heaven Dao Pavilion failed to welcome you on time!”

“Pavilion Master Mu, you're too courteous. Nangong n.o.bles are neither part of the common sects around the world nor the Four Great Empires. It's normal that we aren't invited by Pavilion Master Mu.” Nangong Tian smiled and paid his respect to Mu Qingfeng.

“Heaven Alliance Meeting aims to invite anyone who cares about the world, so it wouldn't make sense to segregate the sects from the empires. Since the head of Nangong family is able to attend this event, you must be a man who cares about the world.” Mu Qingfeng smiled again.

“In that case, I shall thank Pavilion Master Mu for your hospitality.” Nangong Tian nodded. Then, he looked up towards the sky and raised his hand up.

Everyone looked towards the sky when he did that. However, they squinted when they saw over 20 enormous beasts hovering in the air, each carrying a person.


Swoos.h.!.+ Swoos.h.!.+

One after another, those people descended from the sky and stood behind Nangong Tian. Everyone was wearing thin clothes but no one said a word.

However, Mu Qingfeng's, Mo Shans.h.i.+'s, and the rest's expressions changed a little. They could tell that Nangong Tian came prepared.

However, as Mu Qingfeng had said, although Nangong Tian wasn't invited, he was already here. It was impossible for him to expel Nangong Tian from the meeting.

“Prepare a seat for the head of Nangong family!”


With Mu Qingfeng's order, a Heaven Dao Pavilion's disciple quickly appeared in front of Nangong Tian and ushered them to a remote corner.

After all, the main area atop the Heaven's Peak had already been occupied by the Five Sects of the Holy Region, the other sects, and the Four Great Empires. Since the Nangong n.o.bles weren't part of the empires or the other sects, they had to be seated beneath the other sects and the empires.

However, Nangong Tian didn't look displeased at all. The faint smile remained on his face and he sat down slowly without saying anything.

After the Nangong n.o.bles were all seated, the Heaven Dao Pavilion's disciple responsible for hosting the event coughed softly before he was about to continue announcing the results of the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion just now.

However, Nangong Tian spoke before that disciple could make a sound.

“Since my family is qualified to partic.i.p.ate in the Heaven Alliance Meeting, are we allowed to take part in the compet.i.tion as well?” Nangong Tian then looked at Mu Qingfeng and continued, “Pavilion Master Mu, what do you say?”

“Do you want to take part in the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion?” Mu Qingfeng was clearly surprised by Nangong Tian's words.

After all, although the Nangong n.o.bles were pretty well known to the rest of the world, they had always secluded themselves and remained uninvolved in any worldly matters for the past few decades.

However, now…

It was obvious that Nangong Tian was up to something.

“I do. I suppose that Pavilion Master Mu wouldn't disapprove of our partic.i.p.ation, right?” Nangong Tian nodded softly. Although his tone was very calm, he had made his intention clear.

The disciples from all the other sects started looking at each other when they heard him. They didn't know how he was confident enough to make such a demand.

‘Take part in the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion of the Heaven Alliance Meeting?”

‘Is an insignificant family like the Nangong n.o.bles qualified for that?'

Putting aside the fact that they were late. No one believed that the Nangong n.o.bles were powerful enough to become their leader.

“Well… Since the first round was already over, it wouldn't be appropriate to for your family to directly take part from the second round onwards…” Mu Qingfeng replied with a troubled tone.

“Although we are late, I couldn't agree with Pavilion Master Mu. It's true that Yin Yang Hall, Ling Yun Tower, and Shadow Sect have already taken part in the first round. However, Heaven Dao Pavilion didn't seem to have fought in the first round, right?” Nangong Tian continued.

“Haha, according to the rules, Heaven Dao Pavilion could proceed to the second round directly since we've drawn the ‘7th' Jade plate!”

“That's only because there are seven parties partic.i.p.ating in the compet.i.tion. If there were eight parties, Heaven Dao Pavilion should be up against the party that drew the ‘8th' Jade plate!”

“Head of Nangong family, do you intend to challenge Heaven Dao Pavilion?” There was no way Mu Qingfeng didn't understand Nangong Tian's intentions at this point in time.

“That's right. Pavilion Master Mu, are you willing to accept the challenge?” Nangong Tian nodded softly. His gaze looked as calm like water.

All the other disciples were taken aback when they heard Nangong Tian because they couldn't understand how Nangong Tian was brave enough to outright challenge Heaven Dao Pavilion.

“Is he serious about challenging Heaven Dao Pavilion?”

“Isn't that embarra.s.sing his own family?”

“I've heard that Chi Guyan defeated Nangong n.o.bles' best talent, Nangong Hao, many years ago. I wonder how are they going to challenge Heaven Dao Pavilion?”

The other disciples were confused because the Nangong n.o.bles were at best a family with more history. However, their true strength was far from the other sects or empires.

“Is Heaven Dao Pavilion afraid of taking on the challenge?” Nangong Tian ignored the discussions around him and continued calmly.

“I'm astonished that the head of Nangong family is so aggressive today. However, the Heaven Alliance Meeting aims to establish a hierarchy amongst the sects. If you are serious about partic.i.p.ating, shouldn't you showcase your family's power?” Mu Qingfeng furrowed his brows, clearly caught off-guard by Nangong Tian's words.

However, as the Master of Heaven Dao Pavilion and the organizer of this Heaven Alliance Meeting, he was definitely a well-composed man. He wouldn't make a rash decision simply because he was taunted.

The other disciples nodded at his words.

If the Nangong n.o.bles wanted to take part in the compet.i.tion, they must have the power to lead the crowd at the very least!

“I agree with you, Pavilion Master Mu. In that case, I'll show everyone our power!” Nangong Tian didn't seem to to be surprised by Mu Qingfeng's reply and he nodded at the people standing behind him.


Over a dozen people stood out almost instantly. They didn't exude much radiance or aura, but complicated symbols lit up on their foreheads simultaneously.

“They're all in the Sage State!”

“How is that possible that a small family like the Nangong n.o.bles have a dozen Sages?!”

“Impossible, this is impossible. The Nangong n.o.bles… They are just a small family that lives in seclusion. Why are they so powerful?!”

The disciples from the various sects weren't the only ones who were stunned. Even those from the Five Sects of the Holy Region opened their eyes wide from disbelief.

Over a dozen Sages!

Their power was almost comparable to some of the larger sects even though they were just a family. Everyone couldn't help but be stunned.

“Pavilion Master Mu, do you think that we are powerful enough?” Nangong Tian spoke again, and the people behind him quickly fell back.

“Hahaha… Interesting. Mu Qingfeng, I'm afraid that Heaven Dao Pavilion is up against a tough foe this time!” Mo Shans.h.i.+ suddenly started laughing at this moment.

Meanwhile, Mu Qingfeng's brows knitted together tightly.

He stared intently at Nangong Tian, then glanced at the stunned disciples all around him. He clenched his fists together and asked, “I haven't been able to figure something out. Something happened in Heaven Dao Pavilion a few months ago, and it had affected both Heaven Dao Pavilion and Nine Pinnacles Mountain. Head of Nangong family, could you clarify my doubts?”

“If Heaven Dao Pavilion could beat us, I'll be willing to answer all of your questions, Pavilion Master Mu.” Nangong Tian nodded.

“Ok. Only youths below 30 years old are allowed to take part in the Martial Arts Compet.i.tion. Head of Nangong family, who shall be challenging Heaven Dao Pavilion?” When Mu Qingfeng heard the reply, he finally gritted his teeth and asked.

“Mu'er, go.” Nangong Tian nodded at a person standing behind him instead of answering Mu Qingfeng's question directly.

“Ok.” A person jumped into the ring as soon as the crowd heard a voice. He wore a greenish grey robe s.h.i.+rt and seemed extremely ordinary.

There was a hideous scar on his face as well. This young man was none other than Nangong Mu, the second son of Nangong n.o.bles' main family.

“Nangong Mu?” Mu Qingfeng was startled when he saw him. Just as Nangong Tian mentioned, he had seen Nangong Mu before.

In terms of strength…

Nangong Mu was pretty good.

He'd already entered Rebirth State even though he's just over 20 years old. His talent would be eye-catching in the Four Great Empires, but he is just considered average in the Holy Region where there is an abundance of geniuses.

“Nangong Tian has been squawking for so long, yet he is sending such an unimpressive kid in the end?”

“Have you heard of this boy's name before?”

“No, but I've heard of a genius in the Nangong n.o.bles called Nangong Hao. If I'm right, this boy should be Nangong Hao's younger brother!”

All the other disciples started discussing amongst themselves when they saw Nangong Mu. They were clearly surprised by Nangong Tian's decision.

However, there were some exceptions.

For example…

Chi Guyan.

“Master, I'll go.” Said Chi Guyan as she took a step forward slowly.

“No,” Mu Qingfeng shook his head and continued in a considering tone, “I didn't expect both Ping Yang from Ling Yun Tower and Yan Xiu from Yin Yang Hall to have reached Sage State. Although Yan Qing from Shadow Sect isn't a Sage yet, defeating him wouldn't be easy. Since you have not broken through, your cultivation is one step behind them. It's better for you to preserve your strength at this point in time!”

“Nangong n.o.bles have been living in seclusion in a cold and harsh environment for hundreds of years, and they have hardly ever come out. Only their younger generations would take part in the Law of Dao examinations every time. Since they decided to show up today, it means that Nangong Mu must have improved tremendously. I'm just afraid that…” Chi Guyan was hesitant to speak her mind.

“You don't have to worry. I've witnessed how powerful Nangong Mu was several months ago. He wouldn't be too powerful even if he broke through. Furthermore, this compet.i.tion follows the Best of Three rule. If worst comes to worst, it wouldn't be too late for you to step in!”

“Understood, Guyan will listen to Master's decision.” Chi Guyan nodded softly and stepped back.

At the same time, someone behind Chi Guyan walked out. His brows were sharp as swords and he wore a snow-white scholar's robe. There was a pair of swords on his back. One was long and the other short.

“Disciple ‘Qiu Jingfeng' is willing to accept the challenge!” The young disciple, Qiu Jingfeng, paid his respect to Mu Qingfeng after he stepped out.

“Ok, Jingfeng. Although I've helped you broke through a while ago, you still have to be cautious about this battle. You witnessed the fight several months ago, so I believe you know how strong Nangong Mu is. If you ignore Yan Qing's Indestructible Gifted Bloodline, Nangong Mu's overall strength is actually ahead of Yan Qing!” Mu Qingfeng nodded after he saw Qiu Jingfeng.

“Yes, I understand. I'll definitely proceed with caution!” Qiu Jingfeng replied in a serious tone.


“Yes!” Qiu Jingfeng nodded and his eyes lit up.

He didn't say another word before he leaped out and landed in front of Nangong Mu like a stream of light. Then, he paid his respect to the surrounding crowd.

“I'm Qiu Jingfeng, a disciple of Heaven Dao Pavilion. I'm 29 years old and I've just ascended into Sage State!” Qiu Jingfeng introduced himself and cupped his hands together towards Nangong Mu courteously.

“He's a Sage?!”

“I remember running into Senior brother Jingfeng outside half a year ago. He was still at the peak of Rebirth State back then! I can't believe he had broken through in just half a year!”

“We shouldn't underestimate Heaven Dao Pavilion after all. They not only have the Chosen One, Chi Guyan, but they also have Qiu Jingfeng, a disciple who reached Sage State!”

The disciples of the other sects were definitely astonished after they heard Qiu Jingfeng's self-introduction. After all, there was hardly anyone who could reach Sage State before they were 30 years old.

“It seems like old man Mu is well-prepared!” Mo Shans.h.i.+ squinted at this moment and he glanced at Qiu Jingfeng and Mu Qingfeng, who was calm and composed. He seemed to be deep in thought too.

Gate Of God Chapter 830 - Challenging Heaven Dao Pavilion

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