Gate Of God Chapter 836 - The Unexpected Guest

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Chapter 836: The Unexpected Guest

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As Nangong Mu said that, the gigantic ice tree lit up with a brilliant radiance. One after another, snow-white flowers bloomed on the branches.

“What is that?”

“How could flowers bloom on an ice tree?”

“Its aura is so powerful!”

The surrounding disciples were shocked to their cores when they saw the flowers blooming on the ice tree. They were also moving back continuously in the meantime.

This was because the ice tree's aura was so powerful that they felt uncomfortable. They couldn't resist it at all and even felt like paying homage to it.

Chi Guyan's aura was unstable as well. The relentless attacks from countless icicle branches had taken a toll on her body.

However, she still heard Nangong Mu's voice clearly.

“Bloom?!” Chi Guyan's heart skipped a beat when she looked up at the icicle branches above her.

She couldn't be 100% sure about Nangong Mu's true intent, but from what Nangong Mu had just said and what she saw, she could guess that it wasn't simply claiming victory in the Heaven Alliance Meeting.

“No, I have to stop Nangong Mu!” The spots of starlight in her eyes suddenly changed as she focused her eyes.

The silvery-white starlight became a faint five-colored radiance.

It wasn't just the radiance in her eyes that changed. Even the ma.s.sive shadow behind her started transforming, and the scales on its tail became five-colored too.

Then, Chi Guyan charged down on Nangong Mu.

Her sword moved swiftly and completely tore apart the icicle branches that wrapped towards her. She bolted towards Nangong Mu from the center of the gigantic ice tree.

“Chi Guyan!” Nangong Mu was staring at her with one knee on the ground. He gritted his teeth tightly, and even his hands were trembling a little.

Nevertheless, he quickly forced himself up and tried his hardest to protect his chest with the Green and Blue Dual Blade.


The ice and snow covering the ground was blown apart. Countless ice shards flew everywhere as if it was hailing on Heaven's Peak.

After the loud bang, two figures started colliding at extreme speed.


Clang clang…

It was the sound of the continuous clash between swords. Blood was in the air and the altar was overrun with a chilling atmosphere. The surrounding disciples couldn't even see what was happening.

The only thing that they could see was two figures das.h.i.+ng around in the icy fog and brandis.h.i.+ng their swords at each other…

They were so fast that it was almost hard to see them.

“They're so powerful!”

“What exactly is the caliber of this battle?”

“Sage State, this is a battle at the Sage State. Moreover, this has far exceeded the level of normal Sages. I've never seen a battle like this before.”

The spectating disciples were truly awestruck. Although they had been cultivating in their sects, it was exceptionally difficult to witness a battle of this caliber.

After all, there weren't many experts at this level even in the entire Holy Region.

“Mu'er, I didn't expect that you could go to such an extent!” Nangong Tian's expression finally changed. There was a look of shock and disbelief on his face.

Meanwhile, Mu Qingfeng, the disciples of Heaven Dao Pavilion, as well as Ping Yang, were all staring at the two figures in the icy fog nervously.

Boom! The ice and snow on the ground was split open once again. Countless ice shards were sent flying as a huge crack appeared through the icy fog.

It was a sword mark!

One that was powerful enough to create a crack in the ground!

Buzz! A five-colored radiance appeared. Blue, red, black, white, and gold radiances mixed around and illuminated the snow-white icy fog completely.

After the five-colored radiance appeared, a person flew out of the fog and crashed into the gigantic ice tree.

“Pfttt!” That person spewed blood into the air.

Nangong Mu's eyes were wide open. He couldn't believe, or rather, he couldn't accept the outcome. However, he had truly lost all his strength already.

Thump! He fell onto the ground, and the snow-white armor covering his body turned into spots of white light and gradually dissipated in the air.

There was a person in front of him… She was exerting all her might to keep herself standing by using her sword as support. Her pink dress was fully tainted with blood, but no one knew whose blood it was.

It was clear that Chi Guyan was at her limits.

However, the ma.s.sive snake tail behind her, covered by five-colored scales, was still swinging around. It clashed against the ice and shattered it completely.

An overpowering aura.

The aura that belonged to someone at the top of the world, proud and aloof.

“You've… Lost!” Chi Guyan was staring at Nangong Mu as she said that in an exhausted tone.

“No, I… I did not…” Nangong Mu wanted to stand up but to no avail. He was also covered in blood.



“Sister Yan!”

Nangong Tian's, Mu Qingfeng's, and Ping Yang's voices were heard simultaneously. They looked equally anxious and desperate.

“I… I did not… Lose…” Nangong Mu was still struggling.

Chi Guyan waved her hand softly and walked towards Nangong Mu one step at a time. With every step she took, she sweated profusely.

The spectating disciples were stunned by this scene. However, none of them said a word, because the only thing they could do at this moment was to wait quietly.

Finally, Chi Guyan came in front of Nangong Mu.

“You've lost…”

“No, I… I won't lose again!”

Slas.h.!.+ Her sword pierced through Nangong Mu's arm. Blood gushed out and flowed off the sword and onto the ground. With that, Nangong Mu's Green and Blue Dual Blade finally fell out of his hands.


The gigantic ice tree started shaking at this moment. Cracks started appearing on the branches and the snow-white flowers turned into spots of white light and dissipated into the air.

“You've lost!” Chi Guyan said it once again.

“Chi Guyan, it's impossible… For me to… Concede defeat!” Nangong Mu sounded awfully determined.

Slas.h.!.+ She pulled out her sword from Nangong Mu's arm and stabbed his thigh. The cut was so deep that his bone could be seen, and blood splattered everywhere.

“Ah…” Nangong Mu's eyes turned red as he let out a heartrending scream. He was truly unwilling to accept his defeat, but he had already lost all his strength.


The gigantic ice tree shattered completely and exuded a chilling air. Huge spots of white lights almost covered the entire sky.

“You've lost!” Chi Guyan slowly looked up at the gigantic ice tree that was gradually melting. Her legs suddenly trembled and she seemed like she was about to fall.

Nangong Mu didn't say a word this time. He just gazed at Chi Guyan silently and watched the snow-white radiance on top of her head because he knew that she was right. He had already lost, and it didn't matter if he chose to admit it or not.

“Admit defeat, otherwise, my sword would pierce his throat after this!” Chi Guyan sounded extremely adamant as she looked behind her back. However, she was obviously not speaking to Nangong Mu.

Her words were directed towards Nangong Tian, who was at a corner not too far away.

Nangong Tian squinted and clenched his fists tightly. With a chilling look in his eyes, he looked at Nangong Mu, who could no longer stand up, then at Chi Guyan. Eventually, he sighed gloomily and said, “We've lost this round!”

“This round?!” Mu Qingfeng was startled. He immediately looked towards Nangong Tian and asked, “Are you saying that the Nangong n.o.bles could send another contestant?!”

“It's the best out of three. We are just tied at 1-1 at the moment, so of course, we would send someone else.” Nangong Tian nodded as if it was obvious.


“Obviously a disciple from our family.”

Mu Qingfeng squinted a little when he heard Nangong Tian. Then, he nodded softly at Chi Guyan and said, “I understand. Guyan, come and get some rest first. I'll take care of this.”

“Rest? I'm afraid not?” Nangong Tian's lips curled into a smile.

“Why not? The rules of this Martial Arts Compet.i.tion have been decided unanimously by the Five Sects of the Holy Region. There are no restrictions on the partic.i.p.ants who will be taking part in the three rounds of fights. Since Guyan has already won this round, she could definitely take a break while another disciple from Heaven Dao Pavilion takes part in the third round.” Mu Qingfeng frowned and said.

“Don't be hasty, Pavilion Master Mu. I'm not talking about the rules.” Nangong Tian shook his head.

“Not the rules? What do you mean then?”

“Hao'er, you lost to Chi Guyan by one move several years ago. Today is the time for you to redeem yourself!” Nangong Tian suddenly looked up and shouted instead of answering Mu Qingfeng's question.


“Did he say Hao'er…”

“Could it be Nangong Hao?!”

The surrounding disciples were startled when they heard Nangong Tian.

Although they all knew about Nangong n.o.bles' Nangong Hao, who was known as Great Xia Dynasty's number one genius, the incident that took place at Heaven Dao Pavilion several months ago was already known by everyone.

“Nangong Hao? Didn't he… Die together with Tian Xing?” All the disciples looked at each other with disbelief.

However, at this moment…

They suddenly heard a beast roaring in the sky. It was a ferocious beast bathing in red light. Its feathers, eyes, and claws were all red.

There was a person standing on top of the beast. He was wearing a white scholar's robe and carrying a snow-white sword on his back. His robe swayed as a gust blew past.


“How could junior brother Nangong still be alive?”

“If he's alive… Does that mean that the Heaven-Receiving Door is opened?!”

The elders and disciples of Heaven Dao Pavilion were astounded when they saw the person standing on the beast's back because they all knew how unlikely it was for Nangong Hao to be alive.

“Nangong Hao?! How is that possible?” Even Mu Qingfeng was left dumbfounded at this instance. He couldn't believe it at all.

“Big brother… Big brother didn't… Didn't die?!” Nangong Mu was equally stupefied. He looked at the person in the sky, then at Nangong Tian, and asked, “Big brother is really alive, but how would father know… Unless father knew all along that big brother didn't die?!”

“Nangong Hao didn't die?” Chi Guyan also furrowed her brows. Her eyes, still glowing with the five-colored radiance, were fixated on the person in the sky.

She obviously heard Nangong Mu.

That was precisely why she became more confused and confounded.

‘Nangong Mu didn't know?'

‘However, it seems like Nangong Tian knew about it since a long time ago?'

‘Why did Nangong Tian know that Nangong Hao didn't die? Furthermore, why did he have to hide it from Nangong Mu on purpose… What exactly is going?”

‘Heaven Dao Pavilion…'

‘What happened to the Heaven-Receiving Door?'

Her mind was troubled with countless questions. Even Chi Guyan wasn't able to figure out all the answers in such a short time.

However, Nangong Hao had already descended from the sky.

He landed in front of Chi Guyan like a snowflake in the winter wind. Then, he quietly carried Nangong Mu up from the ground.

He didn't say a word or greet anyone.

Nangong Hao walked straight towards Nangong Tian after he picked up Nangong Mu.

“It seems like you've matured a lot in the past few months!” Nangong Tian gazed at Nangong Hao. His even mouth twitched with excitement.

“Father, aren't you concerned about brother Mu's injuries?” Nangong Hao said calmly.

“Concerned… As his father, I'm definitely concerned about Mu'er's injuries. Someone, hurry…”

“Father!” Nangong Hao interrupted Nangong Tian. Then, he looked at the person who was going to walk out from behind Nangong Tian and said, “Stay back. Father should attend to brother Mu's injuries!”

“Ok, Hao'er, I understand!” Nangong Tian was a little startled, but he quickly nodded and took over Nangong Mu.

Several elders of Heaven Dao Pavilion glanced at each other after seeing this. Soon, one of them stepped out.

“Nangong Hao, how did you come out of the Heaven-Receiving Door? What's happening in Heaven Dao Pavilion now?” This elder sounded nervous and hasty.

“Shouldn't Heaven Dao Pavilion be more concerned about winning the last round of this Martial Arts Compet.i.tion?” Nangong Hao slowly turned towards the elder. He seemed extremely calm.

“Bulls.h.i.+t, why don't you first tell me how you got out? By the way, why did we receive no updates from Heaven Dao Pavilion even though you are already here?”

“Elder, if you could beat me, I'd definitely answer you.” Nangong Hao smiled and replied.

“How dare you!” The elder was enraged. Without any hesitation, he leaped out and attacked Nangong Hao like a bolt of lightning.

Gate Of God Chapter 836 - The Unexpected Guest

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