Gate Of God Chapter 86

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"Kind help and cooperation? See you there?!"

Cai Yongfeng's mouth lightly mumbled Fang Zhengzhi's words, then, his face instantly turned a deathly shade of white. Slowly turning his head around and gazing at the Kang Xingping inside the pond, then gazing at the surrounding scholars and beautiful women.

From their eyes, Cai Yongfeng inferred two emotions, shock and anger!

"Cai Yongfeng, you double-dealing and backstabbing malicious vile person, I, Kang Xingping, and you cannot exist together!" Within the pond, Kang Xingping made an oath.

The scholars and beauties beside the pond also stared at Cai Yongfeng and shook their heads.

Even in their dreams, they would never have thought that Cai Yongfeng, ranked among the Hidden Dragon Roll, would actually conspire together with Fang Zhengzhi? What kind of charisma did this Fang Zhengzhi have?

Just as the crowd was filled with doubt, another person appeared beside the pond.

Then, the crowd saw a shocking scene. Wearing brocade clothes, with an expression cold as ice and waving a Golden Bone Silver Thread Fan, a youth walked to Fang Zhengzhi's side.

"Resolved?" Yan Xiu looked at Cai Yongfeng standing beside the pond and Kang Xingping who had landed inside the pond.

"Yes!" Fang Zhengzhi shook his head. In front of Yan Xiu, he didn't like to lie. If he ever wanted to exploit Yan Xiu, he would add on a sentence like, thank you Young Master Cai for your help.

"I can treat you to a meal!" Yan Xiu lightly nodded.

"Alright!" Fang Zhengzhi didn't reject.

Yan Xiu turned around, then, as if he thought of something, suddenly shot his gaze towards Cai Yongfeng standing by the pond. His tone was cold. "Thank you, Young Master Cai, for your help!"

A light gust of wind blew past, and time seemed to have stopped at this moment.

Standing by the pond, Cai Yongfeng stared at Yan Xiu with an expression of disbelief.

Fang Zhengzhi was also slightly stunned inside. He believed that Yan Xiu was able to see the problem in this, but, Yan Xiu's words were evidently…

"They are indeed together!"

Those who were initially in denial at this moment had lost all their doubt. Because, everybody believed that a person as cold as Yan Xiu would never lie.

When Cai Yongfeng wanted to explain further, Kang Xingping who was inside the pond didn't give him any further opportunities to speak.

Fang Zhengzhi and Yan Xiu walked shoulder to shoulder towards the restaurant.

But, beside the pond, calm was already impossible. The raging Kang Xingping wildly attacked Cai Yongfeng, each of his moves were deadly, and every move was sinister.

Such wild attacks naturally caused Cai Yongfeng to not be able to hold back.


A deathmatch began to start beside the pond.

But in the end, it was Kang Xingping and Cai Yongfeng who were fighting to the death beside the pond? There seemed to be something wrong somewhere.

Inside the restaurant, Fang Zhengzhi sat beside Yan Xiu, while the strong bearded man stood behind. A maid poured tea beside the two people, and everything was calm.

Yan Xiu didn't question further. Because, he had already personally witnessed everything that had happened. Fang Zhengzhi also didn't speak. Because, he knew Yan Xiu wasn't inclined towards chatting.

Just like that, the two sat quietly and watched the fight unfolding beside the pond.

Until the two had exhausted all the strengths, and after a few people who couldn't bear to watch it anymore broke up the fight, this silence was finally broken.

"The capital examination is going to start ten days later." Yan Xiu spoke first.

"Yes." Fang Zhengzhi nodded.

"This time, I heard the content is going to be different from the usual." Yan Xiu continued.

"Because of me?" Fang Zhengzhi guessed.

"Yes, and no!" Yan Xiu nodded and shook his head.

Fang Zhengzhi didn't speak, and instead lightly sipped a mouth of tea and waited quietly for Yan Xiu to continue his explanation.

"Even though Chi Guyan's status is outstanding, but she didn't partic.i.p.ate in the Imperial Government, and, all along, the capital examination's content had always been set by the Imperial Academy before seeking the Left Minister's comments and then distributed."

"But, this time, the number of partic.i.p.ants in the River of Trust Capital examinations is really too many, hence the Chief Examiner suggested a new examination content. The Imperial Academy had already authorized it, and so did the Left Minister."

Finish this explanation in one breathe, Yan Xiu's face seemed somewhat fl.u.s.tered, as if he wasn't very used to it.

"I understand." Fang Zhengzhi nodded once again.

"The change in the capital examination isn't in your favour." Yan Xiu drank another mouth of tea and continued.

"Do I have a choice?"


"Then let nature take its course."

Ever since Fang Zhengzhi appeared beside the Serene Ink Pond, new of him entering the River of Trust Capital naturally spread very quickly. Everybody guessed that Fang Zhengzhi's ten days would pa.s.s very comfortably.

But in reality…

Fang Zhengzhi's days pa.s.sed very comfortably.

Yan Xiu had also booked a new room for him, beautiful and secluded.

Indeed, Yan Xiu was indeed very sincere towards Fang Zhengzhi, and the reason Fang Zhengzhi accepted this act of sincerity wasn't to use Yan Xiu to protect himself.

But instead, he felt that to be able to get away from these noisy flies, it was definitely not a bad thing.

It was getting nearer to the capital examination. Initially when n.o.body expected any more events to occur, an explosive news suddenly began to spread.

Yun Qingwu had come to the River of Trust!

This undoubtedly planted a fuse in the River of Trust, which was already ridden by a strong undercurrent. Countless scholars began to spread news that Yun Qingwu definitely came because of the criminal demand order.

After all, Yun Qingwu was the biggest victim mentioned in the criminal demand order.

Next, there were three days left to the capital examination. As of tradition, the River of Trust Capital held a huge gathering of scholars and beauties.

Almost every scholar that entered the River of Trust Capital gathered at the cultural exchange venue.

But, an even stranger thing occurred. Unlike what everybody expected, Fang Zhengzhi didn't appear in the cultural exchange. Furthermore, even Yun Qingwu didn't partic.i.p.ate.

The huge cultural gathering started among huge cheers, yet ended in a desolate sigh.

This caused a huge question to appear in the hearts of the scholars in the River of Trust Capital.

What was the reason for Yun Qingwu's arrival?

If it was due to Fang Zhengzhi, then why didn't she condemn him at the cultural gathering? Such a good opportunity wouldn't have been given up by any other person.


If Yun Qingwu's arrival wasn't due to Fang Zhengzhi? Why would she choose this timing that would cause the most a.s.sumptions to come to the River of Trust Capital?

The crowd couldn't understand.

Just as they discussed spiritedly, filled with doubt, they suddenly realised with a shock that it was already officially the start of the capital examination.

Was it calm?

Actually, it was indeed calm.

Because, ever since Fang Zhengzhi arrived at the River of Trust Capital, he had only appeared once at the Serene Ink Pond. Even though it caused some activity, but, compared to the real tempest.

That was only…

An inadvertent brush of shoulders!

And now, the real tempest was about to befall!

Gate Of God Chapter 86

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