Gate Of God 860 Combination Of Human And Tree

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The terrorizing attack was accompanied by a force of thunder.

The violent strength caused the air to stop circulating. Loud cracking noises resonated through the air while countless golden rays acc.u.mulated at the center of the giant black hammer.

Despite this, Nangong Hao remained calm as ever, nonchalantly glancing at the approaching giant hammer, he raised his left arm slowly.

Boom! A gigantic shock wave spread through the air like water ripples, so strong that the ground shook.


"With this level of attack, I doubt anyone could block it?"

"Blocking it was impossible!"

The disciples from the various sects widened their eyes and stared at the center of the shockwave, the two shadows that were about to meet.

However, soon, their expressions changed.

The terrifying attack did not reach Nangong Hao, but was instead blocked by a hand which was surrounded by many black tree branches.

The black tree branches intertwined on the black giant hammer like many palms, blocking the hammer above Nangong Hao's head. Every branch was glowind with radiance and exuded a holy aura.

"The Tree of G.o.d!"

"The branches of the Tree of G.o.d!"

"Why did this happen?"

This was undoubtedly an astonis.h.i.+ng scene for the disciples of the various sects and those of the Holy Region. They never expected the Tree of G.o.d to make this move.

Was the Tree of G.o.d willingly helping Nangong Hao?

Or, Nangong Hao was able to make use of the powers of the Tree of G.o.d?


This confusion also prompted an idea in the disciples' minds.

"Unless the Tree of G.o.d was really planted by the ancestors of the Nangong n.o.bles?" This thought worried the disciples. If this was the truth, then n.o.body would be able to stop Nangong Hao!

"Nangong Hao, you…" Mo Shans.h.i.+ was also extremely shocked. He could feel the intense power on the branches of the Tree of G.o.d more than anyone else.

"I said, it's too late!" Nangong Hao grimaced, the blood stains on his chest made him look extremely insane.

More importantly, the blood flower on the top of his head kept rising, flying towards the top of the Tree of G.o.d with insane speed.

"Old man Mo!" Mu Qingfeng arrived at this moment, with the speed of lightning, he struck the branches on the black giant hammer using his long sword.

Boom! Another loud sound was heard.

However, the next scene made the disciples feel like they were woken up in a different world. The branches of the Tree of G.o.d were like gold iron, not only did they remain completely undamaged, but none of the leaves fell too.

"What?!" Mu Qingfeng clearly could not believe his eyes.

But he could not overthink. After he cut the tree branch with his sword, more tree branches grew from the Tree of G.o.d.

Crack! In a split second, Mu Qingfeng was caught by a black tree branch. Followed by the second, the third…

Nangong Hao, on the other hand, acted as though nothing had happened. He followed closely behind the blood flower, flying towards the top of the Tree of G.o.d.

However, when he was flying, a few drops of fresh blood fell from the sky.

"Is there really no way to stop him?" Mo Shans.h.i.+'s giant hammer was caught by the branches. He stared blankly at Nangong Hao while remaining stuck to the spot.

Mu Qingfeng's expression was also very solemn. However, when the few drops of fresh blood dripped on his face, his expression changed.

"Wait, he still cannot control the Tree of G.o.d!"

"Cannot control?" Mo Shans.h.i.+ was shocked by Mu Qingfeng's comments. It was the Tree of G.o.d that blocked the blow for Nangong Hao earlier on.

"He is injured, badly injured! He is intentionally tricking us into believing that he could control the Tree of G.o.d!" Mu Qingfeng was going wild.

Beams of aura exuded from Mu Qingfeng's body. Bright and pure, the aura were comparable to sharp swords.

As the aura continuously flowed, the black branches on his body began to fall off, their color changing from black to snow white.

"Snow and ice!" Mo Shans.h.i.+'s eyes widened. Staring at the ice and snow form of the "black branches of the Tree of G.o.d", he immediately understood what Mu Qingfeng meant.

Nangong Hao was taking a bet!

He was betting on Mo Shans.h.i.+ and Mu Qingfeng's fear of the power of the Tree of G.o.d!

He used his own power to block Mo Shans.h.i.+'s attack, but he credited that to the Tree of G.o.d.

This wittiness, calmness and plotting, was almost perfect.

If Nangong Hao had not suffered severe injuries and left the few drops of blood, n.o.body would have realized it.

"Nangong Hao… No wonder he was publicly declared as the Number One Prodigy by the Great Xia Dynasty. In such scenarios, how could he exhibit such calmness in making judgments, how formidable!" After shaking off the branches, Mu Qingfeng felt intimidated

They were so close to being "tricked" by Nangong Hao.

"Nangong Hao, you can't escape!" Mo Shans.h.i.+'s body shook suddenly, breaking the branches on his black giant hammer. Then, with a flap of his "wings", he zoomed towards Nangong Hao again.

Cough… Nangong Hao coughed heavily and spat fresh blood from his mouth.

Evidently, to block Mo Shans.h.i.+'s attack and plot this trickery, he had paid a heavy price.

"I am exposed so quickly?" Nangong Hao turned towards Mo Shans.h.i.+ with a tinge of exhaustion in his expression.

However, he did not slow down. With a calm expression, he looked as though he was not surprised that he was exposed.

"Nangong Hao. with your current condition, you will not be able to escape!" Mo Shans.h.i.+'s voice could be heard from beneath.

Nangong Hao still remained silent.

He bit his lips and continued flying towards the blood flower. His speed was even faster now, so fast that one could not see him clearly.

"Give up now, it is impossible!" Mo Shans.h.i.+ shouted again.

"Just a little more to go, a little more… I can do this, I definitely can. Brother, I will not let you bleed in vain. Never, never ever!" Nangong Hao did not look down, he focused entirely on the blood flower above him.

He was getting closer and closer!

Nangong Hao was closing in on the blood flower. Meanwhile, Mo Shans.h.i.+ was closing in on him as well. It was as though the three were about to meet.

The disciples held their breath as they watched from underneath. Everyone stared at the two blurry figures.

Getting closer and closer!

He reached!

Just when Mo Shans.h.i.+ was about a person's distance away from Nangong Hao, blood-red light lit up the sky.

Buzz! A gigantic Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration masked the sky like a sky screen. Many red claws flowed out of the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration wildly.

"Hmph, you can't block me!" Seeing the attack of countless red claws, the golden marks on Mo Shans.h.i.+'s body flowed rapidly. Almost immediately, an extremely complicated figure lit up above his head as though he was holding a gigantic golden light s.h.i.+eld on his head.

However, as compared to ordinary light s.h.i.+elds, this light s.h.i.+eld was extraordinarily intense, as though it was a heavy hammer that was thrown out.


Mo Shans.h.i.+'s body zoomed past the Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration, completely ignoring the red claws, making a human-sized tear on the gigantic Blood Offering Ill.u.s.tration.

It was a shocking scene.

Then, Mo Shans.h.i.+ was finally behind Nangong Hao.

"Die!" Mo Shans.h.i.+ was certain. At this moment, he would definitely not spare Nangong Hao, hence he threw the hammer towards Nangong Hao's back.

Nangong Hao turned pale.

Yet, his pale face displayed calmness instead of panic.

He did not attempt to dart.


After the loud boom, the sound of bones breaking could be heard.

Mo Shans.h.i.+'s hammer struck Nangong Hao's back accurately, causing Nangong Hao to spit out a mouthful of blood.

Spit! The blood turned into blood mist in the sky, then, it strangely continued to acc.u.mulate in the blood flower.

What was stranger was how Nangong Hao, despite suffering the blow, continued advancing even faster and did not collapse.


"He did not die? He is still advancing?!"

"What's going on?!"

The disciples were extremely shocked as they knew Mo Shans.h.i.+ was really powerful.

He was one of the most powerful in the Holy Region!

How could one survive the blow made by him?

n.o.body could.

It was unbelievable, but, it was reality.

Mo Shans.h.i.+ was also taken aback. He had really gave a full-out attack earlier on.

Under such circ.u.mstances…

Nangong Hao did not die?

Was he a monster?!

"No, not a monster, he was indestructible!" Mo Shans.h.i.+, as the Valley Master of Fu Xi Valley Master, figured out very quickly after a temporary daze.

If anybody could survive the blow of his hammer, it must be claimed as the first Indestructible Body of the bloodline.


Yan Qing had a fight with Nangong Hao before.

Coincidentally, Nangong Hao had swallowed some of Yan Qing's blood.

This was easily neglected as n.o.body would bother recalling this fact.

Also, Nangong Hao had always been trying to hide this. He had never fought with Mo Shans.h.i.+ or even Fang Zhengzhi.

This made it easier for others to neglect the fact.

"How witty… Did he plan this all along?! Or, had he always made this his Trump card?!" Mo Shans.h.i.+ gasped.

He saw through his intentions.

However, he could no longer stop Nangong Hao.

Thanks to the blow of his hammer, Nangong Hao had already caught up with the blood flower like a meteor that flew up to the sky.

He was less than five-people's distance away from the top of the Tree of G.o.d.

Therefore, even as one of the most powerful in the Holy Region, Mo Shans.h.i.+ could not stop Nangong Hao from reaching the top of the Tree of G.o.d.

Mu Qingfeng witnessed this scene.

He wanted to stop Nangong Hao, but n.o.body was faster than Mo Shans.h.i.+ in the air.

If Mo Shans.h.i.+ could not stop him, how could Mu Qingfeng?

Crack! At this moment, Nangong Hao finally grabbed the blood flower. Glistening, the blood flower floated in his palm.

Meanwhile, his foot touched the top of the Tree of G.o.d. Underneath his foot, the black tree branches glowed, the radiance flowed continuously from the tree branches to his body, as though he had fused with the branches.

"Today, I can finally rewrite the fate of Nangong n.o.bles!" Nangong Hao's tear dripped on the blood flower in his hand as he stood on the top of the Tree of G.o.d, "It had been ages… For thousands of years, Nangong n.o.bles changed our family name and endured. Despite that, we could only stay in a cold and harsh environment. We were destined to live through the cold, and those people who betrayed us… They lived a wealthy and happy life!"

"Nangong Hao, didn't you say that the Nangong n.o.bles were descendants of Emperor Yan? Aren't you afraid of getting into trouble with your ancestors? What are you trying to do?!" Mo Shans.h.i.+ said.

"What am I trying to do? Hahaha, nothing much. I just wanted justice! The Nangong family only wants to get back the things that belonged to us and our ancestors. Trying to stop me? Dream on!" Nangong Hao laughed hysterically. Then, the blood flower in his hand fell to the tree branch on the top of the Tree of G.o.d.

Gate Of God 860 Combination Of Human And Tree

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