Gate Of God 861 Of The Three Realms

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"Belongings of the ancestors?" Mo Shans.h.i.+ narrowed his eyes. He was unsure of what Nangong Hao was saying, but it was clearly not important anymore.

The blood flower in Nangong Hao's hand landed on the top of the Tree of G.o.d and flowed into the tree extremely quickly.

It looked as if the blood flower was swallowed by the Tree of G.o.d.

The blood flower disappeared in a split second. Meanwhile, a fruit grew at the top of the Tree of G.o.d. The fruit had three colors, and split into three different fruits.

One was as black as ink, radiating a mysterious aura. One was green and had the vibrance of a metal. The last was glowing with golden beams, extremely eye-catching.

Three fruits!

Moreover, none of these three fruits were round. In fact, they were shaped very oddly. Instead of looking like normal fruits, they looked like three keys.

Buzz! At this moment, the sky trembled as though there were huge tears in the sky.

"What's going on?!"

"What on earth is that?"

"I have a feeling, a bad one. I feel that the sky is about to fall?"

"The sky is about to fall? What do you mean?"

As the disciples discussed beneath, the sun in the sky suddenly disappeared.

It changed from daylight to night time!

What a strange scene that took place in a blink of an eye. The sun disappeared and night time arrived, only three fruits glistened on the top of the Tree of G.o.d, radiating three different colors.

"Heaven and Earth Reversal, Yin Yang Retrograde?" This scene shocked Dao Hun, who was in the midst of a battle.

The other disciples were completely stunned.

In a blink of an eye, day turned into night. This phenomenon that just took place in front of their very own eyes had never been recorded in historical books.

"Why did the sky darken suddenly?"

"Stars… Look, the stars in the sky…"

"And a bright moon? Am I dreaming?"

The disciples of the various sects and the disciples of the Holy Region could not understand this strange phenomenon.

"The reversal of Heaven and Earth?" Qian Yu looked up at the sky, looking shocked as well. Evidently, even she could not find a reasonable explanation to this phenomenon.

Compared to Mo Shans.h.i.+, Dao Hun and Qian Yu, Mu Qingfeng's expression was slightly different. Countless thoughts flashed through his mind.

That was because he suddenly recalled the black palace located underneath the Sword Peak of the Heaven Dao Pavilion, as well as the stone tablet in the palace which had ancient writings carved on it.

"Tree of G.o.d…"

"Fruits? Blood flower…"

"The hope of Mother Earth? The reversal of Heaven and Earth?"


Countless thoughts flashed through and gathered in Mu Qingfeng's mind. He felt as though he was about to figure things out, but yet he could not.

"Three fruits… Three worlds… Gate of G.o.d, Nangong Hao wants to open the Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms!" At this point, a crisp voice could be heard.

Meanwhile, Chi Guyan who had been recuperating stood up, staring at the figure on top of the Tree of G.o.d with eyes as bright as the stars.

"What? Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms?!" All the disciples gasped in shock.

However, none of them questioned this sentence.

Because this sentence was said by Chi Guyan.

"Indeed, it is Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms… Huyan was correct, Nangong Hao is indeed trying to Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms!" Mu Qingfeng reacted upon hearing Chi Huyan's words.

"Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms? So the legend was true!" Mo Shans.h.i.+ sounded extremely shocked.

"Yes, the legend about the G.o.d of Tree which connected the three realms. So he… He wants to open the Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms, what exactly does he want?!" Mu Qingfeng did not look very well.

There were very little detailed description regarding the Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms in the Repository of the Heaven Dao Pavilion. The insignificant legend was only recorded in an extremely ancient historical book.

Tree of G.o.d that connected the three realms!

That was all!

However, n.o.body knew, and n.o.body would have been able to know whether the three realms really existed, and what was in the three realms.

"Hahaha, you are wrong. The Nangong n.o.bles do not want to open the Gate of G.o.d of the Three Realms, we want to open the Door of the Realm of G.o.d!" Nangong Tian's voice could be heard.

''Door of the Realm of G.o.d?!"

""The Realm of G.o.d really exists?"

Upon hearing Nangong Tian, the disciples of the various sects showed astonishment on their faces. None of them have heard of the legend that stated the existence of the Realm of G.o.d.

"Looks like there is no point in hiding the truth anymore!" After blocking the strike of the Yan Yin, Nangong Tian landed somewhere far away, staring intensely, he said, "The Nangong n.o.bles originally had the surname Jiang and were the descendants of Emperor Yan. However, due to one mistake made by our ancestor Emperor Yan, we had to hide our names for thousands of years!"

"Mistake?" The disciples looked at each other in confusion.

"Yes, mistake!" Nangong Tian nodded, then spoke with a sense of pity, "The story that Pavilion Master Mu had told earlier on was something that happened in real life!"

"The story that Pavilion Master Mu had told?"

"Are you referring to Mother Earth?"

"The natural disaster?"

Upon hearing this, the disciples looked even more shocked.

Besides them, even Mu Qingfeng subconsciously trembled. If Nangong Tian could bring up the story, he probably knew the details of it.

"Although you may not believe me, the natural disaster really happened on earth before, and the battle of the three races — human race, demon race, and monster race — was the trigger!" Nangong Tian continued.

"The battle of the three races?"

"Thousands of years ago, under the leaders.h.i.+p of Yan Huang, a great war was started. However, people did not know that the war did not end. During the final battle, the natural disaster took place! That natural disaster killed countless lives and caused the world to be consumed by blood and fire!" Nangong Tian evidently sounded very agitated.

"It did not end?"

"The natural disaster took place during the final battle?"

"But why then do we still have the records of Yan Huang?"

Although they were shocked by the story, the disciples of various sects still doubted his words.

Nangong Tian, however, ignored the comments made by the disciples. Instead, he looked quietly at the sky filled with stars, "It was Mother Earth who convinced the three races to temporarily ceasefire. However, to compensate for the damage caused by the natural disaster as a result of the Great War, Mother Earth could not possibly do it alone. Therefore, she requested for the three races to send their most powerful representatives to fight alongside her against the natural disaster and mended the sky!"

"Mended the sky?!"

"Collaboration amongst the most powerful of the three races!"


At this moment, the disciples fell silent. They could picture the spectacular scene of the collaboration between Mother Earth and the most powerful of the three races when natural disaster struck.

As the natural disaster struck, fire blazed and small rocks fell.

The ground burned in raging flames. The most powerful of the three races dashed to the sky. Like meteors, they gathered at the area struck by natural disaster. Using their powers, they fought the natural disaster.

"Mother Earth? Nüwa mending the sky?" Fang Zhengzhi was somewhat surprised.

He had heard this legend before. However, it sounded a little different from what Nangong Tian had said.

Why does this world have the same legend?

And most importantly, this legend was different from the legend in the past life? What exactly is this world? How is this world connected to the past world?

Many questions popped up in Fang Zhengzhi's mind.

However, he could not find an explanation because he was not sure whether Nangong Tian was telling the truth or not. Nevertheless, he was sure that there were some cla.s.sic books that could be found in both worlds. These cla.s.sics were renamed Law of Dao!

Nangong Tian spoke again, albeit with a trembling voice, "All of you guessed correctly. The three races agreed and led by Mother Earth, they fought against natural disaster. The most powerful in the family of Emperor Yan also partic.i.p.ated. However, we made a mistake. We went full-out and did not hold back at all, trying to compensate for our mistakes!"

"Full-out? No holding back? What was wrong with that?" The disciples could not understand. Shouldn't going full-out be regarded as a major accomplishment at the time of a natural disaster? Why did Nangong Tian say that it was a grave mistake?

"Correct? Haha… If we had not made that mistake, our race would not have fallen! Because we did not hold back and trusted Mother Earth entirely, we depleted our energy when the natural disaster was fixed. As a result, we were trapped outside the sky!"

"Trapped outside the sky?!"

"In order to mend the sky, we must block the disasters from entering the sky. By moving outside the sky, we put in all efforts into preventing the natural disaster from striking, allowing Mother Earth to have the opportunity to mend the sky. However, after mending the sky, we could no longer enter the sky again. Don't you think that was a grave mistake?"


"Could no longer enter the sky again?"

This time round, apart from the disciples, even Mu Qingfeng fell silent. If Nangong Tian was telling the truth, then the Emperor Yan family had suffered huge losses, it could even be said to be catastrophic.

"After resolving the natural disaster, even Mother Earth had depleted her powers. Feeling guilty for trapping them out of the sky, Mother Earth handed over a seed to the ancestors of the Emperor Yan family. She also left behind "Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven" to the ancestors of the Emperor Huang family, hoping that the descendants of Yan and Huang could collaborate, create the Gate of G.o.d and welcome those who were trapped outside back. However… the descendants of Emperor Huang used the "Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven" to rule, climb to the throne, completely ignoring the ancestors and most powerful fighters who were trapped outside the sky!" Nangong Tian's eyes welled up with tears.

"Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven?!"

"I have never heard of this Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven?"

"Thirty-six maps… Does he mean thirty-six pieces of Heaven Dao Sage Tablet?"

The disciples of the various sects were extremely confused. However they gained back their senses quickly. This was because thirty-six, the number of maps, matched perfectly with the number of Heaven Dao Sage Tablet.

However, this meant…

"Could it be that the Great Xia Dynasty was started by the descendants of Emperor Huang?!" After this thought flashed across his mind, all eyes focused on Lin Mubai, His Majesty, who was sitting within the faction of Great Xia Dynasty.

However, when His Majesty Lin Mubai heard that, his expression immediately changed. Glancing around, he clenched his fist tight.

However, Nangong Tian obviously did not give His Majesty Lin Mubai a chance to talk. After a pause, he said, "Yes, Lin Mubai is the descendant of Emperor Huang. Because the Lin family broke their promises, after several arguments, our ancestors finally could not endure it any further. That battle, the family of Emperor Yan went all out, yet we could still could not win. Nonetheless, after that battle, the family of Emperor Huang were also depleted of strength and severely injured. Till now, the Great Xia Dynasty that once ruled the world have finally became the talk of the past!"

Nangong Tian looked slightly sad as he talked. However, he also seemed to be contented and proud.

On the other hand, all the disciples had their mouths agape.

The world they knew only had one dynasty — the Great Xia Dynasty. In that era, the Great Xia Dynasty ruled the world and there was no such thing as Holy Region.

Nevertheless, the Great Xia Dynasty which had a glorious past quickly fell and broke down, and eventually ended up as a dust in history.

"Nangong Tian, you are talking rubbis.h.!.+" His Majesty Lin Mubai could no longer hold his frustration.

"Hahaha, whether I am talking rubbish is no longer important. I did not expect the descendants of Emperor Huang to be so pathetic such that they resorted to changing the name 'Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven' to 'Heaven Dao Sage Tablet', and using the Thirty-six Maps of Access to Heaven to exchange for army and horses, establis.h.i.+ng an empire again!" Nangong Tian laughed loudly.

"How do you know what happened thousands of years ago?" His Majesty Lin Mubai did not believe him.

"Haha, of course I don't. However, the ancestors of the Nangong n.o.bles knew everything. Why do you think Nangong n.o.bles planted ourselves within the territory of the Great Xia Dynasty? Why do you think we did not become officials? You don't know, but Emperor Taizu of the Great Xia Dynasty does! If I had guessed correctly, Emperor Taizu must have given emperors like you a will after he pa.s.sed away that is related to Nangong n.o.bles?"

Gate Of God 861 Of The Three Realms

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