Gate Of God 911 Waking Up

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Neigh! Following the horse sounds, a troop of cavalry appeared at the entrance of the Northern Mountain Village with solemn expressions on their faces.

This was a troop of elite cavalry, and every cavalry had a blood-red triangle sign printed on their helmets.

Red Pinion Squad, the private protection squad for the Divine Constabulary of the Northern Lands!

"It's the troops from the Divine Constabulary of the Northern Lands!"

"… The Lord… The Lord had came personally!"

"Greetings, My Lord!"

After seeing the sign on the helmets of the cavalry, the villagers recognized it and fell to their knees.

Meanwhile, Chi Hou, the Lord of the Divine Constabulary, who was wearing an over-sized purple robe took a glance at the villagers and then the hanging white cloth in the village. His expression changed slightly.

"What happened?"

"My Lord, the evil demons came and killed our Village Chief…" After hearing Chi Hou's words, the villagers began to sob.

After all, to the villagers, the Divine Constabulary of the Northern Lands was the pillar of support for the residents of the Northern Lands to defend against the Demon Race.

"Evil demons? You mean the Demon Race?" Chi Hou's expression changed and his gaze turned cold. "Where's Yan'er? Is she alright? Is she in the Northern Mountain Village?"

"Yes, My Lord, Princess is in the house of the Fang family."

"Quick, bring me over!"


A troop of cavalry appeared at the entrance of the courtyard, causing the villagers to move aside.

Chi Hou clearly could not pay too much attention to the villagers. He speed-walked to the courtyard of the Fang family, looking extremely worried.

"My Lord." A voice was heard. Following that, Wu Yuer, who was wearing a black muslin dress, appeared at the entrance of the house.

"Wu Yuer?" Chi Hou frowned and said, "How is Yan'er? I heard that Yan'er had fainted and had not woken up ever since. Why isn't Yan'er here to welcome me, is something wrong? What about Fang Zhengzhi, where is he?"

A chain of questions were shot from Chi Hou's mouth. Evidently, he was extremely anxious.

After all, Chi Guyan was the hope and biggest pride of his life.

"My Lord shouldn't be here now." Instead of answering Chi Hou's question, Wu Yuer blocked him at the doorsteps.

"What do you mean?"

"The journey from the Golden Scale City to the Northern Mountain Village requires at least ten days. My Lord, you still haven't answered me, how did you manage to arrive in such a short time?" Wu Yuer continued to ask.

"Must I really answer your question?" Chi Hou frowned slightly.


"Alright them, the news of Fang Zhengzhi arriving back in the Great Xia had spread throughout the entire Northern Lands. I have received a tip-off saying that Yan'er had suffered severe injuries and is now unconscious, and Fang Zhengzhi would definitely rush back to the Northern Mountain Village as soon as he could. Therefore, I have made my way to the Northern Mountain Village ten days ago…"

"Where did My Lord get your tip-off from?" Wu Yuer broke off Chi Hou's sentence.

"This is a military secret. I have my own ways to get my tip-offs, you don't need to…"

"I see." Wu Yuer broke off Chi Hou's sentence again. Then, she frowned and looked at the sun that had just risen. "Yun Qingwu… is indeed impressive!"

"What Yun Qingwu? What do you mean… Unless, you mean?!"

"Yesterday, a Demon troop that came from the Cang Ling Mountain appeared in the Northern Mountain Village. If I am right, there are more than one troop sent out by the Demon Race. Do you understand what I mean?"

"You, you…" Chi Hou started perspiring and his body shook, causing his over-sized purple robe to be drenched in perspiration immediately.

"My Lord, please enter!"

"I… I am…"

"My Lord, think no further. The Golden Scale City would have been invaded by the time you head back. Now your concern should be how to beg mercy from the Emperor of Great Xia."

"…" Chi Hou moved his mouth and wanted to speak. However, no words came out.

That was because he was certain that if Wu Yuer was right, the Golden Scale City would definitely be invaded and there was no hope.

After all, his opponent was Yun Qingwu!

Furthermore, this had been a plan by Yun Qingwu long time ago. Against his opponents who were fully prepared, he would have lost without any doubt.

Three days later, the Heavenly Oasis Saint rushed to the Northern Mountain Village and headed straight to the courtyard of the Fang family. After taking a look at the unconscious Fang Zhengzhi, he shook his head and did not speak.

After another two days, the bodies of Village Chief Zhang Yangping, Mister Mo Cheng and the 23 bodies found on the Cang Ling Mountain were buried together behind the Northern Mountain Village.

In this five days, Chi Guyan had stayed in the Northern Mountain Village. He stayed in Chi Guyan's room and had never left the room.

Time pa.s.sed by quickly. Five days went past in a blink of an eye.

"Re… Report! My Lord, the Golden Scale City is in… invaded!"

"Got it." Chi Hou took a look at the sergeant kneeling at the entrance of the courtyard of the Fang family, shook his head and went back to the room.

Chi Guyan lied silently on a bed that was lined with the skin of an animal with a calm expression on her pale face. However, her pace of breathing was still very slow.

"Yan'er, Father Lord have let you and His Majesty down. As a father, I could not protect you. As a military officer, I also did not manage to protect the people of the Golden Scale City. I am useless, useless…"


In the small courtyard, Wu Yuer, who was wearing a black muslin dress, turned her head towards Chi Hou as she watered the flower.

"My Lord, are you heading to the Flame Capital City to ask for forgiveness?"

"Yes. I have to trouble you to take care of Yan'er, I am immensely grateful!" Chi Hou was stunned for a moment before he nodded.

"My Lord, are you not intending to bring Chi Guyan along?"

"I am a sinner now. The trip to the Flame Capital City spells disaster for me, how can I possibly bring Yan'er along?" Chi Hou looked desolate.

"Hm, you are right." Wu Yuer was not surprised. She put down the water scoop gently and said, "So My Lord thinks that you can never see Chi Guyan again after this trip?"

"Yan'er, I…"

"I have a suggestion, not sure if My Lord wants to hear it?"

"Please speak!"

"Although the Golden Scale City is invaded, the foundation of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands are still present. If My Lord is able to sent a command to reconquer the Golden Scale City, I am sure that the troops of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands would be able to reunite. In view of the current situation, if My Lord secure a powerful troop, how would the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands convict you?"

"What do you mean? You want me to betray the country?!"

"Haha, My Lord is an intelligent person, how would you be so foolish. My Lord should give it some thoughts and you will understand what I mean."

"…" Chi Hou kept silent and frowned. However, his eyes lit up quickly as he clenched his fist. "You mean I could redeem myself?"

"My Lord is indeed brilliant. Apart from My Lord, who else would have a better understanding of the Northern Lands and be more suited to lead the troops of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands? I think My Lord understand what I mean, if you go to the Flame Capital City now, even if the Emperor of Great Xia did not want to kill you, he would be forced to convict you. The lightest sentence would be to put you in jail. By then, the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands would probably have become the territory of the Demon Race."

"So you want me to gather the troops and recapture the Golden Scale City?"

"No, since Yun Qingwu had already sprung an attack at the Golden Scale City, it would be impossible for My Lord to recapture it in such a short duration. What I meant was for My Lord to endure this temporarily so as to preserve the capability of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands." Wu Yuer shook her head.

"You want me to not do anything after seeing the suffering of the people in the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands? Impossible!" Chi Hou shook his head immediately.

"My Lord can think about it, do you want to secure the foundation of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands and wait for a ripe moment to attack, or make a sacrifice right now," said Wu Yuer.

"Wu Yuer, you… Alright, tell me about your plan!"

"Firstly, send a letter to the Flame Capital City to ask for a reward, stating that you have already used the Golden Scale City as a bait to control a troop of Demon soldiers, and ask the Flame Capital City to provide you with military help to control the situation!"

"I have lost the Golden Scale City, and you are asking me to send a letter to ask for a reward?!"

"Unless My Lord wants to ask for punishment? If so, I am pretty sure the order would be made immediately. By then, My Lord would have lost your position as the military officer and end up as a rebel army."

"…" Chi Hou moved his lips and frowned, clenching his fists until his knuckles turned white. However, soon after, he looked at Wu Yuer and said, "Speak, what should I do after that?"

"After losing the Golden Scale City, anyone would know that the Imperial Court would not approve of your request. Moreover, with your letter, the officers of the Imperial Court would have known about your intention to rebel. If I am not wrong, some courtiers would be waiting to kill you."

"Continue speaking!"

"By right, the Imperial Court would send soldiers over to repress your intentions. However, judging from the current situation, the Imperial Court would not even dare to punish My Lord because they have to consider about the troops in your control. They can't possibly force you to rebel!"


"In order to appease My Lord, the Imperial Court can only agree to your request. Then, My Lord would still preserve your position as the military officer of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands and control the troops of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands. Although the Imperial Court would use all sorts of reasons to not send any soldiers and food over to you, you can make use of this to rest in the Northern Lands. Most importantly…"

"What?" Chi Hou asked desperately.

"Do you think His Majesty is incompetent?"

"How dare you say that. His Majesty is wise and farsighted and had always been fair in his rewards and punishments. How could he be incompetent?"

"That's not right. My Lord had always been so loyal to the Great Xia Dynasty and you suddenly committed such a rebellious sin. Do you really think that His Majesty would not notice that something is amiss?"

"This… I understand. No wonder the Shadow Sect Leader could become the First Sect in the Great Xia. I have indeed learnt a lot from you today, thank you!" Chi Hou bowed to Wu Yuer and dashed towards the entrance of the village where the Red Pinion Squad were based at.

Meanwhile, Wu Yuer turned over to look at Fang Zhengzhi, who was still lying on the bed, giving a dejected look in her eyes.

She knew that Chi Hou had accepted her suggestion. As the Shadow Sect Leader, she did not need to partic.i.p.ate in the politics of the military of the Great Xia Dynasty.

However, she still did…

That was because she knew that whatever happened next would determine whether the human population could continue to survive on Earth.

"Shameless brat, I will prepare everything for you. You must quickly wake up, I'll be waiting!" Wu Yuer walked towards Fang Zhengzhi's bed slowly and took a glance at the back. Then, she kissed Fang Zhengzhi's lips.

It was a mere peck.

However, Wu Yuer had blushed tremendously.

"Cough cough… Yuer, Zheng'er had not woken up?" Qin Xuelian's voice came from the door. It was not loud but extremely clear.

"Ah?! Ah… No, not yet…"


A month's time past in a blink of an eye.

It had been exactly two and a half month's time since the battle at the Heaven Zen Mountain. Peace had restored in the Northern Mountain Village. What was different was that there was an elite Red Pinion Squad stationed around the Northern Mountain Village, as well as a large group of sergeants of the Five Constabularies of the Northern Lands hidden in the mountains.

As for Fang Zhengzhi and Chi Guyan…

They were still unconscious.

"It has been a month, one whole month, shameless brat, why aren't you awake yet? Do you know the entire world has changed completely in this one month's time?" Wu Yuer had accompanied beside Fang Zhengzhi for the entire month, she was really exhausted.

However, she did not feel like resting because she was afraid that if Fang Zhengzhi woke up suddenly, he would not be able to see her in the first instant.

However, she was really exhausted till the point that she could not open her eyes.

"Shameless brat… Zhengzhi, I will wait for you. I will wait for you to wake up. I have already prepared everything for you, I am just waiting for you to wake up…"


The night fell and the bright moonlight shone in the courtyard through the windows and landed on Wu Yuer's back, throwing a silver cast on her body.

Wu Yuer crouched at the bedside of Fang Zhengzhi with her eyes shut and breathing heavily. There was also undried tears at the corner of her eyes.

Suddenly, the unconscious Fang Zhengzhi moved and his eyes opened wide.

Gate Of God 911 Waking Up

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