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"Young Master Fang and Young Master Yang please enjoy; Ah Jiu will take my leave!" Even though Su Jiu was here to express his congratulations towards Fang Zhengzhi and Yan Xiu, he knew that in such a situation, as a boy servant, he wasn't qualified to enter.

Hence, after expressing his congratulations, Su Jiu prepared to leave.

But, would Fang Zhengzhi allow Su Jiu to leave just like that? Naturally that wasn't possible, hence, he quickly halted Su Jiu.

"Since you are here to express your congratulations, then let's eat together!" Fang Zhengzhi very generously pointed to the seat beside him.

Yan Xiu looked at Fang Zhengzhi and didn't speak. All along, he was never a person who chose friends based on their social status, else why would he be together with a poor person like Fang Zhengzhi?

Furthermore, today, Fang Zhengzhi was the host. Hence, Fang Zhengzhi inviting a person who expressed congratulations to eat together was within the etiquette.

However, Su Jiu received a huge shock.

Not mentioning Fang Zhengzhi's status in front of Wu Yuer, even based on these two people's achievements in front of him, one was the roll champion of this capital theory examination, and the other was second place, and was Young Master Yan Xiu of the Western Liang Yan family.

No matter how he looked at the situation, there was no way that he could join them?

But now…

Fang Zhengzhi actually invited him to join them, how honourable was that! The previous time, due to him getting close to Fang Zhengzhi, he was transferred from the Huai An County to the River of Trust Capital by Wu Yuer. Now that he ate with Fang Zhengzhi, without thinking, his position was about to rise again.

"Thank you, Young Master Fang, thank you, Young Master Yan Xiu!" Su Jiu furiously rubbed his hands, and very gingerly walked towards the dining table and sat down. He naturally couldn't just leave. After all, such an opportunity was too rare.

When Fang Zhengzhi saw Su Jiu sit down, the smile on his face became even more amiable.

If Su Jiu didn't seek anything, then under normal circ.u.mstances Su Jiu should have left after being invited to eat. But now, Su Jiu had already sat down, hence, Fang Zhengzhi couldn't be blamed.

Fang Zhengzhi wanted money, Su Jiu also wanted money. It seemed somewhat conflicting, but in reality, there was no conflict. Because, the method both of them used to gain money was different, but, one thing was definite.

This deal a win-win situation!

The three sat together. With Su Jiu joining them, things such as pouring water and wine were very generously taken over by Su Jiu. He even requested for the maids to withdraw, and everything was carefully taken care of by him.

Just as Su Jiu expected, this news reached Wu Yuer's ears very quickly, and caused the eyes of Wu Yuer, who was reading in the study room, to flash with a hint of shock.

"Eating together? This Su Jiu is indeed clever!"

This feast was initially a celebratory feast. Yan Xiu didn't like talking, but with Su Jiu joining them, naturally there were some rumours and gossips about the River of Trust Capital, hence the atmosphere became livelier.

The meal lasted for almost an hour.

When he saw that it was more or less finished, Fang Zhengzhi spoke again.

"Today, both Yan Xiu and I entered the first-cla.s.s roll. To have Ah Jiu to celebrate with us, the treatment indeed feels very different. Luckily, Ah Jiu didn't bring any presents, else I would indeed be rather guilty." Fang Zhengzhi expressed his grat.i.tude to Su Jiu.

Su Jiu's hand that was holding onto a cup instantly halted. Didn't bring any presents?! After a moment of shock, he regained his senses. That's right, if all he did was express his congratulations and not join them for the meal, it was still alright. But now that he had joined them, if he really complied with Fang Zhengzhi's statement about not bringing a present, that was really too rude.

But, he really hadn't thought that he would be able to join them!


Where was he supposed to get a present now?

When he thought of this, beads of sweat instantly broke out on Su Jiu's forehead. He hadn't at all prepared a present? This didn't seem very easy to settle…

"This meal is indeed very nice, I wonder how much it costs? Ah Jiu is well-versed with this Moonview Restaurant, I believe you should know?" Fang Zhengzhi looked at the dishes placed in front of him and casually remarked.

Just as Su Jiu prepared to respond, his eyes instantly lit up. Having been a runner for so many years, Su Jiu's greatest ability was discerning people's intentions from their body languages, and understanding the thoughts of the upper cla.s.s.

Hence, he instantly understood. Fang Zhengzhi was helping him out of embarra.s.sment. With Su Jiu's intelligence, he was definitely able to understand Fang Zhengzhi's intentions.

"Ah Jiu was in a hurry, hence didn't prepare any exquisite presents. In this Moonview Restaurant, Ah Jiu can also be counted as half a host. To have received such good treatment from Young Master Fang and Young Master Yan Xiu, if you don't mind, why not let Ah Jiu fulfil my responsibilities as a host?" Su Jiu said probingly.

Fang Zhengzhi felt that at this moment, he should false reject. But, as the saying goes, it was better to be safe than sorry. What if Su Jiu really changed his mind, what was he supposed to do then?

"Alright, then thank you Ah Jiu!" Fang Zhengzhi said without a trace of politeness.

Su Jiu instantly smiled. This way, the issue about his present was resolved.

"Young Master Fang and Young Master Yan Xiu please enjoy, Ah Jiu will leave for a while!" When he finished his sentence, Su Jiu pushed open the door and left. With a wave, he gathered the maid.

"Put this on my bill!" Su Jiu said with a generous expression.

When the maid heard, they stared at Su Jiu with rounded eyes. "Brother Jiu, are you sure? This meal isn't just any normal meal!"

"Isn't it just a meal?" Su Jiu waved his hands. Just as he prepared to re-enter the room, he suddenly felt as if something was wrong. "You mean there is a problem with this meal?"

"It's master's intentions!" The maid nodded.

"How… how much money?" Su Jiu's voice started to tremble.

"Rounding off, the total is: six hundred and eighty-eight taels!" The maid's expression was that of pity.

"Ah?! This… this is robb…" Su Jiu instantly felt as if he was struck by lightning and stood dumbfounded on the spot, his face filled with absolute disbelief.

In the Moonview Restaurant, within an exquisite study room.

Wu Yuer very quickly received this news. Her plot seemed to have been foiled! Because, the person paying the bill was Su Jiu, a pitiful scapegoat.

"Seems like it is like this, ha ha… looks like I really underestimated his shamelessness!" Wu Yuer's lips parted slightly, and smiled faintly. The complexion of her face seemed to glow even brighter, just like a seductive black spirit.

Then, Wu Yuer picked up her brush, and a row of beautiful words appeared on the white paper in front of her.

"Pa.s.s this to Young Master Fang."

"Yes, master!" A maid quickly walked towards the study table, and gingerly folded the piece of paper and placed it into an envelope before slowly withdrawing.

After a fulfilling meal, Fang Zhengzhi looked at the colour of the sky and wanted to take an afternoon nap, hence pulled Yan Xiu along and left. Just as he reached the doorstep, a maid appeared beside Fang Zhengzhi, holding a letter in her hands.

This caused Fang Zhengzhi to become rather anxious. Su Jiu said that he was about to foot the bill, but afterwards, he had never returned. He shouldn't have reneged and ran away?

"Young Master Fang, my master pa.s.sed this to you!" The maid respectfully pa.s.sed the letter to Fang Zhengzhi.

When Fang Zhengzhi heard this, he breathed an inwardly sigh of relief. If Wu Yuer was at the Moonview Restaurant, then his situation wouldn't be so bad that he wouldn't be able to leave. Hence, he nodded, reached out his hand and received the letter from the maid. Then, unfolding it, his eyes instantly narrowed.

"Yun Qingwu?!"

Gate Of God Chapter 98

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