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The content within the letter wasn't much, just one simple sentence. Furthermore, just the content alone wasn't something very shocking.

Very simply, it stated that in the capital examination, Yun Qingwu was the person who sent somebody to bet on Fang Zhengzhi attaining roll champion.

Yun Qingwu betting that he would be roll champion?

Fang Zhengzhi indeed felt somewhat curious inside. He only met with Yun Qingwu once, how was she so sure? Another thing which Fang Zhengzhi was curious about was Wu Yuer's control of information and intelligence.

Yun Qingwu sent somebody to buy that bet, and from that intention it could be inferred that she didn't want people to know. Even though Wu Yuer was the person behind the betting scene, but to truly trace back to the real buyer, it still required some time.

Yet, she was able to give a confirmed reply very quickly.

There was only one possibility. That was that Wu Yuer's control of information regarding everything in the River of Trust Capital had already far surpa.s.sed what Fang Zhengzhi was able to imagine.

"Wu Yuer?"

Fang Zhengzhi pocketed the letter, looked up into a window of the Moonview Restaurant, and his mouth curved into a smile.

A lady, such a young lady.

Yet being able to control the vast underground world. If somebody said that this lady didn't have any hidden powers behind her, Fang Zhengzhi would definitely not believe it.

"Help me tell Yuer that I will come and see her again, muacks!"

Yuer?! When the maid heard the way Fang Zhengzhi referred to Wu Yuer, a trace of horror flashed across her face. But, very quickly it returned back to the initial state of calm.

"Yes, Young Master Fang!"

Fang Zhengzhi and Yan Xiu left.

Yet, a figure appeared at the window that he looked at just now.

That was a beautiful and alluring face, but, at this moment a slight red blush appeared on this face, staring at Fang Zhengzhi's leaving figure.

Wu Yuer's body trembled slightly, and spat lightly.

"Muacks?! What a number one lecher on Earth, he is really… the most shameless!"

Three days later, in the imperial capital of the Great Xia Dynasty, the Yan capital city.

The huge city walls guarded this ancient city that had went through countless blood storms. As the capital of the Great Xia Dynasty, what the defensive structure of this ancient city was naturally the foundation of national defence.

On the city walls, countless soldiers wearing s.h.i.+ny armours, wielding long spears patrolled nonstop, and behind the city walls, was the garrison of patrol guards in the imperial capital Yan.

Numerous wooden target boards used for training were nailed deeply into the ground.

On the military drill ground, rows of patrol guards were practicing their spear tactics. Every spear thrusted out brought along an icy-cold glint.

In the middle of the drill ground was a huge wooden military tent, and on the tip of the tent was a golden flag. On it, the huge word "Duan" billowed in the wind.

Within the military tent, a youth around the age of twenty-three to twenty-four sat, his features were sharp as a sword, and he wore a white official robe with an ill.u.s.tration of an animal sewn onto it with golden thread.

"I have received information that the results of the River of Trust Capital theory examination roll champion are out!" The youth's gaze trained onto an old man wearing a black-white Dao robe sitting behind.

"Lord, this person can rise above so many scholars, and is indeed rare and valuable. Furthermore, I heard that this person at six years of age had already managed to solve the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation, and planted the heart of Dao. Should we…"

"Elder Wen, have you forgotten that piece of criminal demand order?" A scholarly-looking middle-aged man sitting opposite the black-white Dao robed man interrupted him at this moment.

This caused a tinge of unhappiness to flash across the old man addressed as Elder Wen, but, this tinge of unhappiness quickly vanished.

"Chi Guyan's criminal demand order shocked the world, how can I forget? But, ever since Chi Guyan attained the Double Dragon Roll Champion, she entered the Heaven Dao Pavilion and never took a single step out of the Heaven Dao Pavilion within a year. Furthermore, n.o.body had ever since heard any news from her. But, this time, due to a youth, she gave out a criminal demand order. Don't you think that there is something weird about this?"

"Yes, I express the same curiosity as Elder Wen, I wonder what Elder Wen is trying to convey?" When the youth heard Elder Wen's words, he waved his hands at the scholarly middle-aged man at the side, who was already preparing to speak.

The scholarly middle-aged man instantly closed the mouth that he had just opened, but there wasn't a single flash of unhappiness on his face.

"I a.s.sumed that with Chi Guyan's exceptional talents, she definitely wouldn't give out a criminal demand order due to a youth's one-time-off improper conduct. I believe this order is intended to test the waters!" Elder Wen replied respectfully.

"Since it's testing the waters, then if I follow Elder Wen's suggestions and recruit this person into the army, won't I go against Chi Guyan's intentions?" A trace of confusion appeared on the youth's face.

"I'm afraid the waters that she is testing isn't the same one we are thinking of…"

"Elder Wen, please explain!"

"At this moment, I'm still unable to guess Chi Guyan's intentions, however, no matter what they are, as long as this person is in our army, then the power would be in our hands. When that time comes, whatever Chi Guyan's intentions are, they would still be convenient for us!"

"Hmm…" The youth nodded, but didn't immediately express his thoughts. He gazed in the direction of the Heaven Dao Pavilion, as if thinking of something.

At this moment, within the Heaven Dao Pavilion, Lady Yuer was staring with shock at a piece of paper on her hands, then very quickly turned around and ran towards the garden in the rear court of the Heaven Dao Pavilion.

"Missus, missus… that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d attained the theory examination roll champion!"

"Rude!" A gentle shout came from within the garden, then, a lady in a pink skirt walked out from the garden. "Next time, refer to him as Young Master Fang!"

The lady's gaze shot towards Lady Yuer, her tone filled with unquestionable grandeur.

"Yes Missus, Yuer knows her mistake!" When Lady Yuer heard this, she instantly knelt down in fright.

"Ha ha… I never thought that this little b.a.s.t.a.r.d would indeed be rather hardworking. Capital theory examination roll champion?" The edges of the lady's mouth curved into a slight smile and looked up at the sky, her gaze that likened that of countless s.h.i.+ning stars flashed with a faint light.

Lady Yuer was stunned for a moment. Even though they were both ladies, but, she was always shocked by her Missus's appearance, especially when her Missus smiled.

A beauty that collapsed nations, the beauty of a G.o.ddess!

"The news I wanted you to reveal to Han Changfeng, did you reveal it?"

"Replying Missus, I had already followed Missus's orders and told w.a.n.g Anhua of the Southern Mountain Village Hall of Dao to pa.s.s the message. Indeed, as Missus had expected, when Han Changfeng received this piece of information, in front of the entire crowd, he revealed that little… Young Master Fang's incident about solving the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation eight years ago. I believe now this news should have been pa.s.sed to Yan capital."

"Yes, Han Changfeng won't have any other choices, he had to do this! Furthermore, I believe that this combat examination, Han Changfeng should already made his own arrangements. I wish to see how is that little b.a.s.t.a.r.d is going to pa.s.s the combat examination under such circ.u.mstances?"

"Missus, Yuer is somewhat confused. On one hand, you sent out the criminal demand order. On the order hand, you revealed the incident of Young Master Fang solving the Ill.u.s.tration of All Creation to the world. These two incidents, one is harmful, while the other is beneficial. What are your intentions of doing so?"

"Because, I want to confirm something!" When the lady said this, a trace of light flashed across her eyes.

"What is that? Don't tell me there is still something in this world that Missus isn't able to understand?" Lady Yuer's face was filled with confusion.

"It is indeed something that even I can't understand. The implications of this thing are too heavy, only when the results of the combat examination are out will I be able to confirm it absolutely."

"Something with too heavy implications?" The confusion on Lady Yuer's face deepened further. She indeed couldn't understand, her Missus resided in the Heaven Dao Pavilion, what else could have such a huge implication.

A few days later, all of the youths partic.i.p.ating in the River of Trust Capital examination took off their brocade and flowery clothes, and changed into armours of all kinds.

The reason was very simple…

Today, was the day of the combat examination!

Gate Of God Chapter 99

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