Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 465

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Chapter 465 - Breaking Through With the Help of Blood Qi Pill.

Translator: BinBin

Editor: EllisBLV13

In the Su family's old mansion in Sky City, Su Qiu Yue was zoned out in her white lace dress for at least a minute on the ground, staring fixedly at the man that had appeared in front of her sparkling eyes.

After a good while, she threw herself into the man's arms.

"Qin Feng? Is that you?" Feeling immersed in her own world, she was not able to differentiate between reality and dream.

Staring at Su Qiu Yue's thin figure and pallid countenance, Qin Feng's heart ached faintly. He knew that Su Qiu Yue must have gone through h.e.l.l during his absence.

"Qiu Yue, how is the Su family doing lately?" Ma Hui was already gone when Qin Feng arrived. If Qin Feng had heard those threatening words from Ma Hui, he would have never allowed Ma Hui to walk out the door.

Qin Feng locked Su Qiu Yue tightly in his arms. The cuddle felt real, making Su Qiu Yue ascertained that Qin Feng was really there. Not only had he survived, but he had become stronger.

"Yeah, everything was fine," Su Qiu Yue whimpered. Her eyes were watery.

As the number one n.o.ble lady of Sky City, Su Qiu Yue towered above the rest at the height of intellect, and she was as beautiful as a fairy. n.o.body had ever seen her tears nor her vulnerable side. If the men of Sky City were given a chance to see her soft side, they would explode.

"Was Elder Su and Little Sister Xia Tian fine?" Qin Feng continued to ask.

"Yes. They are both fine, and they missed you a lot."

It was, of course, a delight for them to meet again after such a long separation, even a tough woman like Su Qiu Yue would shed tears. Qin Feng's heart was filled with warmth as he realized his women had to have been worried sick about him.

Otherwise, how could stone-hearted women like Liu Bing Bing and Su Qiu Yue become so vulnerable and weak?

"How have you been, Qin Feng? Where did you go? What happened?" Her calmness slowly returned to her. She began to ask about Qin Feng's condition.

Shaking his head, Qin Feng refrained from telling Su Qiu Yue the whole story. It wasn't because he did not believe in her; he just did not want her to worry about him.

"Qiu Yue, your body is in poor condition. This is the Blood Qi Pill, take it," Qin Feng waved his hand, and a red pill appeared.

The surrounding area was permeated with the fragrance of herbs the moment the Blood Qi Pill appeared. Su Qiu Yue's eyes glowed intensely as she peered straight at the Blood Qi Pill. "Blood Qi Pill? This is a level 2 pill, and I heard that it can help a normal person break through to stage 1 inner qi and become a martial artist. Is that true?"

The Su family in Sky City was an aristocratic family, and all the male descendants were required to practice martial arts starting from a young age. Although Su Qiu Yue and Su Xia Tian were women, they were adored by Elder Su Hao Nan. As such, he gave them the opportunity to practice martial arts as well.

Born with extreme intellect and tenacity, Su Qiu Yue had stepped herself into becoming a Stage 3 inner qi expert. On the other hand, due to her laxity and playful habits, Su Xia Tian had yet to reach the boundary of becoming a martial artist and was only an ordinary person.

It was no doubt that the Blood Qi Pill was extremely precious. It was tough even for them, the Su family, to get one in their hands. Su Qiu Yue's heart melted when Qin Feng gave her one without any hesitation to recover.

"Qin Feng… Is this really for me?"

Su Qiu Yue had been bogged down by the Su family's business, so she had been ignoring her cultivation. She had already been a Stage 3 inner qi expert by the time she met Qin Feng at Coiling Snake Mountain. During that time, she offered to join Qin Feng's fight against Williams and Wei Xiao Lei. Qin Feng rejected her help. Hence, she had no chance to show her strength. Now, Su Qiu Yue was still a Stage 3 inner qi expert and similar to other martial artists, she longed for great strength. Stage 4 inner qi was a turning point, and whoever successfully broke into Stage 4 inner qi would attain strength beyond their imagination. As a martial artist herself, how was there any possibility that she did not wish to be stronger?

"Of course it is for you. Hurry up and eat it. I'll be at your side to guide you. You might be able to break through Stage 4 inner qi!" Qin Feng gave Su Qiu Yue a serious look, giving her an impression that he wasn't telling a joke.

Still, Su Qiu Yue could not accept it as her thoughts were derailed. The pill in Qin Feng's hand was a Blood Qi Pill, an essential tool that hundreds of thousands of descendants of aristocratic families and mortals from the secular world would vie for. Some of them were willing to fight to their deaths while some of them would spend their whole fortune just to get a single Blood Qi Pill.

However, Qin Feng gave it to her just like that as if the Blood Qi Pill was as cheap as a pack of spicy gluten sticks.

"Then… I'll take it?" Su Qiu Yue cautiously studied Qin Feng.

She began to suspect that she was in a dream. She was feared that once she ate the Blood Qi Pill, she would snap out her dream.

Looking at Su Qiu Yue's lovable face, Qin Feng could not help but pull her into his arms again. He caressed her smooth-as--jade back and said, "Take it. A precious item deserves a good person. I won't feel hurt if you're the one who takes it."

Qin Feng's words worked like a lightning and struck hard at the softest part of Su Qiu Yue's heart. It was so heartfelt. Furthermore, when she thought about her grandpa had given half of the Su family's property to Qin Feng and her little sister loved him which made him her family, she did away with formalities and graciously accepted his kindness.

Su Qiu Yue moved her hand and a wisp of fragrance wafted around them and teased Qin Feng's nose. Then, the Blood Qi Pill that was in Qin Feng's hand fell into Su Qiu Yue's.

Su Qiu Yue looked at Qin Feng again. When she saw Qin Feng nod without hesitation, she put the Blood Qi Pill into her mouth. The Blood Qi Pill melted in her mouth without chewing and a rich and dense herb aroma spread through Su Qiu Yue's mouth. She felt as though a gush of warm air had entered her body and sped up her blood circulation. Almost in an instant, her body reddened, and she felt hot and restless.

"The Blood Qi Pill contains a huge amount of spiritual essence from the heaven and the earth. Quick, Qiu Yue, absorb and refine that spiritual essence in your body; otherwise, you'll be in trouble!" Qin Feng realized something had happened to her, so he reminded her.

Su Qiu Yue immediately sat cross-legged and began to circulate inner qi around her body to absorb the dense spiritual essence released by the Blood Qi Pill.

The Blood Qi Pill was made from the Hundred Year Blood Lotus that Su Qiu Yue had given to Qin Feng. Even Hua Yan praised the high quality of that Hundred Year Blood Lotus. Furthermore, the Blood Qi Pills were made by a Stage 3 Pharmaceutical Master, so the twelve Blood Qi Pills were high-quality. When they were swallowed, the effect would be faster, greater, and more intense.


Wisps of spiritual essence escaped Su Qiu Yue body, and explosions could be heard from time to time. Furrowing her brows, Su Qiu Yue focused to absorb and refine the spiritual essence.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

The explosion intensified, and the spiritual essence around Hua Yan's body grew denser. Her body floated and started spinning. She was gradually gaining speed, spinning faster and faster, and in the end, she formed a dozen after images of herself.


Suddenly, a loud explosion, more intense than those previous occurred. It even trembled the whole parlor.

Su Qiu Yue fell from the sky as she felt something exploded in her body. Her body had become lighter, and she felt fresh.

Su Qiu Yue landed in Qin Feng's arm. Her cherry lips gaped a little and she moaned, "Hm?"

"Are you okay, Qiu Yue?" Qin Feng was worried.

As a girl who had never fallen in love before, Su Qiu Yue could not pull herself away from Qin Feng's excessive protectiveness.

She said, "I'm fine."

Qin Feng studied Su Qiu Yue's complexion and realized that her face had turned rosy. He felt her aura again.

Her aura has become denser and purer.

He then placed a sunny smile on his face, "Congratulations Qiu Yue, you've successfully broken through to Stage 4 inner qi!"

Only now did Su Qiu Yue understand that the explosions in her body were because she had broken through. She was as happy as a lark as she looked coquettishly at Qin Feng, "Thank you, Qin Feng. Without your Blood Qi Pill, I wouldn't have been able to break through this soon."

No vocabulary in this world could describe her current feeling. Jumping from Stage 3 inner qi to Stage 4 inner qi in a single night had robbed her of speech. Suddenly, before her excitement died away, her smile froze. She felt something strange going on in her body. A violent, restless airstream coursed through her body and caused her to feel aroused.


Su Qiu Yue moaned again. The strange feeling numbed her, giving her the impression that she had been electrocuted. Never had she experienced such reaction before, so Su Qiu Yue was highly vulnerable to the sensation. Furthermore, the sensation came pouring down at her like fierce floods and savage beasts and breached through every line of her defense.

"Qin Feng…" Xu Qiu Yue fell into Qin Feng's arms. She looked innocently at Qin Feng.

"What is happening, Qiu Yue?" Qin Feng could not withstand Su Qiu Yue's puppy eyes.

"I… want!"

Su Qiu Yue's voice was alluring. She wrapped her arms around Qin Feng's neck and thrust her lips at Qin Feng's lips.

She stunned Qin Feng. In Qin Feng's perspective, Su Qiu Yue was always a gentle, elegant, and collected woman. Even if they had not seen each other for a long time, Qin Feng refused to believe that Su Qiu Yue would suddenly turn so aggressive.

However, he had to believe what seemed to be unbelievable. Su Qiu Yue had started to tear open his s.h.i.+rt.

"This is not good, Qiu Yue. I mean, we're in a parlor, why don't we continue the rest in a room?"

Su Qiu Yue ignored Qin Feng, leaning her body against Qin Feng's body and wriggled like a snake.

"Qin Feng! Qin Feng! Qin Feng!"

Su Qiu Yue purred into Qin Feng's ear, calling his name again and again with her alluring voice. As a young man full of hot blood, Qin Feng found it hard to resist such temptation. Besides, he had not engaged with any woman in intimate activities in the past three months. Hence, he could not hold himself anymore and pounced on Su Qiu Yue.

Although Su Qiu Yue was aggressive, this was her first time. Hence, she did not have many skills to please Qin Feng. Only under Qin Feng guidance would they soar up into the seventh heaven.

After an hour, Qin Feng stopped his movements with Su Qiu Yue lying powerlessly in his arms. When they were cuddling, a delicate silhouette appeared from the gate and jumped into the parlor.

Hedonist Sovereign Chapter 465

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