Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1083

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Chapter 1083 "Chu Yi Feng's Return (3)"

Chu Yi Feng's arrival has completely turned the tide in the Holy Land's favor. Staring down at the old ignorant man below himself, the young man's eyes were full of killing intent as he brandished his long sword for use.

“I will make sure you regret ever going after her, now DIE!"

With a cry, he stabs the blade straight into the Spirit Lord's right eye, causing the foe to let out an excruciating scream of agony.

Chu Ran almost cried out as well to the side after watching his son's outburst. He's very sour right now,

This stinking boy only knows how to chase after a girl's skirt, what about his old man here? I am the father. I should be the first order of concern!


At the same time over at the outskirts of the Holy Land, Bai Yan and Bai Xiachen was hurrying over to the epicenter when they overheard the sharp screeching cry of the Spirit Lord. It's painful and eerie to even their ears from afar.

Startled at first, Bai Yan immediately turned to her own husband that's tailing her b.u.t.t: "Di Cang, take me over there right now, I need to go."

“Okay.” Without objection, Di Cang immediately whisks his wife and son away and flew off in a flash of red light.

When they eventually arrived due to the incredible speed produced by the demon king, the scene that came into view completely left the woman stunned on the feet.

"G.o.dfather!!!" Breaking free from his mother's arm, Bai Xiachen throws his tiny little body at the handsome man wearing the white silky robe.

Due to the heat of the moment from the fighting, Chu Yi Feng's sword had wanted to slash down again at the unexpected entry. However, the familiarity of that cuddly voice promptly stopped the act mid track and allowed the kid to throw himself into his stomach.

“G.o.dfather, I miss you soooo very much." Hugging that thigh, the little steambun had stars s.h.i.+ning in his eyes when staring up to the man's still unreadable face.

Finally realizing what's happening, Chu Yi Feng's eternally cold face softened. Giving the kid a rub on the head, this person then immediately turned to look over to the oncoming woman.

In this moment, his eyes were seemingly in a trance like he's recalling back to the scene of their first encounter.

Back then it was Elder Zheng Qi and his brothers who brought back the blood-stained girl. At first he couldn't even see through to that face due to all the grime and red; however, his attention never did leave the la.s.s due to the baby boy in her arms. How could one be so severely injured and still care for a child? Well, Bai Yan did it back then. Despite not having a single good patch of skin left on her body, the lady not only kept her boy safe from harm, she wouldn't even let a single droplet of blood to get on the kid's clothing!

That's right, it's her strength and courage that's won Chu Yi Feng over. It's not her face, it's not her beauty or talent, it's her perseverance to do what's right. In that second when they met, the seed had already been planted. Perhaps in this lifetime he would never be able to rid himself of her image and glory.

“Yan'er, it's been a long time…"

You look just as beautiful as you are ever….

Of course, the latter part of his sentence could never be said aloud towards this woman and could only be kept firmly inside his heart now.

“It’s been a long time indeed Yi Feng…." Bai Yan draws a mesmerizing smile of her own, recalling back to their last encounter at the fighting compet.i.tion over in the Liu Huo Kingdom.

Even if she couldn't fall in love with him, he's still an important member of her family.

That fact won't change no matter what!

“Has he… been good to you?" After musing over his response, Chu Yi Feng still ends up throwing this nonsensical word out there.

Going black in the face over the question, Di Cang immediately got all defensive and wrapped his arms around Bai Yan's waist: "She's my wife so of course I will love her with my all, that you don't need to worry!"

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1083

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