Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1161

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Chapter 1161 "Another Miracle (4)"

“Alright, let's try it then, it won't hurt. At most I will just lose a sword if it gets sucked into that ravine." Tossing the blade in her hand up into the air, Bai Yan precisely aimed to have it land at the perfect spot where both ends could touch the edges.

Carefully, one step at a time, she began to cross. Regardless of her own confidence, she knew this was a risky maneuver to use something like a giant sword as a bridge. It wasn't built for such task so the angle in which she walked wasn't a pleasant experience to say the least. In fact, she nearly slipped a few times just staring down at her feet in order to avoid falling.

Thankfully the worst of it was over soon enough. Once crossed, she promptly retrieved the sword by flicking it upwards with her toe. Done with that, she focuses in back on the bronze gate, the reason for her coming.


From out of the blue, the giant sword started to buzz right as Bai Yan approached the door. Then before she knew it, the blade broke free from her control and went on the offensive against the gate.


The sword slashed down mercilessly, causing the bronze construct to shudder with a resonating clank of metal against metal. Despite the setback, the sword didn't stop and attacked more violently, causing the whole valley to shake from the shockwave.

Dumbfounded now, Bai Yan just stared at the show from the sidelines. She's heard from the snake that the blade can pierce even the hardest of materials with ease, aka Dragon Flame's scale, yet the bronze gate only got a little shake from the impact? There's not even a scratch, let alone damage!


Growing restless in the form of the resonation, the giant sword circled around the bronze gate as if frustrated by its own inability to break apart the compet.i.tion. But then it went at it again with renewed vigor. This time it didn't slash down like the previous attempts, it swooped far into the air and charged downwards in one full thrusting motion.


The shockwave was effectively mind-blowing to the ear. Metal against metal, sparks flew, and finally, a small tiny crack formed around the surface of the bronze structure. This gave the sword its confidence back and as a sign to increase the intensity of its attack like a drug addict being kept away from his cocaine.


Under its long hard-fought battle, the bronze gate finally collapsed and a blue beady object rolled out of the upper area.

Seeing this bead, the giant sword reacted like it's discovered some sort of great treasure and hurried to catch it mid fall. Following this was the round item merging into the sword's body upon contact….

Perhaps this was some sort of evolutionary chain reaction, but the huge body of the blade gradually began to shrink until its finally the size of an ordinary long sword. From first glance this newly minted sword was no different from an ordinary blade found in some random weaponsmith, but the newly grown handle and the clear crystal at the hilt said it all, this was the new form of the blade after absorbing whatever that bead was.

Picking up her new weapon, Bai Yan gently stroked the surface for a sense of what it was. Compared to the mighty image of that big shape from just now, she's more inclined with this smaller form that's fitting of a lady. It's much easier to handle and much to her taste.

“So you're a sword with a spirit sprite inside, no wonder you're so powerful. In that case I'll give you a name." Caressing the lip with the tip of her finger, Bai Yan spent a good minute to come up with a fine name. "From this day forward you will be called…. G.o.dslayer, how about it?"

G.o.dslayer, a slayer of G.o.ds!

I will use you to repay everything those hypocrites in the Celestial Realm did to my friends and family, in this life and the last, they will all pay!

Holding the slumbering sword in hand, Bai Yan didn't linger around and stepped through to the now opened gate that has been pried open by force. Once through, the first sensation was the chilling air that sent her skin hair p.r.i.c.king up.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 1161

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