Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 564

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Chapter 564 "The Avoided Huang Xiao Ying (3)"

Perhaps its out of excessive excitement, the shadowing figure ended up shaking profusely.

“Queen, I haven’t tried to harm you yet and you're doing it perfectly well on your own!" Smirking hard, Jun Ruqing wanted to jump with joy at this moment. "NO! This won't do, I must tell G.o.dfather about her entry into the Demon Mountain. Having her end like this is too easy, she must bear the bad name of the world before she dies!"

Giving one final look at the direction in which Bai Yan went, this vicious fox woman immediately turned away from where she came.


In the elder council's residence, the members of this ancient order were in the middle of meditation when the door to their home was pushed open, followed swiftly by a panicking voice.

“G.o.dfather, not good, not good at all!!”

“I… I just saw a person enter the Demon Mountain."


The First Elder promptly jerked up, his breathing fierce and rough: “You said someone went to the Demon Mountain? Who is so bold? The one in the Demon Mountain is not to be trifled with and she will only listen to the King. Even on many occasions she would ignore the Princess, let alone everyone else…"

“I, I don’t know…” Biting that lip, the fox woman then allows her body to shake like that of someone in fear: “I don’t know that woman, but I advised her, she said…”

“What did she say?” The First Elder openly frowns.

A woman that Jun Ruqing doesn't know? Who could it be?

“She said… the purpose of her sneaking into the Demon Realm is to get some kind of treasure from the Demon Mountain. I have already told her the danger of that place but she insisted on entering. G.o.dfather, what should we do?" Letting a layer of water to fill those eyes: "I don't want unnecessary sacrifice, even if she did come with ulterior motives."

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It's rumored that the one occupying the Demon Mountain for all these eons was to protect a certain treasure. Therefore, Jun Ruqing had a certain level of confidence to her excuse.

“Are you sure you don’t know who the woman is that went into the Demon Mountain?" The elders present were all making a sinking expression by this point.

“G.o.dfather, I really don’t know, I have never seen her…” Tears of grievance quickly fell out of Jun Ruqing’s eye, "If we go save her now, maybe, just maybe she can still survive."

The First Elder's gaze sank even further until its as dark as night: “Go inform the rest of the elders, we're going to the Demon Mountain this instant!"

“Yes, G.o.dfather.” Hanging her head with that shaking body, her appearance was that of someone feeling guilt and sadness for the victim. However, if one had taken a closer look, they would notice that sly grin of an evil villain underneath.

So what if you are the queen? The crime of stealing the treasures of the Demon Realm is so grave that even His Majesty won't be able to protect you because none of the elders would let this slide. Moreover, those who trespa.s.s into the Demon Mountain will always anger that person whom resides there. Whether you can live to come back out is not even a certainty at this point…


Within the Demon Mountain, Bai Yan was currently feeling absolutely refreshed under the glowing white light given off by the terrain. It's something she never experienced before.

“Mother, this place is not only rich in spiritual energy, even the spring water is extraordinarily sweet.” All sweet and happy, Bai Xiachen raises a smile as he tells his opinion: "I like this mountain."

Bai Yan did answer back, only keeping her eyes always on a vigilance stance as she looked around. How can this place be only rich in spiritual energy? Just by walking around, there's already several scarce medicine herbs littered around the ground.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 564

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