Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 565

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Chapter 565 "The Avoided Huang Xiao Ying (4)"

As a result of all these anomalies, Bai Yan's perspective of this mountain only grew stranger by the minute.

But then just as her eyes were wander around for clues as to why, a sudden sharp call of a bird from the air had knocked her back from her senses. It was far away still in the sky, however, its more than enough to send her alarms into high alert. "Little Rice, come back!"

Stunned by the loud order, Little Rice didn't know how to react and only peered upwards at the strange noise.

“Who is this? Who dares to trespa.s.s on the forbidden grounds of the Demon Mountain?" Though it's a beautiful female who spoke based on the sound signature they are hearing, the voice was nevertheless painful in how its seemingly able to penetrate one's soul.

And as if on cue, the owner of that voice gradually materializes from the void and into reality.

Long red hair that flutters with the wind, this was a glamorous female that looks to be in the middle-age group gap. However, that red dot on that forehead seems to be able to rewind that appearance by over a decade, making her with the looks of a young maiden while keeping the mature air of a woman that could only be gained with age and experience.

Hurrying to pull her son behind her back and picking up the baby tiger: "I'm sorry for trespa.s.sing on this forbidden ground, we didn't mean to disturb your rest. We will leave now…."

There's good reason for Bai Yan to be so alarmed and defensive before this glamorous woman of flaming red, she's strong, second only to Di Cang based on her judgement.

“Hold on.”

Seeing that Bai Yan was about to turn away, the glamorous woman hurried to break free from the last bit of the void, her eyes showing urgency. “You can't go.”

Startled by the outcry from the back, she turns back and asked: "Is there something else?"

“I…” Biting that rosy lip, the glamorous woman had on a look of strong expectations: “I am Suzaku (Vermillion Bird).”


Bai Yan's hand actually trembled at the name: “You are Suzaku?”

“Yes, I am Suzaku,” that glimmer of hope now burns like a sparkling flame, "do you remember me?"

Calmly shaking her head, Bai Yan answers truthfully and denies it: “I heard Xiao Wan (princess) mentioning you before, and then… I had that dream of a white tiger. I'm just wondering, do you know or have anything to do with the white tiger?" When she said this, her eyes were also sneaking a peek at the dumb looking Little Rice in her arms.

When the baby white tiger claimed that the Demon Mountain seemed oddly familiar before, Bai Yan's instinct already knew it couldn't be a coincidence. It must be related to the four sacred beasts….

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That answer definitely caused a pang of disappointment in Suzaku's face. First giving a look at Bai Yan, then back at Little Rice, she sighed helplessly: "State Teacher didn't lie, you and the King have forgotten everything…"

She forgot me….

Forgot the me who waited a thousand years here for her.

Bai Yan didn't know the pain that's currently coursing through this Vermillion Bird's heart, but she did have a lot of questions to ask now that she's found a lead. Taking two steps forward: "Do you know about the dream I had? And… did me and Di Cang have a past before?"

“The State Teacher said I shouldn't tell you so I can’t say anything more." Pursing that lip, Suzaku makes a bittersweet smile: "Can you stay here?"

Can you… stay in the Demon Mountain?

Lowering that gaze like she's contemplating something, "If you answer my question then I will stay…"

However, by the time Bai Yan looked up again, what she saw had completely taken her aback. The glamorous woman was tearing up with total disregard for her own appearance like someone being ripped away from their closest kin.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 565

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