Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 566

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Chapter 566 "The Avoided Huang Xiao Ying (5)"

“Why are you crying?” Bai Yan hated it when others cry in front of herself for she couldn't bear those tears. Otherwise, why else would she yield to her son so easily? Its all because of those tears that's common in a baby!

“Whoo-ooh,” Suzaku wipes some of those tears and composes her voice to an audible level. "If you stay then I won't cry. Can you not leave? I won't ask for much, only half a month… is that okay?" That voice was now pleading, giving away the intense fear of being rejected over this unreasonable demand.

It couldn't be helped… She has already waited for a millennium, and of the four sacred beasts that once roamed this world, only she remains.

Half a month, only half a month, I'm not asking for much….

Bai Yan continues to stare at the tears trickling down Suzaku's cheek, causing her heart to twist and churn immeasurably. In the end the only reaction she made was a frown.

For the Vermillion Bird, she would of course not miss that. Borderline panicking now over the negative appearance, the glamorous woman hurried to raise two fingers to draw the number ten in the air.

Note: the number ten in Chinese is written like the church's cross in case you guys didn't get it.

“Ten days… if you can't, nine days will do too!" When she reached the last bit of her plea, the grievance has grown so strong that Suzaku was now openly weeping.

“Don’t cry,” moving forward, she helps wipe some of those tears from the woman. "I will stay with you, or you can follow me down the Demon Mountain instead."

Probably the promise helped because Suzaku had stopped the weeping to a certain extent: “Really? It is great that you can stay with me. I can't leave this place."


“I need to keep watch over something hidden inside the Demon Mountain. When you locate Azure Dragon and Black Turtle as well then you can come take it away."

The gorgeous woman now fully reverts back to her glamorous self, Even if its just half a month, its enough….

But instead of showing happiness like the other side, Bai Yan only showed a look of perplexity over that last remark. Turning her head downward at the dumb looking tiger, she lifts him up to properly display the little fella: "I remember that when I had the dream of the white tiger is when I contracted with Little Rice, does that mean he's White Tiger?"

“Yes, and no,” Suzaku gives a lamenting sigh at Little Rice before shaking her head. "There is White Tiger's blood in his body, just that he's not the real White Tiger yet."

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The real White Tiger is a young general who is capable of turning the tide in any major battle!

One stomp to shake the world.

One clap to destroy thousands.

But this Little Rice is too weak…. I can easily flick him away with a single finger.

“When he awakens, that's when the real White Tiger will return. Of course, this will require your help." Giving a dazzling smile now that her moods lightened up, Suzaku suddenly makes a stomp of her feet like she's just remembered something: "Queen, you don't know how abominable those female demonesses are in the Demon Realm. Whenever they see Sire, they would all ogle at him until they're drooling. If it wasn't because I couldn't leave the Demon Mountain, I would've already killed those people!" At the thought of this, Suzaku would immediately show off a grumpy appearance like she's ready to give a good beating.

To root for this idea, Bai Xiachen also nods his little head in order: "That's right. Those bad women are too evil. In order to go against my mother, they would kidnap me and my friends in order to make her submit. That snake woman even tried to force me to take a poison."

“What?” A flash of viciousness flickered in the glamorous woman's eye, “The snakes are nothing more than one of the most inferior existence in the Demon Realm. How dare they try to covet after the position of queen? They deserve death for the sins they committed!"

I did not expect that after thousands of years the snake demons would have such audacity now. I must inform His Majesty afterwards.

“Sister Suzaku, you see my mother is always being bullied by bad people. In order to avoid something like that again, do you have any treasure for her?" All bright and innocent, Bai Xiachen asks with hopeful eyes that could melt one's heart.

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 566

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