Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 970

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Chapter 970 "A Demon's Slave (2)"

“Do you really expect me to believe your hands are clean and abstain of blood? After the Demon Realm's seal was lifted, the amount of battles between human and demons are endless here in the border."

The heart of these patrons quivered, unsure of what Bai Yan was implying by that. The demons are filthy dirty monsters, what's wrong with us killing said monsters? What's more, most of those demons would commit suicide as soon as they are captured. Even if our hands are stained with blood, what does their death have to do with us?

Despite their inner protest, none of them dared to say it aloud, only hanging their head low and avoiding eye contact.

Fully aware of the discontent of everyone, Bai Yan slowly gets up from the chair and stood before them all, her face cold and daring. “Unfortunately, I am a woman that doesn't like others touching my things. All the demons in this world are my subordinate. Since Di Cang is busy preparing for war with those in the Celestial Realm and can't pay attention to these minor details along the border, I naturally have to the duty to handle these things for him."

Stunned looks were aplenty among them all, their eyes full of shock when staring at Bai Yan's figure.

Why is that name so familiar?


What did she say? Going to war with the Celestial Realm? QUIT JOKING!

What sort of place is the Celestial Realm? Nothing but a measly group of monsters, how can they even dare to fight those divinities up there?

“Then lady, what do we have to do to make you let us go?" A man in a linen-colored robe asks with a stuttering voice.

For this individual, he doesn't care what happens between the two realms, he only wants to know if his life could be saved today.

“It's not impossible to let you live. Whatever you owe the demon race will be repaid using your own life as slaves. For generations and forever, you and your descendants will never escape that debt!"

A debt must be repaid, and a blood debt must be repaid with blood or life!

In Bai Yan's view, the entirety of the demon race are her subordinates. If they commit a wrong then its her right and duty to punish them, but others are not permitted touch them unless she allows it. What's more, it's undeniable that she holds partial responsibility for the perished demons here at the border. They died while fighting for the sake of the Demon Realm, and its her careless remark to Di Cang who started the whole war.

“Oh lady, you might as well just kill me then." The linen robed man made a crying face, Be slaves to the demon race, and my descendants as well? She might as well just outright kill me, that way I will be happier.

Crossing her arms around the chest, Bai Yan arches a brow: “Dragony, is the man you swallowed still alive in your belly?"

“Ugghhh,” blinking her eyes in confusion over the sudden inquiry, Dragony answers honestly without any forethought on how terrifying her words were. "Umm, yes Mother, he is still alive. Without anyone helping me, I have only digested his leg…."

“Can you spit him out?” Bai Yan asks.

She's an obedient and good child. Using action to show this, the little missy's mouth slowly grew larger and larger until its big enough to cover her whole body. Then with saliva and blood, the perverted man from before was spat out in one single throw up.

In this second, not a single thing dared to move. It's so quiet that even a needle dropping on the ground could be heard. The reasoning? It's because the perverted man from before was now laid before their eyes, and just like the little missy said, only the leg was digested and those sparkling white bones were free for all to see. As for the distorted face of pain and agony from the man, n.o.body wanted to look at it because the corrosive green liquid had eaten through the outer skin so only the flesh and veins were showing now.

This man, is he actually alive?

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Adorable treasured fox: Divine doctor mother overturning the heavens! Chapter 970

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