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It was a strange ripple as if time and s.p.a.ce were colliding, resulting in a different world being opened.

Feiyun chased after her into the painting so it swallowed the two of them. 

"What's going on, I feel my body melting away." Jingyue wasn't as knowledgeable as Feiyun and had never experienced something like this before. She naturally became horrified.

It wasn't that she was a coward; few women Feiyun have met could match her courage.

However, when facing something new, any human with emotions would naturally be nervous.

Feiyun had all kind of questions but he was much calmer. He grabbed her soft hands and looked at her face. It was as if Shui Yueting was in front of him.


"Feiyun, I'm afraid, that lightning pond wants to strike me down." Shui Yueting hugged Feiyun tightly and buried her face into his chest while shuddering.

He embraced her tightly and smiled: "I'll strike it down first for such insolence."

With a single hand wave, the lightning in the sky got swept away and the light returned with a rainbow. The sun rays were too beautiful and unforgettable.


"The north ocean's dusk is so beautiful but its night - too cold and sad. It makes me feel as if I'm falling into an ice pit, all the beauties are devoured by the darkness." On a different day, the two were sitting by the sh.o.r.e of the north sea to watch the evening sunset. Her sigh made Feiyun sad as well.

On that night, he risked himself traveling into s.p.a.ce and grabbed the stars to form a wondrous moon.

It s.h.i.+ned down on the ocean water, resulting in the prettiest reflection. The north sea was no longer dark that night.

He held her hand to watch the moon and embraced her. He then pointed at the sky and asked: "Which moon is prettier, the one above or the one in the water?"

She leaned on his shoulder in response: "Both are equally pretty."

He shook his head and whispered: "The moon I'm hugging right now is the prettiest."

She was indeed gorgeous, more so than the moon above and below combined, enough to make Feiyun forget about all else.

This was the night where he lost himself to her. The blood beneath the moonlight was especially dazzling.

Though there was hatred, such a beautiful memory couldn't be forgotten.


"What are you looking at?" Dongfang Jingyue wasn't used to his gaze, thinking that he was using a technique again.

He suddenly pulled her over and hugged her tightly with his steel arms while murmuring: "Why, why?! For what…"

"You're hurting me…" She hasn't recovered completely and tried to get out.

With sweat beads all over his forehead, he took a deep breath and let go of her: "Sorry…"

She took two steps back and rubbed her arm before asking with a starry stare: "You mistook me for Shui Yueting again? Who is she? Why do you hate and want to kill her then switch to hugging and loving her so much?"

He calmed his tempestuous emotions and put on a firm gaze: "No need for you to worry. Maybe we can find some answers inside this painting."

An ancient smell with a touch of sweetness permeated in the air. He pulled her behind him and said seriously: "This painting was drawn by a true master. The painting itself has its own spirit now with an independent world. It looks very unstable so it should be quite dangerous. Be careful or we'll die here. Stay behind me, don't mess up."

He was aware of legends about Saint Painters and Immortal Painters who could create a world inside their painting. These worlds were no different from the real one as long as they were skilled enough.

However, not just anyone could enter these worlds. The painters themselves must allow entry.

'There must be some clues here.' He thought.

The two of them moved through a barrier and found themselves in a familiar yet distant world.

There was wind, sunlight, and the fluttering of leaves and gurgling streams.

Meanwhile, back in the room with the painting, there were a man and a woman standing next to the shrine. The ink was yet to dry as if someone had just drawn them.

"We're back to the shrine by Jin River." Jingyue said.

Feiyun nodded and looked at the shrine: "There's no statue though."

The shrine still had an eternal lamp but it was empty now. The statue of the G.o.ddess was nowhere to be found.

Jingyue wasn't feeling well. She felt something surging in her mind. The jade s.h.i.+p in her mind emitted a faint glow, seemingly wanting to rush out.

"What's wrong?" He could see the changes.

She didn't say anything and got down on the ground. Her body became ethereal while the lamp was s.h.i.+ning a strange light on her.

Feiyun didn't know what was going on and simply stood there to protect her - on guard.

"What's wrong?" A voice sounded.

Feiyun frowned - someone else was speaking? There were others here? 

He channeled his spirit energy to survey the area but found no one. This only made the situation spookier. He coldly uttered: "Who are you? Show yourself!"

"Who are you? Show yourself!" The person copied his tone.

Feiyun frowned and murmured: "Is it an echo?"

"Is it an echo?"

"So it is." Feiyun said.

"So it is."

"Repeat after me and your family will die." 

"Repeat after me and your family will die."

"I'm Feng Feiyun, the number one in the world." 

"I'm Feng Feiyun, the number one in the world."

"My name is Feng Feiyun, not Yun Feifeng."

"My name is Feng Feiyun, not Yun Feifeng."

"My name is Feng Feiyun, not Feng Feiyun."

"My name is Feng Feiyun, not Yun Fei..feng…"

Feiyun busted out in laughter and condensed a ray in his palm while mocking: "You're not on my level."

"Not good, got found out by the bad guy." A little bird on fire flapped its wings and flew out of the lamp to the top of the shrine, seemingly afraid.

The light from the lamp came from it.

Earlier, Feiyun didn't pay too much attention. The bird sat inside the lamp without moving so it wasn't too noticeable.

'No wonder why I couldn't find it, so this bird is the spirit of the lamp.' He thought.

It was only around the size of a fist and resembled a parrot. Its feathers were red with a long, phoenix-like tail with nine longer feathers. Its beak was long and bent like a parrot.

Feiyun was angry to see this. It looked exactly like a phoenix outside of its head.

A phoenix with a parrot head? This was simply insulting to his race.

"d.a.m.ned bird, come down here and die." Feiyun uttered.

"So rude, so rude, the name is Yun Ge." The shy parrot shouted back. [1]

It was certainly trembling but still maintained a strong verbal stance.

"Yun-Ge? Your father! I've been around for so long and I still don't call myself Yun-Ge, a little bird like you wants me to call you Yun-Ge?" Feiyun got enough of the bird and decided to kill it.

Jingyue suddenly stood up and said softly: "It's Yun Ge, Ge as in pigeon."

An immortal light curled around her body as white as jade. She emitted a sweet fragrance while waving: "Yun Ge, come here."

It flew down and landed on her shoulder then playfully rubbed against her cheek in an intimate manner.

"Oh… Yun Ge, so just a pigeon…" Feiyun had nothing to say. It clearly looked like a parrot.

"Yes, Yun Ge! Yun Ge!" The parrot unhappily shouted continuously to Feiyun's annoyance.

1. It's saying Cloud Dove/Pigeon, Yun (Cloud) Ge (Dove/Pigeon). But this also sounds like he's saying Ge as in Big Brother - looking down on Feiyun of sorts.

Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1388 Improved Because Of You

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