Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1638 - Fire of Nirvana!

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Chapter 1638: Fire of Nirvana!Translator: Henyee Translations Editor: Henyee Translations

Deep in his heart, the Purple Dragon King still wanted to kill the old man with a hard smash. ‘My child is safe, but you don’t get to claim the credit. It is the marvelous doctor, Master Ye, who saved my child!’ However, Chihuo said, “It is always difficult to move on the path to the greatness of cultivation. My martial art requires the essence of dragon and phoenix. I haven’t improved for tens of thousands of years… and I am dying soon…” The Purple Dragon King was touched. He was much more powerful than Chihuo, so he knew better how hard it was on the path of cultivation. He might make the same choice if he was Chihuo. He coldly said, “If you are telling the truth, Master Chihuo, you are cultivating the Fire of Dragon and Phoenix? The famous Master Chihuo, one of the Seven Colored Lords, cultivates the Fire of Dragon and Phoenix.”

Chihuo blushed and said, “Don’t tease me, Brother Dragon. I am not famous… I haven’t improved for tens of thousands of years… I am afraid I can’t be one of the Seven Colored Lords anymore… In fact, in a few years, there will be no Chihuo in this world!”

Chihuo looked pretty sad.

The Purple Dragon King knew Chihuo was dying when he fought Chihuo earlier. It was not some ordinary illness. Chihuo had reached the limitation of life, and if he couldn’t improve himself to break the limitation, he was going to die!

He knew Chihuo was being honest, so he sighed for it.

As a superior cultivator of an old generation, he knew about the Seven Colored Lords, and he knew how the other lords thought about Chihuo.

It wouldn’t feel good when the others were improving fast… He knew how hard it must be to watch others improve…

He made a long sigh.

In the world of cultivation, not to advance was to go back. n.o.body was waiting!

Chihuo used to be one of the most powerful figures in the world, but now he was far behind the others… What a sad story!

After that, the Purple Dragon King didn’t hate Chihuo anymore. He was still cold but not hateful!

The Golden Phoenix King still had hostility and hatred in her eyes.

She stared at Chihuo and coldly said, “Chihuo, your Fire of Dragon and Phoenix… If you haven’t improved for such a long time, then how much time do you have left?”

Chihuo bitterly smiled and said, “If I can’t make any improvements in three years… there will only be Six Colored Lords in the Human Realm Upon Heavens.”

The Golden Phoenix King was surprised.

‘Three years?’

‘That is not a long time even for ordinary people… For a cultivator, it is just the time of one isolate meditation…’

It was absolutely a short time for people like the Purple Dragon King and the Golden Phoenix King…

Three years was just a moment!

They were already hundreds of thousands of years old… Three years meant nothing… It was just like a few minutes for an ordinary man.

It was too short.

People like the Purple Dragon King, Golden Phoenix King, Seven Golden Lotuses, and the Seven Colored Lords spent thousands of years to make tiny progress in cultivation. Chihuo only had three years left, which meant he was never going to improve!

In other words, Chihuo was definitely going to die!

“Tens of thousands of years ago, I met the Seven Colored Lords for the first time. The Seven Golden Lotuses and the Seven Colored Lords had a fight because we wanted to know which was stronger…” Yue Youyou sighed. “Lord Chihuo was such a brilliant cultivator. When you attacked, the world turned red… You burn the entire world…”

He looked at Chihuo, and sighed.

The Golden Phoenix King seemed to be touched. She gritted her teeth.

Guan Shanyao sighed and said, “Golden Phoenix King, I know I have no right to speak in these circ.u.mstances. However, Lord Chihuo is an old acquaintance to us…”

The Seven Golden Lotuses had helped her, so she must respect him. “Please, you have all the rights to speak.”

Guan Shanyao said, “Chihuo has done something terribly wrong… but the children are safe. No matter what Chihuo has done, he has tried to fix it… We are all from the old generation… We are the dying generation…

“Soon, it will be difficult to find somebody of the same age to have a good fight… Heh heh…” Guan Shanyao smiled and said, “I am not telling you what to do. It is still your decision to make. I just… I want to plead for the old man… No matter what your decision is, the Seven Golden Lotuses won’t stand in your way.”

The Purple Dragon King laughed and said, “Guan, why don’t you say this to me? The Golden Phoenix King is always soft-hearted, and I am always the merciless one!”

Guan Shanyao laughed and said, “Sure. Please, think about what I said, Purple Dragon King.”

The Purple Dragon King laughed.

They knew what was going through in each other’s head. The Purple Dragon King didn’t hate Chihuo anymore, but he seized the chance to call the Golden Phoenix King soft-hearted as a compliment. In fact, the Golden Phoenix King was the merciless one! What Chihuo did was absolutely unforgivable for her!

However, the Purple Dragon King had indicated his own decision. If the Golden Phoenix King insisted on killing Chihuo, she was disrespecting the other eight people!

The Golden Phoenix King gritted her teeth and said, “Fine. I have to show respect to the others. No matter what Chihuo said, he did something unforgivable. My child is safe, only because of Ye Xiao. I can spare Chihuo’s life, but he has to be punished! Chihuo, you should give me an explanation!”

Chihuo looked sullen. He coldly said, “I am not going to give you anything. If you are mad at me, I can die for it. My life is meaningless now. I would like to die to make you feel better.”

He was still proud and decisive.

The Golden Phoenix King was angry and said, “Chihuo, you asked for this!”

She waved her sleeve and showed a small hand. As the hand appeared, the entire place became cold. In the palm of the Golden Phoenix King, there was fire!

n.o.body could have imagined such a thing! The flame in her hand was rising, but it wasn’t hot. It was like ice! It was a crystal fire!

“The Fire of Nirvana!” Guan Shanyao’s face became twisted.


Realms In The Firmament Chapter 1638 - Fire of Nirvana!

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